Second Life Ranker

12. Leah's Legacy (1)

“Haha. Yeah. Is that enough?” A place where both Yeonwoo and her group left.

The King Bull still leans on his staff, then turns his head to the side with a big smile.

He was still the peaceful face of his neighbor's grandfather.

Those who knew him well were the first.

“Profit…!)" My big brother seems to be a little upset, so shut up all day and stay out of his sight. If you don't, we'll all be torn apart! "^ Ha!" "That's a different look, isn't it? Is that what all the youngest people look like? 'The King of the Demons sighed deeply.

The one who touched King Bull's mind was Everke.

Another face of a thousand horses.

In other words, it means another life form of the youngest heavenly host.

For those who had been favored by Thousands of Horses in the past, they were just annoyed by the endless faces of those who torment themselves.

But what can I do?

As long as the King Bull's decision is already like this, they have no choice but to follow it.

“Oh Hyo Hyo! I guess I embarrassed you a lot.” Everke slowly reveals herself through the cracks in the cracks and cracks and bursts into laughter.

Then, while struggling, I put the hair on my head on my chest and bowed my head.

Despite its narrow appearance, the King Bull's eyes still narrowed.

"Hmph! What do I have to do after I'm done with that?" He was a cheapskate, that's not enough! You should have broke his neck! At that time, her two eyes were bursting with fury, her arms farting as if she didn't deserve it, and she had a complaint that she had not yet struck Yeon-woo, after a moment of blatant hostility to Yeon-woo.

But none of them knew the relationship between her and Bimarzilla, so none of them pointed out about it.

When the Catholic Church was still young, there were few people in heaven who cared for their children like their grandchildren while wandering around without care for their parents.

After the Catholic Church was vacationed, Bimachildara took a half-silver, and after being stimulated by Yeon-woo, she left the school without any suspicion.

And the Catholic Church, who was living another dream, heard Bimarzilla's death and came here ““:.

In fact, Yeon-woo did not let his guard down because of the King Bull, so if he showed any vacancy, the Catholic Church would have left to ambush him immediately.

But King Bull was nothing like Bimagildara.

“Sorry, all we want is to get Reed's grave right. I don't want to waste my energy.” I heard that you have conspired against the Celestial Horses under the command. Isn't their faith in killing the Dark Lord's ego? "Before the tower collapsed, we are referring to the 'Horseman' who left behind the Heavenly Horseman who did not take care of them and took care of the other Monarch.

They are currently entering the Zion of the Drug War together with the Archbishop's Law. He was housed in a paradise called 'Horseshoe', which was ruled by the King Bull.

However, for those who have been screaming for a lifetime and living in peace, their daily lives will be thirsty.

Their faith was still full of vengeance.

Not only the Heaven Horse that made them look like that, but Yeon-woo who drove them out of the tower.

“That's for me and them to decide. It's not about you getting involved.” But King Bull drew the line saying no more intervention, and the Catholic Church did not mention it, but only smiled.

“Oh Hyo! We've all had our conversations. Can I open the door now?" ”Of course. Wouldn't it be better for each other to carry out their purpose quickly and flow?" “You've moved on. However, I want to confirm one last thing before opening the door. We can't afford any more twists and turns. Tell us what you each have in mind. First of all, what I want to have is a piece of it.” “The remains.” The Stone of Greed. Everke's smile grew. Between his wide lips, his fangs seemed to sparkle.

“Excellent. Then... let's all go inside." ”Yippee! Evil claps loudly.

At that moment, a debt burst from my fingertips.

Whoa! [Check the credentials of the initial administrator. [Gateway has been cleared.] [The barrier has been lifted.] [When it collapses, the world will reveal itself!] Where the debtors go.

Across the cracked space, Rovich became nervous.

[This is outside the tower area.]] [Do you want to enter? Chuen! The current Tower (Obelisk) has been suspended for unknown reasons. You don't know what the penalty is for entering. Chuen! This is private property. It's been abandoned for a long time, but there's a separate owner who doesn't know what the penalty is for trespassing.] Outside the Tower! They all had to escape from a crumbling world and a tower.

'When King Chilhok revealed his appearance,' the jewel still remained like a trauma in their heads. But I tried to forget somehow, and I could barely shake it over time.

It's back in the open.

The crowds have always destroyed villages and shopping districts outside of the bustling Dunham area, making it almost impossible to find what it used to be.

The towers, which were always standing high in the sky, had all disappeared for a long time, but there were fragments everywhere.

Everke claps once more.

Then, 'Just as the camera pulled zoom in (2000Ω-10), the view that looks through the gap illuminates the place where the tower was originally. A stone tomb appears, and the screen digs in, then goes back into the ground.

Then I saw a spiral staircase leading to the black basement like a lie, and a huge stone gate appeared.

[The Hidden Tower (Obelisk) will reveal itself!] And the tension of the demons grows in the message that comes to mind.

Underground! I always thought of the staircases above the tower on the ground, and even if I expanded my field of view even further, I didn't think there would be any room hidden in the basement.

Even if there could be a basement that we didn't realize, it's obvious that there would be a Black King there who remembered the coming up from under the tower.

