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16. Leah's Legacy (5)

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However, Leah's gaze was fixed on Cha Jungwoo's soul, which was held in the wise man's hands.

It was a son.

After feeling so calm and responsible...... He said he would try to fix my sick mother's illness and that it was a dangerous place, but he ran away.

Since she had lived as a Lord for a long time, Leah was able to read the spirit of her son in turn.

It contained all the events and accidents that my youngest son had to go through.

When I met my colleagues, triumphed, climbed the tower, made love, became a hero and an idol, but eventually I failed to cross the wall, was abandoned by my friends, abandoned by my lover, left alone... … and I finally got the elixir to hand over to my mother. Leah was screaming without a sound.

Everything that happened to my youngest son came alive one by one. When he's sick, he's apo, and when he's crying, he's sad. And when I saw he was finally dead, I couldn't say anything.

But what really made Leah more miserable was that it wasn't the end.

"The Enforcer chosen by Dark... It wasn't Jung Woo!" Leah's finger twitches when she has no idea. So what happens now? If Jungwoo wasn't chosen by Dark, who was it...? Are you kidding me? At that moment, Leah felt suffocated.

Yeon would be alone on Earth by now... The problem was that I didn't ask her to do anything because I didn't want her to worry.

At that time, there was a loud closing of the 'door' behind him.

Leah turns to you.

The 'door' that she had entered was tightly closed as if she didn't want to dream.

And beyond that, I felt the presence of a gatekeeper that I had never been able to detect.

It was a moment when the thought of maybe avoiding the place on purpose was revealed.

What Black wanted in the first place.

It appears that it wasn't just the Enforcer who connected Phneuma and Curinare's blood.

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Cho Jong-woo, the youngest son, was used as bait to lure Acronos into the tower and make him walk into the tower, and Leamazer darkened here.

This resulted in the recovery of Phineuma and Curinale, which had to be taken away from the Heavenly Horse as darkness.

Since I left Yeonwoo behind as the executioner, it was truly one of the best.

Especially considering that Yeon-woo is going to have a younger brother as well as an accomplice… Considering the staggering judgments of the process… no one would be better suited to a Dark Enforcer.

The Enforcer closes the Dream and stops the Rolle.

The quality of the world will never be as powerful as the grudge.


In fact, everything Leah thought she should stab was just playing in the palm of her dark hand.

'Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.') Leah bit her lip.

Now everything has been twisted. After climbing onto the palm of the dark, I had to find a way to save her somehow. I was worried about Yeon-woo, but I felt like I had to save my son right in front of me.

“You got everything you wanted, didn't you?” Gran Saint-O “and my child in your hands would no longer be of any use." 32 The so-called clear Yooseong, who wants to be called, did not fall into the guided interrogation of Pre-Bullyria. It seems to me that such a thin number is merely a joke.

Leah still feels like he's laughing. I didn't know his face because he didn't have the equipment, but he seemed to think the situation was just a joke.

That was offensive to her.

How dare you mock other people's lives like that? Though I could not conceive of it.

"Then let my child go.

We're done using it as bait to get our couple involved, right? I... I don't think I need it because I've fallen to my core. Leah's voice trembles when she utters the word ”deprivation." The reason my youngest son became like this was because he planted a diary and his own memory on the clock for Yeon-woo who might come to visit him while leading his sick body.

Group 4, Station 4 That nose 43Den9 'Hemophilus bean 2 Seed bean Although I do not slumber in return for the eyes candidate's foot, I have to take care of 0 9/0/# Zero. Cocoa 490 97 99/Also, Pouch 8 is not good enough. = Gggwan9Po Saint-Gur2Lea bites the lower lip.

“You have to! You have to do that!? I want the end of the world. Ranmo 27902 99s Gonku 9. Soon I'll forget the Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot” & Cotton 2 “I'm going to break what you want." I'm going to do 2Jet 2, “like this.” Phew! At that moment, Leah's body sprinkled a bright glow. The world full of domes is just a tiny speck, but light has come out.

The mystical force that had barely maintained her existence was consuming rapidly.

“You see, I've already lost my temper, I've lost my faith. And after I've exhausted all my remaining mystical powers... I'll be extinct. You'll lose a hard-to-get quinine at the end of the countless rolls of Kule. We're going to negotiate the merger of % to % Gonzan Gonzawa 2. Let my youngest son go, I'll give you my perfect son. Please, can you do that for me? Leah bows. If I could hold my knees, I would still be honey.

She was so desperate, and she felt like she wanted to save Cha Jungwoo.



Leah said, 'I thought I heard that laugh.

I can taste nine sunny Dizziness with a 7-year-old peacock. "My extinction will be quicker than that." It's bad luck, but in exchange for Room 079 in Manjjehua. 09791 After all that time, Leah was able to see hope.

So I barely raised my head.


The wise man was still smiling.

