Second Life Ranker

10. Other Dreams (7)

“Hahaha! It's been a long time, kid! I heard you've become quite famous in the unseen, but this is really great, isn't it? I don't recognize you when you walk down the street.” King Satan bursts into laughter as he looks at the kite. The sound was so loud that my ears ached.

Urrrr! But seeing the turbulent world, all the gods of Olympus and the archangel impressed me, and I didn't take it lightly.

No, I couldn't say.

Though their performance was only moments before the war was ripening.

I could feel how strong they were.

King Wudang of Pyeongcheon Castle.

The Great Sage of Capricorn.

The king of the hybrid kingdom.

King Satan of Distant Castle.

Mi Huai Wang of ventilation (W\ po, different from Mi Wu of Sun Wukong).

Wu Yong King of Old Xindaeng Province.

And the hand Monkey King of Emperor Xerxes, who is not here.

There were so few beings who were often tied up and called the Seven Days (B & Water) that even the heavenly world knew nothing about them.

In fact, they were known to have the smallest number of societies in all the heavenly realms, yet they have the most power in hand.

Rarely do they work from the front. Most of the time, they're hiding in their own world called "The Horse."

But once in a while, when I came out of the world, it was completely different.

So much has been swept away to make sense of the Pyramid Parade. Many societies hated getting involved with them. In particular, he was most wary of stepping out of the Demon King_chief.

Is that why the gods of Olympus and the archangels were all alert to the King of the Eastern Child, especially the King of the Worlds, who was standing at the rear most relaxed.

Even though it didn't seem like much, it only looked like an old man leaning on a cane.

It looked completely different to Yeongwoo, who was opening the cloth and the cloth barrel at the same time.


I feel my heart sinking a little. I felt similar to when I first met my teacher.

It was not the difference between him and strength.

I thought it was possible for him to really exist.

The first beast or Huang? Although the chaotic power of the "night" seemed to be tangled, it was organized like the existence of the "day." It was a little hard to figure out what shape it was made of even brown cows.

“Is it worth it.... It was King Bull who taught Ubo (), the early version of Rimbo, to the Emperor of Heavens2" [A message came from Hermes.] [Message: King Bull._he… has turned all the battles into zeroes.] According to Hermes, the Eastern Child Demon King intervened during the Great War. When they intervened, the balance was completely balanced, and the last time King Bull stepped forward, it was confirmed.

[A message has arrived from Hermes.] Message: One step. Hermes has sent you a message.] [Message: For us… ~ that's all we needed to hold the final hand.] “Were all those traces left by King Bull? One step. Looks like Ubora was bright. The ruling bolt that Allfowon used was enough to make the whole kingdom immobilized. If the original owner went out, it wouldn't be hard to ruin everything.

Can you catch it? `For a moment, Yeonwoo wanted to take a hint at King Bull's skill.

The Catholic Church clearly said that the people of Evile are guests of King Dongju.

I don't know what their relationship is, but it looks like we'll have to catch King Bull first in order to catch the Evil Cale party.


[Scan the target closely as a cask of fabric.] [Determine the nature of the target designated as a transition barrel.] [Analysis failed.] [Try analyzing again.] [Analysis failed.] [Unknown cause.] [Designated target is undetectable.] [Could not determine cause.] 'I can't see.` No matter how much I looked at King Bull's soul, it was hard to manipulate his abilities.

whether they are above or below themselves, where their weaknesses are, and what characteristics they have. It didn't even fly. It just seemed like there was no data. Clearly, there are very few people in this dream who are unable to understand the system called Yeonwoo itself.


The King Bull smiles next to him.

It's like he's guessing every thought he's got.

Looking at her eyes as clear as a cow, Yeong-woo felt like she was being read to him by the road station and had to step back.

"What? Am I being ignored, bro?” King Satah was only looking at the King Bull, but he was rough-hearted when he didn't show any interest in himself.

He said, 'Yeon-woo, who has a face, came here and said something because he was happy or curious, but he was ignored.

So I tried to rush towards Yeon-woo with a sullen face.

“Where are you going, you idiot? At that time, Boring Demon King, the third and reddest of the Eastern Child Demon Monarchs, grabbed King Satan's shoulder.

“I'm not!” “Don't you see? If you go, will you just get rid of him?” “You know what? You don't even try it.” Yes. I know. "“ But...! ”“ So just keep it squeezed. Why are you going? King Satan only stops and takes notice of the King Bull.

It was because he was an Ahn Hamun, but only as weak as King Wu.

Nevertheless, the King Bull still smiled and said nothing. He's trying to talk some sense into you.

Whistle! At that moment, the shadow of Yeon-woo slowly reveals King Mi-Hu's faults.

The eyes of the eastern hemisphere turned on itself and went back.

“That one?" “That's the last one." ”While the Phantom King narrowed his eyes and used his tongue again.

King Mihu's guilt frowns with his arms.

You guys! What the hell kind of Congolese are we here for? "It didn't make any sense that King Jellyfish and all of them, including King Bull, were holding hands with the separation.

He once pretended to be an angel and a deserter.

But if you tell me where the most conflicts are, I can tell you about the cult. It was because they were cut off during the time when King Mihu, the main body, was at war with the Three Musketeers, commonly called the Celestial Movement.

Later, when the war between Heavenly Horse and Bridge came to an extreme extent, the King of the East Asian Horse took the whole side of the thousand Horses and crossed a river that could never be returned.

Suddenly, I'm holding hands here. He must be confused.

I thought it might be related to the body, but I didn't feel the aroma of the body anywhere else, so it seemed completely unrelated to the body.

