Second Life Ranker

25. Wasteland (11)

Many societies tried to somehow stop Yeouido and Olympus.

“I'm sure I told you. Don't get greedy.” Yeon-woo growled, noticing the daily gaze.

[God's society, Memphis, is silent!] [God's society, 'Avesta' is silent!] [Every society that has been declared war demands action from the Black King's ego!] “And this is how you've been planning things? All right. Let's do this.” ['Olympus' formed a legion of legions.] [Punitive Force Violet] 1st Squad Captain: 2nd Squad Captain: 3rd Squad Captain: Apollon [] 2nd Squad will go to Deva] [2nd Squad will go to Memphis] [3rd Squad will go to Avesta.] ["Olympus' Declaration of War Prepares the Society for Violence!] [Demonic society under invasion by Olympus is on the alert for the coming war!] [Several divine societies wish to send envoys.] A few demonic societies show a willingness to surrender.] [The Iron King's ego has refused to visit all the envoys.] [The Black King's ego ignored all surrender intentions.] [Every God of Death moves to enforce Death!] [All Death Demons move to bless the enemies against the majesty of the king!]] [Allies, the Bridge awaits. Niflheim awaits.] [The sky is in extreme chaos!] After that, Yeon-woo ignored many societies' intentions to send envoys to herself.

The apostles in charge of the commander also gave separate orders not to spare them unless they surrendered unconditionally.

"I also understand why the angels tried to leave God and demons behind in the tomb." God and demons are busy biting their necks if they seem to have any gaps. They were the only ones that mattered, so they were too difficult to control.

Maybe he closed his eyes and nearly wiped out the Earth once again.

It was not enough to press it with strength. I felt like I had to tie it up somehow, wherever I put it.

Even though Niflheim and the archangel who still had a good relationship with Olympus were willing to move at any time, this was also not acceptable. I didn't have to borrow their hands and raise them any money.


[At the request of dedication, 'Ananke' is coming! [] At Olympus, there was a silent descent of the only non-combat presence.

Warm eyes impress the goddess.

He held a "destiny" in Olympus.

He was also a familiar face to Yeon-woo.

“Did you summon me?” Ananca's attitude towards Yeon-woo was very polite.

At that moment.

Slow down! The squite shatters and takes on human form.

Kronos glances at her with an eager glance. My eyes were wet.

Long time no see, nanny. “I'm glad you look white, unlike before. Kronos says," When Yeon experienced the myth of Kronos, I was always grateful to be by his side with giant Atlas.

Ananke was like a mother to Kronos. Because I got all the love from her.

But after Chronos became infected with Mars and became a tyrant, Ananche resigned from Olympus and stepped back.

And after the fall of Kronos, he stopped showing his face on the outside and lived quietly in the Senate.

It was because the Zeus clan thought she was reluctant. She was also not in a position to pursue power, so she stayed put.

Then we met again like this.

I was... so sorry. "In fact, Chronos hasn't been able to find her for a while, even after he opened his eyes.

No, I didn't.

Like asking Poseidon and others for forgiveness, but being afraid and unable to get close.

It was because I didn't have the courage to face Ananke - because I did too much bodyworking.

Jim may still look like a child to the nanny, but Jim is king now. Pardon them? You think that makes any sense? - Do you have any idea how much the nanny's actions have cost her majesty? You should think of self-sufficiency as a blessing.

Chronos was mostly stained with violence and terror.

With a warm personality, Anange was the only hill on which the victims of such tyranny could take root.

_Then I had to cover up the incident, and every time Ananke was hurt and turned away.

In a way, an apology is too late for him now.

“Kronos.” Ananke smiles.

The image of a nanny who used to take care of the young lady who was an immature wretch a long time ago.

“I'm glad it looks so much brighter than that. This mother was always so worried.” Je)! Kronos hardens quickly and says nothing.

After a long time, she was still a mother.

“I hear you have a contact with the Buy The Table.” Yeon-woo had to carefully approach between the two.

Anancae bows to Yeong-woo with a warm smile on her face.

“Speak freely. You are a king. All kings do not speak to their officials.” A noble yet modest gesture.

Yeonwoo seemed to know a little bit about where the dynasty of Chronos came from.

“Before that, Ananca was like my father's mother, so she was my grandmother. How could you not be respectful?” Ananca smiles strangely at the sight of the kith.

“You've grown up to be much more like your father.” “I'm much lower than you.” “Not really. Chronos was just a jackass..." “At least I'm not.” “What would've happened without Leah. Thank God you're here." What are you two talking about! "Chronos can't stand it any longer, he cries out.

They shed a light thread of silk. Kronos still looked fat.

Then Ananke said, fixing his impression.

“In the meantime, I've been in the Senate and, as needed, I've been assigned a position to broker Olympus and the Buy More tables.” The reason Zeus et al. failed to defeat Ananke carelessly.

It was because Ananca had a close relationship with the Buy The Table, who used to manage Leah's legacy. Ananche was very distinct from Leah.

