Second Life Ranker

19. Honsefalsin (2)

Suddenly, Mom? Jungwoo's monument came to me for a long time and asked me if I was suddenly saying the right thing.

However, the two eyes were surrounded by a strange frenzy.

It was because the fact that Father had regained it, but Mother could not, had remained deep in his mind as stigma.

“Half of you are there.” Th-that's a strange expression. Anatta misunderstands me! What the hell is going on? Explain yourself! The spirit of Jungwoo, who has been the successor of 'day' for more than a decade, has had to feel sorry for the absence of the soul during the war with 'night.'

Being (# show) consists of the soul of the Bondi skeleton and the bag of razor. Without any of these, there is only half, and its existence is only half.

Although Jungwoo's monument was desolated based on the work that had been built over time, it was not being pulled until it was completely transcended. It was because there was no soul that could be the subject, so there was a limit to the rise of the tide.

Of course, in the case of Yeonwoo's 'family, Rebecca,' she gained a status as soon as possible, but that was only possible because she had been paralyzed by Yeonwoo and was still blessed by her original god, Kernoonos.

The Monument of Jungwoo, an independent being, could never be. He is like a sand castle that has been built without a skeleton, so he can collapse completely after his first mistake.

But now, he's finally found where the skeleton is. After taking him back, Chachoengwoo can only be completed as a complete being.

It can be reborn as an intact ruler, not as an heir to the "day."

And you can take your mother with you? Of course, as a souvenir of Jungwoo, I had to catch fire in my eyes.

Yeon began to speak calmly about Leah's thoughts that she and Kronos had seen.

[The 200 Jungwoo monument was insensible for a while. And the fact that she came to find herself, he finally sat on the floor.

W-what the hell was I doing? So did my brother, so did my father... Now even my mother. Why is everyone suffering like this because of me... ”In the voice of the Jungwoo Memorial, sadness continued to spread. If I could have shed a tear, I would have burst a fever.

Chronos also wanted to rule the depressed heart by turning his head to the side without even looking straight at the face of such friendship.


Yeon-woo's expression was still blunt.

No, it was cold in the middle of nowhere.

Don't say "ninth day.“ ”Twitch!“ Pad. That's what you used to play with. And you flip me over? Do you want to lose? " ______ ^ Just a moment of silence.


The Monument of Jungwoo suddenly disappears from its place.

Yay! Yeon-woo disappeared, too.

What the hell is going on with spirituality? Chronos turned his gaze to one side, full of embarrassment and doubts, and saw Jung fleeing as he spread his wings far and wide.

The image of Yeonwoo, who is chasing behind her with bright footprints.

S, Stoeol! I'm unfair! "What?” "It wasn't me, it was the soul cub! Why are you...! “ He's you. ”I tried to complain that the Monument of Jungwoo was unfair, but the fist of Yeon-woo didn't give way.

Pump! "I don't bother with paddles. Let's just get out of here.” Master of Stamina.

Yeon said coldly, gently plucking her hands.

Chronos said, "I was staring at you with a blank expression.

... Shit. That's -- that's my brother. On the other hand, the monument of Manjeongwoo grumbled with a ferocious bruise on one eye.

“Are you unfair?" Of course! I didn't do it! “If you are unfair, go to him.” The monument of Jeleaf Jungwoo had to barely clear the scorn that had gone up to the neck.

“Too bad.” Again, well! "I wanted you to resist more. But I thought you were a little strong. is gone a lot.” Shit! If you resist, you'll hit me again! “So I'm sorry," female admissions.

The fist of the Jungwoo Memorial trembles.

I want to hit you.

No matter how big you are, I just want to hit one! I thought about it and went around in my head.

But that was the only way to hurt myself. Although I have come to fight the war as the heir of the Day, it will not be compared to my brother who fought every day to become the Lord of the Black King's self.

Maybe he's running around here trying to set a trap for you.

It's different.

“Aren't you coming?.” D-Dad! You're bothering me! "In the end, Jungwoo's monument had to find Chronos.

Kronos presses his temples tightly with his index finger as if he were in trouble.

Why are you all so old...! "In fact, even when I was on Earth, twin sons used to fight like that. I fight a lot of brothers who are one or two years old, but twins who are born at one time should die.

The mystery was that even in a fight like that, friendship was good.


Woof! You found Cha Jungwoo's soul? Agares and Fenrir were approaching their brothers. Unlike the sunny Fenrir, Agares' eyes were still burning.

Then of course you should take this body! Jungwoo's monument was a shivering expression.

Why do I need a reason to go looking for mine? Th-that soul is my hearing You, too, are all mine! "" 늠}.} ^ Woof! Pussy! While the Monument of Jungwoo and Agares were arguing, Penhir prowls, waving his cute tail at the kitten. It means take yourself somehow.

Yeon-woo nods and says it's better. Then Agares screams at the whale.

"Me too! Take me with you! The Demon Kings of Le Infernal, who followed him, turned their heads to the side because they were just like little children. In my experience, it was best to just pretend not to see.


Malach's archangels, including Michael, were quickly exchanging channel messages cautiously.

The message can only be shared by those affiliated with Malach.

Michael, if the Heaven Wing truly finds its soul, its existence will be complete. At that time, the sovereignty of the "day"...! Yes. Now there is the guardianship of the scribe, and the common enemy is "The Night," but we don't know what will happen then if the Black King's ego is subordinated to the night. We have to be prepared somehow. Even with Raphael and Uriel's concerns, Michael just smiled and said nothing.


Yeon-woo smiles coldly, looking this way.

