Second Life Ranker

21. Honsefalsin (4)

The breakfast was delicious.

The grain rice, mackerel, spinach, cabbage kimchi, and miso soufflé grumbled that they had to eat breakfast because they couldn't sleep any more, but they were still pushing it into their mouths.

My mother's cooking skills were quite famous at school.

My dad said he couldn't use the computer, so he was upset and then bent the miso stew a few times with his finger and got mad at my mom.

And Yeon-woo only ate quietly.

I feel like I want to contain a little more of this everyday life.

I ate the steamed food that Mother prepared, and I immediately listened to the conversation of my family members.


“Huh? Huh! It's time already! Mom, can I get up first?“ Let's get the lunch box! You said you were remodeling the lunch room for a while. ”“ Oh, right. I forgot, Q.

Thanks, Mom! ”Jungwoo glanced at the watch for what was so urgent and ran to the front gate of Fuddak with his bag on his shoulder.

“I'll go too, wife. Someone's coming from the vendor this morning.” “Have a good day.” “Hey, so..." ”“ Yeah. No, I can't. If you sneak Lansen out, you'll lose your allowance next month, too. ”Father had to hang his shoulders down in front of Mother's soulless smile.

“Phew! What a madness it is every day." Mother walks all the wealthy people around, and then comes back to the mill and sits across from Yeon and sighs.

“How good would it be if everyone was as decent as you and broke their own business?” “Yes." Yeon-woo smiles openly and replies, placing down her breathing finger, which she was eating quietly.

The bowl and even the side dishes were empty.

“You ate all the birds.” “Delicious.” “I'm gonna call a lot of boats. You didn't eat it by force, did you?“ No, never. ”" Yes. Good, 'cause I think it suits your taste. ”Mother still had a warm face, and quietly asked Yeon-woo to look at her.

“Are you leaving now?” A word with many questions.

Yeon-woo gives a short answer, then nods heavily.

I was delusional at first.

Now he was fully aware of who he was.

“This place can be a 'dream' as much as you want." Yeon-woo had many 'dreams' in the dark, fighting with her many children, and had to go through many lives there.

Some of them were real, and some were just fiction and imagination.

But to put it into perspective, they were all real.

There were countless' dreams' in the darkness, and each of them was a whole new world.

No matter what happened, it was not impossible, and as long as it was in there, it was like experiencing reality.

So is this place.

Although it was an illusion created by the Dark Lord of Abundance, it was a world that was finally reconstructed based on the happy memories of Yeouido.

In fact, around this time of year, my mother was in the hospital, my father was missing, and my family was depressed.

At that time, the wish for a 'quiet everyday life' that was kept at one side of the mind was embodied.

And of course, this could be realized as another "dream" as Yeon-woo acted.

That was the power of darkness.

"Dream" was something that could appear at any moment to someone who was deep asleep.

“It's okay if you're determined to go back. No one's gonna say anything to you about having more fun. It's not bad to go back as far as you want to have a happy life here, right?” But.

“I'm sorry.” Yeon shakes her head boldly.

“What I want… 'is not a dream. It's another reality." “I see. Too bad? I wanted to have a longer conversation with my son." I also had a silver smile on my mother's mouth.

“It won't take long.” “Yes. Slow down. Don't rush. You can't get hurt.” Principle, Principle - The appearance of Mother began to make a little noise. The world was shaking.

But her smile was strangely clear.

“I'll be waiting here.” Fruit! Phew! The world surrounding the kite collapsed like glass.

[You completed the Subquest (Illusion of the 'Black Fortress of Abundance')!] [Current Performance Status: 4/8] [Black Merit of Abundance 'displays concern for your choice in the illusion. The Dark Lord of Abundance says he knows the answer you just gave him.] Positive vibes emanate from the Black Fortress of Abundance.

I realized that the answer to losing my name was not a lie.

Even though his longing is right in front of his eyes, he pushes it away and returns to the way it was.

It meant that he was strong enough.

C. Hmm. Silver.

W. Q.

The occupant of the border looks at the Black Fortress of Abundance, blinking his eyes and turning his pupils to the other side.

I'm trying to decide the next batch.

In front of the residents of Yeongwoo and borders, the cloudy fog gradually lifted.

There was no shape at all.

[Anonymous Fog 'comes forward to test this time.] So. tem.

