Second Life Ranker

6. Other Dreams (3)

Tiring! 113,223,188,489 "A medical adversary has appeared!] [You will never appear in this' detail '. Resume your judgment of the opponent.] [System error.] [System error.] [System_will determine a new target.] [Multiple conditions have been further checked and new information about the subject has been successfully updated.] [Reprint the system based on the updated data.] [Scenario Quest has been created!] [Scenario Quest/Opponent (HAPA)] Description: Throughout the vast ocean of' Dreams', you have managed to wander for a long time and eventually return to your original 'Dreams', and even suspend your 'Sleep'.

But it's not going to be easy to achieve your wish in this dream. It's because in another dream, a foe (hallucinogenic) has appeared that has been plaguing your other self.

Enemies were more enlightened than gods and demons to gain their own unique identity (Beep1 ), which helped them escape their "dreams" and maintain their identity.

But because he failed to completely escape, he is still in an unstable form, a new world to overcome it, his own I have a desire to create a pian.

And you have the ingredients for that kind of shelter. Because the causality of the Curinare legacy is destined to be passed down to you. Another adversary of the Dream is the situation we must face again in this Dream against the Black King's ego.

From now on, protect the Curinale legacy from the enemy.

Time Limit: - Limit Conditions: Black King's Self Reward: 1. Gain full ownership of the Curinale Heritage2. A new quest was created based on the information obtained by Yeouido Obtaining Visa (Subbot) related to the Curinale.

A foe.

It was a concept that even Yeon-woo knew well.

At the end of the reign of 'Dream', the Black King's ego always comes to an end, and the name of 'adversary' is often given to those who run to prevent it.

Hostiles usually appear in one 'dream', at least one, and at most several people. They are usually chosen by thousands of horses to do activities. If not, it was often followed by the blessings of the Heavenly Horse, so it was a perfect match for the ego of the Black King.

"The surrogate war that the Black King waged when he woke up was every time a new apocalypse hit. `" Of course, none of them could have prevented the end.

And sometimes, the end comes without adversaries.

Typically - this' dream ', this universe with Yeon Woo did.

"This was a little weird. I thought Bivat, the Thousand Horse's flesh, was in that position...... but he wasn't. Why?" Of course, since I couldn't think of Thousand Horses, I had no way of knowing what was inside.


The enemies that had been there many times disappeared with the apocalypse. It was because, as long as they were all subject to the dream, their existence would disappear if the dream ended.

And Yeon-woo certainly knew that.

But if the content of the quest is correct, few of them were survivors, those who stood in the position of 'sulfur', gained uniqueness and independence (O\), and fell away from "dreams."

No, tiny pieces.

“I'm this rich, but I really don't want to fight you” Kukukuku………! Squite and Mulnir, trembling roughly as if they wouldn't be pushed out of the ranks of the strongest recruits in each Dream.

Thor said that with a bold face.

“The vengeance against the Dark Lord is great, but 'this place is not our dream.' So why don't we make a deal to get us out of here?” “Posts. How can you expect me to believe that after everything I've done? You sound pretty good.” Yeon-woo turns her beans.

How can we trust the people who planned this while they were asleep? That was even weirder.

“That:“ {* Thor mutters sadly, but in the end, he raises his spiritual strength even higher, as if he cannot be defeated.

[Expands SP!] [The target's blurry presence has been confirmed.] are starting to recognize the target correctly. [Papajig! Kukukuku-ku's brain is spurting everywhere.] The dark-red brainstem forced the underwater world to explode, and the golden brainstem greatly opened it. The underworld had already been sealed up several times before it was being restored.

Is the firepower... similar? "Chronos was more surprised when the collision became rough.

Thor was strong enough to be counted among the many sons he had seen inside the Black King.

How can this be? No matter how high you go, you're just a straggler who couldn't stop a collapsed dream. "If we did not stop the identity of the Dark Lord who brought the Apocalypse, we would not have been able to fight it equally with the pope.

