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20. Honcefalsin (3)

[Scenario Quest (Foolish Father) has been created!] [Scenario Quest/Reckless Father] Description: The rulers of the Night (Knox), including 'Residents of the Boundary', have not been able to clear their doubts about you since claiming the position of the Black King.

It may seem like the height of the Black King to you, but it is not yet his state of self and I have no doubt that Ron is continuing to delay the end of his "dream," which is the long-awaited salt of the Black King.

But they are very well aware that it is impossible to say that you are not the Black King.

In fact, in the case of the Dancing Green Flame, I am persuading my colleagues that you may lift the curse of the night (Knox) that you may come. And a lot of the existence of "The Night," in his opinion, is making a big difference.

Of course, there are still a lot of people who are petty about it, so we haven't been able to narrow it down, and they've decided to test you one by one under the control of the Viceroy (subterpo), the Ruler, to see if he's a sensible father.

And now, I've offered it to you, and you've accepted it.

From now on, Hornsefalsin will test you one by one on behalf of the beings of the Night. Pass this in turn and be reborn as a foolish father.

Time Limit: -Limited Conditions: Black King's Self Achievement Requirements: Complete all 8 quests from now on.

Caution: If you fail at least one quest, no recognition will be granted.

2. When ambiguous results are achieved, the subjective opinion of the person who took the quest may be reflected.

Reward: Credentials [Currently there are two of the Honsefalsa, the 'crawling chaos' and the 'sovereign of the extreme'.] [In the case of the Getaway Chaos', the quest is counted as completed because there is a precedent for admitting the identity of the Black King as a reckless father.] [Current Performance Status: 1/8] [The sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereignty of the 'sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereignty of the' sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereignty '] [The sovereign sovereign sovereignty of the sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereignty of the' sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereignty of the sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereign sovereignty ']] [Laplace voted yes.] [Current performance status: 2/8] After several' messages appear.

[Do you want to proceed with the next quest?] I was reminded to continue with the test.

And there was an angry creature there.

"Sigan. Room. Jyn. Guys!" Riches emerged from the shadow of the kite and ignited the Sierran Inferno site like a flame.

_Even though his intellect and body had been more than a few metres before (but he was only a few metres taller again), his protruding strength was not significantly deteriorated compared to the circular Honsefalsin.

In fact, it's not just me who's been avoiding the night because of the wealth.

It was because he was pioneering a new era with the power of order and chaos at the same time.

"Dare. Go, master.. to test. 1. Do you do?" Then he openly revealed his enemies.

It was because they tightened their heads and begged for their acceptance as loyal servants of Yeon Woo, and they dared to ignore my topic.

Even though the Merciful Lord said he would gladly accept their arrogant challenge, he could not help but overlook it.

I'll fix that attitude first. I even took out the law because of that thought.

The Honsefalsa (the atmosphere has become chaotic.

"Hong Hong Kong! That's the same idea I had. What's wrong with our followers if they don't want to?" And whether he wanted to help with that wealth, Laflax enlightened himself as a body and added to his wealth as much as possible.

"What? Are you fighting again? It's getting a little quiet now. I told you, things can't go wrong where my master visits. Stop nonsense. You'd better trim your knives." TeyeoyShannon, Ghost and Rebecca appeared next to Yeouido in turn.

Nernunos favors his Apostle!] The main factions of Yeonwoo were already great, but I was the only one.

Meanwhile, even in front of the powerful power of 'night', it was clear how 'day' could resist without collapsing.

Since Yeongwoo suffered numerous struggles and escalated in the dark, his family members were also being secretly influenced and continued to grow.

Then, when it became like this, the one who was embarrassed was Honsefalsin.

Since they tried to oppress Yeon-woo, they seem to be inverted.

I am busy looking at the residents of the boundary because I have to do one thing while expressing unpleasantness.

“Back off, everyone.” At that time, Yeon-woo spoke with an annoyed voice to those who stood in front of her.

"Ha. However. My Lord. Them. Topics. I don't know...!" I told you to come out, Father. How long have you been throwing up on my decisions? Or are you going to continue to ignore my doctor? The swelling felt an unpleasantness in the voice of Yeongwoo and swiftly tightened his head, swallowing one knee.

I... I... - I did it. Forgiveness! "I thought it was too much for him, knowing that he had been blinded by his loyalty.

Yeon-woo crossed that resolution without saying anything.

Meanwhile, Honsefalsin was somewhat surprised or shocked by the attitude of wealth he had seen.

And I had to think higher about Yeon-woo that much.

“Maybe he wanted a painting like this. Boo, he's more fluffy than he thinks." Yeon-woo yelled, thinking like that.

“Who's gonna go first? Fire, you want to start?” Yeon looked at the green dancing flame that was in front of her.