However, when he heard the question, he did not give much answer.

Some of them flinched, but they didn't say anything, just looking at the King Bull.

After all, I'm going to yell at him because he can't stand his guilt.

“This Giftbearer told me to do it.” The King Bull finally speaks. A quiet voice. But his voice was so clear in everyone's path.

The face of the future king's transgressions is distorted.

"Inspiration? For what? “ I have something to ask. ”So what is it?! “ Huh. I'm just going to say it with my bare mouth.It's boring. ”Oh, come on! “ There is such a thing. ”Oh, my! King Ahjussi's transgressions were known that even if the King Bull spoke nonsense, he would never tell.

King Bull could not have known how stubborn he was. I don't think there's a word for "stubborn."

The King of the Demon single-handedly stares at the innermost fault of rolling feet, and turns his gaze toward the pond that is still staring at him sharply.

“I've had a hard time getting here. But why don't you step away from this place today?” Just for a moment, she looked closely at the King Bull and took a step back.

No matter how hard I searched for him, I couldn't win the battle completely, but I felt I needed to take a breather, because the damage was too great. Even King Mihu's faults were something he wanted to say separately.

“… I understand." Thank you for understanding. I will not forget my work later. ”At that moment, I touched Yeon-woo's eyes.

Saying you're in debt.

It could just be a greeting, but what the King Bull is saying is not a lie.

And you're secretly cheating on doctors who say they're not hostile. Yeonwoo took the word 'I will not side with the Evil Party` as a profound expression.

“Once I know where they're stuck, that's enough. But we need to change our approach. King of the Lost and Founding Fathers, the Evils...... We'll have to find out what these three are up to together. `It was already in Yeonwoo's mind that the calculations were conforming with what to do later.

“Then I won't be far away.

See you next time. ”The King Bull chuckled and plowed the ground with his scepter.

Tak! It was just a light gesture, but the result was absolutely not.

Just like Duwoong - Olfowon- Vivasbat expressed 'the Monarch Bo.

The ripples are drawn along the ground with a clear sound that sounds like a pandemic.


[Ubo 'is deployed!] [A specific space has been set.] [' Wachosun 'reveals its true form!] [Certain areas will be moved.] Whew - it feels like the wind is blowing somewhere at the same time.

Bang! After a while, the whole area, including Yeongwoo, Olympus, and Bridge, was shaken slightly.

You have entered Mt. GongWheel, the main character of Bridge '!]: Tongue "": {"…… for sending us all here in such a short time." “So the King Bull is the King Bull.” The archangel gods sighed as they returned to their home in a flash.

The expression of the three kidneys, including the Iranian group, was poor. I ate along my backbone.

If King Bull knew the exact coordinates, it meant that he could enter here at any time without interference.

Sending them here at once was also a warning to never think about going to war while he was on the bridge.

“Let's discuss future measures for now.” Yeonwoo told the three kidneys, and they nodded heavily, saying, I know.

“Do you remember what we traded a long time ago? A deal I made as an ally.” Iranjin commanded the gods under command to rest first, and to guide Yeonwoo etc. to the main town.

Yeongwoo nodded, reminiscing about the fact buried in her very old memories.

“You asked me to help you find the stone of greed, perhaps?” Awakened the Dead Giants and moved to subdue the crawling chaos.

Conditional alliance agreements were in place between Yeongwoo and Iranjin forces. Bridge to assist Yeouido's reconstruction of forces on both sides of the water, and vice versa. And in the end, we exchange the stone of innocence for the stone of greed.

However, since then, Yeon-woo has been preparing for war with Olfowon, and the promise has been broken since the Jade Emperor was eaten by Zeus. Then Yeon-woo died and was forgotten.

That's what the army is talking about.

“Yes. The Boneyard Bridge, the Crossroads, the Frozen Demon King...... all three of them tangled up and fought so hard to find it. But we have a problem. When the tower collapsed, the place completely collapsed.” “" "" That's it? "Of course, I don't intend to blame you. We helped you at the time. Anyway, the problem happened after that. There was a place where greedy stones were buried that I thought were completely gone.” At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled.

“Is the King of the Crossroads and the Horsemen holding hands?” The ranger nods heavily.

“I think so. Though I learned it this time in the fight against the bridge. We don't know when they held hands.” "That's Everke's work." Unlike the sighing Rangers, Yeon-woo thought it wouldn't be long before the two held hands. About a decade.

The tower will collapse and Evile's party will be active.

There was no evidence, but Everke, who had seen him before, liked to set things up in places that didn't look like this.

"You said you were making pians... or something. Does that have anything to do with finding the Stone of Greed? Or is there something else with him? `After all, it was a piece of information that I could never miss with Yeongwoo.

“However, the question is how to deal with the King Bull, etc." The Catholic Church returned to the bridge.

The King of the Comrades with the King Bull.

And the devil with the beasts.

Taking on three places together was never easy.

One way or another, I needed to get in between them.

"It would be best for me to snatch the stone of greed for now, but Yeon-woo narrows her eyes.

“Where is there a stone of greed?” "It's a grave.” Huh? Hoe (\ tooth) Remove (horn)? ”“ That's right. "38. Cleaning the yeast was the beginning of the thousand horses' faces.

He was also the original owner of the sculpture that allowed Yeonwoo to go to the open air library.

“Was it a tomb?” Yeon-woo's eyes are startled, and he nods and tries to say something.

At that time, from the starshadows, King Minhu's fault suddenly appeared, surprised.

Wait. There must be a main body there.