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17. Leah's Legacy (6)

“Jeong-woo!” Leah wanted to see herself as her youngest son looked faint in a blurry vision.


"Get lost, I said! You motherless bastards!" The sound of Cho Jungwoo shouting.

A touch that feels blurry on your fingertips.

And an intuition opened Leah's eyes.

Pa! Leah grips her teeth and grabs the last remaining stamina.

The light exploded again in splendor.

Gwangwang Banjo (US Ponzi).

Just before the candle is extinguished, it burns up the last remaining fires beautifully, just before sunset.

Leah was making her own light more glamorous than any other moment I had ever seen.

Leah grabs Jungwoo's hand completely and pulls him into her arms with all her might.

The horses that were attached to her rushed out in a row.

56/67676, but not poisonous.

Eight weeks later, I missed the Guan Curi Bunre Idero, but I turned my back on those who laughed at what was so funny, and Leah hugged Jungwoo.

Even though I couldn't feel my body temperature because I only had a soul.

Rather, Leah could feel the warmth deeper.

I could see the pain my youngest son must have endured and the hard journey. I could tell even if I didn't listen directly. It was the same as the superpower that everyone had to know about 'Mom.'

Umm... don't! "Jungwoo looked at Leah with trembling eyes.

He had a lot to ask.

How the hell did she get here? It was because I didn't think that Mother, who had always thought she was ordinary, would come to save herself in such a different way.

If anyone came to save themselves, it was probably his brother. Although I told my brother not to come, on the other hand, I desperately wanted him to help me.

If it wasn't him, I used to think he might be my father.

Since childhood, my father was always a mysterious man.

He hated him, but he knew he was no ordinary man. Maybe he received an "invitation" from the tower, and I was vaguely guessing it was all because he inherited his father's blood.

But she was not my mother. I always felt like I had to protect myself and my brother and I had to take care of him by my side. I can't believe you're here.

Everything I wanted to say to Mother was contained in the word 'Mother.'

This chest, this body temperature, this touch... I wanted to feel everything.

Since he entered the tower to get medicine to cure Mother's illness, this was what he wanted the most. I jumped into the tower just because I wanted to hug my healthy mother one more time.

But his wish was only half fulfilled. I was able to hug her again, but she was running away again at a rapid rate. So don't do it. I feel sorry for you.

Arrrgh! Suddenly, there was a fire in my back.

"Ahhhh! Don't hit me!" Jung felt completely awake. She was staring at herself with her twin sisters on. I forgot about the moment and felt something unfair.

“Who told you to write that? I told you not to curse, didn't I? Who taught you that?” For a moment, Jungwoo's eyes rolled.

"Him_.}: * l > ll */" Who? So did the "Type 99“ lotus? ”The fire burns vigorously in Leah's eyes.

Dizziness: "".

“Where in the world?” Geam “Ganghong" These things! Your mom's not home, so you're living on a computer at all! I have to study, so I told you to do it for one hour a day. Jung Woo had to feel like he was getting smaller. It was confusing. It must be an emotional moment of reunion now, but why should I be?

“I don't study high school things to do, let go.” Since Jungwoo's been in the tower for so many years, he couldn't even say that he would have stayed after graduating from college if he hadn't been in the army.

“Just go back! You're both gonna get in trouble! Okay?” > ".: Nul_ So Jungwoo is fully grown.

Wow! Leah hugs Jungwoo harder.

“Bad things. What if I leave my mom like that...... You think I'd be happy about that?” Jungwoo did not miss the trembling voice of his mother, who had buried her face on her shoulders. Your shoulders are wet.

I also felt like I knew the meaning of "you."

You were here.

Even your lame father.

I'm sorry… "How much hurt the whole family was caused by one person.

I finally realized how wrong I was.

It seemed like the mother who had looked so big had dwarfed again.

Am I that big or has my mother gotten smaller?

I couldn't figure it out.

Ko7 Sungbuk) It was disturbing.

The cheerleaders begin to dizzy again.

Even the Gon 'people who regarded it as 9/9 lifted their heads upward while holding Ojeongwoo's hand in 94.

The wise man is pushing his hand in a big way. The black falls this way as you draw a massive vortex.

Was it a concussion? You try to spread your wings in front of a technique that resembles the gravity of a zero-century hawker that you may have stumbled upon one day.

He also risked his soul quickly, but I couldn't sacrifice Mother any more.

By the way.

Tsk, tsk! A crack breaks in front of the two star-spangled hats, creating a crack in the air.

Twenty-two wise men's eyes widening in the middle.

“Jungwoo, now!” Jungwoo didn't know how things turned out;} but as soon as she heard Leah's urgent shout, she hurriedly threw herself toward the crack.

When the signature skill of Heaven Wing, which had once mastered the numbering 002, was unlocked, the two of them were drawn inside the crack with a huge flick. The blacks thrown by the wise man slip past the place where they disappeared.

Clattering, peas! And the crack closed again.

9207 The appearance of the sage's typeface was very young.

4 Kolhu 9 Hanpa = 82 bowls of Longrank Goldsmith Hoeiang/but uniform Seasonal Fiction Grill 8.20... When it comes to Holson Street 997, Joe 999/2 Mann Huadag 9 Yang Songurea has already entered the gates of darkness. Ever since I found Jungwoo's soul, I feel like I've planted power in any piece of "dream" that roams around in the dark.

So that we can get out of the dark whenever we want.

Although there is no limit to activity, as to the fragments of the old 'dream' that had already disappeared, which was not the 'dream' in which she originally existed.