The one with the huge image of flame was the one who meditated to have a conversation first when the "night" beings couldn't decide to say this about Yeouido.

In addition, the scenario quest contained an explanation that the green flame indicated a favorable intention for Yeon-woo.

So I talked to him first.

The dancing green flame 'says he won't stand up.] The Green Flame' says he already thinks of you as his father.] [Green Dancing Flame 'Quest Completed.] [Current Performance Status: 3/8] The fire that glowed with koo-koo-koo-koo was burnt up more heavily. I felt warm. The doctor said he would obey.

Yeongwoo nodded quietly and turned her gaze to the other side.

“Then?" [The Black Veil of Abundance] says he wants to try it first.] "Great. Try it. [Black Fortune Tells me there's something I want to ask the Black King's ego before that.]]“ What is it? ”The Black Fortress of Abundance was strangely shaped with a body made of dark red fog and a myriad of black tentacles and mucinous agails.

The one who was as vigorous as the stench was, was also the next in line among the border dwellers.

Many of his mouths were equally fluffy, precisely speaking human language.

“To be our foolish father.” To be our foolish father. ”“ Do you know what that means? ”“ Do you know what that means? "Yeon nods.

“I know." “No. You don't know." “No. You don't know." “No. I know." “You don't know.” “I don't know. At the moment of" I know ”, Yeon-woo unleashed a contradiction so that only she could hear.

"Lose your name," right? Girl [Mic 'aik I think I can say I know. Isn't that right? All the branches of the Black Fortress of Abundance are closed at the same time.


[The Black Feast of Abundance 'raises the question: Can we afford it all?] [The Black Feast of Abundance' warns that nothing is more foolish than destroying the abundance (Horn 0 #) for yourself.] “That's my job.

All you have to do is decide what quest to give me. ”[The Black Lord of Abundance looks at the black king's ego with thin eyes.] [The Dark Lord of Abundance 'wants to see if your resolve is real or not.]“ As you wish. ”[Power,' Just Kiss the World of Rehabilitation 0 & 42) 'will be displayed!] The Swarm Quest is about to begin!] Pa! Yeon fell into an illusion cast by the Black Fortress of Abundance.

[Subquest (Illusion of the 'Black Fortress of Abundance`) was created!] [Subquest/Illusion of the 'Black Feast of Abundance'] Description: The 'Black Feast of Abundance' brings abundance to creatures, but is known to be full of such nasty and malicious things.

From now on, stay out of the rich fantasies she sees.

If you can't get out, you can go down as fertilizer for the abundance of the Black Feast of Abundance.

"Abundance"? "Fortress"? Yeongwoo raised her torso in a headache that was likely to break.

The sunlight came in through the window. The bed was also unusually plump today, so it didn't go too well with horrible headaches.

I think I had a very long dream...... I can't remember what it was.


“Yeon Woo! Hey, Cha Yeon Woo! Didn't you hear me tell you to get up and eat?” The door opened and my mother came in. I've always seen it.

Strangely missing face.

“Huh, Mom?“ Did you spend the night playing games again? Mom told you to go to bed early, didn't she? Now a kid named High 3...! ”Maybe it was because my mother was wearing an apron.

Yeon-woo wants to say something.

Oh... Oh, I, uh, I played all night last night. "I have a vivid memory of what happened late last night in the cell. Then why don't I remember it now? It's like I've been waiting. Do you think he's still sleeping?“ Come out and eat. My father and Jungwoo are waiting. ”“:, *: Nil. ”“ And I'm going off the Internet today, so I know that. "“ Hey, Mom! That's...! "” Yeon-woo was furious and tried to stop Mother, but she was already going to the mill without listening to her son.

As Yeongwoo followed Hudadak out, instead of looking at the newspaper, I saw Jungwoo holding up his mother urgently and talking with his father, who was unable to play the game with him.

“Ma'am? If you suddenly disconnect the Internet... Can you give me some stock? I'll be good at keeping an eye on the kids... Huh?" “Is that what you're saying in this situation? It's all because of you that the kids don't study until they're in third grade! You don't know," No, why are you giving me shit? "You live on a computer! The father of the child can't make a comedy atmosphere!” "Well, I don't want to, but the company people keep asking me for help, so I couldn't help but overhear my father yelling and whispering in his mother's axe's eyes.

……… Sorry. I will shut up. "“_From today until the end of excellence with Yeongwoo, no computers, no internet. Okay? "“ Here you go, baby. I got an important raise this week! ”“ Mom! What about me? You said third grade! It's bad for studying! ”“ You be quiet! Jungwoo, I'll lend you your mom's laptop. ”My mom's laptop is all about finding mines! In the middle of a noisy moaning.



Seeing the morning life as usual, the battery of grits couldn't help but shed tears.