Rafael and Uriel had to raise their waist because they didn't know what that smile meant. Obviously, Yeon-woo couldn't have noticed the story they shared, but it was because she felt strangely anxious.

I just laughed at Michael Mann with that look.

“Athena, stay here. If the channel is temporarily disconnected from my side, don't worry too much.” The order is to be in charge of the 'Day' camp here on behalf of Jungwoo's monument.

I was embarrassed by the face of Athena who wanted to report such things to Yeon-woo after meeting her for a long time, and to hear her compliments that she worked hard.

“I'm also keeping an eye on Michael, who will follow me for protection." " However, Athena's eyes widened in the soon after Yeon's channel message.

And soon her pupils sank deeper.

What does that mean? Jungwoo, Malah, Le Infernal... In fact, it is loosely coalesced because of the teachings of its predecessors, without any shared interests or ideas whatsoever. It's been held together because it's been common. However, if 'Night' is no longer a crisis… the story may be different… "______! Then you will be the first to move in Malach. Le Infernal still fears Agares, but his loyalty is clear. But they don't. First of all, it's a weird picture from the beginning of the absolute good and evil holding hands. If I do anything presumptuous or unsettling, I will use my hands without delay. Yeon-woo nodded instead of answering.

In fact, he expected Michael not to move at all, no matter what public he had.

He wasn't stupid enough to make a splash without any conviction. But keeping an eye on him didn't seem too bad.

So I asked Athena to back me up.

The group pushes one foot into the boundary line between 'day' and 'night'. A long time ago, when I entered the myth of Kronos to make squite, I felt like I was flying in the dark.

No, probably not much different than that. It was originally run by Olympus in the days of Uranozija. The place where 'day' and 'night' were at the beginning of the creation of the cosmos...

You have entered 'Night (Knox)'!] The whole plan breaks down.] [The fabric and transition barrel will be activated.

Correct the swinging senses.] [Correct awareness will be achieved.] The Medal Shows!] Haa...! This place sucks every time I come in here. Jungwoo's monument nervously brushed his hands against the sensation of digging into the skin.

I've been in and out of wars several times, but I never thought I'd get used to it in my life. There was nothing more unpleasant to a man than the power to devour existence and break the law.

And whether it was Agares or Fenrir, the impression was stiff as well. I was ready to open Margie right away.

Their vigilant gaze was directed at various gazes scattered throughout the realm of the night.

Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo! ["Contaminated Source" pins his head in the appearance of the Great Father!] ["The Being Who Was Not Born" wets his head, saying that he is not yet his father!] ["Waiter for the outside world" is not my father, but I wonder if I should see him as the same as my father!] [Childish Spiritual Eyes' careful living around them, rolling their eyes, not making much decisions on the chaotic controversy!] [The night (Knox) 'is chaotic without fully constructing a response to a new being we've never seen before!] [The Dancing Green Flame' will give you an opinion on how to have and decide first! [Dome from the stars nods, saying it seems reasonable!] [Bloody God says yes to Dancing Green Flame!] All eyes on [The Night (Knox) 'go to the sudden appearance of the Black King's ego!] If it had been the way it was, waves of unrefined ideas would have been pouring in from all over.

The intensity of the alliance is much higher than theirs, and most of all, it is easy to understand their intentions because they are close to the 'night'.

The Monument of Jungwoo was still a confused color.

However, among the outsiders who ruled the 'night', it was a confusing figure because Hornsefalsin said that it was the highest sequence.

But then, the green flame appeared briefly over Yeon Woo's head and vanished, and it was like, "Did I do well? 'Is it his idea to feel it?


[The residents of the perimeter look up!] The highest sequence of Honcefalsin, the leader of "The Night," appeared.

Just as the door opened, a huge pupil pushed away the darkness of the night and appeared in front of Yeon-woo. He was surprised at the Monument of Jungwoo and Agareth, and tried to have a boundary trend, but before that, he almost killed Yeon-woo and sanctioned them.

The residents on the perimeter didn't care about them. It's as if they don't match.

I was just staring at Yeon Woo.

Oh, yeah. Humidity.

“I told you. She said she would come soon," Yeon-woo opens up her rage completely, without hiding it. From now on, I had to be recognized as the Black King by them.

Rrrrrr! All the spaces that make up the "night" were shaken. I also looked at Yeon-woo with a nervous expression.

[All beings of 'The Night (Knox)' look at the Black King's ego with a stunning young gaze!] [Residents of the Border 'look at you with their eyes wide open.] Woo. Lee. Ah. Employed.

Party. God. To. To. Han. Sun. Tac.

Nails. Lied.

Content that has not acknowledged Yeon-woo yet.

I twitched my arms at one of Yeon-woo's eyes.

“Why?” Party. God. W. before. I can't. Ha.

Gun. Horse. a. Just. F. Yes.

All right. Good. Wealth. Clan.

It was because Yeonwoo had not yet become the main self of the King of Black, and because she was postponing closing the "dream."

"So? You don't recognize me?" Yeon-woo raised her fangs.

It was my first mistake to fight them here, so I could blow up a few leftovers, but I could never show weakness.

All right. Good. Certificate of residence. Phil.

“Proof?" Oh. F.g. That's right. Certificate. G.

It meant, for example, get their recognition.

“I don't know which father in the world deserves recognition from his children.” Yeon-woo snorted arrogantly.

“But, okay. Do whatever you need to do." 'The Wandering Green Flame' reveals () .1 The Black Feast of Abundance 'gazes (\) .1 The Unnamed Fog' gives ( The Sun). The Singer of Doom hugs at three o'clock.] All the gazes of the Honsefalsa pour out.

The world surrounding the pond has changed.