But for her, getting out of this tiger's den was the most important thing.

The reason the wise man hasn't been able to figure that out is because of the characteristic of the Curinale.

Or careless.

Either that or Leah 'among the many quinales that the sage has seen so far, she understands and seems to be using the power of the most ancestors.

97914 respecting Kyurivanabu 'Boon' Moga-mat Pazuka-7 He was in charge of Hong Kong for a long time. However, to convey the contents of the writing, the sage did not worry so much.

One of Leah's tricks was cute, but there was a limit to it after all.

Ilyun went to Jongdan ball '9/Zhou Yui was not a nine-year-old son.

In a world filled with nothing but emptiness.

Even though it was dark, it was a vague place even though it was the border between "day" and "night" or the debris that had not joined the creation of the universe.

Some people used to call this a floating scarecrow world ( Lanro) where only the old ones floated, but now the vanished realities were floating in fragments.

And there.

"Mom? Mom! Can you hear me?" As the tears poured out, I kept shaking Surea.



Leah is shaking dangerously, as if it were going to go away soon. The noise is sharp. Jungwoo tried to connect the slightly broken and open flesh somehow, but it was rarely easy.

“Jeong-woo.” Leah looked at her youngest son in a wobbly vision.

Jungwoo was furious and looked at his mother.

"Yes, Mom! I'm here! “ Whatever………… you are ~ > + cool here "" Jen "Dee Yeohyuk" couldn't say anything for a moment.

This scene.

It was the same as before

Every time you overcome a crisis in the hospital, you are in pain and you always worry about yourself and your brother first.

The mother is filled with more worries about her son than about you.

You. "“_only "". "Mother's voice is blurred. I could see my eyes closed. At this rate, it seemed really dangerous.

No! I can't! Neither my brother nor my father are here yet. Where are you going? "Jungwoo urgently grabbed Leah's hand. I thought I could divide my spirits, but I couldn't because he was also going away.

If only he could resurrect Mother after he had died, he would have suffered indefinitely for Mother who had already burned down her power.


We have to find a way.

It was the only thought that blinded Jungwoo.

My mother couldn't save herself in a situation where she couldn't save herself.

Then there must be a way to save Mother. That's what I thought.

At that moment.

“! There was one thought in my head.

In the beginning, he didn't think anyone other than his mother would come.

Bro) My eyes opened wide.

"You had a brother and a father, right?" As long as I knew that they had already moved, all I had to do was wait with my mother for them to come.

Wow! His two wings were more spectacular than ever before. As if Leah were spraying a flood of light, a shimmering swarm of light poured down her wings.

Immediately, I began to spin my body at a rapid rate, enhancing my spiritual power. The senses expanded and the cognitive area expanded as much as possible.

Since Da 2 Jungwoo knew that there was little time to squeeze like this, he focused all his spiritual power on both eyes.

The dragon's pupil in both eyes was enlarged. When Orloth's vision contained Leahman, all the information that was composing her suddenly spilled into her brain in bulk.

^ Cook ":" {} Jungwoo gripped his teeth.

The polyp pursues the truth. Dragon Eye was the eye that 'observed' the truth. Among them, there can be no better research subjects than God who has the truth.

Originally, God's information, which would have had a lock, was currently being poured into Jungwoo in large quantities as his body weakened.

“The Curinal - what... My mother had the power to defeat those strange Shamans. There's got to be an answer.

I, the child of Mother, definitely had power there, and I was going to 'copy' all Mother's power right here.

To yourself.

Of course, he was mortal everywhere, and imitating the transcendent Mother was like a madness.

It was a suicide on the way down, but it wasn't time for him to cover things up right away.

And most of all,

Jungwoo believed in his talents.

If you have a talent for seamlessly accommodating all energies without distinguishing attributes and achieving applications with a high level of understanding.

And if you think about the nature of the inheritance from Mother, you think that it is not impossible.



Somewhere, in one part of the soul, I felt that sound.

"A little more. A little more... [" The wings of the sky overheat.

My soul rose with excitement. Something just kept happening in a flood of information. I was stunned as if I was going to die soon, but Jungwoo endured it somehow.

I also thought that if I could pass on this opportunity well, I could achieve the desertion and transcendence I had always considered.

No, it must be starting already.

That sound must be pushing the boundaries of the soul. In response, the wings of the sky continued to grow, spreading a bright light.

But Jungwoo couldn't concentrate on that. What he wanted to find was the power of the 'quinale` that his mother had, and he analyzed it to some extent.

"That's it... everything!" At first blur of consciousness_I developed the first power of the Curinale based on my powers.

The wings of the sky were tens of times larger than the original size of Jung Woo and Leah.

Jungwoo hugged her tightly, saying that he would never miss her. And all the time flows were forcibly stopped while surrounding the surroundings with a thick barrier.

In this room, he was the Creator, and he was the ruler. It wasn't hard to manipulate time. If we do this, we will be able to hold on to the existence of Mother who is about to be destroyed. It was like a kind of sealing (confirmation).

Of course, in order to maintain this space, as much as the caster has to be the main core, it has to be sealed together.


One day, my brother and father will come to save themselves.

But come quickly, brother. Father. "And.

Thrust! I'm in hibernation (total of 8).

[All playbacks are complete.] [No subsequent information found.] That's how it's done.

“Father.” Yes. Let's go. Your mother and sister will be waiting for you. Yeonwoo and Chronos began to move straight away.