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14. Leah's Legacy (3)

... Misfortune? What's that? ”Hades couldn't understand Leah for a moment.

Stuck in the void, and rescued.

He was thrown out of the throne, and Mother tries to find his missing father. But there's gonna be more bad luck? But Leah only made a bitter smile and didn't say much about it.

Instead, he only looks at Hades, his eyes shaking with bitter gaze.

“Hades:” "Yes. Mother” "I know you're going through a lot to mediate between me and Zeus" “That's...!” Hades tries to say something, but Leah shakes her head.

“No. You don't have to pretend. In fact, Chronos was a hated father to you.

Even though you don't understand me running around naked to save him... I appreciate your silence. I wanted to say that. "_:. And she said,“ But I just want to ask you one more thing. What if... what if...? if you meet someone who smells like earrings after she leaves. ”“ Why would you say that? Behind me. No, I'll just pretend I didn't hear that. ”Hades tried to turn his back, making an impression.

“I hope you don't ignore me then.” Leah 'said Hades,' and Hades didn't answer.

You're very angry. Leah smiles bitterly, leaning back and picking up the pieces Zeus broke off one by one. It took me a while to put these back together.

By the time the door was halfway open, Hades' footsteps had paused.

“But Mother," Leah looked up sad to see what was going on.

“I never blamed my father. I missed him once, but he said," Hades had to sit still for a long time.

When you were handed over from Hades. You said he did? I'm just going back to where he was. Ye2Chronos asked Yeong-woo that way rather than shushing Bara at the door that Hades left, just like Leah did.

Yeongwoo nods quietly.

Hades did not speak for himself.

But the myth of Hades that remained with him clearly said so.

I'm just returning what I received from him to him.

Who "he" is speaking here... You will soon find out, even if you don't think about it carefully.

"Maybe.I don't know if you knew." Remembering your mother's request. The black pupils of Chronos were joined together.

"Actually, you and your mother were the most alike of your brothers. ...... Did you notice that from the beginning?" No way. Maybe not, but seeing you through someone like you, I guess I just figured it out myself. Yeon-woo heavily nodded.

People like Poseidon and Zeus didn't feel much like brothers, but they were just as different as Hades.

He was a thankful person who had correctly captured him who had become increasingly sharp to find his brother in the tower.

For him, it was not a saying that he was a teacher, a father, or a big brother.

Yeonwoo said, 'Just like Kronos, I had no choice but to watch Hades leave for a while.

Leah couldn't help but notice the data Hades had brought over the days after she abolished her diet.

Yeonwoo and Kronos also watched her tidying up.

And as time went by, I was surprisingly surprised.

It was because Leah's reasoning was so precise that she thought they were "predictive."

has already been immeasurably achieved.

Expressed. The former is the Thousand Horse and the latter is the expression of the Black King.

Reaching the limit, do you two need to take the end of the world?

Therefore, Thousand Horses set up "Tom" and sealed the Black King "deeply."

But the Dark Lord's plan has yet to be revealed.

Never let go until completely crushed.

⁄ If Chronos were still alive, he would have to come near the tower due to the attraction of the dark.

The tower is kind of on the back (horn beep). Behind it, it has been observed that there are many myths of a civilization called Earth that is being regenerated.

It was more than 8 halves more likely to fall, and in that case, the possibility of repeating his past life to build his business was also an apostle, not an "enforcer." Here, the initial question is raised again.

Then, what is the next number of the Dark Lord? I. You must know the number.

I do. Chronos held his time and death as gods, and his ancestors once followed the Dark Lord, but turned to the Thousand Horses and became the "Days." And... my wife, I'm 'Extreme 6108 106 & Pride Hills 1? Lengthened pole 1 < 10? Pun [Ne9288 Knee Leung & Ok12 16128121 Incense 266 19 5 1689 Ultimate [0 [eh/km Kookzol 61 ⁄ 218 Hills & 0 16 Kung Fu Soon Gwangwook 6 Etc 06 86 0222 Ah [219 Shoal Wook [0 & Ok < 릉ner < open | Forest Null 0 Or Born {0 & 06 Pu1 < 1? Open 6 Room 2 56ph 10x18 & 12 Pnesun16 & & Positive Paddy 1 "Moon Pole 1? Gwk 16. Since I was born proud, it may be because I find it difficult to handle my soul with confidence.

I saw that most of the time I had a hard time, and I had a vagina in my heart. And the beginning of most such stories was frustration and despair in front of transcendent beings.

Any guesses that you can gather all this information and release? How many of the following can you see in black? • Leah had to drop the pen on the way, instead of quickly writing down parchment, inducing new blood in Phneuma and Curinare, and it was experienced as a mortal. The tip of the letter was sliding.

“What the...?” Leah can no longer bear the dark emotions and covers her face with trembling hands.

There was a silent blur.

Yeon-woo, this. "Yes. It's just a bunch of angry ones." Yeon-woo grips her teeth.

Every single one of them was his own.

Although he was also one of the egos of the Black King, he had a vague conjecture about these things.

However, the fact that this' fate 'had been decided for a long time seemed to be too angry that it was forced like a long-term horse by the transcendent existence.


Mother had anticipated this from the beginning, and I had no idea how long it would have been cold for her.

Leah, however, grips her teeth and writes down the parchment as if not willing to give in here.

