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Bimachilda breaks.] [Broken myths flash video in turn.] Between the ashes of Bimachildara's body.

The myths that he had fulfilled have turned into fragments, one by one, and disappeared.

The underworld (\ # Tanpo) at the very bottom of the Three Elements (= Pose 30), and among the 108 infernos that make up it, it was born as the hundredth of a million people on the lower level of the family tree, all the way to King Asura.

From the myths that started with only fighting and war, to the towers, to the moments here on Earth, there were all these records.

So this was also one of those records.

[According to Bimagildara's will, the Dark Lord's ego regenerates part of the myth.] After the tower collapsed, Bimachilda went straight to Earth.

Unlike other gods and demons who wanted to return quickly to their homes before they were trapped in the tower.

It was because he had no doubt that he would open his eyes here one day.

Now, many societies have taken an interest in Le 'Luis, and have taken an interest in somehow acquiring the Black King's fragments, one by one, to Earth.

At that time, if the Black King or the Night's hordes started to invade, he would tend not to come near our galaxy because he knew that the first place he would be harmed was Earth.

And yet he didn't care about that at all.

No, he was rather defenseless, if he could beat himself up.

In the beginning, he still did not erase the idea that the place where he stood was the battlefield and the place where he was sitting was the battlefield.

When I was on Earth, I didn't reveal myself, nor did I reveal myself to humans.

He was just going into an unlikely mountain or forest and focusing on self-discipline (Rum21zol). His hideout was later known as the Andes.

Then a man came to Bimarzilla.

Strangely at that time, I thought the face was "familiar," but when I turned around and thought about it, I couldn't think of a shadowy figure at all.

If you have an impression at the time, do you have a good looking face? Other than that, I couldn't think of anything else about my outfit or my divine features.

“You're Beaumzilla?” “…… But??“ I'd like to have a go at you. ”“ Leave me alone. ”Bimarzilda gestures.

Those who have mixed swords together since he first achieved power are worthy of each other. And every time he was in the best condition, he pushed with all his might.

Nor do we know when Yeon-woo will wake up.

Since he chose silver, he has the greatest intention of maintaining his condition so that he can fight immediately, no matter when Yeon Woo appears, without being overwhelmed by useless commotion.

I was willing to stay in that position for hundreds of thousands of years if I had to.

But then a creature appeared from nowhere, and he couldn't help but fight and listen to Danny.

If he was a good craftsman, he would be able to sharpen his sword skills, but otherwise he would only blunt his blade.

So he was careful not to get into trouble.

And I said, "Well, this is going to ruin our plan.” Us? It's like there's someone else out there.

“I hear you're strong. Before you and now, I have been diligently working for you, and King Bull is not so proud of you, is he? So 'we' think that you are worthy to share our will.” “I made it clear. Get out of here without a job.” “Why don't you talk to us?" If you don't want to, you can change your mind if you try to swing a knife once. ”That's what I said. It sounds like you'll force him to listen if you don't do what he wants.” Oh, did you hear that? By the way.

I didn't mean to. Among us, there is a man who is indecisive, but I intend to persuade him to do so. "“ There is one thing I hate most in the world. Do you know what that is? "" Oh! Looks like you finally have something to talk about. What is it? "“ The Talker. "“ Hmm? "“ And those guys. ”At that moment, there was a movement called bimarzilla.

“They're all dead." Chooang! I swung the tribute roughly to get rid of the man in front of me named Bimazilda.

With all his strength, he should have kept his spirit intact, but he was able to prevent the attack with ease.

“Looks like you didn't just buy a mouth.” “Oops. I didn't want to fight like this... But this is good.” The opponent smiles nervously, but says it's getting more exciting. He rolls one tail up sharply.

At that moment, I realized it was Bimarzilla.

The guy in front of me walks a different path from himself, but he may have the same tendency.

I felt a speculation (without) that could only be felt by many battlefields.


That's how the struggle between the two began.

That's when the Andes, where Bimagildara was hiding, became a horror.

I almost lost what was left around me.

““ “Ha, Writing} Writing: My" “I can't believe I lost so easily." Bimachilda smiles and is shaken with a hailstorm.

After years of living in homes, cities were overrun, and a number of departments were in charge.

He couldn't care less about that at all.

There was only one thought.


It was also complete.

He had to turn off the tribute even though it was just a few exchanges. That was why there was a fourth scar on the blade of the trinket.

Besides, with all those beings out there, a planet like this should be easily destroyed.

The opposing Pokémon press down, counteracting most of Bimachildara's attacks, to the extent that one continent is destroyed.

When did he ever lose to such an overwhelming car in his life? Even when Indra defeated, many of the “Deva's" beings had fallen into a trap that had been dug up and never failed.

When I was defeated by CheonMa, I was pushed from the one-on-one battle, but I did not think that if I fought again, I would lose in terms of my skills.

Grunham: The rules were different.

- Obviously you're strong. Even if we're not there yet, we don't have much to worry about. It's not enough. You can fill it with any map you want. I like you very much. Don't you want to work with us? But I refused the proposal, Bimarzilla, underground.

