Yeongwoo gives a bold nod.

“I was the one who introduced him to the Buy The Table.” Ah! So………! ^ Anancae nods as if she finally knows.

As expected, Yeon-woo smiles because she has an odd nuance.

"Any guesses?" “Unlike the predecessor, who rarely stepped forward in leading power, the succession rate was often seen in many ways.” Ananca's explanation was simple.

He used to love to travel around the world and the towers, digging up talented people and nurturing them himself.

The rate was that she was a late student compared to the others, but she had a very unique grade.

“A natural talent is a talent, and so is a trait that does evil things when given... … Fretia used to praise him quite a lot.

I have a lot to trust when I grow up. ”There may be a lot of people around who are born in a natural object ( Kiss), but there are very few chickens who grind it. However, the rate was on the axis.

“There were many people who were jealous or disturbed, but they turned it all off and stood up ~ …… and eventually pressed the executions on them and became their successors. And from the moment he turned on power, he was leading the force, almost as if he were leading it." Unlike the Prezia who kept the Buy The Table a secret gathering of elites and a social party.

The rate essentially empowered the Buy The Table and 'deliberately de-centered' other factions within the group.

Did he say he took out a lot of secrecy and stepped forward? Moreover, the foundation that Fregia had kept the chickens on was so strong that there was hardly anyone to stop them.

If it gets in the way, I'll just put it away.

As soon as it's out of the eyes of the rate, you just can't get into the industry.

“That's why there's no place in the world where you can ignore the buzz on the table right now at the offset.

Now, many of the celestial societies are looking at it. Because they say it's like tyranny. ”Ha ha! So it's all because of my son's influence that he has that personality? “ Or not? ” No. You're probably right. Yeon-woo did not interfere with Ananke and Kronos' conversation about killing each other.

However, it felt a little strange to think of the rate that had been separated a long time ago.

"All I had to do was come back, and I was just a crying boy. It changed that much. 'Time seemed to have flowed equally to him as well as to himself.

"What the hell happened to you? But why like this?

I wonder if the questions surrounding the Buy The Table won't be solved so easily.

“Ananke. Please.” “Yes. I'll try to get in touch with her first." Ananca nods heavily.

“But I can't say for sure. Even though Yul has changed a lot since he became in power, there are still many secrets. If you have a lot to hide, you can just hide..." Wherever you go, the Buy More table was always on the pack.

Their position in the entire universe was solid.


“No. They'll come out.” Yeongwoo is cut down very simply, and Ananke's eyes widen.

“Why do you think that is? Please add this to your contact list:” “If it doesn't come out.” Yeon Woo's eyes flashed sharply at the moment.

“Consider it a conspiracy with other societies that are about to burn, and we will make it the same as theirs."... whether to accept this as a declaration of war or a warning. ”“ What are you thinking? "This is a mockery of our Buy The Table! How are we supposed to get out of this wreck without ignoring us?” A place with warm sunlight.

There were people sitting in various outfits along a large round table.

However, they were all wearing the same cloth made of blackwood, unlike what they were wearing on their faces.

If there was a difference, it was that every flower pattern was engraved on the cloth.

Round Table.

Every time 33 executives who led the Buy The Table discussed a major agenda, they had a meeting.

However, the usual seats were almost full, or even if it was empty, a lot of the seats were empty.

On top of that, a robust man sat instead of Fregia, who had not shown his face for months.

Unlike the other executives, he wore a veil and silently watched the executives' discussions without saying anything.

“Then what do you suggest, 'Artichoke'? Do you have any good ideas?? Pusson:" "!” “The opponent is the Four Kings! Not only did he tear down the tower, he became the identity of the Black King, and now he's burning the whole world to the ground by himself! But let's ignore the warnings of such a man, shall we?” The title of 'The King', which used to refer to Yeongwoo, was now branded as a great noun of fear to many large groups and organizations that were active in the universe, including the transcendents.

At first, it was just a title that inherited the throne of commandments from Hades.

It was because it had become death itself.

[God's society, Avesta, is on fire!] [Ahura Mazda pleads earnestly to stop!] [The Divine Society, Deva, devotes all their strength to the fiercest encounter. The war is at stake.] [Death Executes!] [Death Executes!] I have to get this message several times a day.

The current world was a mess.

When war broke out in the heavenly realm, it was rarely fought without an archaic supporter.

Usually, the forces were inferior, and even if they won, it was because many of the surrounding forces were inferior to the fishing grounds.


Olympus didn't notice that at all.

