Second Life Ranker

5. Other Dreams (2)

Whoa! “Soju, where are you hurt? No?" When the rate returns to headquarters,

The soldier, who was waiting anxiously in his office, hurriedly ran.

Then straightaway, he looked around his body to see if there were any injuries.

Fortunately, there was no sign of being injured like this. It didn't look like it was rolling in the dirt.

But the rate didn't look good. "Things... didn't go well?" The soldier's face darkened by itself.

Then he swiftly laughed and patted his shoulder as if he was fine.

“Eww! I guess the Four Kings we know were foaming sharply. Well, what if it doesn't work? If we do what we used to do, we will write" ""! “A soldier.” Instead of speaking, the soldier narrows his gaze to the clumsy voice of the law.

“What's the matter?” "How many troops can you mobilize now?” “__“ "It should move as secretly and quickly as possible. How many can you mobilize?” The soldier was anxious to ask what had happened, but he could not because he was looking at the two eyes of the seriously sunken rate.

There was something.

"Three hundred.” “Is that all you got?" "If we use force, we can use more. Shouldn't we avoid their eyes?” It means the eyes of 'them' everywhere.

The rate sighed lightly.

“That's gonna be a bit of a bust. But maybe it's worth a shot." “Are you trying to create a coup?” “They've done it. Can't it be us?" Fortunately, Artichoke and LaFlecia are dead, so it should be easy. ”But [“ Others, please recruit and focus on taking control of the major organs. "Got it. I thought this might happen someday. Blacklists took care of everything.” The soldier finally exchanged hot air thinking he could get back what he had been through.

I didn't ask you about Frezia. That kind of odds mean he won.

“And what about the gospel? When will you do it?” The two eyes of the rate sank deep.

“Now, please begin. Put your hands in the air!” “What the...!” “What the hell are you doing, Soju! It's going to be okay... Khh!" You don't have to worry about me, so you might want to worry about yourself first. "The troops under the command of the army and the decree moved quickly.

He occupies the main office used by Artichoke and LaFlesia, and his men are forced to move ahead.

And we've taken control of each of the major devices that run the Buy The Table.

The people who had been giving lines to Atichokwaraflasia had to be drawn out.

There was resistance, but the rate did not allow for any of their circumstances.

And the rate was' confiscated data to better understand how the Buy More table had been operating arrogantly and how much was being dominated by the darkness.

“How do you deal with them?" Determine the length of your detention for all persons who have passed secrecy above Tier 2 of the organization, as long as the remainder of the organization is punished with sin, and charge the damages with full interest so that they can be compensated to the organization they are carrying. ”After handing over the settlement of Choi to the soldiers, he sat alone in the office and closed his eyes quietly.

It seemed clear to me that the first time I followed Fregia here was still ahead of me.

With his wary eyes, he reached out to himself, a second time.

"Please be safe." Then the rate slowly opened its eyes and slowly moved to one side of the office.

Standing high in one corner.

The bookshelf turns and reveals the hidden safe behind it.

- if something happens to me.

- Teacher, you need to listen to what's suddenly unsettling. Now you are my heir and the vault keeper here. That's what it means to be a total number of Buy The Table. To protect this place for those who will come for us someday, for Leah's blood.

- So please take care of this place, Yeon-woo... If he comes back, don't hesitate to show me here.

Twelve years ago. Frezia instinctively called out the bridegroom at a young rate before she moved on to the world of the collapsing tower.

At the time, I nodded my head as if I knew, but all I could think about was how worried she was.

But I never thought it would be like a will.

Since then, he has been desperately waiting for Yeon-woo to return, not forgetting what she said.

I intuitively realized that this vault was what the darkness was looking for, but I also stopped pretending not to know.


Now that Yeon-woo has finally returned and begun salvation.

I thought it was time to open this place.

I took my hand to the door.

Notice! The door to the vault, which had been tightly closed, has begun to open.

“I think I drew it.” Hui ", in Yeon-woo's bold answer, Chronos let out a hot smile.

It was an assumption, but I knew for sure it was true.

From another dream? Is it possible to draw? "I can't remember which dream it was... but that's what Thor looked like there.

He was caring and humorous, so he was a sociopath? You must be very different from Thor. “It's just the same name.” It was a kind of 'dream' that Yeonwoo and Kronos refer to as a 'roller.'

When the thousand horses begin to roll in the name of Genesis, the black king stops in the name of the end.

It's already untold. Thousands of people bloomed in it, and countless accidents formed. But they were all gone eventually.

Almost no one remembered it.

