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9. Other Dreams (6)

In a series of messages. Yeon-woo could find a mystery.

Catholic Church? “Wasn't vacancy... a long time ago. When Yeonwoo took the pieces from Yeongwoo and found the Sky Library, he also offered Yeongwoo the position of the Catholic Church to get information from the Revelation Book.

Originally, there was an exquisite bride called Jolbae, so she caught the many Monarchs (outsiders) together, but for no reason, she disappeared and remained vacant during this time.

But I never thought I'd find it again! Has there ever been a new power bender in a decade that I'm not confident in? But then I thought about it for a second.

Yeon-woo turns her head to the other side.

Getting caught in the realm of cognition was not just the gaze of the crossroads demons.

Outside the Golden Degree area.

There was something.

Blood rushes toward you, revealing a barren field.

It used to be a paradise where the breezes blew gently, and there were many battles.

There were broken soldiers and signs of divine power everywhere, and many gods were seen fallen.

The Ranger of the [Bridge] finds the black king's ego and gets darker.] [Natasha sighs when she sees the presence of the Black King's ego and says, "Get lost."] The skeleton asks if he is the black king's ego. [That's why he nods.] All the gods of [the Bridge] are unable to see the Dark Lord's ego properly.] Bridge.

Once upon a time, I allied with Olympus, and still have a good relationship.

When other societies expressed interest in Le 'Luis, it was a place where Niflheim and Niflheim had little involvement.

And as soon as Yeouido decided to go to war with the Celestial Realm, he would have immediately restored alliance and joined the Punitive Force and started breaking into the crossroads.

I can't believe they lost.

Moreover, if I could see the remnants around me, it was almost complete.

I knew the power of the cult was a natural advantage in a demonic society, but was it still this much? Moreover, the place where the Emperor had quarrelled before he sat down was probably the best, except for their Doolymphos... I thought this side of the atmosphere would be advantageous by shouting that the bridge wanted to continue negotiating until the war began.

It was some kind of trap.

"Something huge swept through it. The beast...... seems to have been compared to the electric car at first. And then, as something appeared, the balance seemed to be lifting towards the bridge.

Traces of destruction that remained everywhere tell me that something massive swept through the battlefield like a hurricane.

The beast.

Like Everke and others, it was clear that a similar species appeared.

Yeon thought it was a connection between her and the group.

“I don't know where he's hiding, but the trail's completely severed. You're going to throw the bridge as bait and back out? Yeongwoo lit up the socks again. Not from the bridge, but from those who are dropping their heads as if they are not facing each other.

I wanted to go after Evile's people, but they were already completely hidden, and now I think I need to pay more attention to this.

Legion 8. The gods of Olympus, including Hermes, gaze upon him with shaking eyes.

"Hermes smiled bitterly and lowered his head in a expressionless manner.

Like Athena, he is the most powerful of the apostles.

Even though few of the Lord knows how to deal with him now.

Hermes appears to be injured quite a bit.

The whole body was full of whiplash, and one arm was... flying away.

Of course, it could be repaired at any time as long as the Divine Power followed, but it seemed that the wound from his pride was greater.

“What happened?” That's why Yeon-woo stopped and asked why.

Rather, it was better to treat it like it was nothing.

As if Hermes knew the idea of such a pond, he smiled faintly for a moment and soon became a serious face.

"Catholic Church... is back." Yeon-woo's eyes widen slightly.

“Come back? You don't look like one?” “Yes. The original Catholic Church, who was known to be dead, returned. If I knew I had, I wouldn't have rushed here so easily.... Three kidneys all rushed in at once, and they couldn't get away with it.” "Was that it?" Yeon-woo was a little surprised here.

Razor, Nattaza, wallpaper.

"To block the joints of the three superstitious beings," as they say in the heavens, it must be about the end of the world. Maybe more.

“No, that's more natural. Even though Inbimagila was inspired by Yeon-woo to independence, she was originally part of the cult. He was tied up with the title 'Four Kings (09-po)', like the other three Assyrian kings.

The strong are the Ten Thousand Armies (, + Zcomb) since they are the Sadducees (0904) in the cult.

It was impossible to defeat them in their own way and manage them without such great intimidation and charisma.

And as Yeon-woo knew, unlike a bridge that had been in labor many times, there was no large internal redness to say this.

It means the Catholic Church is strong enough.

And if I returned as the original owner of that achievement...... I could never be weak.

“But it's not enough to stop you from attacking too harshly.” However, the problem with Yeon-woo was that even such a Catholic church could not become 'Huang'. I was weak even when it was detected. It may have been a root point, but the difference between what had been and what had not been was very good.

“Of course, it wasn't that bad.

because after I hit the jackpot, I was able to get a little bit of a win over here. ”“ Then? ”The moment Hermes was about to say something.

Kukukuqui! Suddenly the earth begins to erupt.

Yeonwoo and Hermes' gaze comes to you on its own. The gods of Olympus and the soldiers of the Bridge began to grab their weapons as well. Their faces felt as tense as one. Some faces were splendid, but others were young.

What the hell happened here? It narrows my eyes.