Zeus et al. had to have a lot of supplies needed to govern Olympus, many of which depended on the Buy More table. Of course, I could never give up the middleman Ananke.

That's why Yeon-woo was going to ask Ananke to arrange a meeting with the Buy The Table.

The towers seem to have cut off all the pathways we can encounter here.

“After saving Cesha and so forth on the Ark, he said he'd just left." But since the tower collapsed, the Buy The Table was in a very chaotic mood. ”At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes lit up.

“What if I'm confused...?” “I think there was a struggle inside. I don't know what the exact content was." “There must have been something else.

“Moreover - it is known that the existing chief does not go outside, and that other successors should be in charge of management.... Maybe the successor has taken power, or maybe the power has put him in front of his face.” Yeon-woo was jealous of something.

“Is the successor's name, Yul?" ”Ananca's eyes have grown on their own.

“Do you... know him?" [Olympus is starting a war!] [The sky is screaming.] "... I can see straight away what you're doing, my brother. But you're too kind. You didn't come.” Edora grunts loudly with a 'fit' and a sound of wind.

I knew that Yeon-woo had fallen into deep sleep. I once complained to myself that I was okay on the outside. At last, he only had his heart told, and he thought it_was done……… because he made that choice independently without saying anything to himself.

Even though she had decided to sacrifice to save everyone, she had lost her one and only lover.

For more than a decade, Edora had still not embraced the fellowship.

And she was sure that her heart would be the same as Yeon-woo's.

The reality of the bond between them was never going to break with time.


Therefore, Yeon-woo was still indifferent.

No matter how much work you have to do, you have to wake up and send yourself a message.

But even though it was causing such a big commotion, there was no chance of that. I don't even remember myself.

You're a heartless man. So groaning, I'm going to go the way I was holding Shinmado.

“': 4" huh? "[A message has come from the Dark Lord's ego.] Edora opens her eyes, suddenly looking at the system message in front of her eyes.

Ever since I left the tower, I never thought I'd see anything like it unless I entered the gate.


Message: Coming soon. I'm sorry.] I lost sight of the blunt force.

“You're no good to me.” While saying that, I was smiling at Edora's mouth.

“Lady!" Suddenly, 'someone ran into the field where she was. She was a “sister" who was once trained as a bride.

However, something seemed urgent.

A face filled with sadness and confusion.

Edora (with a sinister feeling, she gives the same impression.

“What's going on?” “Don't cry." "Don't cry. To put it bluntly, I've been on the ground too long. It's just to go back to the place where Jin Cheon used to be." The spirit touched the shoulder of Pants pouring out tears in front of him.

I thought I'd never grow up for a lifetime, but my shoulders were so wide. The cipher suddenly thought so. And I smiled at my mouth, thinking that I would lead the tribe well enough as my father did.

However, the appearance of such a mother broke down Pants' reinforcement even more widely.

After you escaped the tower. The one-horned tribe had to make a lot of effort to help the "day" to fight the "night" and find a place to stay, on the other hand.

They used to love the original descendants of Soho Geumcheon, the shipowners who entered the tower.

I had to relocate for a long time to get back to my original hometown, and then I was able to settle in one place later.

However, in the process, the spiritual medium had to consume too much spiritual power.

Ga 'Thong and 'after the death of the King, she spent little energy, and even the fate of her clan was stifling on her shoulders. It was because he became a director of life according to his spiritual consumption, and he also came to age in a timely manner.

Every time Pant told her not to do that, but I couldn't stop her stubbornness.

After a while, like the 'king,' the spirit was called the 'saint (horn)' in the tribe.

That's how they left their mark on the clan.

And now.

The spiritual one has the last remaining source of water before his eyes.

“Mother!" At that moment, Edora rushes into her residence, breathing heavily.

“Why is everyone making such a fuss?” The cipher smiled at the mouth consistently, unlike the parched look on her face. Then, I rubbed his shoulders.

“Pant, would you excuse us for a moment, as promised?” The psychic wanted to have a quick chat with Edora before the final visit.

Fant said he didn't want to leave here, but his jaw was full.

“ ^ “ ^. 'I left the room with the tribesmen who were guarding the place, biting their lower lips tightly,' Mother said, 'I don't know what you're going to say...... but I thought you would say something very important.

So ”" “Take care of her. It was only a few times before Edora was able to make her feet.


When Edora carefully approached her mother on her knees.

The cipher turns her arms around and quietly sets the two necklaces on the ground.

- Phil (0) - Extinction 08) “Ouch" "? Immediately, Edora shakes her eyes with an ominous heart.

“Before I left…… I took the last remaining strength and struck the point of son-in-law. It comes out afterwards.” I never thought of that.

Edora's body hardens.

The wrinkles on the edge of the psychic's eyes deepened.

“It's the same again and again. Your father's last point.” Greetings from the writer Ti Yi Hae, this is the story of the writer of Ranker who lived twice.

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