Second Life Ranker

7. Other Dreams (4)

- Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo. What was the 'beast'? When was it? I don't remember much now.

Thor barely survived the collapsed dream and wandered far into the void, just moments after joining his comrades. He asked the chief once.

What is this phenomenon that you owe yourself in the void?

What is the beast of the Apocalypse you speak of?

Then the chief always laughed in a strange manner, saying:

- Wrong.

- Twisted... thing? What I can't understand.

But he nodded his head loudly and said,

Things that wanted to go the right way, but ultimately the situation, the environment, the process, couldn't follow the right way, unfortunately had to go the minute way.

Can't you feel it when you look at the Orchestra next door? - ㅋ98- I meant you guys who accumulated and piled the myth correctly and 'wanted to be king', and wanted to separate completely from the black king who escaped from the "dream" … but the "dream" collapsed and did not and eventually became a stray.

- It should have been reconciled as if it had never been with a 'collapsed' dream, but the business that had been built was so independent of the two tips that it did not disappear, instead of sublimating (Buru), it was mutated (horned). It's an animal, and often they think that once they've become gods and demons, they've got it all.

Maybe you're right.

When mortals see it, the transcendents, commonly referred to as gods and demons, will have a power close to the batteries and the Almighty.

However, those who have already transcended soon face the grim reality.

Because it was never the end.

Rather, that was when it started.

The transcendents must compete countless times. It was because he had to complete his own myth in order to increase his rage, and in order to do that, he had to continue to build remarkable achievements. Otherwise, he was consumed by the myth of another transcendent and disappeared.

And some mythical beings begin to realize the meaningless existence of the Thousand Mahishmati Black King.

About their rolling 'rollers.

From this point on, it is not just a rampage, but a survival competition.

I have to climb back to escape the Gule completely. The only way to gain uniqueness and escape the dream was to become "sulfur."

However, most beings had to be frustrated by being blocked by the wall of Huang.

Only a few of the lucky ones among them were able to float around the void, barely holding on to their identities, even in a collapsing 'dream.'

In the process, there was no sublimation that was supposed to lead to 'sulfur', and the mutation occurred and became a completely foreign form. It was influenced unknowingly by the altitude (0 tubes, night).

Torghazo, who became Behymos, Okeanos, who became Leviathan.

Wanderers who no longer belong to the 'day' or 'night'.

He called them "beasts."

- Typically, King Bull. In a very frustrating old time, I looked like that and spent a day of repentance. However, I found myself in a world of my own and was deeply silent. The first Beast-... I guess King Bull exists in this "dream."

- He's the same person in any dream. He's a beast and a king...

A beast and a king? I wanted to ask if that was possible, but the chief didn't go into more detail about it.

If it's the first beast, there's the last beast? - There is.

- What is it? I've told you so much today. I think I'm going to be robbed of everything... Khl, I don't know what to say about that. It's a terrible hybrid, and there are many expressions called complexity, but I call it here.

- Lady Mysterious Dragon.

I've never heard of it.

- It would be, being described at the end of the book of revelation.

- of Revelation……? Revelation is a mysterious book that Tor had heard of, but he had never been able to confirm its existence.

It was just like the prophecy that the cool and early secrets of the universe were contained and described until the end.

There's no such thing as beings.

Thor had no idea what the last beast would look like someday.

- By the way, Thor, everyone else in this room is the same beast... but I think we should somehow find a way to find peace among the abandoned beasts. - So... what about you? - I don't know what you mean.

- You saved us from the void, too.

- Oh Hyo-Hyo Hyo. - So you're not an animal? To that question.

The leader replied with a familiar smile, as always.

- I never said no. I've never done it. As I suspected, you were a group of_aquatic tribes of_Iblke_through the cracks in the soul that shattered the mountains. "The last beast was stinking with giant golden eyes.

"I, I'm reading...!" Thor had to realize that he was reading all his myths and feel the chilling back of his spine.

~ "No" "with a daughter! `I couldn't understand it with his common sense.

It was hard to believe that the layers that had been piled up for so many years were crumbling so easily.

It was because there was no shortage of information gained from it.

He was so proud of himself.

Although he was not able to stop the Black King's self-executive (Hwascheong), he was also confident that he would be able to defeat Yeongwoo even if he grew up independent of the dream.

But that was just absurd arrogance.

The opponent is already devouring his own essence.

I don't know if I should get rid of it.

As Thor, there is no road.

If we're going to run, what are we going to do with this bite? We'll know more precisely once we've eaten you first. What do you want, what do you have in common? At that moment.

Thor had to feel his back growling.

[The Sword of Hades is actively activated!] [Missing. Dream 113,223,188,489 "Mediterranean Resists fiercely! The subject's myth has far exceeded the appropriate level. [Wise Man's Stone (arrogance 'appetite') reveals the temper of arrogance and wants to crush the resistance! Forcibly expand adequacy range!] ['Arrogance' is winning!] [Arrogance is winning! [Wise Man's Stone (arrogance 'appetite - lust) reveals the nature of" appetite "and acts fiercely!] [Wise Man's Stone (arrogance' appetite - color) reveals the nature of" cravings "and seeks to neutralize their resistance!] Cough! Thor's neck has been ripped off by more than half. The whole galaxy in the vicinity was shaken as the sound of grief screams spread throughout the universe, but Yeon never cared about anything like that.