It was shocking to him that such a strong man remained in the world.

On the contrary, I didn't want to interfere because I knew too well that I would end up neither here nor there.

Rather, the more places there were, the more strongly they felt like they wanted to woo with their hands.

- Then... I can't help it.

He smiles bitterly and fires his weapon back at the fallen beast.

A wound left on the spirit.

It was a wound that ran from what was worn in the previous battle.

- It's kind of a gingo. I'll torture you for it. We 'will allow you to find the' dream 'on this earth, and take the' dream 'one day. Until then, I plan to prevent you from taking the "dream" from the owner of the "dream."

For example, they're saying they're going to make bimarzilla a house guard dog.

I don't know exactly what I was aiming for, but just as Sun Wukong of Emperor Dynasty was tied to Gingo and became a disciple of the Three Mages, even Bimarzilla was trying to imprison him on Earth in that way.

Of course I said that, but it wasn't Bimadara who was going to stand for it.

That's why I tried to resist.

The wounds inflicted by the struggle are heavy, and the remains of the spirit bind him too tightly.

- The Emperor of the world couldn't free Gingora by himself. It's going to take a lot of work to get it all out.

It was the mark of the curse.

After that.

I had to go through a lot of bothersome things called bimachilda.

Countless strikes have to kill the Humans. Vengeance for losing your hometown? I heard the sound of government, but I didn't care.

As Bimachilda, 'Even when I focused on smarting or restoring, I was annoyed because the flies were gathering in the poor judges.

And in the process, it was quite a challenge for the gods and demons to notice that he was in a very different state than usual.


“Mel" "What a bounce I met a girl.

A girl of sin who looks about five years old.

It looked so dull how thin it was again.

For less than an hour, I killed so many humans, and I sighed for nothing more to do with his end, and now a strange girl has come.

I didn't know much about a human named Bimarzilda, but I did know that her breasts usually go up at that age.

If it wasn't for that, it would have been a sign of parenting.

There was no such thing as a girl.

No, being dumped in a place like this in the first place wouldn't be such a good idea.

I lost interest in the girl named Bimachilda.

No, I tried to hang up.

If only she hadn't talked to me.

“Mister!" "Ah > '7" “Aren't you hungry?"_Gan "" Fosson Cow? "I'm hungry! Give me some food!" I was amazed at the audacity of looking for the things I had left behind.

Bimagilda just threw out some kind of emergency food that the dead people had lost.

I don't remember why I did it at the time.

Maybe it was because he was bored, or maybe it was because he was annoyed with the Longorphans who were eating souls at time.

However, from that time on, Bimarzilla and a strange girl started living together in a "wasteland" where no life existed.

Those were the only times we talked.

Peaceful, peaceful, boring, boring times.

Now that I think about it, I felt that these times were comfortable.

It was almost impossible to find rest for him who had lived in a fight all his life.

When I was tied to Gingo and forced to embark on an unknown mission, when my heart was filled with sudden depression, it was a girl, Sarina.

[Playback is complete.] Yeon-woo raises her head slowly and silently.

47 weeks 407/Please give me 8/Lucky friend 02.8/. Wheel to Wheel 2 was 99 897 77clear 3827 sheep. "Sarina poured out tears in the light. I didn't know what was going on with her.

But one thing was certain.

I was happy when I spent time with Bimachildara. Even Bimarzilla, Sarina felt sorry for each other.

Yeonwoo's heart shifted to one side as she reminded me of her when she left her teacher Ung.


'Friend...'... just as Bimagildara was an incredibly precious friend to Sarina, Bimagildara felt heavy that she was such a precious friend.

When he was just a player, he quietly cheered behind the scenes, and when he achieved his status, he was just a stubborn, annoying old man who wanted to put his sword up.

To Bimazildara, it seemed that the existence of the self was not just like that.

Maybe I saw myself in the past from a brother-in-law named Bimarzilla.


I was satisfied that Bimagilda was able to finish the battle with Yeonwoo, whom I wanted so much.

Although not all of the wounds that were done last time were completely healed, it was a satisfactory fight because I tried to recover somehow.

And when the outcome came to a loss, he wanted to explain to his friend Yeon-woo everything he was going through.

But he can't divulge the truth because of the long orphans. That's why I deliberately wanted to battle on Earth, not as a result. If the Earth were to fly away, all that they wanted to hide in their horoscopes would be revealed.

And you can force your myth to be shown to Yeon-woo.

Thanks to you.

Yun learned all about Bimagildara and what was behind the horse.

It was their goal to take over Le Luis. In addition, we could immediately see what she was forcibly "forgetting," hiding in the shadow.

“Father.” I don't know. Why is he here...? Chronos was also very confused because he shared his vision through a unified day.

- Taking a dream. That's our goal.

Shadowed face.

It was a face that even Yeouido used to see in the myths of Kronos.

“Why is Okeanos...?" Okeanos.

He was Kronos' older brother and the eldest son of Uranos.

He is Bimarzilla's silver.

In other words, it was the rear of the horseradish.