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23. The Wilderness (9)

[He looks at the myth of Bimagildara's death with sad eyes.] Nernunos sighs at the fate of what may have once been his enemy and friend.] Unlike most gods, demons, who send frightening messages about Bimagildara's death.

Chernunos is deeply saddened by the death of Bimagildara.

In a way.

Chernunos, like Bimagildara, was the longest continuous snowflake.

Unlike Bimagildara, who had felt strong ambition for Yeongwoo and wanted him to become strong, he was always there to watch over the fate of the poor apostle.

Surprisingly, there were many things in common with each other.

He was also lonely and lonely without an affiliation to say so.

It was no exaggeration to say that Bimachildara had the best understanding of the problems, boredom, and complex ideas in her life.

That's why.

[Kernunos is furious.] Chernunos, for the first time, has expressed an emotional outrage.

He must have been furious with the existence of the Great.

At least he didn't think the great death was such a lonely dog.

[Kernunos leaves and rises!] [Kernohnos declares he will never forgive any of the beings involved in this!] and.

[The gods look at Kernunos with concern.] [Many demons are moaning over the Black King's new identity.] Why did Okeanos suddenly appear in these places? It was a remarkable situation for Yeongwoo.

“By the way, Okeanos was also missing in Tartarus. `Okeanos was said to be the dominant successor of Uranos until Kronos emerged.

It was because there was a wide network of people in Olympus at the time and the background was not great. Great people, and excellent enough to be classified as a substitute.

Above all.

The benefit of "take charge" was never negligible.

The law of firstborn succession was the strongest cause in the past and the present.

But when the Olympus civil war broke out, Okeanos failed to take control.

It was because Teia, who had early anticipated the succession of Okeanos, had taken strategic advantage of the coup by working with other brothers first.

In the process, Okeanos' power was forced to be pushed, and his youngest Leah was barely able to take her breath away from him.

Since then, Leah has drawn Chronos in, and the victory is entirely in their favor.

Okeanos gave up all his rights and stepped back, supporting Kronos and Leah, saying he was never going to be a leader.

Since then, I've been almost invisible and forgotten by everyone…….

"Then when Zeus started the rebellion, there was no outside activity except for a brief glance to clear up the confusion within Olympus. And…… her eyes narrowed.

"Gone.) Since Olympus was abolished in the tower as a whole, Okeanos must have done the same.

Since then, I have not heard any eyewitness accounts of seeing Okeanos.

Somewhere, he even said that he had returned to the concept 'or' law '.

In fact, it was' because there were few Olympians who believed, but it was a choice for flexible people who did not usually like outside activities and appeared to be overwhelmed by power.

By the way.

You just showed up here? It means that he's been up to something in the unseen.

".." At that time, Yeon-woo raised her head because of Chronos' outpouring.

“What do you mean?” He's not the kind of guy who would want to decorate another public.

He was such a good guy, he was so bad, he couldn't even shout when he was at war with Teia.

H “: Sim." Were you close with Okeanos? "" If you're close, you're close, and if you're not, you're not. Our brothers weren't all that good. "Chronos smiles bitterly.

Uranos has adopted several successors to consolidate.

There was no choice but to have a bizarre neurometastasis between them.

But he was the only one who stood by my side when I was in so much trouble. Yeon remembered Okeanos when she saw the myth of Kronos.

He was definitely the only one who took care of Chronos.

Also, I never felt like it was a sham.

Kronos would say the same thing.

It is likely that he also meant the apology he showed when he forced Bimagildara to tie it to the earth.

I don't know how I got that strong in the meantime... but since time has passed, there must have been many ways.

More than that. The way you said "we," it's clear you're not alone. “We have to go after them first." My son, you're very busy. I have to go to that Goblin and buy the table, and I have to take care of my brother... Haha! Yeon-woo let out a deep sigh.

I came out of the dark to clean up after myself. There were still too many things on his ankle.

“Let's get back to that for now.” Yeonwoo looked at Le 'Rue, who was still staring at herself.

[The black king's ego looks up at the body.] [Iron Black King looks down on his missing parts.] First, we have to restrain that body from going crazy.

And we needed to keep the Okeanos out of Luo's way.

I haven't had the courage to do that in a while.

Now I felt like I had to seal it up even though I was in a crowd.

“Fill it up.” The moment I say the first word.

Tsurlock! Suddenly, dozens of giant black bruises bloom around him.

And as the chains rose, they moved to restrain Ser 'Luer.

