Second Life Ranker

4. Other Dreams (1)

“Come to your senses" "? Kuaak!” “I'll tell you the truth. So much for your life!" “Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! I didn't hear you say that.” All those who encounter the breeding grounds have been drawn to a late death, [Death is executed!] [Death Executes!] The concept of the 'Gospel' is prevalent throughout the universe!] Some of them were transcendent.

However, no matter how long they flew, they could already be able to resist the Huang class.

Yeongwoo took their souls completely and accepted the information, and based on that, she moved to the next place.

The hostile ones have all been erased. Those who dreamed of their knees and somehow tried to explain the situation had to die, too.

In the beginning, Yeon-woo intended to erase all those who stood against her, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

There are no leftovers.

After he decided to do it, he decided to pull out the roots completely.

There were many things to blow up the whole system if necessary.

Just wipe out the whole tissue.

It's hard to estimate. Maybe three or four civilizations just broke. Huhu. Kronos did not insist on such a alliance.

Ordinary people might try to stop this kind of carnage.

He was originally a man who sat on the throne of a god.

Even though I had lived as a mortal, my vision was different from that of ordinary mortals.

However, Yeon-woo's gaze, which stood higher than her, was probably too high for her to imagine, so she wanted to do it on her own.

No, even if you leave it like that.

Kronos also felt that this opportunity needed to be reordered.

This is when the world of towers disappeared.

'Societies that have lost their balance seek to oppose one another again, as in the old days, and only have the opportunity to almost count again.


Kronos thought it was too early.

"I don't know when and how the night will come. Catch the inner cavity firmly. It should be easy to resist. The variables must be clearly controlled. At times like this, it's best to stay strong." Therefore, the conclusion was simple.

Olfowon in the tower, I wonder why he did such a group...... Now I understand somewhat. Chronos had to make a smile without knowing that he had become the type of person who hated Allfowon so much.

Of course, I thought I'd save my precious family lung-frezia.

[The entire universe trembles with death!] [Be careful. The Apocalypse may come.] [Be careful. The Apocalypse may come.] and dug it up for a long time.

Huaaaa! Yeon-woo was able to reach a planet at the far end of the universe.

"What is this? Was there a place like this? Chronos suddenly muttered in a low voice.

If you don't mind, it was a planet in a very corner that was hard to perceive.

The smell of the fish cells there was so exotic.

It wasn't ominous.

It was just different.

It certainly looked like part of the universe, but it seemed similar and arrived.

Should I say, "Over" the clothes made of leather with a completely different leather? This was the first time I've seen it as Kronos.

Neither 'inside' nor 'outside' … or even forced to inject a completely different third.

I thought it wouldn't be strange that Yeon-woo hadn't detected this so far.

But that idea of Kronos didn't last long.

It was as if all the blood had been spilled and there was an island with a huge fortress in the middle of it filled with red envelopes.

“You found it.” Yeon drops a squite roughly down with a short note like that.

“How long will you remain silent?” “Are you saying you want to stay that way? It's been ten years. Since you got here. That should be enough to protect her loyalty..." ”Surrounded by black spears.

It appeared to be a prison cell, but in simple terms, dozens of people were large enough to fit in and full of supplies for a bed or bookshelf.

But she closed her eyes without even caring about it.

Both arms and feet had black chains that looked like bracelets or ankles.

A restraint made of shin iron.

They were installed to seal all her powers.

“Or do you believe the Four Kings will save you one day?” Beyond the spear, there sits a man sighing quietly.

He has been a man who has served as the caretaker of Frezia without fail for a day.

“But he was dark.

Don't you know how horrible it is to dream? Once I'm trapped in there, it's impossible to get out. It's going to take a lot of heart and a lot of causality just to protect the universe and prevent the end of time like this. ”A man has never harmed her physically, including coercing her or torturing her, even if he forced her to stay behind.

Rather, I've been obsessed with persuading him for hours a day.

To convince his hopes, or the 'us' goals he was carrying.

In other words, it was a job to 'attract' her to their side.

The problem is that the Fregians have never been shaken.

"The world and the end represented by the Heavenly Horse and the Black King...... How many times do I have to repeat myself, and how many times do I have to get out of this damn bowl? You need a Seed to do that.” The seeds that would conceive the world with nothing but new possibilities, "the man's eyes sank deeply.

“And to do that, you need Leah's safe, which only you know about. Don't you want this damn roller to end, too?” At that moment, she slowly opened her eyes.

