Second Life Ranker

18. Honcefalsin (1)

Hermes nodded his head in the voice of Yeon Woo, who was waiting for him.

“Hye From now on, untie the soldiers and check the places I tell you about.

Late King... These candidates are expected to have Emperor Emperor Castles. "Then Yeon-woo did not listen to Hermes' answer, but taught him a few places.

Hermes was bamboozled by a myriad of commands, but thanks to the power coming and going from the heavens and the lower streams, he was able to quickly store the candidates in his head.

And I ordered the gods to move quickly to each area.

“Where are you going?” If Athena is a surrogate for Yeon Woo, Hermes was close enough to walk around inside Olympus with a horn (that is, a secretary), and he immediately realized that something had happened even though Yeon didn't say much.

A little farther. Yeon-woo answered very briefly.

I'm going to get your grandmother. Shyaji So wait all until I do, and look for Emperor Heaven Castle. We won't be in touch for a while. Finally, Yeon-woo's channeling was cut off.

Are you going back to darkness? Chronos asked Yeon-woo who had a car to move right away.

The question was, shouldn't we satisfy the wise man who pretended to be ignorant after doing this right away?

“No, not now." I'm going to turn around a little bit. ”Why? “ It is clear that the wise man has not yet found a fragment of the 'dream' where Jungwoo and his mother are. If I did, I wouldn't wake you. " Why do you think that is? “ If I find it, I can't say I don't know. "So is he." Kronos nods.

The sons of the Black King usually have no secrets.

Each of them had different ideas and characteristics, but they were always together and were part of a group of doctors.

There was a lot of influence on each other and a lot of shared minds.

Of course, she tricked Yeon-woo with a nuance that she didn't seem to know anything about, but that was a lie of attribute that must be discovered someday.

In that way, if Maestro and his followers found Cho Jungwoo and Leah, Yeon-woo couldn't have known. I used to wander around in the dark. If I didn't find it, I would have been disqualified as my son and brother.

“So I'm going to divert to a place with friendships.” Is there a way? “Yes. There's a good way." What? Hibam "… I am going to find a resident of the boundary." _:_:! Chronos' eyes slightly widened.

“Residents of the boundary are those who live across many 'boundaries`. And that's the implication of existence. Sections of space-time," dreams, "or pieces, the boundaries of" day "and" night. "There is a possibility that there is even a imaginary world with friendship among them.” But... you don't know that upside down means it's probably a very dangerous place for you, too, right? Yeon-woo nodded.

Pieces of the discarded dream.

No one knows what's in it. Somehow, it was completely ruined, so just entering could have ruined its existence.

In addition, Jungwoo put in power and prevented them from even finding it outside at all.

A place where you can't go in from the outside, but you can't come out from the inside.

He was part of the King of the Black, but there was a good reason why he was unable to recover Jung and others who had no choice but to approach him.

“Yes, but that doesn't mean we can't go.” "" That's right. "Besides, they were the ones that had to be tied down once anyway. You need that much strength to fight the King Bull, and as long as you have a wise man, it's not entirely black, so you have to draw him in from night to night.” Yes. It's your call, so I'll take care of it. Chronos glanced at Yeonwoo with a proud face.

In that gaze, quality contained trust.

The father's infinite trust in his older son.

Then let's go. We can't keep your brother and mother waiting. "[The Black King's ego is coming!] The place where Yeongwoo cut through the space was where Cha Jong-woo's sathorn, etc.

After the tower collapsed, the boundaries of the universe and the world that have been colliding again and again without moving 'day' and 'night'.

Or the end.

And when he showed up, all eyes were on him.

[The Day (Eros) recognizes the Dark Lord's ego!] [The divine society, Malach, all want to move to the place where the Black King's ego comes from.] [We want to appear in the Demon Society, where the identity of the Black King before Le Infernal exists.] [Knox] 'Behold the Dark Lord's ego!] In the barren void, Yeon raises her head high.

The world is dark at night, one blue at noon and one dark at night, along a solid line in the middle of the distant sky.

Whereas there are many rainforests on the side of the "Day" camp, the "Night" camp was still observing Yeongwoo without revealing anyone.

Depends on what he's doing here.

Yeon-woo knew that too, so she did not look at the 'night' first. For now, it was my duty to meet my brother first.

[Michael's coming! Uriel is coming!] [Raphael is coming!] ['Malach` reveals himself!] First, Michael, who began to lead Malach on Metatron's behalf, fills the plain with angels, one by one.

“It felt like something heavy was coming down. This is a very impressive man you have here.” Michael didn't hide his curiosity this time, as he did in the first place. No, I pulled out a spectacle that was even stronger because I felt the intensity of Yeon Woo that was so different than before.