“Don't worry, everyone. It used to be one of the Hidden Stages of the Tower. To be precise, it's like a doorknob installed by the Heavenly Horse to make sure the Black King is more secure.” Iblke explains, as if he had read the thoughts of such demons and Demon Kings. “He would have had to draw more energy from the Earth to open it... but he couldn't. We have no choice but to open it first.” Oh, and even if the Queen's Baton now belongs to the Dark Lord's ego, this place is purely heaven's domain, so there's very little concern that he will be found out.

Everke adds a hind horse and turns the key in her hand to the stone gate.

Scrapper-Kukui [The Chief Administrator's Key (Old) has been used!] [Some black is projected.] [Earth's vitality will be infused. [Door opens]] [Warning! This is the Thousand Horse Sanctum! Unauthorized trespassing can cause_tremendous damage…… % $# ^ 9% 0 @ $0 @ # # $!] [# period not possible.] [Not again.] [With super admin privileges, all prompts will be forced to close!] Chihuahua! The warning message pours out, but all the messages are turned off as Everke bends her hand into the air like a nuisance.

“Then you may go in." Evilke takes a step inside the wide open stone gate.

The demon of the cult and the king of the bronze dragons dared not move.


Along with the sound of someone swallowing up tension.

Eventually, everyone slowly begins to follow behind Everke.

Where Yeongwoo entered, the word report (hole 08) seemed to fit better than the safe.

Is it because it contains the legacy of the quinine that once resounded throughout the universe? It was filled with tons of armor.


I felt like this place is overcooked without knowing where.

This...... I think I saw Olympus' report somewhere. or not.

Kronos smiles and says that.

This is the same report that Olympus once opened after Yeongwoo crossed the 10th floor and collected all the keys instead of 12.

I met Hermes there... I was sure he was impressed.

“Olympus' report must have followed this place, right?” Of course. It was actually your mother who created the concept of reporting Olympus. “Did you? I had no choice but to grow my eyes on my own because I didn't even know about it.

"Yes. At the time, Olympus was a tribute to many different places because of the bees. There were too many treasures. There was a limit to dividing it among your gods, so I had to open the safe at all. Yeon-woo nodded as if she would understand.

Obviously, there were many weapons in Olympus' report that made no sense to the gods of Olympus.

More than that... I don't think there's anything your mother left you. “This should be it.” Hmm? Yeon-woo passed through Chronos, looking back into the past and into the deep inside.

Hul showed up with many sacraments and sacraments.

It was a palace.

A palace lined with numerous temples, centered on two thrones on a single central platform.

Every one of them was made of marble, but it was so vivid that it seemed to be moving quickly.

And it was the same sight I saw when I was in the myth of Kronos, even for Yeon Woo.

Kronos and Leah ended all civil wars and became 'co-kings' when they began to rule Olympus.

Everything was still cluttered, and all of a sudden I was shocked at the fact that I had to stand in the same position as the target I fought so fiercely until yesterday.

There was tension on Kronos' face, and gentleness on Leah's face.

Yeongwoo looks back at Kronos.

Kronos' eyes flutter.

"Awkward,“ "shallow,“ ^ gross, "Chronos bites his lower lip as he spoke.

I felt like I was going to cry right away.

“I think there's a space in the back2 : ____ What? Yeon took Chronos and continued to look inside.

It was not a spacious hoop. A little room. It was two people's bedrooms. Leah is holding her newborn Hestia in her arms, and Chronos is baffled by how to stand in front of his first child.

After the woman, Demeter and Hera, the second and third, were born and their families left the happy picnic together.

Afterward, Hades and Poseidon, about three years old, were strangled and surrounded by children, and there was also Kronos, who was restless and Leah smiling at it.

There was Chronos playing a prank with Zeus, and Leah teaching her three daughters how to sew. There were also children who were beaten to death by Chronos and Leah as they argued.

The statues and statues that Leah must have made for herself were all reminiscent of Kronos.

Or there were sights that I wanted to accomplish with him, but couldn't.

^ “ “ ^. Mother. 'For a short while, Yeon-woo couldn't get a sense of what Leah was like while making this place, so her heart was eaten by itself.

This is where Leah made it before she crossed over to Earth. In other words, it was created when Chronos was completely wet and was driven out as a tyrant in Mars.

Chronos did a lot of nasty things at the time, like luring his children into the void, even though he must have blamed them a lot.

Leah was still not erasing her yearning for Chronos in one corner of her mind.

Then they must have come back to Earth to find Kronos.


Chronos noticed Leah's heart, so he sat there and wept.

Yeonwoo wanted to comfort Father like that, but I thought he would want to be alone now, so I left him for a while and went to the deepest depths of the report.

And 'there' felt like she was choking.

A little table where a woman was sleeping quietly with her eyes closed.

Although the clothing was as glamorous as that of the Olympians, the years of anxiety were brighter than their faces.

It was a sunny face.

Mother "“ Hell I didn't feel the sound of breathing. The flesh that Leah left before she cast the ashes.

When she thought she would never see me again, Yeon took a trembling step and carefully grabbed her wrinkled hand.

Faaaa! At that moment, Leah's body breaks apart.

“Ahh…!” Yeongwoo's grief almost caught up with her mother, but the particles were slipping through his fingers.



Like Kronos, tears fell from his eyes.

Yeongwoo was able to see the letters piled up on the table where Leah was sitting until just now.

Letters carefully written in Mother's handwriting.

I grabbed the first letter with a trembling hand.

I was looking for someone in Ingotgol. It was a letter from her to her future children, not knowing when she would come.