He was still wearing a mask. I didn't know his face, but it was quiet.

The man was satisfied with that.

Somehow, different reactions so far means that there is a change in the mindset of the strongest frezia.

“Did you think we didn't know the purpose of the Buy The Table was to stockpile for the coming apocalypse? That's the proof that the Ark was there.” The Ark in Myth is often drawn as a large ship carrying a pair of each animal plant for posterity, with everything being swept away by the flood.

Leah's Ark, too.

It is designed to stock up on what is needed for the flood of the Apocalypse and to flee to a new world to be opened.

At the time of the tower collapse, it was only part of the possibility that the ark had survived.

And it was Leah's legacy, or the Curinale's legacy, that made even such an ark just one thing.

This is what the man pointed out. The Buy The Table is the only safeguard left to protect the legacy of the Curinale, and it was built to enforce their will.

And they are in the same pursuit as you.

“You, other. You're from Gule 'Le.

At that time, Fretia slowly opened her mouth.

It's been too long, but my voice is breaking a lot.

The man smiled bitterly.

“I didn't pass. Abandoned. There's no home left to return to, and even if I die here, I can't even dream of a wanderer.” His eyes were clearly fixed on Fregia.

Frezia feels like he's looking at something completely different.

“But I... no, we want to create a world where there are no such victims anymore." Are you sure you don't want anything to do with this? ”Frezia is silent again.

And just as I waited for her, the man gazed at her silently.

“I've heard a lot about you. I know you have the same purpose as me. It's true that I was shaken up more honestly than usual." Then...! ”“ But you made a mistake. "The man's delight solidifies his momentary impression.

“What's that?” “This kind of change seems to mean that you're in a hurry. Isn't it?" “^ ^ l < ~ *!” The moment a man stood up from the throes of the throne, "he said.

[The Black King's ego is coming!] Grrr! With a mighty thunderstorm from the outside, the storm blows through the keep.

The awning spear. All the bars that have been guarding the keep have been smashed apart like glass.

And as soon as the fortress appeared on the front, black lightning rushed down on it, and everything flew away.

The man tries to get his hands on the Frezia, pulling his boots up immediately, but before that, the gauntlet drops in front of him.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! He had to slide for a long time through a pile of crumbling fortresses over the braided red sea.

Wherever he was just now, Yeon-woo stood upright with her golden eyes wide open.

“Oh my…!” The man gives a sad voice and gives a slight impression.

I tried to persuade her one last time that she was being pursued by a timely mogul.

Apparently, the lotus was moving much faster than he expected.

Kuwoo- “Yun... Yun Nimresia looked up at Yun with trembling eyes.

“Are you hurt, Frezia?" "Pepe, how can you only look for him when I have him? Kronos, who had suddenly transformed into a human, grumbled.

Fretia bows broadly.

“I'm sorry, and thank you." "Thank you," I should say.

I heard that you've helped save my people a lot. It's late, but thank you. ”Yeon shakes her head lightly and turns her gaze away from the man who's staring this way bitterly.

By the way, that guy. I've never seen you before.

Her aura was completely different from the gods and demons that Yeon-woo had known all along.

Where the hell is he? I've never seen a guy with that kind of temper before. Chronos smiles, staring at him like a kitten.

It was because the identity was not easily guessed.

I thought he was a wanderer without a community of his own... But he could never know because they were mostly violent like Bimarzilla or Chernunos.

And in fact, the man looked very strong.

Even after Yeongwoo pulled out the lightning bolt with all her might, only a little scorch remained, and there seemed to be no wounded corners.

It is okay to think of it as a different being in the "sulfur" class.

Then the myth will be great, too. Why can't we just guess? No, I'm leaving that.

“Like this space, the author is so exotic. `The mystical temperament and the way it worked seemed completely different.

He was not generally composed of the laws he knew.

It felt like I was free in this world.

By the way.

“I think I do.” Yeon woo's words spill over Kronos' head.

"Hmm? You? Even though the millennium was great, there were many parts of God and Satan that were ignorant because their life as transcendents was not so long.

So I wondered, Yeon-woo said very simply.

“This is Thor.” What do you mean? Thor is definitely dead. You broke all the souls and divided them among the apostles. "Thor and Asgard were once allied with Titan, but they were never far behind.

Above all, Tor didn't look that glamorous, and his personality was on the verge.


“Thor is different from Thor." So - What does that mean? "Chronos was astonished at the thought of a moment, not as he spoke.

Do you mean the one who came from another dream?