The chains boasted enormous size and grill that could never be compared to what the ponds had dealt with before.

Th-that's so weird to see it from the outside. "Chronos looked at it and muttered in a trembling voice.

[Vomits of awe at discovering the identity of the ultimate chain!] [Demons who notice the temper of the sin chain are strongly questioned as to whether they are mad at the Dark Lord's ego!] [God's society, Deva, is in shock.] [God's society, the "Bridge", is crying out to the march of the Dark Lord's ego.] [The Devil Society, Niflheim, is bewildered and interested in the fact that an allied force has an unmatched weapon.] God and demons are busy having different reactions. It was more violent than when Bimagildara died or when Le 'Tune appeared.

He would, too, because that chain was a relic made of rubble from the gaps in the tower when Yeon had time in her dreams! [Chungcheongchul Shinjin Iron Woman's Safe] Type: Impossible Grade: Impossible to Measure Description: Since the tower-woman's staff, which stood dominantly sealing many gods and demons for a long time, was collapsed.

The Black King's ego marked the tower's fierce anger that had kept them imprisoned, but decided to clean up the debris and use it as one of them suggested.

To have the same affection for the Heavenly Horse who was once the original owner.

And the remains of the Tower-Woman's staff were refined into a new form filled with the blessings and power of the Black King.


"When you first asked me to fix it up and use it, I thought it was really my son, but it was really tasty." Yeouido was prepared for the war with the various personalities of the Black King and when she went out.

One of them was recycling the ruins of the tower.

Naturally, the Dark Lord's personalities were greatly repulsed by it.

It was a cursed creature that made their dreams fail again and again and forced them into the void.

However, the only one who agreed with Yeon-woo's opinion was a wise man.

He asked Heavenly Horse to give back to Heavenly Horse what they had received.

Of course, it was a good response, and since then, the remains of the tower have become the property of the Black King Orloth.

As long as the system was attributed to Yeongwoo, he was also the owner of the debris, so it was not a difficult task to make a new form.

And now it's appearing! [Vacancies Opened!] [Shin Jin-cheol moves to restrain the target.] [The Black King is trying to resist!] Cough! As soon as I found Shin Jin-cheol in Le 'Luo, I cried violently.

Although it is said that there is no soul, instinct remains, and it is strongly rejected.

However, Yeon-woo tightly tied the limbs of Le 'Lue with a chain and wrapped the body in dozens of layers. With the sound of the sheave spinning rapidly, the chain snaps tighter and tighter.

The tip of the chain moves in one direction.

The location was originally Le Luis.


“Sleep.” And then, according to the dragon, the chains get tighter, forcing Lüer to pull back towards Earth.

It was never easy for the rest of us to be so big that the galaxy was already big enough to cover the Earth.

However, the chain has somehow compressed Le 'Rue.

If the resistance is too great for the chain to be in jeopardy, a few layers of new chains are pressed against it to force it.

In the process, there was some collapse in space, and then there was a black hull, and so on, and there was some damage.

But the more time went by, the faster the compression went, and Le 'Luis eventually returned to its original form and sank into the Earth.


[The reel of time is raging!] [Dark has been granted.] [Attempt to connect to Bear '.] [Failed.] [Try to reconnect to Dream'.] [The power of the Black King's ego has been applied and access is granted.] [Dream 'has been given some permission to interfere.] [Turns back the leaf of time.] [Claire starts to go back.] like rewinding a videotape.

The Earth and the solar system that had been destroyed by the battle between Yeongwoo and Bimagildara began to return.

The wrecked asteroid is repaired, and the planets' orbits find their place.

As the dust that had been scattered out of the atmosphere returned inside the road, the volcano sank, the earth formed, and the blue sea rebuilt. The sky regained its original brightness.

[The total amount will be cancelled. The Promised Land sank.] [Earth regains its integrity.] [All the gods are silent.] [All demons are silent.] And the gods and demons could no longer react to the miracle created by Yeon-woo.

Even the former god Kronos had to use Olympus' help to get his hands on the 'Gule' before he could consume the causality rate.

Yeon-woo was going to go above and beyond by herself to turn the wheel.

Besides, it didn't look too hard on the outside.

The gods and demons had to once again realize that Yeon-woo was a position they could never take to their level.

Ha! Yeon-woo finished all her work with a deep sigh of Gabe Navel.


... It's hard. It's consumed a lot more than I thought. Is this the amount of causality you need for self-immolation ( Yo)? "I didn't know his expression was firm.

"It's too dangerous. I have to get to work a little faster."