Rather, we were running a full-scale war, saying that we should follow Yeon-woo's orders as soon as possible.

The problem was that such power was too strong.

Especially those who received the apostles from Yeonwoo.

He was given the power of the Black King.

There was no way I could resist that easily.

It was also a problem that the dead giants and lions were mixed together.

Above all.

“I heard that the God of Death and the Devil have taken King Heisa as their master and are stirring up a commotion in every society? Now, let me ask you again. If a king like that decides to hit our Buy More table, I can't stop him easily!” As long as the God of Death and the Devil were holding on to special positions in each society, there was virtually nowhere to turn against Yeouido.

“Or would you like Artichoke to lead the forces and stop them on our behalf?" Apparently, the people who Artichoke left next to him, too, were somewhere else. Was it Bajara Castle (Po)? I hear you're doing quite a job there. You have earned a great reputation! ”Cow, that's not necessarily what I meant.

Hush! "“ Then don't say anything unrealistic! This is not why I was told not to accept their contract of celestial order in the first place! ”Attichoke, who had been insisting that he should stand up against the tyranny of Yeon-woo, finally realized that many eyes were staring down at him.

The horseradish that was originally installed on the Buy The Table to absorb the Earth's life force.

It was the result of pressures placed on the Buy The Table by various societies in the heavenly world who had partnered with "them."

There was harmony on the inside.

One of them was Artichoke, who's been bragging about fighting.


LaFlecia, who was next to Artichoke, was cautiously fortunate.

"How about hiding? In fact, as long as we want to, it's hard to tell whether we are truly the ego of the Black King.” “Of course, that would be the way to do it. I can save your life. But after I get out, the foundation will be crushed... Well, if it doesn't matter, I won't stop you." “And if I get caught later, I won't just die easily." Deep sighs burst out from everywhere.

They are all advisors to the world and to the planets.

Compared to the kite, it was like a lamp in front of the wind.

And just as they rushed their choice.

[The Devil's Society, "The Crossroads" calls for relief supplies from the Buy More Table!] [Demon Society, 'Crossbreeding' offers a higher price than previously offered!] [Demon Society, 'Crossover` has even opinions on 'Buy More Table' to gain a substantial portion of its existing territory!] [Demonic society, 'Bridge' makes a new offer to 'Buy Double'...] [ Bridge `is being actively executed!] “Ha! As you can see, the GyehRu Church is the most powerful among demonic societies, alongside Niflheim.

At one time, he was strong enough to soak himself in beads.

Now I don't know when it will collapse, but it's just one of the dangerous places.


“So what do you want 'soldier' to do?" The young man, who had never been silent in the top place, opened his mouth for the first time.

All the executives' gazes turned to the top, then to the soldiers again.

The old man who insisted that we cooperate with Yeon-woo was heavily clothed.

“First of all, they've been trying to contact us through our best friend Anangee. Isn't that what they say," The war is going to be long, so we need supplies "? That means I won't ask questions about the horse race right now." “Maybe they haven't noticed us yet.” I don't think the Four Kings are that stupid! ”The old man vomited vigorously as he snorted.

“So! A meeting and talking wouldn't be so bad." ”“ That sounds like a convenient comment. ”The top man narrows his eyes and looks at the soldier.

Eyes that have no emotion.

But I knew he was a soldier.

When that young man looks at me like that, quite a lot of people disappear without a sound.

Whatever happened to those who resisted or refused to change the route of his earliest reign, the pursuit of power.

However, the soldier was unafraid at all.

“The king was one of the first to personally sponsor the former chairman, and has made great progress since.

And he lent the Ark to his people to build a rapport. It has not been confirmed, but it has also been said that there is a connection between the hidden chief's past and his species. "“ So let's meet up and talk. Even if you disgust a horse like that, you haven't had any bad feelings before, so you want to hear the story. ”The top man was still staring at the soldier with no change in his face.

“And by the way, aren't we always merchants of this sort? The bigger the game, the more there is. And if you have to line up in one place, don't you think you should be on the winning side? If we can turn this thing around, we have to turn it around!” “The soldier thinks the tetrarch wins.” "And it's not?" ““ But it's also hard to cope with other societies in heaven without pretending to know the other societies. "I understand what you're saying." In that opinion, I'll see you first. ”The soldier nods heavily.

“That's a good idea.” The top man shakes his head.

His eyes remained still.

“But that doesn't necessarily mean you're leaning towards the Four Kings. Didn't the soldier tell you? Merchants are best left with a large Merchant Gateway.

So I'm going to go with that. ”