Even though it was very few, it was near to disappearing after being worn out too much in a repeated roller.

instead of becoming the law. Uranos, Metatron, Baal, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, even though they were once powerful enough to cross the entire universe.

Yeon-woo saw and experienced countless such rollers inside the Black King.

Military idols, sad, joyful, angry.

But in the end, I had to watch them disappear without leaving a trace.

Waking up from the Black King's dream meant the end of the universe.

If there are exceptions, there are only "night" beings that exist 'outside'.

They said, 'It was because they were not immersed in the creation of the universe created by Heaven in the first place.

By the way.

You're sure there are survivors in the universe who were shot at? “When it came to the end of the world, I tried my best to stop it. I couldn't stop it.” Enforcing the Apocalypse was always the one chosen by the Black King with the greatest amount of time in that "dream."

Likewise, there were always enemies (reconciliations) in dreams.

Thor was one of those foes who looked at this side with grief.

By the way, how is it that the man who disappeared with the Apocalypse is still alive here? “Heg So it's a fragment of a missing dream." Chronos seemed to know why there were traces of the old universe as if he had leaned in.

It was because the existence itself could never be accepted in this' Gule '.

"Okeanos did. Their goal is to take a dream. If their identity is an organization of fragments like that... I get it. They're gone, so they're taking something else, right? It's a nomad idea, but it's a little annoying. Parker, Parker, Parker! That's when three yellow brainwaves started protruding from his body. Powers that will never be outdone by a lightning bolt.

As the atmosphere shook, the red sea swirled around and evaporated in an instant, and countless brain metastases began to rain from the sky.

A tremendous amount of spiritual power was spreading.

[Kernunos scrutinizes the battlefield, narrowing his eyes.] [An unknown mystical force is spreading throughout the universe!] [Many gods are appalled at the appearance of an unknown configuration!] [Many demons are wary of the appearance of a benevolent strongman!] [The divine society, Deva, seeks to identify the mysterious identity of the unknown.] [God's society, Memphis, looks forward to stopping Olympus and finding new allies.] [A demonic society casts a tantrum about the master of the divine power within the 'cult`.] Despite God and the demons' reactions to the emergence of new powers.

Chronos said, "I was still looking at him with a grudge.

You and I have struggled so hard to stop the 'roller', and you want to hijack it? At that moment, Yeongwoo was clothed in bloodshed.

“Father, you have to speak plainly. It wasn't my father, was it? Avoid pinky fingers.” Hey! I have a stake! "None. * You bastard! If I hadn't told you to stay away from Amen...! " Let's begin. ”Hey! Yeon reached out her hand as she cut off Chronos' waist.

Chronos shouted as if he didn't want to, but instead of rejecting his son's request, he returned to his sword form and was seized by Yeon Woo.

Together (Bm-)! Huaa! When the existence that had already arrived at the 'Huang' class and the one who had restored the throne of the God-king were combined, the storm of mysticism emitted to all sides could not be expressed in these words.

At the same time as the planets that could not withstand the enormous force of cancer exploded, shadows descended from the sky and trapped Yeon and Thor in the underworld.

[Instant Dungeon has entered the Dark and Golden Nebula!]] “I originally wanted to take care of everything and quietly leave this' dream 'before you woke up.” Thor's hands are full of mystical power.

Sheep in the right hand. Hmm.

The energy of the anode was extremely compressed and could be intimidating.

“Now that that's no longer the case, we'll have no choice but to enforce it.” Gwang! Thor claps his hands together, just as he smiled bitterly.

This pose is similar to that of a firehouse.

However, the results were completely different.

The explosion that erupted during the collision of the energy of the Guaian-Americ Wave (Root \ #) > exploded in all directions. A thunderstorm strikes the world as if it were about to fall apart.

The Creators' explosive power is much greater than Zeus'. No, it wasn't even comparable.

Maybe this won't be easy...? Alone in Kronos, as if he could never be trusted.

[Yongsin 'an] [Hwaeun Jing] [Gyeongheetara - Sage's Eye] [Cheonan-dong] As Yeon widens her eyes, she never misses the grain formed between the epileptic storms.

[Dark Red Gubitara] [Breth] When I unleashed the power left by Bimagildara in the form of Breth, the concussion storm swept free and hit Torr's location.

The room went blank. The underworld was full of white debt only. Thor couldn't feel his wits anywhere, as if he were dead.

However, the kite pulls the squeeze upward without hesitation. Thor appears as the space divides. With a golden hammer in one hand I've never seen before.

Blah, blah, blah! With a majestic sound, the struggle between the Divine Power (\ 7) and the Divine Power (7) begins.