On the other hand, Uriel and Raphael, who were barely familiar with their faces, were not hiding their vigilance or hostility.

For some reason, 'Yeon-woo' seemed to know why they had such a reaction.

Even though they were on the same side, it was now the 'part' of the Dark Lord who hated and had no choice but to be cautious.

Sassaroya was also a source of hostility because she lost her old leader and scribe Metatron.

But understanding it and embracing it were completely different things.

I don't like what you're doing! Chronos had no choice but to expose Malach's hostility to his son without knowing the subject.

In the beginning, it was Gun Woo's 'mercy' that saved them from the collapsing tower.

If it had been the way it was, would the bastards who would have remained in the tower, who didn't know the topic? In fact, Chronos didn't even know my own subject and hated the pranksters.

Although he died more than he did during his time, his temper as a king did not completely disappear.

Koo-He revealed the King's temperament, and Uriel and Raphael's expressions were firm.

_'____! "" "! Although it is natural to say that Chronos, which was more aggressive than in its heyday, could never win even if Metatron returned.

How much more could the beings below be able to bear Chronos' strength?

The members of Malach had spent over a decade at war with the Night, thinking they were as strong as they were, but it was only a matter of time before they realized they were nothing compared to Kronos.

My throat was cold.

It was as if an invisible blade had been pierced into their necks.

And on the other hand, I could stand behind Kronos like that and look at the faint snowflake and recall again.

When they were in the midst of the war with "The Night," they looked at Yeon-woo's gaze as they 'bowed'.

It was not in the nature of what they were able to do.

For creatures like man, the stars in the sky are as numerous as the stars in the sky, so, technically, the existence of Yeongwoo is a position for them! Close your eyes. Before we all go back. "In the end, a few of the archangels in Malach were forced to stagger backwards while drooling.

“Hehe, why don't you stop now?” In front of Kronos, who was about to press them even more, Michael stepped up and took a hard shot at the ground.

Paang! The whirlpool that covered Malach is gone like a lie.

At that moment, one of Kronos' eyes twitches.

One lip twists.

"You're pretty good, aren't you? “ I tend to get into fights. ”I heard there's a mad dog under Metatron who only knows how to fight.

It must have been you who was rumored to have asked my master right away if I wasn't holding his collar. Even though there was no such thing as fluent language about you.

Michael was the only one left.

“You speak very harshly. I'm just trying to do my best.” Now that the Mad Dog has severed his collar and become its owner, it's obvious that Malach is about to go off. "“ I think that's a good point, "Kronos frowns with a sudden look in his eyes.


[Agarez is coming!] [There's a bargain coming! Le Infernal!] [Fenrir is coming!] Like Michael, demons have emerged in ranks, leading the new Rene Fernal to command Agares.

At the end of the day, there was someone who had nothing to do with them.

Woof, woof, woof! [Fenrir wags his tail as he greets his longtime friend!] "That's mine, so don't let it fool you! Agares, who was still a little boy, was meddling on top of his puppy, Penre.

Puppy! What? No order for needlepoint? You bastard! Even cold water has its ups and downs, but you're very young! Woof! Cow, stop talking nonsense! There's nothing I wouldn't say to Agares, the leader of Le Infernal and ruler of the East...! "Woof, woof!" Tooth seizure? Eww...! I can't stop being a gluttonous insect! And there seemed to be no difference between the two, just like Michael.

Even as she was groaning like that, Agares had no intention of coming down from Fenrir.

If there was anything different, it was that the two personalities were much more formidable than before.

That must mean he's been fighting like that for years.


[Athena is coming! Ram is coming!] [Friends of Olympus (Huang Phu), 'Dis Pluto' reveals themselves.] [It's been a long time since the Unsullied have shown respect to Venju! Disc Pluto, the leader of Athena, reveals himself with one knee in his chest.

[The clans are back!] Tess Lord (Shannon has been reconstituted.] Tess Road (Ghost) has been recaptured.] [Arc Reach (Wealth) has been reconstituted.] The shadow of Yeongwoo stretches long and suddenly swallows all the shadows from everywhere.

Yoshi! The Mood Maker, Shannon! My master, have you been so bored without me? The noisy one remained.

Even the riches that were far more fierce than before were faithfully tightening their heads.

[The Heir of the Day (Eros)] is coming!] Cha Jong-woo's monument was also revealed at the end.

“Jungwoo.” W-what? Why are you looking at me like that? He said, grumbling and complaining that he was happy to see his brother after a long time.

Originally, Raman Yun would have played around here, but now was not the time, so he said with a serious tone.

“Let's go find her. ”