Second Life Ranker

11. Other Dreams (9)

A stone monkey, Pilmaon. Emperor Xerxes. Hand to hand. Battle money………... Accidents used to be injurious when they were as active as various aliases, and they had accumulated so many achievements and myths.

Even people who don't know about the faces of Thousand Horses. The name 'Monkey King' I've heard once, he was a celebrity.

Naturally, it was widely known that the faith was very high.

I started out as the youngest of the Eastern Dragonlords, but it's hard to stop them if not the King Bull.

However, the Monkey King, who was in such trouble, was suddenly extinct.

Some said that he joined forces with the Root Heavenly Horse and disappeared for some reason.

That way, the thousand horses would finally collect the soul fragments - commonly known as "fragments of the dragon" - and reach the "sulfur" through transcendence.

However, everyone thought it was favorable because there was no evidence of it anywhere, and Thousands had never said anything about it.

Rather, the Monkey King pursued other pleasures, hiding his identity and assuming that he would be somewhere in the underworld or in the heavens.

By the way.

"Puhaha! Few people know about it, but where did it leak from? King Mi-Hu's transgressions smiled and said.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes had no choice but to get bigger.

“Are you saying that's true?” Eh. To be precise, the Heavenly Horse collected all the pieces of the old soul and became 'Huang'... I just recovered another piece called the Monkey King. “Then… ~!” But the body is alive. "Leave." What the hell does that mean? The roller rolled many times, and there were many 'dreams' that disappeared. There was a 'dream' that looked similar to the 'dream' of the past here, but also a 'dream' that looked hard to think of at all. Then there's the possibility that Monkey King may have lived. “Then?” The body is a former life for the Celestial Horse, but also a teacher.

Then we have a chance to be together, so we just bring it back and stick it in the tower. The cave made the territory weaker and weaker, so we needed someone to replace it. It was for such a complicated reason. "“ What did you say before? "The body is about to be in the grave of the dragon.

The unknown... The body has a kind of guilt towards Heavenly Mother. That's why he was guarding the tomb of Lyra, which had not yet been recovered...... But the Archbishop, as well as the King Bull, is after it! Hmph! "His transgressions bent the cheek.

King Bull, he or all the other Brothers of Medicine can't possibly know the story of the main body... It's a bit strange why he's stuck there. Yeon-woo's eyes were indebted.

If we can figure that out, we can tear them apart. ”I looked at Yeon-woo as if there was nothing wrong with her.

How do you plan to get out of there first? “There's no better way to weaken an enemy's power than your own. And she said," Yeon-woo swallowed it while talking.

Due to the struggle against several animals, the causality rate had to be consumed in bulk.

Now, the remaining causality rate is two halves.

I tried to replenish the causality by swallowing a few animals, but it was not more replenished than I thought because it was the type that was omitted from the dream. Evil took the rest of them.

I had to be as conscious as possible because the causality rate could have been different from the limit by fighting King Bull, etc.

Should_them be encouraged to consume as little causality as possible……, That was the only thought Yeon-woo had.

King Mihu's faults also nodded quietly because he knew the compassion intentions.

I didn't have to say anything in front of the weak spots.

“Home…… but we've never seen the Great Wall there, so what happened?” Ranging troops have narrowed their glances at King Minhu's faults. Among the myths of the Monkey King is the story of the bridge. He and the army seemed to have a bad relationship, but not so bad.

"Was the body you knew to be tied down somewhere? “ Hagan: ““. So did he. ”Then I got a bitter smile on his mouth.

The word "stone monkey" must have come out of nowhere.

The Monkey King was never able to be caught.

When Yeonwoo first encountered King Fu's transgressions in the past, she remembered saying she didn't know where the body was.

I thought that would be the case.

It seemed like half of them were serious.

If not, I don't know, he'd be playing around somewhere. And since the tower that you've been narrowing down has collapsed, we should be on our way, right? “Then we'll have a problem...!” And that's probably where you're playing. ... … I see. Obviously he seemed liberated, but there was always a sharp calculation hidden somewhere. ”You're saying you might be watching from behind." "Yes. According to Yeon-woo, King Mi-Hu's transgressions nodded.

“Then I'll have to find Monkey King first.” Yeon-woo's eyes glow coldly.

Yun returned to the base of the Bai The Table, where there is a rate and a presia.

I had something to check before I went to look for Monkey King.

The legacy of the Curinale. I wanted to check the vault that my mother Leah left on the table.

I wanted to see what the Evil People were up to.

It was because I wanted to see what a relief my mother had left before she made the ashes.