His eyes were suddenly bloodshot like Kronos.


It also contained an omelet.

If it does not follow the intent of darkness, two things can be deduced greatly as a result.

where they get unlucky in turn, or their offspring get hit, and they get thresholded.

Second, there is a greater disaster in Kronos.

At the moment, we don't know exactly what the number of black places is. You can't let anyone else do that.

Must be a helpful job in order to check directly.

That was Leah's conclusion.

The existence of the Black King is an absolute presence that even her who was the head of Olympus considers trivial.

If he tries to do something about it, he can never be stopped. To reduce the damage as much as possible, it was best to induce the direction to deviate.

And… Leah decided to take her own steps.

He said to his children, "I was never going to say anything. I can't let the children who want to rise up again from the disaster that only darkened them now bear a greater burden.

On the other hand, what Kronos is going through is now progressive, and it was also his job to say the least.

After that.

Leah quickly clears out the area.

Of course, I prepared it as discreetly as possible, because there was nothing else to know.

“Popo, Pepe. I have a favor to ask of you. I have entrusted each of my duties to the salaries (hedges) who will have the names of Fregia and Anastasia.

'I've asked Frezia for the heritage of the Curinale, and I've asked Anastasia to go down to the stream and watch the tower in the future.

Even though the two of them knew that Leah was leaving soon, they did not ask about it, but followed orders silently.

Leah said, 'But whenever I had time, I finished the statue and painting that was making a gap.

Looking back at the everyday life I wanted to reclaim, I made several commitments that I would definitely come back here one day.


The day you leave. Leah stands still in front of a picture. Kronos smiles brightly, looking this way.

Leah smiles at him. A smile I haven't seen since he got wet on Mars.

“You know what? In fact, if you take care of my children and grandchildren, that's it. Then you'll be badly harassed, but you deserve it when you think about what you've done. But... do you know why I'm trying so hard to save you? Yeonwoo looks back at Kronos. But Kronos is only surprised. He shakes his head, not knowing it at all.

Actually, that was his idea. Why did Leah care so much about herself? All I can remember is hurting her.

"You may not remember, but you saved me once before.” Mmm3 “When I was adopted by my father and I was struggling with my identity and not adapting to the atmosphere of Olympus... the other brothers were badly harassing me. Especially Deia, who was a real bitch." Haha. “But you stood in front of me and said to Taea, Shut up. I'm gonna kill you. Teia stares at you, and you open things up in a way... no matter how cool it is.” Big! It's been cool since I was a little kid. “It was funny.” What? “You were adopted later than me, which is even more confusing, but you acted like such a charmer. Teia eventually left without winning. I couldn't be more jealous of it." [2000] Probably since then. Gund... I started putting you on one side of my mind... Hmm. I don't think I had any ideas back then. "So I've signaled a few times since then... … What can a fool like you know? Rather than asking me why I'm flirting, it's how stupid I look again." Th-that's just my son right next to me, but the expression is stupid. “But I was the one who grabbed you, so I must have been the winner." And you don't know that, do you? The fact that you had no choice but to marry me was my inducement? "Angle 4." You didn't even know it was a dream. I'll take care of everything from one to ten. What should I do? " 4: 4: Hiic So I'm going to take care of it again. So stay where you are.” Her14Kronos, who exchanged words with Leah like he was really talking to Leah, bent the ball with either a sword or at the end of the day.

And I thought to myself,

From beginning to end, I thought I was destined to be with Leah…… or with her…

By the way, There's something you don't know. Chronos took his eyes off the painting and slowly turned around to look at Leah, this time taking out the words inside of him one by one.

When I inherited my father's divine power and jumped into civil war…… I was actually going to scout me around. No matter who sees it, I'm the best. Some of them even asked me to be independent. But I hesitated to ask why I came to you.

One more step.

Every time Leah slowly moves, the light reaches her feet. And that light landed on the ground as the mountain broke.

The archipelago was beginning.

Now, to prepare for Kronos' arrival on Earth.

I've been wrestling with accidents for a day, actually, to get your attention. You're the one who came to me first after I got mad at my dad, arguing about why I live so immaturely. Leah sat quietly in front of a table. The table was stroked with a feverish smile.

Whenever. For some reason, I can't remember, but when I was a child, she and Kronos fought a lot. Uranos was furious and asked us to make something together to reconcile, so they made a table all day long, grumbling and grumbling.

And from then on... … this table was the first treasure that could not be changed even if she was given a thousand gold.

The same was true on Earth. How many times have I done this before? And the woman who followed me around as well as me after the original body turned a few rounds of life. But I didn't give them a single glance. Why? Kronos quietly looks at Leah burying her face on the table.

It is the same with the desire to restore mythology and somehow return to Olympus. Zeus was underhanded at the time, but he had far greater hopes. Even from a distance, you...! Chronos continued to speak as he was forced to swallow the feeling of rising.

Leah's eyes close.

I wanted to see you one more time, somehow. Leah's eyes closed completely. Chronos also peers at her as the arch finishes.

"So we must * So we will soon. " See you back there. ” Let's meet back here. Faaaa! The light that was poured out of Leah completely sank away.

Meaning that the arch is completed, this space of thought, the last one she left, also began to collapse.


Below that, Chronos raises his head.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] Leah. Chronos put the name of the woman he had loved all his life.