Evidence. Huh. Rock. No, I'm not.

"Anonymous Fog," he explains, "I just want to know who the author who kills his father, who will not be named."] [Anonymous Fog] says I want to know what the Black Feast of Abundance saw in him.] The resident on the border was briefly concerned.

I wonder if I can choose him in the next order.

The unnamed fog was one of the most secretive creatures of the night. Without a name, everything related to it was unclear because it also means that its existence was not established.

He's got his own doctor, but he's vague. I wonder if I should really be alive.

However, the unnamed fog is essentially the closest to chaos and resembles the beginning of the "night."

In other words, he resembles the most foolish father among them.

The anonymous fog is blind to the father and shows unconditional loyalty. On the contrary, it also meant that they were most hostile towards Yeon-woo who was his father.

This was the viscosity of concern for the residents of the border.

Now they went to decide whether they could really be their father for Yeon-woo, but they were never there to show their malice by being swept away by their own emotions.

Being divine doesn't make everyone rational. Rather, the existence of 'night' was often unformed, so they acted emotionally or were driven by impulses.

It was always a border dweller's problem or a crawling chaos.

He accumulated the most knowledge of them and knew about the 'day' … but he did not abandon his curiosity-driven impulsive habit of being eaten by Yeon-woo.

The unnamed fog was even more insufferable and only malicious to Yeon-woo.


Ask if [Unnamed Fog] will take away your rights.] Huh. Huh. No. No. Military.

I. Stop. D.

Normally, this unnamed fog had never expressed its opinion, so I had to step back.

Eventually, the fog lifted and enveloped the rainforest.

A fifth trial was begun.

The quest for the [Unnamed Fog "begins!] Talking Quest/Fragments of the 'Unnamed Fog'] Description: 'Unnamed Fog' is a multitude of pieces with the blade disassembled like a fog." Anonymous Fog "). In fact, the names of the beings who observed him are temporary, and cannot be the real names that define him.

From now on, name the 'Unnamed Fog'.

This time, the world surrounding Yeongwoo was a place of unknown time and order.

A man crosses the street holding the young daughter's hand, and the old man who is watching it from afar suddenly screams and dies.

A boy was playing with his friends, and a little sparrow flew in and grabbed him by the hair and kidnapped him. He said that he was happily living with a corpse that had his limbs cut off, and he even wore clothes.

The dragon killed by a zombie, the vengeance of a human with its head breathed, and the bending of an elf's arm, about five meters long, were all very difficult to understand.

No, it was like stories made up to be impossible to understand.


'This… I could feel the mysterious power of unnamed fog in them.

Fragmented forces without form.

E. Gun. Ex. Wealth

I. of. Hey. Period.

F. Tuesday. C.

Then, as I read Yeon-woo's thoughts, the spirit resounded over my head.

I raised my head.

The unnamed fog gradually merged into one.

Stories of beings who can never be formed into 'dreams', but disappear without adding up. Reality. In fact. I am the collective made up of it. Not all dreams of the Black King become the world and the universe.

As if every creature's dreams are complete and not prolonged.

Sometimes the "dream" of the black king ends before it even begins, and sometimes it ends well before it ends. There were many things that could not be called a proper universe due to the fact that it was caused by the heat of the middle ages, and all beings who lived there had to cry out in pain.

Then those dreams quickly crumbled and vanished into nothing.

The remaining debris is shaken and layered.

They all make different voices, mixing with each other. It was very easy to combine them because there was no shape to do this anyway.

And they start clustering, gradually marking one physician. That was the unnamed fog.

A mixture of debris that couldn't have been named in the first place. It was because there was no shape to the word fog.

He was born with the Black King and began to be a parasite to him. He had blind loyalty to the Black King because he could be a traitor, a fragment, or a shadow.

But on the contrary, he also wanted to have a name. He always lived quietly, but even more so, he had a craving.

Neither do I. No, they want to be perfect.


"Name me and all who make me one.

If you really are my...... No, if you can call me my father, you can do enough. “How can we give a name?" It was Father who gave us birth. Then you better figure that out, too. What kind of father in the world do you feel embarrassed about naming him? Yeon-woo dared to snore.

“If that's the case, it's easy.” One lip dries up.

“Because I have a good sense of naming. ”