"You've trained yourself that much." I thought I knew why Yeon-woo was here.

From the myth of the beast. It was because I could see the history of struggle in so many myths, and perhaps even when I was running as an adversary to prevent the end, after the end of the world, I trained myself in desperation. No, it was probably more of a bite after I fell into this dream.

This can't be where he came from. With nowhere to go and nowhere to go, there would be nothing else he could do that made him a wanderer.

Even if we don't know what their purpose is.

Perhaps there have been endless struggles to accomplish that.


However, Yeon-woo had no intention of being enjoyed by those who hid her suspiciously.

I was also proud that I would never be pushed back in the history of struggle.

[7th Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Wings of the Sky] Bring the fight to the left wing.

On the right wing opens death.

As I finished my dragon transformation with the wings of the sky, I swiftly swung the squeeze.

“If the firepower is similar, you can pull it up higher `Eww! Yeon-woo raises the lightning more vigorously. Every time the blade wields the air, its power doubles as the massive heat of friction increases.


Excessive fruit! [Armpit Slash (0)] [Large Cruise Pope Bone 77)] Squite's direction has changed greatly.

If you want to go back to the left, it overlaps to the right one day, and if you want to draw an arc, you strangely turn it diagonally off.

It was filled with the mysteries of rotation.

The lightning bolt that happened there also caused a massive fire storm as the rotational force increased. Thor was forced to continue to draw back as the atmosphere raced out several times.

It was similar to what Yeon-woo saw in the king one day, but it was different.

- What's in it for you? -I am silent (& 8). It means there's no end to it. Why? Don't you see? Because he's that strong. And you'll be strong indefinitely, so it's nothing. Likewise, the colon is a blood mine. Look at his face. Look at his face. He looks bloodthirsty, fast as lightning.

- Oh, my God! Your ears are so bright...! Okay, stop nagging. By the way, you too... for a hundred years? In a thousand years, you'll be able to see the same height as this esteemed teacher. You'll see. Nothing is a long way. I mean, it's a pretty decent position, but it's not the same after that.

- Only you should be bright, only you should be pioneering. There's no end, so we just have to beat the invisible path quietly one by one... That's just crazy.

The Ultimate Sword is made up of a total of eight herbivores, and when each of them is grown, there are fewer hidden aperitifs. And when they're done again, the misunderstandings come together.

For Yeon-woo, the path was a black sword.

And a lightning bolt.

But the lightning bolt united many of the skills that he had learned so profoundly. There was also a change in King Minhu's transgressions.

In other words, it was his own, but he still could not say completely his own.

That's why I constantly spread the quartz pole in many "dreams" that are repeated over and over again.

After all these years of fighting without rest, I felt like my mind was about to collapse, and I had to go and concentrate on something.

It was because the last time King was seen before closing his eyes.

I wanted to do the same thing I saw.

No, I wanted to go beyond that.

So I repeated it several times in 'honey', and I kept refining the lighting.

Then, gradually, the lightning fuses with the acoustic sword, and the acoustic sword merges with the polar sword again. This is how the swordsman was born.

Whip it up! Of course, that wasn't the end of it. The Sword Divine ran back to its new destination. He wanted to accept a transfer that had never been systematically combined.

Of course, it wasn't an easy task. In the beginning, if it were possible, the King would have held Taegeuk Hye's dagger in his hand earlier, but there was something that Yeon-woo didn't have.

Dreams, places where there were different possibilities and choices than the universe he's in now. The new knowledge and insights that I gained from it offered me a new path again, and Yeon-ju went out exploring them like crazy. It wasn't that hard to apply. There was a lot of fighting going on around here.

That's why.

Yeonwoo was finally able to complete.

[Taeil Hye Antigua] Before, what had to be artificially given to Chronos by compulsory transfer was finally perfected with his hands.