[The Three Kings are coming!] ['Sashimi' is coming for the group! The Ten Thousand Armies are coming! The Catholic Church is coming!] All the demons in [The Bridge 'reveal themselves!] With the sound of thunderstorms, the power of the bridge emerges as the black void opens wide from the sky.

There were those who stood out.


There were three Demon Kings pouring out a great deal of speculation.

After covering the sun and the moon.

That's what's causing the Tidal Wave.

Devotional love of fighting.

Together with bimachildara, they tie together the earrings (subtitles, fighting ghosts), of course standing in the front seat.

And even on the right, those who were not equal to them were exhibiting a fierce aura. If the three Kings of Assyria are harsh, they are vicious.

Docheol Cemetery.

Archery public, Doolgon.

And chaos.

Just before the creation of the universe, the rolling of the gullet. There were many kings before the seeds of Sumizan still bloomed, and among them were four who were defeated and eventually had to flee.

They finally transcend through the power of the four sins and sins that man can commit.

[It's been a long time since I've seen chaos, and I'm glad to meet the Dark Lord's ego.] Confusion with Yeon-woo will greet you first.

It was one of the four powers chosen by Yeon-woo.

It was the owner of the power that also helped develop the sub-Faust.

But after that, I just sent a message, and I didn't even think about it, so I thought something had happened.

Apparently there was no big deal.

[A message has arrived from Hermes.] Take it off: That's the author. He offered a truce directly to the Catholic Church. So we were able to minimize the damage.] Hermes has been using the system to communicate with the doctor whether he thinks it would be a bad idea to speak up in person.

I saw the confusion with Yeon-woo's surprised face.

[Chaos awaits the greeting of the Black King's ego.] [The chaos of the Black King's ego makes me blush when he doesn't give me any speech.] … > >? "A completely unexpected response.

I need to say something about Yeon-woo.

"Chaos. No more jokes.

No more blurring up fraud. "Between the Three Kings and the Three Musketeers, a creature quietly raised his hand and muttered.

And at that moment, the atmosphere changed.

Despite the abundance of such powerful beings, only her presence was full.

A woman with white pupils and black masturbated wings like a horse in her unique eye.

Catholic foot.

I've said it before. It's no good to be in love with the Dark. In fact, this is what's happening now. [Chaos shrugs down at the Catholic rebuke.]] After facing the Catholic Church who had been staring at her, Yeon-woo seemed to know why chaos couldn't send messages often.

I don't know why.

The Catholic Church was strongly hostile to itself.

Lord of Olympus, Lord of the Seven. This is not your earth. I ask you to leave with your troops. [The Catholic Church recommends that the Dark Lord's ego retreat.]] [Demon Society's commitment to a battle that may bring about a new 'bridge'.] Yeon-woo was ridiculous.

The first one who picks on you commands you to go out unilaterally, even on your own? It seemed as if they had done nothing wrong, but they were annoyed with their audacity.

4 __: I had no choice but to remove the wrath of Hermes' anxious call.

If I had been confident right away, there were many gods of Olympus and the archangel here.

After another war, Jill's damage only got bigger, and the chaos bought her time.

So now we had to step back, reorganize our lines, and then consider what happens next.

Of course, you can't bend it.

“Falling back shouldn't be too hard.” Then "": “But more than that, I'd like to get recruits from the Evil clan you're hiding.” Evil? However, there was a question in the voice of the Catholic Church who strangely whispered gospel.

What does that mean, Two?

I thought it might be deceiving, but I didn't see it at all.

At that moment, the sandstone next to her, Doaal put something on her lips.

The Catholic Church said, "I heard it quietly and laughed softly.

Are you referring to the beasts that came before? Ha! There must have been some kind of collision with those bums. “If you just hand them over, I'll stand down quietly. I promise I won't question the sin of breaking up after this.” The Catholic Church folded its arms and said with arrogance.

"I'm sorry, I seem to have the wrong number." They're not our guests. "Go that way and find it." What the hell does Yeon-woo mean? "

The Catholic Church casts its gaze into the air and flinches.

"King Oogway! I told you not to bring those annoying tails! If that's the case, we're done working together! “ King Bull "?" It was a name I hadn't even thought of. Why is he suddenly mentioned? “The Horseman (Pa)" responds in collaboration to the request of the 'Bridge'!] “A horseman... at that moment.

“Puhahaha! Looks like the queen has a firm horn. Huh-huh-huh.” With a familiar voice for Yeon-woo, new beings emerge from behind.

[A message has arrived from Hermes.] [Message: It's them. The one who defeated us.] The dust swept through the place.

Six men and women who looked unique stood on the sidelines. Especially since the one in the center was the one who met Yeon-woo earlier and missed.

I never knew his name, what he looked like. There's no one with that unique look who spilled his red hair like a lion's mane.

“King Satan [” was the moment when the Lord of the East and West appeared.


W-what's the old man doing there? in the shadows. Ever since I woke up, I heard the sound of King Ahjussi's faults that had never been revealed.

His gaze was firmly fixed on the elderly man at the far back of the monarch.

Yeon-woo also read his rage and made an impression.

“No way, is that him?" Eh. King Bull.