Body body parts have to carry a considerable burden. I had no choice but to swallow Thor here to compensate for the vastly consumed causality.

The black shadow quickly erodes Torr's body.

The crack spread over his body, and he was shaken dangerously as if it were going to crumble soon.


"There you are." Grrrrrrrrrrr! The golden pupil of Yeongwoo, who sensed something, headed up.

[Missing_Hostiles in Dream 9,191,563,025,412]] [You will never appear in this dream. Updates to reflect updates to this target.] As a new lightning bolt falls, a new beast boasts the same size as Behemoth falls.


One of the three beasts that appear at the end, just like Behemoth. It was a necrotic (nail8) figure with huge wings. However, the threat was much greater than that of Thor.

Gwaaang! Jiz sprints to the neck of the gunslinger trying to help Thor. The giant beak seems to have a thick scale in no time. It was a scary sight to behold.

"Ha! Yeon-woo suddenly farted and turned her head upside down as if she didn't care.

Her jaw narrows. Her esophagus puffs up white, and her dark red breath vomits. A breath filled with fear that it will come to an end.

Jeez flies up in a hurry. A short breath passes underneath his feet.

At that moment, Jiz breathed a sigh of relief while feeling a little embarrassed inside. Once he rescued Thor from the grave. And there were calculations that, at his own speed, even the Mysterious Dragon would never be able to chase him.

But it didn't take long to realize that it was a mistake.

Yeon-woo wanted to keep an eye on this side, but she flew her wings and chased them all the way here. He tried to escape, but the breeze that follows him in a rising storm (Chao 0) was never his strong suit.

Eventually, one of Jizz's wings was thrown down on the edge of a kitten's jaw, and the painful monster shook the universe. He asks you to let go and stabs Yeon-woo in the face with a juicy beak.

At that time, Tor felt that he had to get rid of Yeon Woo after being badly injured and somehow cling to Yeon Woo's hind legs.

The Mysterious Dragon and the two beasts tangled together and frenzied. The dark matter drifts away, tangling with the planets, the orbit of the bicycle shifts, and as the stars erupt, light flashes.

[Missing '. Dream 127,394,564,081' The medical adversary………!] [Missing dream...!] [System error.] [System error.] [Updates are constantly being delayed.] [The world's laws are shifting because the perception of the objects that are emerging is not being achieved properly.] [Warning! The risk of collapse is increasing. Quickly eliminate the unknown targets!] [Warning! Zero pressure (hole) weighted in the world is well above the permissible limit. We are concerned about entropy collapse. Quickly remove the variables!] [List! Target……] [Get some ammo!] [Some shots fired!] Aside from Jeez, a couple of other beasts appeared to meet Yeon-woo.

Even the universe was shaken dangerously like it was about to break.

Khh! When the roar of Yeon Woo spread throughout the universe.

[There is a presence that cannot be read information!] Zero pressure fell from the top, which is nothing compared to the beasts that have emerged.

The target was above the head of the pond.

Grrrgh! There was enough explosion to wipe out the entire galaxy. A black hole was created with enormous impact and all the dust was sucked out. You can't avoid the explosion, so the fragments of the broken beast are mixed in.

And on top of that, Yeon-woo, who finished the polymorph again in human form, was struggling with someone.

“Oh Hyo-Hyo! I didn't want to meet you like this.” Everke smiles as her fangs turn white.

Yeon-woo looked at him and dressed the same.

The other thing is, Everke is really a smile that comes from gladness, whereas Yeon-woo is more like a cynic.

“I wanted to meet.” Is that so? If I had known I was so close to Cha Yeon-woo, would I have come and greeted her often? So what do we do about this? Today, my people and I have our own work to do, and I think we should say goodbye later. "“ Why should we? ”Yeongwoo's cynicism grows.

“In the future_you will continue to be caught in my shadow.” [Power, 'Shadow Realm' is trying to expand! The flames of purgatory burn with power! Frightened by a thunderstorm!] "Cack-! I've missed you so much, Evil!" In accordance with the will of Laplace, the flaming shadow swirls around and snatches up Evil Cake.

Squeeze was once again fiercely moving along the Taegeung Hye half-sword.

It was to slaughter Everke.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Thor and other beasts were incredibly powerful fires, with enormous attribution rates.

Evilke said, 'It was not enough to overcome all such attacks with just one arm of relaxation like a mountain blizzard, even turning the other beasts injured by the explosion.

Despite my martial arts skills, I did not feel strongly pushed, even though I was facing a comrade who was in close rebellion with the King.

Rather, it was jumbled up into a relaxed look.

Khuneung, Kur - for a long time, Yeon paints an impression as she drifts away from Evil K.

"You... how the hell do you use zebra?” Sedation.

The technique of creating the Emperor Xerxes and being completed in the hands of Heavenly Horse.

Yeon-woo had also learned from King Mi-Hu's transgressions, so she could never recognize it.

The problem was that Everke was digesting it perfectly. Like you're some kind of signature skill! “Oops! Did I ever tell you that?” Iblke grins and grins.

“That I was originally one of the Heavenly Horse Faces?” Woman [