“Father.” Why? “I've been thinking about this lately... but I think my mother might not be all we know.” Lady Aekronos is silent.

He was thinking the same as Yeon-woo.

I just couldn't say it out loud. "I... I mean, did you think someone in Jung or myself would visit the Buy The Table someday?” Th-that's him. I don't know what to say about that. Chronos sighed and decided to take out some of the thoughts he had in his mind.

Actually, now that I think about it, there was a lot I didn't know about your mother. There were a few things that I didn't think would happen at the time. Chronos' voice sank deeply.

I fell to Earth. At first I thought it was a coincidence. Your mother has been waiting there for a long time to find me… just like that-that - was here. "" But now you know, there are no coincidences in the world.

Chronos continues to speak with the back of his horse.

But it wasn't an accident that I came to Earth. The black lobe was just being sucked into the Earth like a magnet. The earth was the sleeping seal of the black king, Le 'Tue. It was also a place where the tower was placed on the other side.

It was natural for Chronos' reel to fall to Earth. Le Luis is there. Is there anywhere else the Dark Lord's Apostle can go?

Your mother seemed to have figured it out in real time. Yeon-woo suddenly remembered something.

Ugh... Unlike this foolish father in space, your mother knew the power of the family better than anyone.

That's a pretty good analogy.

So... here I have one more guess. Ugh > >? ”If I had known about the darkness, I would have known what would happen after that. Mic 'aik Dark is Persistent. I never miss a target. Maybe you thought you'd end up... generations from me to you. Then I don't think it's strange that the ark was in the tower at all. Yeon-woo was silent for a moment.

"You were thinking the same thing, weren't you? Yeon could not say anything.

As Kronos predicted, he was thinking the same thing.

In the heavenly world, they thought he was the King of Kronos, but he was also highly regarded in Olympus.

It was just a strong impression because Kronos' ferocious temperament was so much illuminated to the outside.

In fact, Olympus was able to reach its peak because there was a separate king who was in charge of internal affairs.

Leah was a queen, not a queen.

Even if it's a simple pun, it's a big difference.

It meant he was the king and wife (), and it meant Leah had the same power. Leah struggled even if she wasn't close to Kronos. He had such a deep understanding of the power of the Curinale, the origin of the "day."

She was so wise, she had no choice but to investigate the Dark Lord, who drove Kronos mad.

After saving Kronos, he had little idea what would happen after saving Kronos.

What if the Dark Lord's shadow somehow follows them around like a curse, leaving an ark in the tower in order to prepare for it, leaving Presia a separate legacy of the Curinale? There was nothing strange at all.

No, all the questions I had about my mother Leah were solved.

However, Yeon-woo guessed those innards and did not tell Chronos separately, because her heart seemed to collapse the moment she pulled it out of her mouth.

Isn't she the mother who closed her eyes after sacrificing herself for smarter things?

Burning with hatred, 'I threw myself out to appease my husband who would come, and God knew the curse of the shadow of a sudden visitation, but He hugged my husband and patched up my new children without warning.

How scared you must have been. And how scared he must have been? However, I felt like my heart was eating, and I felt like I could not say anything comfortably.

"Still." Yeon bites her lower lip tightly.

"But I wish you would have told me about this before you closed your eyes at the end... Why didn't you say anything until then?" ""! Slow down, Yeon-woo.

“_. Gangang. 'I swallowed it while talking about it. His voice was trembling. I thought that I was almost piled up through these' dreams' drunk, but it wasn't just like that.

So it was only after the tremor had subsided that I could barely reconnect.

“You asked me that before. Why didn't I think of summoning her?” Yes. “I think we should check it out!" ”".. "Yes_let's see. The conversation between the two of them was cut off from there and no longer continued.

Huaa! The brother "" Jen "rate had to stop laughing as soon as the lotus opened the space and suddenly appeared behind him, becoming a bright face because he was safe, realizing that his face was stiff.

I realized something was off.

Only the Fregians who were beside her were gazing at Yeon-woo without a word.

Behind the kite, Squite disassembles and returns to its human form.

"Pepeya." Yes. Kronos says, ”Frezia nods heavily.

You said Leah had some leftovers? “Whether it be a child or a descendant, God asked me to open it if someone ever came to me.” As expected, ""_ Kronos opened his and his son's assumptions and sighed.

Can I see it now “Yes. Come here." Frezia nods and guides Yeon-woo and Chronos to the vault.

I had to look at their backs, the rate with shaky eyes.

From here on out, I don't think I should follow him. However, I had opened the safe before, so I felt sorry that things were going to happen clearly in both eyes.