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Leah's Legacy)

[The summoned target could not be found.

: ^ ___ What? A message window that appears just like when you summoned Cha Jungwoo's soul.

Of course, Kronos' face twists. I didn't even think about it.

Then I turned around after nuking Yeon Woo.

Yeon-woo was expressing an unfathomable expression. It didn't even look like he was holding back.

He looked like he knew this would happen.

Do you... have any idea where you're going? “You had some idea what would happen next, and you had condolences all over the place. Maybe he left an ark on the tower, or maybe he made the Buy More table guard the letter... so that when he came back to Earth to find his father, he had something in store for him." What is it? "We have to find out now. `Tsuruk-chuk! Yeon untied the chains around her arms and put them on the table.

[The Ideal Space, Leah's Memory, was connected to the reel of time.] [Time has stopped!] 'The decaying spirit space was forced to stop.

Ananta still had his mind on the clock, but he had his heart set on him.


[The reel of time returns.] [The time in the spirit space plays.] After Leah fell to Earth, the space began to unravel the hidden backstory one by one.

A narrow compartment in the unknown neighborhood where humble Leah regained her consciousness.

There, single mothers were having a hard time giving birth alone, and the child was soon sent to an orphanage.

Leah has been aware of who she is since she was born, so she sees all the moments that are thrown away, but she doesn't cry or cry.

I just wanted him to be this young body. That way we can find Kronos somewhere in the world.

However, there were worries.

Finding Chronos wasn't so hard after all. I was expecting to be active in Korea after a long calculation.

But I wanted to avoid it, because I could have met Kronos, who was either dead or missing, if the year measurement had gone wrong by mistake.

Unlike Kronos, who was able to continue her past memory process as a mediator, she only had one chance this time.

But it was not something you could do because it was all a domain of 'luck'.

The problem was that she always lived rationally, and she hated the word 'luck' the most and did not believe it. So on the one hand, I was nervous.

The girl 9Uranrea was able to see one child who stood out for a moment.

A child who is commonly seen on the streets, but has a strange, skeptical look in the world.

Although her face was slightly different, Leah was able to realize it at once.

It's the first time 'luck' has ever given itself light.

“See, I told you.” That's why Leah had a smile on her mouth.

“We'll see each other here again.” After that.

Together, married, gave birth to a child...... Leah was able to achieve her long-awaited wish.

The desperate wind that had to be left as painting and sculpture was here, and such a joyful time passed so quickly.

But on the one hand, there was some anxiety in the corner of her mind.

I don't know when the touch of darkness will come.

I was anxious that I might wake up in the morning before this happiness, stability and tranquility.

“What's wrong? What's wrong? You don't look good." “No. Nothing.” From time to time, even if Kronos asks with a worried face, Leah can never reveal her insides.

I just bend my head, saying it's okay.

Moreover, my health was not so good because I tried too hard on the asphalt. Of course, there was no way the hospital could cure this, and Chronos had to run everywhere to get his medicine from there.

“Not yet... not yet.” I don't even see any signs of movement in the dark yet. What can I do if I'm sick? So even if I tried to find strength somehow, it wasn't easy. Now it is only the absolute power that has become like old times.

However, what made Leah's heart hurt even more was that the crack started gradually in the happy family that could barely be achieved.

Chronos' wandering around the world was' getting worse and worse with Yeon Woo and Jungwoo, especially seeing Yeon explicitly hating Chronos.

They had already promised to let their two sons live 'normal' lives, so Kronos had no excuse for why he was going around. The wealthier the relationship continued to turn, and in the middle, Leah had to look at all this sadly.

The past that Zeus and others had to go through began to overlap again……….

I wanted to prevent it somehow, but there was nothing else Leah could do that was beyond her physical limitations.

One day, a life so perilous.

“Jungwoo, Jungwoo!” Cho Jungwoo suddenly covered his tracks. He secretly left a letter saying he would get medicine to cure his illness.

Leah notices that it's a dark trick. For decades, the silent horseshoe had finally begun to move. A responsible youngest...

I knew that if I had a mortal child, I would be more likely to use my hands first. However, it became a reality, so I had to be heartbroken. Besides, I don't feel well. What happened between the 'snowflakes' is something that happened.

Just a little bit.

If only I'd paid a little more attention, I could've blocked it in the middle.

But it was too late for that, and it seemed like Cha Jungwoo had been dragged to the 'Tower'. She knew exactly where the tower was, so I could see how hard it was going to be.

And when I was held captive to Kronos, who moved to save Cho Jungwoo, and never came back,

Ugh... You can't do this. "Leah closes her eyes tight.

I tried my best to stop her, but I paid attention, and the darkness finally came and took everything away from her without a sound. Just like before, just like this time.

... we have to get it back. ”But Leah thought she could never let that happen this time.

What had already happened to me once was never going to happen again, as the queen who ruled Olympus and as the mother of any child. I couldn't just lose my husband like this again.

Luckily, Leah was expecting the dark one day, and she had something prepared a long time ago to somehow counteract him when he wrote a "number."

“Jungwoo, husband. Just wait a little longer. '

Until then, Leah only thought that Cho Jungwoo had been chosen in the dark.

Bags, Beck, and Pike-600 in the room making a lot of noise.

Leah slowly opens her eyes and barely raises her torso. The opponent is now as damaged as he should be, and sagging like a watery cotton ball. It was just too much to force myself to get up.

