Second Life Ranker

24. Junk (10)

[All restores are complete.] Huhu. He's my son, but he's not even human. Chronos smiled as he watched "Gule" turn.

He was once great enough to be judged as close to 'Huang', but it was because he was very curious to see the right flank in a much higher position.


Causal rates, did you spend a lot? Chronos smiled and asked with a solemn tone.

Yeongwoo was hot in her heart, but she did not bother to answer.

“It's worth it.” I don't think so. Chronos was one of the few people who knew the 'body' of Yeouido well.

His roots are now in the dark, but his identity is not in the dragon.

Its existence was impossible in the first place to be moderated by the physical laws of this world.

Enabling it was polymorph (001000000), and the amount of causation rate taken to maintain it was substantial.

Until now, I've been through 'Dream' several times, but it's not good to continue consuming the causation rate in this way.

In the beginning, Yeon-woo must have already lost a lot just by stopping many sons of the black king and adjourning the 'dream'.


Yeon-woo has never been accused of anything like this.

Kronos is too sad for that.

At this time, you can still trust your father and tell him what's on your mind.

I'm thinking of carrying her alone on the most important point.

Maybe it's because I grew up alone when I was too young.

Chronos feels that all of this is his fault, and he's sorry again.


“Father, what do you think I'm saying?” Yeon-woo also pretended not to mind.

Kronos guessed it, but he could never make it.

“I don't know what I'm doing, and no one else, especially not my father. If you do that, it's going to be really bad ` But...! “ There are still some horseshoes left. Let's deal with that first and finish the conversation. ”Yeon purposefully cuts Kronos' waist and tightens her squeeze.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^_Stolen. In the sigh of a weak heart.

I was deeply worried.

But lucky for you.

The owner of Antarctica, the remainder of the horse, said that he had already been on the run before Yeon Yu knew what not to do with Bimarzildara.

“You sucked a lot." Yeon smiles as she recovers the fragments of the dark that were on her horse.

The center of Antarctica.

The massive sinkhole was dug deep enough that it could not be fully identified.

It looks like the mildew has reached its core in order to measure roughly.

This was practically an underwater gang.

It was spewing from the inside as if the sulfur fire had gone out.

Though it may be a little later for you to come out, it may have been taken from Le 'Luo. “He seemed to have remained somewhat rational, unlike other horseradish masters except Bimagildara.

It must have been hard to build a sewer tunnel that would suck the life out of the Earth and get it to the core.

I tried not to leave a trace, even when I was pulling out, and the Abyss remained intact, but there was no mysticism left.

It meant that he made a thorough plan to avoid being discovered.

"Tied Vimagildara to the Earth to catch my feet in the first place. Was he trying to buy us time to get out of here?" Yeon-woo smiles coldly. The fangs revealed between my lips were shiny.

Not because he laughs, but because he laughs when he's absurd.

But if you miss something that much, it's a big deal. “Yeah.” Yeon opened her hands to the Abyss.

“You didn't expect me to be able to spin the 'Wheel'. * Not without time, space, and causation constraints to become a completely independent entity.

No matter how many gods and demons there are, there are always tongues in the "bowl." What if we rewind the wheel? Of course, I had to come to the same place.

And of course, to do that, you have to consume that much causality.

'Yeah, it's not enough to roll a big roller.' "Moreover, no matter what circumstances he had to cherish, he had to be hesitant when necessary.

Yeongwoo almost hands the Abyss.

[Two dogs' reels are engaged.

Cold speeds up.] [Time reels!] [Tiny Roller Starts to Return!] Following the range set by Yeongwoo, as I drew clockwise, I began to vomit out a lot of things that had been hidden while changing the direction of the barren road counterclockwise.

A blizzard erupted and the temple that had been there not long ago was reborn.

Huh! Look at this guy, you even built a lab? What kind of resource mining factory is this? "Chronos was able to quickly realize the purpose of the temple that was built in Antarctica because of its deep administration.

This wasn't just about absorbing life. It was a vicious device that could mortgage the civilization power of the planet... and turn it into a barren land with potential for the future.

No decent personality would do such a thing. The more planets they have, the more faith they can absorb.

I didn't want to be taken away by the strategists. It was only used for playing the Qingya tactics.

However, the owner of the horse racing here tried to do something barbarous. He must have tried to take all the potential of the earth and turn it into a divine power and enlighten it to Le 'Lue.


Yeon-woo's hand was suddenly hanging off a man's head.

A face damp with shock.

Obviously, I don't know why he was here when he fled Earth.

“There must be such a thing." [ ] l 1 Run. "": Words only, 0 "Those who are awake must be beaten to death.” Ouch! [Instance Dungeon Entered 'Punishment Hell'!] Yeon has already fought Bimagildara, never giving her a chance to escape the darkness.

The underworld was wide open and he wanted to get rid of Yeon-woo's wrist somehow.

Grrrgh! Yeon-woo crashed him to the ground before he could.

The Screaming Man vomited blood.

I wanted to get out, but I couldn't do it. The grip of Yeon-woo was so strong, and the dragon, the main body, was suddenly crushing down on him with a heavy weight.