Chiangjimuwoo 4 I won't call it 2 Munlat do 02 92072 07/anti-flower 191Big disciple A lot %: 000! Ugh, "What the hell is this shit?! Yeon-woo!" My valley was not the only thing that frightened me.

The same was true of Kronos, who watched them silently.

Enforcer and foe.

Each time the 'roller' rolls, the 'dream' repeats.

The Enforcer is the representative of the King of the Black, and the foe is the spokesman of the thousand horses. So they were never compatible. The executive of the dream was Yeouido because the purpose of the original pursuit was different and the backdrop was contradictory.

But the hostile hasn't shown up yet, so I thought maybe he was out of it... but I can't believe that's enough! As Kronos' father, he had no choice but to scream, so he hurriedly turned to the whites.

Y-you knew about this? Yeonwoo's expression was otherwise still. I'm staring at the sage, but I don't see any loose spots.

Chronos felt a sudden setback of the rising and falling.

“I just assumed it might be. `What::? " Jungwoo was named the successor of the day when the tower fell. "They chose to wait, Metatron and Baal.

Wouldn't that make a good opponent? "_:_:! Chronos' eyes trembled.

But "" But why:: Aron: "" { Kronos was no longer able to say anything. I was so deep in my throat, I couldn't make a sound. And I blamed myself for having to pass on this damn fate to my sons.

When Yeon-woo was arguing with the Black King's ego, they were so bold as to ask about his whereabouts.

- I didn't see it.

- Obviously we had it, but it's gone.

The answer that they had it originally, but disappeared.

At first, I thought it had disappeared suddenly, but when I think about it now, there were many subtle corners. In the beginning, there were many things that were omitted. If so, it was definitely not a lie.

However, even though I wanted to go back to black immediately, I couldn't help but feel like a chimney.

That's what the self said.

- It must have flowed somewhere in the dark.

That meant that Yeon-woo's thoughts ended there.

The wise man once again struggled.

That 2807 Dolaju Flower Hanmo # 37 If you want to see 4 - Thousand Ma family beeps. Ahman Golcha 9 Taa/K45/254 The black that surrounded the sage greatly resounded.

2 97 Yang 9 'Straight Aura Mung! A huge black hand protrudes from Leah's feet. At the same time, the castles that had been retreating rushed towards her.

“You made a mistake.

Leah, however, burns herself more glamorously without embarrassing herself.

“There's nothing stronger than a mother trying to save her son, but a black hand grabs Leah and suddenly comes out of nowhere. The horses were also blocked by the transparent membrane.

Dark tried to close the gates somehow, but it was not easy.

The quinale of space.

In some areas, the ability to exert power was being exercised like the Creator. Though this was the space she had set up here, just one culprit of the flesh and the surrounding area, and its power was rising to the forefront, it was never magnificent.

The splendid glow flashes through.

Leah running to her youngest son and the horses running to catch her. Blackness, congestion, tangling, etc. became chaos in no time.

566766It was fun22/was 9%. Even when there was a 997 degree man, the wise man only looked at Leah with a quiet gaze.

Suddenly, Leah turns back and forth instead of running.

The horses try to follow you in the same direction, but the space in front of Leah is twisted. And it broke.

Leah fires her hand between the cracks in the space. Connecting space and space was another power of the Curinare.

Leah's hand suddenly appeared in front of the sage. It's about to catch Cha Jong-woo's soul. But as soon as the fingertips reach the soul, the wise man takes a step back.

Leah 'tried to push her hand deeper into the crack, but at that moment, the light that was holding her like a lie ceased. It was a signal that I had run out of mysticism.

“Oh, no...!” Leah's complexion is pale. The horses cling to this opportunity as if they didn't want to miss it. The light completely dissipates, and Leah falls into the latter, made up of marble castles.


It was very weak, but I thought I heard it too. However, many of the castles did not sound completely engulfed in monstrosity.

FIG. 9 The soul of Leah, who had been completely immersed in Mars, narrowed her eyes to three tons of clear pottery, 92 lines 9197 2. And I'm about to completely embrace the Curinale.

Umm... don't? "I heard it somewhere.

Seolhyun was greatly astonished and hurriedly looked at his right hand.

I could see Cha Jung-woo regaining his human form one day.

Nonsense...! That's what the wise man wanted to shout. It was a fallen soul. A soul that will never fall into a ghost, or vanish into oblivion. I lost my ego because the hundred years had disappeared. I'm sure you don't remember anything. How did you get your identity back? "Get away from me!" However, when the wise man was surprised, Cha Jungwoo's soul somehow escaped him and threw himself into the crack that Leah had made.

Why are you clinging to my mother? Oh, you don't have a mother, do you? You motherless bastards! "He appeared on top of the horses and almost touched Surea.

Leah's fingertips, which had not yet been locked in the castles' tweezers' baskets, hit the youngest son so hard.