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13. Leah's Legacy (2)

At that moment.

Farah! The fine particles draw a big whirlwind around the pond, and soon it begins to absorb into him.

A group of light that owes at the same time.

Oops! [You may have a large number of saved videos.

Are you sure you want to play?] [You have selected Play.] [Begin to load floating video in sequence.] [Loading……] [Play video.] ~ She said: “? < Yeon-woo suddenly looked around Baekwon Ju.

It was Lord's room, instead of Olympus'.

It was a familiar place, but it felt low. It seemed that there was a big difference in time.

"Looks like your mother left a pile of spirituality everywhere. It seems to be Olympus, roughly 7,8,000 years ago. I'm stuck in Tartaros... I think it's about the time Olympus was abandoned in the tower. At that moment, Kronos suddenly appeared next to him and looked around.

Yeon-woo flinches and looks back at him.

^_. ": Father." Why? Is something wrong? What's that look on your face? Chronos raises the bar in a blatant brawl.

But no matter how much he cried, his eyes were already swollen.

"You have bottled up." What? Kmm! "" That's a lie. Where the hell is this merger robot? But what, merged robots? “When you tap it, it separates and merges. The transformation is also free. Suddenly, I thought the children would like it. 'Zenalkronos was in conflict for a moment, lest he beat the back of this flimsy youngest son.

I know it was meant to cheer things up, but I felt bad about it.

"Is there a problem? 'I was surprised to see Yeonwoo with the audacity to look at me.

I feel like my father's dignity is failing me lately. Why don't you just say something? That's what I thought for a second.

Kronos shakes his head with a short thought. Yeah, 'cause I knew you wouldn't find it.

It's weird after last time we worked together.) If you put it all in, you'll only lose yourself.

"Father." Why? "Look over there. `Chronos turned his gaze toward the heartache child, wanting to say something else, and then he became surprised.

A place that leads around the barrel to the room. Leah sits in a chair in the direction that Yeon Woo pointed at.

It looks exactly like Leah's remains that were absorbed by the honeycomb.

It was Leah from the time of God.

She was secretly drawing on a big canvas with a bot.

While looking at the ______ ^ gig picture, Yeonwoo and Chronos did not say anything else.

It was one of the many urbanizations I saw in Curinare's report.

Kronos and Leah 'talking honestly with six children.

The tone was overall bright and the faces of the characters were all smiling. I felt happy up to here.


Leah, who was a painter, was stiff as a picture.

Yeongwoo was able to read the sadness deeply embedded in it.

It wasn't the only painting in the room.

There were other paintings and sculptures everywhere. Likewise, everything in Curinare's report.

They were works of peace and happiness.

Leah was almost staring at the canvas as if it were her only job to complete the painting. The bottling was full of strength, and there were a lot of small wounds on the fingertips.

So the longer the bot touch continued, the more distorted Kronos' face became.

The voice of Leah…… What the hell are you doing trembles rapidly. Naked lips wanted to call Narea's name a few times.

But it's all stored up, welcome. Leah doesn't see them. No matter how loud you scream, it will be nothing but an outrage.

'Someone's coming.` Who? '~. Geogpurado: ““ Where the string rains turned their heads. The visit was neurotic and open.

Zeus stares at Leah with an angry face.

"Mother!” After her son enters the workshop without permission, Leah doesn't give you a single glance. I treated him like an invisible man.

“Mother! What the hell are you doing?!” Zeus said, 'I don't like Leah any more than I like Leah, but I hit the wall with my fist.


As Chronos, he's going to be devastated.

You rush towards Zeus, saying his face is as thick as a blazing log, but of course, his fingertips slip past Zeus. Kronos shrugs.

On the contrary, Yeon-woo was always staring at Zeus.

Even though this was a regenerative past, annoyance was rising from the inside of my chest. However, I was forcibly dissuading the anger of the idea that the spirit had to be seen to the end.

However, Leah was just staring at the boldly crumbling works, as if she was so familiar with these sights.

The cloudy dust slowly settles.

Leah's gaze draws Zeus toward the ground.

That, made Zeus more sticky.

“I mean it! Can't you hear me, the new king? How many times have I told you to stop this nonsense right now!" ”“ That was a terrible voice.

But there was an echo.

I thought that Yeon-woo's voice was familiar but low.

Mother's voice in her memory was always filled with warmth and love.

But now there was nothing like that in that voice.

Plain, but empty.

“But why do you keep doing this foolishly?! It's over for everyone!” “Yes. It's over." “But...!” “It's over, isn't it?" "What? Zeus' eyes are wide open.