-Name I think I'll say it… ~! “Actually, I don't care if you don't. Why don't you just kill him until you say" What the... "? A wet oyster with the" Teyeo Station "shock.

Yeon gave strength to her hands.


My head was spinning and my tongue was long.

“Summon lion.” Oh, how can I…?] The shadow devoured his corpse completely, vomiting only the spiritual spirit.


[Power, Inferno!]] "Rrrrgh!" Just as Yeon-woo did to those who needed to be tortured in the past, she rolled away in the flames of purgatory for a long time.

"Khhh! Please, please stop! Save me! I'll tell you everything you ask) Xabil Gwan" "! “ Not yet. ”Please, please…!" Far be it.

"Scream,!" He looked at Yeon-woo with a shaken gaze.

Please kill me.

Yeon-woo smiled coldly.

We finally caught their tails.

“Cesha:" Uncle? What the hell is going on...? Everyone's in a frenzy here! "Is it because the earth was destroyed once and barely recovered?" Cesha's voice is shaking loudly.

He would, because he had previously remembered the natural disaster caused by Bimarzilla, even though the earthlings who were revived did not remember that they were dead.

Of course I had to get wet with fear.

Yeonwoo was able to read the wandering notion of the earth (Soon).

[Faith builds.] [Faith builds.] Such primal fears and horrors were naturally attributed to the Black King, so they also had a strong influence on Yeouido.

'I'll be back in a minute. Wait for me. Odd... ㅋ Where are you going again? Yeouido kept silence.

"Ha! I was hoping you'd come back..." All right, well, I'm gonna fix this place up. Instead, "Cesha sighed deeply and stopped.

Yeon-woo grinned. Is she trying to tell her father to bring her along? Yeon-woo was going to do it, so I'm just going to say yes.

When she came, Merona. _^ < l ^ ~ llO) After listening for so long, she smiled because she did not understand what Cesha said.

Phew! It's no fun. Please come back safely.I 'll take good care of you, too. Yeon said, "Well, yes. I see. 'I can only answer that. I've been away from reality for a long time, and I had no choice but to feel this way. No, not that I was particularly interested in being an early human being.

And that's when all the worries about Earth ended.

Must we go now? I have no idea what's going on.

Ha! "The owner of Antarctica told us anything Yeon-woo wanted to know in order to disappear.

In the meantime, I found out.

It's not just the mysterious behind-the-scenes forces that have Okeanos, it's the other forces that are gone.

- I……! I just got a request! - A quest? I was asked to build a temple to absorb Earth's life...! Who put you up to this? - Must have been a shame to get out of purgatory.

- It's not like that! Me and my organization are anonymous unless the original client wants us to! - Who are you? - We ~ ….


What he said was shocking to Yeon-woo.

- We are the Buy The Table::! You said the Buy The Table was commissioned to build a horseradish? I never thought of that.

I had no choice but to be shocked by the rich.

There must be something_.

Home! If you think about who the head of the Buy The Table is, it's so strange that it's such a confusing place for Chronoswarera to live.

“The Book of Power can be changed at any time. I don't know what else happened between them." You'll see more details in person. I had some questions about the Ark anyway. Chronos mutters in a small, sudden grin.

By the way, Yeon-woo did not miss Chronos' gaze toward the air.


Fearful gazes were firmly fixed on the two rich people and could not fall.

[Agni, god of Deva, swallows dry water. [The god of Deva, Vayuga sighs.] [Deva's god, Ravana, is bewildered by the coming war. Horus' eyes wander.] "What are they going to do? Are you going to leave it alone?" ”One end of Yeon Woo's lip twists.

"If you do, you have to give it back.” That's my boy. -Just because a quest came in, you put a horse scope on Earth? You knew you'd turn me against Olympus? Don't you think you're losing your head? - Aside from them, he's going to help us...... there were places he said he would protect us if anything else happened in the future. - Where, where? - God, the Devil, everything...! When "Day" was blocking "Night", you said you had to move…… so I asked you to share information about the Black Fragment! So, please, just let me go! Please! -I mean, I'm asking where it is, -Deva, Memphis...! I had a hunch when I first recovered the Black Fragment, but I ended with a warning because I was too tired to raise the business.

But as soon as they realized they were going to go to Le Luis, and they were going to burn the planet to the ground,

Yeon-woo had no choice but to endure it.

That's why.

“Olympus” Yeon looks up at the air.

[God's society, Olympus, is looting.] [God's society, Olympus, prepares for war.] [God's society, Olympus, awaits your command.] Already Olympus awaits his command.

- Wherever it's relevant, hit it all. "['Olympus' declared war on 'Memphis', the divine society!] [Olympus has declared war on Abesta, the divine society!] [Olympus has declared war on the divine society, Tour Here de Dunnon!] ['Olympus` declared war on the demon society, 'The Crossroads'!] [Many divine societies are appalled by the senseless declaration of war by Olympus!] [Some of the demonic societies who have been declared war have asked Olympus to resolve the conversation!]