Secondly, each one of them breaks the law, destroys it, and cuts the knife. The descendants of Soho, the descendants of God, left to the one-horned tribe, but he couldn't complete it properly in the beginning, finally showed his true colors.

However, it was much different from Taegeuk Hye's anti-gum left by Soho Geumcheon. It was unfolded in the maw of the Sword of Armor, and it looked completely different. Power herbs were completely different.


Thaddafi! Tor was no match for him. He was famous for his military presence in the world he lived in. Like winning the war, the mission was high enough.

Eulnir's handiwork was worth it. Obviously, they were lacking the power to fully attack the amplified mines, but the tribes were all filling their capacity.

Hit it, miss it, hit it.

If Squite wants to split his waist, he pushes it aside, draws a vortex and pushes it up, blowing his brains out and blowing his direction into the air.

Then, the moment you see a gap, you push Mulnir hard into it.

Gwaaang! Mulnir scowls at the right shoulder of Yeongwoo at once. As blind as it was, the yellow anterior columns were flowing down, and the right arm, no, the whole right body, burst.

[Universal Restore "is active!] But it was not a beautiful sight at all. The body, including the head, is flying. Maybe you've had a little too much to drink in the battle with Imagery.

His data is backed up in Idea. As long as the body was safe, it was possible to keep it as long as possible.

No, it might have been the same time as when the body was broken. They'll think they're hurt pretty bad. Aiming for the moment of carelessness was a good hit.

Fit! So I took advantage of the football field and I quickly tapped Torr's back.

He looks back, startled for the first time, and stabs Squite straight in the face.

Squite's blade echoes through Thor's eyes. I burned the entire body of the man with the black and red brains on it.

Phew! Thor's body explodes like a balloon.

Lightning strikes as the heat storm expands. Black ashes have been spilled.

I had no choice but to think he was dead.

Uva Yun lifts her head in Kronos' desperate cry.

Even the self of the Dark Lord who aimed at me couldn't push me like this... You're amazing. From there, a huge 'beast' was falling.

The size is so immense that it cannot be measured. I thought I could compare it to the other gods. I felt malignant up to here.

It was' like a giant elephant or a giant tail that looked like a cow.

Behemoth. One of the three beasts who is coming with the apocalypse.

Yeongwoo was opening a cask of fabric, and I realized that it was Tor's body.

An adversary who says he can stop a gunman leaves the brotherhood of the beast of the Apocalypse? Is that supposed to make sense? Chronos muttered as if excited.

I don't want to do this because I have to consume too much causality as well... but I can't help it. As Thor falls this way, he bends the area that he thinks will be a baby. The black abyss opened up like a void, and a heavy breath gushed from it.

Fantastic! The party that hides the bird melted everything.

To the underworld that barely retained its shape.

Wajang Chang, Waar - [Instance Dungeon, "The Dark and Golden Branch" has collapsed without enduring the shock!] [Come to reality.] No... Did you lose? We can't do that. In the middle of the universe. Thor narrows his eyes as he stops breathing after melting so many stars. I tried to enlarge my senses and look for Yeon-woo's movements, but I couldn't feel it at all.

He wanted to stay late. Thinking about the power of Yeon Woo, I thought the battle would not be easy... I never thought I'd be able to die like this.

Of course, it would not be as extinct as the black king's ego, but it would probably take some time to restore the ego to its original state. Either that or he's a douchebag.

It was a frustrating situation for him to recover the Curinale's legacy, and I wanted to make excuses to my colleagues.

I don't have enough Smart or Causal Ratio, do I bother you? Suddenly, I heard an annoyed voice behind me.

Thor suddenly turned his head toward you, shivering on his back.

The owner of the voice had already asked Thor roughly before that. At least a few dozen times bigger than the galaxy itself…… No, it was a new beast.

There was a beast that Thor once heard from the head of the group...... that came to the end of all the apocalypse.

The Mysterious Dragon! `Fruit! Guardee-skin listens, and the cervical spine turns. The soul squeezes. You scream in agony as the myth burns.