- Though it seemed like he was about to start a new trial.

Leah remained bold.

“I saved your life.” What the……! ”“ But that was never meant to kill your father. "Miiiixeus mutters.

The new king who took his father from his throne by force.

Although Chronos was a tyrant, he still had a lot of doubts about his qualities.

“What if I didn't kill him? Do you think order would have corrected itself if you hadn't thrown it out?” “I know. So I also passed on the throne to you.” “Yikes...!” “All I ever wanted was...!” Leah tries to say something, and lets out a quick sigh. Her majesty had been clever all along, and her mouth was bitter as if she had been beaten for decades at a time.

…… No. All of this is my fault for not taking good care of my sick husband and for not taking care of my children. But it's Zeus, my little boy. Please, will you listen to my last wish? I told you I wouldn't disturb you, that I would live quietly. But did I have to interrupt this? ”Zeus had to silence Leah's desperate request.

In fact, he still didn't understand. Why Leah misses Kronos so much.

Maybe he's the one who put my children in the void, who's thrown a tantrum, who ended up with a pool in his chest! Some say it was great because it was a new king, but there were too many people affected by it.

However, my mother still misses him, remembering the happy life that was not there, and living in a fantasy… ~ so little.

Zeus grew up without the warmth of his parents for a lifetime. That is why I have always been longing for it, and I believed that after I had saved Mother from the 'crisis', warm hands and heartfelt cheer would finally pour out on me.

But I had such faith. I am the one who is in front of me, but my mother is still stuck in the past.

That's why I was angry, sad, and annoyed.

But Zeus had always lived a curved life, so he didn't know how to express himself. All he knew how to do was get angry like a swarm, so he eventually had to turn nervously.

Light! After Zeus left, unable to endure the whining of his heart.

“What a childlike... after getting old! Mother, are you hurt?” Hades came in cautiously, hearing the commotion.

Leah shakes her head, smiling bitterly.

“Don't worry, you're not hurt.” “…… I'm not a bad kid in nature. Please understand that everything doesn't work out the way it does, so I'm just being childish. Besides... haven't you been defeated by the thousand horses lately?” Hades smiles bitterly.

“That's why it seems like it's about to blow up in a car that's been so noisy, and it's about to be abandoned in a tower or something. Zeus is also_significantly more susceptible} > ^ lll > ^ <" “The outside is now yours. You guys are on your own... Yes. Mother Zhades couldn't add a hint.

The fact that your youngest son is in a lot of pain right now, he's sick with something called thousand-dollar disease, and that's why his smarter, more threatening foundation is shaking.

Although Poseidon and I are confident, it is not strange to fall at any time. I absolutely need my mother's help.

But if I say this to Leah now, she won't hear it in her ears. I'll soon forget if I hear you.

A man who missed so much could never escape unless he woke up on his own.

H-haha. and.

Kronos was moved by the sight of such sights from a third party.

Seeing that, Leah and her children could see how much pain each of them was suffering.

“What more could I ask for?” Here... 2Hades quietly took a pile of parchment out of his arms and gave it to Leah.

The whole time I've been looking through it.

Leah's eyes are shaking sharply.

“Everything from tartartaros to erebosses has been thoroughly analyzed. As Mother predicted, the place with the tower was originally the late seat of darkness... >" “Then again this place..." "Yes. It was installed to stop the Wheelers, which the Heavenly Horse and the Black King rolled together. I think we've put in all our gods and demons, including Olympus, to add the weight of the female staff so that it doesn't protrude late in the night." Leah has been secretly investigating the source of the tower through Hades, making sculptures and paintings here.

Tartaros and Erebos, Hades' sanctuary, were in the lower reaches, not in the heavenly realm, because it was relatively easier to investigate than here.

It was not that hard to climb up and down the stairs, even before Allfowon was in full swing.

"My mother...... still think my father will come back here someday?” Hades carefully asked Leah, looking at her ample parchment.

Leah nods, not even looking this way.

“Yes” “But...” Your father's dead? "“ …… Titans know that and are going crazy. ”“ Stop, "to be exact.” “Is it different?” “Different.” Leah just cut it, "she said.

“Dark attracts dark. No matter how far I go, I keep pulling. Your father is somewhere in the universe right now...... but that's why he had to come here. We need to find out exactly when and where. And we have to prepare for it." Leah slowly raises her head.

“That was a solid look.

Hades thought that his mother was in danger without knowing where she was.

“It's the only way we can stop the family's misfortune that's still rolling around, but still not over. ”