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8. Other Dreams (5)

... What? As Yeon-woo was shocked for the first time.

Kronos mutters in disbelief.

Even other animals far away have never heard it before, and their mindset is full of confusion.

The face of 1,000 horses! In fact, the face of 1,000 horses that Yeon-woo had met for a long time was all that was wrong with him.

But even then, he could hardly fathom how powerful he was.

It was hard to predict the depth of a simple - souvenir at the time, but I was afraid that the body would be wrong.

Of course, not all of them are brilliant because they are the face of Thousand Horses.

from the unknown to the present, his many past lives). It's just a face. Some of them had ordinary lives, like farmers and fishermen.

Nevertheless, it does not eliminate the spirit and its potential.

Even though he had lived a normal life, he must have been exceptionally talented and somehow stood out.

In a way.

It's not surprising that Everke is the face of a thousand horses.

"Hong Hong Kong! If so, it also solves quite a lot of the riddles that you've had with Everke. I was the first manager of the tower, abnormally-strong…… > and I was able to pick up stragglers of the 'sulfur' class like that!" Laplace burst out a big smile as he tried to restrain Evil.

But it's so strange? I understand the face of a thousand horses, but how can you walk around like that now? "It is known that the faces of Heavenly Horses are usually of a liberal nature.

Just looking at the faults of King Mi-Hu and the thousand words that Yeon-woo had seen, maybe not. They weren't all great people like every day without being somewhere else.

But on the contrary, they had their own way, even in liberty, and had their own obligations. And there was a pathological obsession with fulfilling that obligation.

It could have been fate or destiny (@ #).

It was a kind of roller that came down from the original pyrotechnics. If I was born with the soul of a thousand horses, I could never avoid it.

But Evil didn't seem to have that at all.

If he were truly the face of the thousand, he could not have acted against the will of the thousand.


“Of course, you're from, don't you mean you're still from? I'm a thousand miles long. That difference is so big, I hope you don't get it wrong, Ohoyo!” The fangs between Everke's lips look different.

Is that horse no longer sharing the Thousand Horses' souls? Or was there originally a thing called "Evil," like King Mihu's faults, and did it mean that he was a remnant? I couldn't understand it.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yvlrke caused a massive cerebral wall eruption in the midst of the zebral paladin. With a massive explosion, many rays of light narrowed down like a prison, Yeon quickly shook the squite into thin air.

Ta-da-da! I could feel the cognitive realm becoming more and more complex in the overwhelming shockwaves that were forming.

“I'll say good-bye to you later. Guys, it's time to go home.” "Whatever!” Yeon Wong 'could sense the black shadow shimmering behind Evike. A logger almost tentacles the wounded beasts.

That was another piece of a dream.

I want to go back to where I was and hide my body.

Of course, it wasn't a coincidence to miss it.

“Oh Hyo-Hyo-Hyo! Of course it's up to me." Everke claps in unison.

At that moment.

Instead of trying to spread the net to him, Pei-Yeon had to suddenly feel his vision spinning back.

[The convenience of a lost dream is trying to proliferate!] [erosion occurs!] [Dreams' coming down!] [Warning! World Awareness is Spilling! Stored data gets confused. Connection to the backup cloud becomes unstable.] [Find and eliminate the cause! If things go on long like this, it can be a huge burden to keep the world going!] [list! Mixing with other Dreams is shaking the law! Noise is here in Idea!] [The barrel is falling apart!] [Blows barrel!] Noise 'cause. In addition to my vision, my mind was completely shaken. I felt like all the information was being unprocessed as the cognitive area that I was going to spray all over the universe was being spilled.

I'm someone. Where am I?

Yeongwoo missed her ego for a moment. Even though I had definitely escaped from the 'dream' of hell, I also heard the thought of being stuck in it again. It seemed to be intoxicating. I couldn't even balance it. It seemed less like sleep.

Non-Dream Grapefruit (\ good3 ).

I thought it would be better to put it that way.

[Characteristics, 'Enthusiasm' keeps reason!] Yeon-woo? Yeon-woo! "It was also embarrassing for the first time since I became the main identity of the Dark Lord.

Fortunately, we were able to quickly regain consciousness and completely restore the ego using the thermal properties created as the cold blood properties evolved.

It took me less than 0.1 seconds to lose my mind.

By itself, Evike et al. remained completely hidden from the traces of imagery.

'That was...! "Yeon was confused about a lot of things.

What he had just experienced was clearly similar to what he had often experienced in the world of the Black King, the essence of his dreams.

"How does the face of the Thousand Horses harness the power of the Dark Lord? And what's even more confusing.

[The Black King looks at his shivering self somewhere.] The Dark Lord, who should have remained in deep slumber, had some sort of reaction.

Despite being close to the main self, I had no idea what that meant.

"I knew there was something about him. We must catch it. `Yeon-woo tried to brighten his anus again by gripping his teeth.