“ ^ ^. “^ Yeon-woo.” Leah brushes her sleeping face with half her face on her bed. After not being able to close my eyes for a few days, I looked after myself and finally fell asleep.

I used to wake up right away if I just touched it because I was nervous, but now I was just tired enough to fall over.

She 'didn't say anything all the time whipping Yeon Woo. What I wanted to say, what I wanted to say, and what I wanted to ask... There were so many words all over my mouth, but I couldn't get them out.

From now on, she will travel a long way, so please tell her that you need to be healthy.

That's why Leah wanted to keep the face of Yeon-woo in her eyes a little more.

And I desperately wanted to. I hope this is never the last time we see each other.

I wanted to have a day with everyone smiling again. So I wanted to clear up some misunderstandings and tell you that there are six more brothers and sisters.

And we all wanted to smile together.

Yeah, I wish I'd taken a picture. I thought it would be a good family picture.

It was only a pity that there was not a single family photo taken as four family members that remained true. But next time, it will be different. Leah will hold Yeon's hand with a non-transferable allotment.

I dropped my head quietly.

One of the things that Tie-600's screen drew in a straight line was that Daria prepared to put her personality and divine power together.

Her root, the power of the Curinale, is space.

Depending on its power, it is possible to privatize a particular space and to construct the laws that flow there according to its taste. It may be a concept similar to the sanctuary, but it was a much higher concept. It meant being an absolute creator in that space.

So she created a separate subspace. So that if something goes wrong on Earth and he dies, it can be triggered right away.

Unfortunately, Leah's human body was slain, and her soul came out of purity and woke up again in the subspace, not in a spiral of a former life.

Refusing to be reinstated.

Since it meant that they threw away the concept of 'life before life,' they had no choice but to perish when they were hit by death.

Moreover, there was a limit to the power we now have. It is not supplemented because it is simply "stored". It just meant disposable. The problem was that even when you get involved with the dark, you don't know how fast it will be consumed.

In some ways, after saving her husband and son, she might become extinct.

I knew that much better because it was Leah, who was God, how frightening that was.


She didn't care about that at all.

Now it was my duty to rescue my husband and son, who would be possessed by the black horses.

Your mother... followed us like that. "Chronos has kept his mouth shut.

It hurt even more that Yeonwoo and Mother were not comfortable after closing their eyes, and they were moving in an invisible place.

That's why Mother's soul didn't respond to the summoning of the lion.

It was not unresponsive.

I couldn't do it.

My mother was like a candle back then.

The fire may be glowing right now, but once all the candles are gone..., [Time reel flushes fast.] [Faster playback speed.] Leah is not the tower. That's where Kronos went and disappeared. He had to find a will that he could never read and stab, as it meant that Black had begun to act immersively.

There will be Kronos and Cha Jong-Woo... Leah thinks so.

So the place Leah chose was the Abyss.

Deep unconscious. The bottom of the world where all souls flow like rivers. (886) of the Law. And…… the end of the 'dream'. Or borders.

Yeonwoo was also the place where she had to go to look for Cho Jungwoo.

She also swam for as long as she could only get to the end.

_::. Leah swallows her saliva endlessly in front of the big door. When I came to the place that had only come down from my ancestors to the mouth, I was creeped out by myself.

And as soon as she opened this door, Leah thought she could never go back to where she was. Of course, I had already committed a hundred more times, so I couldn't let her grab her ankle.

However, I was curious to hear that there was a 'gatekeeper' guarding the 'door', but I did not see the gatekeeper.

I was prepared to immortalize all my powers here. Rather, it's a doorman. I was curious because I felt like I had left on purpose. However, I opened the door wide because I had no reason to refuse.

Kuang! She was only able to get through the gate after consuming so much mystical power. Beyond the boundary of 'Dream' … It was a place in the middle of 'Day' and 'Night'.


37 ㅋ 7 ㅋ 3 ㅋ Qu92\ Against Como Il Gul In me, there were a lot of journalists spinning dizzily. They were all equally sinister and curious about the lowly intruder.

Leah thought that the black pig standing behind them... or the shadowy things, was the owner of the voices or the typefaces.

There were too many eyes pouring out from everywhere. Joe? Sir? How is it possible to calculate on a unit basis?

These are the castles.

Is it a fragment of a cluster called the King of Black (\\ 8)?

9 ball '9) The place of Mufan Gon Ngo Gong Gong Gong Gon Gong Ka Goli or Ko Don Yai) Mana 2 Muzuo 0 The place where I hear this is a public psychology 5 fresh snow suns in dot sword. Cool to go straight to Manchung % Character Ga Ng Ton 2 Fun to go. (Root 20/Dun Pa Khin % Plug it in and if grandchild do not stay still. Good to be Korean? Did he have a one-hot green room near Kurn Gaye? Wansenzo92- Ga Kuo Eun Mui Phraeg Sailing Kozakema Castle suddenly began to retreat to the left and to the right, rather than teasing among themselves.

Leah was surprised at the sudden situation when she thought about how to find her son.

I could find it there.

+ I want to find this, and I don't want to.

The Soul. 5 Memory ° Hill 00 Even though Saint-1 "} Dangjiang Manhokul. It's time to say.

_: I saw this Donglang saga, which will not be harmed, but it was the crab floating hoon! Le Seul Jeongwoo's. {} is 6 but immovable, {} and {} {} is a magician {} who can carry more candlelight than the castles. {}

He looked at Leah and asked her, as she looked at Maestro and Sage, who had deep resonance and depth.