Where are you going! At that time, Kronos immediately caught hold of Yeon-woo. Surprisingly, the temperatures of Yeon Woo fell coldly.

I felt the cold seafood flowing through the scales.

“We have to go after him!” Where the hell are we going with this body! “So we have to go after him more, Father. If we let them stay active, they'll make a tight twist!” … I can't just stand by and say that, damn it! Although Kronos thought it was dangerous, he had to make a deep impression because he knew that it could never be ignored.

How do you know where he is? You can't even read it by tilting it into a piece of a lost dream! “He missed something.” Yeon opened her fist wide.

A sickening ghost was dancing.

Ahh! Seon-seok Joo! "The Apostle of Zeus, Kim Beom-Seong, returned to Evil K with two flagstones. While Yeongwoo was opening the fragment of the dream, she was able to accurately detect the coordinates in the midst of the chaos.

“Yes, I've just been able to sense it. You can go that way." Really... I can't get any rest. Given that it had not been more than a few days since Yeon-woo woke up, Kronos had no choice but to worry about his son repeating the vigilante.

But Yeon arrived there, as if she didn't want to wait any longer.

By the way.

You have entered the 'Golden Gate', the main character of the 'Crossroads'!] What? "Diplomacy?"

Yeongwoo quickly looks at the ground beneath her feet.

[Demons of the 'Bridge' recognize unauthorized intruders! [Curiosity recognizes you and is baffled! I doubt your intention is to wage a greater war!] [Gaeganta counts your back on the appearance of new intruders!] [The chaos glances at you!] The Archbishop of [: Bridge ", stares at you with his eyes closed!] A lot of eyes were swept this way.

[Divine Society, Deva, has expressed his will to surrender!] [Drop the weapon that Agni was holding onto the ground and submerge it in heat.] [Varuna closes her eyes to grief.] [Kubei is furious that he can fight more.] Mayu finally sighs in relief that her persuasion worked.] [Punishment Complete!] What are you going to do with us……? Krishna, Deva's leader, had to look at Ares standing in front of her with shaking eyes, dreaming of her knees.

Immediately after the beginning of all out war in Yeonwoo.

First platoon, including Ares, went straight to Deva without reading a book.

He went into all-out war without delay because he knew how much anger Yeongwoo had.

Of course, it wasn't easy to punish them.

Deva also belonged to Serik, who works in heaven with Olympus.

The number of gods they have is substantial, and neither can each of them be ignored.

However, the problem was that the plot worked only before Yeon-woo ruled.

Yeongwoo had already reached the 'Huang' class, and had no choice but to climb to the power of Olympus, which he ruled naturally.

Above all, the power of the apostles who receive power directly from Yeonwoo is great enough to compare with the spirits of the existing world.

Moreover, Olympus has been at the forefront of 'Night' for the past decade.

It may have been only a brief moment to the gods for about a decade, but the gods of Olympus had to tackle the crisis of death during that time. The fight with 'Night' was so intense.

So all this time, the gods of Olympus have had to build an incredible myth, and now it's fully scaled to the level of one hundred per person.

Deva was barely able to get out of the tower and live.

Eventually, Deva had to cut off her knee in front of an overwhelming electric car.

Ares, who was the commander of the Punitive Force, said, 'If you do not surrender unconditionally, you will never accept it, but Deva will eventually have to surrender to humiliation.

The right to life and death against them, as well as the extinction of society, is entirely in Ares' hands, “he said. That's not all I thought about. Just because your youngest uncle told you to, you have no choice but to yell at him as your nephew." Ares said with a funeral smile. I was dying because this moment was fun.

Since I was originally a natural fanatic, I long for the fact that Deva used to be compared to Olympus in the tower.

Krishna shrugs. I wanted to say too much, but from the point of defeat, I would have come back with nothing but bitterness.

“There's something I'd like to ask you before I take you to trial. My youngest uncle asked me to ask you this.” What... The Black King's ego asked you to ask? "Krishna opens her eyes to see what questions will arise.

At that moment, Ares' lips twisted.

“Abraham. No, why did Brahma kick this place out in the past?” That. Poor Biloe ":"! I never thought of it, Krishna stammered as if she had been bludgeoned.

Ares notices something in his appearance and cuts his waist wide.

“As far as we know, Brahma came out on my feet. But my youngest uncle's guess is that something must have happened in here. But I didn't know that.” It's::! "Of course, you know the line gets twisted when you're caught lying, right?" Galkrishna, the mistress, has not been able to answer the question beforehand.

The more pressing Ares became.

“So, what?” Th...! When Krishna finally tried to bite her lower lip and say something.

[God's society, Memphis, has expressed his intention to surrender!] [God's society, Avesta, has been devastated!] Like Deva, it reminds me of other societies' surrender message.

One other line of messages came into Ares' eyes.

“Hmm?? [The 8th Legion has failed to subdue!] [Asshole, the Bridge has been defeated!] [: The Bridge 'has won!]