Second Life Ranker

22. Honcefalsin (5)

At that time, Nike, who had returned like the rest of the family, opened his mouth.

Now that he was almost speechless, almost immobilized by his flame attributes, his tone was hardened and serious no matter what.

Then why does the silent one always suddenly bring it up now?

“The answer to Wayne's question was very simple.

Do you have a conscience? Yeon-woo lost her words for a moment.

It's been a while since we heard from Nike. "Nemesis' answer came as well. What was so good about it was the sound of laughing together.

I'm digging in the middle of a ponytail.

I couldn't understand it. I've known you for a long time, but Nikena Nemesis still hates her name.

It's just a different kind of taste. Yeon-woo thought so and decided not to listen to them anymore.

Th-that's my master. He never listens to anyone. What a resignant young Niche said behind his back.

Yeon-woo looks at the mist without a name.

No, I've seen exactly the elements that make him up.

Queek! A part of the [Unnamed Fog] screams. Some of the [unnamed fog] begs you to end it. If part of "Unnamed Fog" is your father, ask him to put an end to it.] [Part of the Unnamed Fog 'pleads to complete themselves!] Fragments of the Dream that have failed to become the world. There were too many things that were broken and broken.

Clearly, they would have disappeared by now, but they were not completely intact, so they were not 'completely' gone.

They keep screaming in the unnamed fog. It hurts. It hurts. And it was the unnamed fog that formed those principles together.

Yeon-woo takes a step towards those guys.

The unnamed fog flinched for a moment because she didn't know what to do, but she just ignored it and rushed into the fog.

"My mouse, the end, Bill." “{} The first thing I saw was a man looking over here with his limbs strangely back.

In a world that seemed to have leaned over the clothesline, 'the one who complained of the pain was not even finished. I thought I was asking you to end this infernal cycle.

Yeon-woo grabs one knee and approaches the man. Then, I almost touched her with my eyes, and the man held her hand as if hoping for the hand of salvation.


Oops! A man's flesh explodes like a balloon.

Fire-extremely, the dark red flame that came from Yeon-woo burnt the world where there was a man.

In the midst of the unnamed mist, a hole in the wind blows out and black ash spills out.

Wow……. My master's tenacity. I can't believe you're blowing up a poor middleman who's begging me to take care of him. "With Shannon's words behind him, an unnamed fog erupted.

Kuooo! [Unnamed Fog "What the heck is this?"]] An unnamed fog comes to my mind.

I did not ask for a name, but I was trying to stop Yeon-ju from attacking herself, but I was already pulling up the magic of Yeon-ju.

[Sky Wings] The Dark Red Flame begins to whirl around.

All the non-worldly worlds that cried and cried were burned.

One day, things that were just a dream ( gun) were smashed, shattered, and burned.

[Anonymous Fog 'Trembles with Pain!] [Anonymous Fog' reveals its power.] [It will not work.] [Unnamed Fog 'wants to resist the Dark Lord's ego.] [It will not work.] [All' night 'dependents are greatly astonished by sensitive attacks. Hornsefalsin is frightened.] [' The source of impurity 'shows hostility, saying the Dark Lord's ego reveals teeth!] [The singer of destruction wants to reveal his power to save the nameless fog!]] [Black Feast of Abundance' I advise you not to interfere! [Dancing Green Flame] Warns the creatures of the Night (Knox) not to be careless! [Knock on door] [Knock on door] [Knock on door] [Knock on door] [Knox] 'is rocking violently!] “The night soon fell into chaos.

who are still wrapped in black flames, who are filled with an unnamed fog of pain, who want to save such a creature, and who are raising the day so that they do not provoke Yeon Woo.

Those who were split into two pieces by the dagger turned into an explosive powder magazine immediately.

Even as the enemy's young minds became increasingly tense.

However, the conflict has not yet arisen because the Black King's ego, Yeouido, is still a burdensome existence, and the residents of the border are not reacting like this.

Because of this, the beings of the 'day` that came along the lotus became a vague position among them.

I don't know what Yeon-woo is thinking, but I have to pretend that 'night' is over, but many of them are supporting them.

How does this work? My master's accident grew bigger and bigger every day. "Stand tall with your guard, not your words.

You don't know where the blade is. "Hehe. Don't worry." Shannon and Ghost stand back and forth, and Rebecca runs over Yeon Woo's head. He was leading the army of the dead while actively burning the last of the pouring infernosite.

Gruuuhh! Kuoo! The Dead Giants shout together, threatening the existence of the "night," and making the two doctors look up their eyes.

You surround him like a kitten, but focus on protecting him so that no one can touch him.

[Residents of the Border 'look down at' Knox '.] ["Border Residents" carefully examine the events of the Black King's ego.] [' Boundary Residents' quietly close their eyes.] ['Residents of the Boundary' are ordering a warning against 'Knox'!] When the occupant of the border closed his eyes and opened his eyes again, the thoughts that confused the 'night' were cut off like lies.

[Borderline Residents' say this is a foolish father's test, and we will see it soon.] [The source of impurity 'is dissatisfied with the decision of' frontier resident ', but will not reveal the spirit.] ["The Singer of Doom" stares at the Black King's ego for as long as he can. The Black Feast of Abundance is silent. [Dancing Green Flame] [Dancing Green Flame] [Dancing Green Flame] [Dancing Green Flame] [Dancing Green Flame] [Knox]' All beings are silent!] While the existence of 'night', including Honsefalsin, all watched Yeon-woo's actions.

Many of the broken dreams that were making [Unnamed Fog] were incinerated. [Unnamed Fog 'sighs for the last time.] The unnamed fog, which was once a huge boast, now burns only the last remnant of its spirit, leaving only fever.

Of course, the idea was filled with resentment for Yeon-woo, who suddenly abused herself, and resentment for her colleagues who did not help her to the end.

Even if I wanted to resist Yeon-woo, I couldn't because the difference in imaging was large.

He lived as long as the Dark Lord, and he was strong enough. After all, it was because it was the shadow of the Black King, so it was impossible to resist the egoistic compass.

When Yeon-woo almost put her hand forward, she burned an unnamed fog and the rest of her ashes were drawn into her hands.

They piled up and compressed back together into beads.

The orb was glowing like an unnamed fog. A crystal clear, but invisible orb.

Perhaps it was the remains of an unnamed mist.

[Anonymous Fog 'Looking at you seamlessly.] “You asked, right? and asked for a name." [What is this unnamed fog talking about?]] “This is my answer.” That's what Yeon-woo said, and she shoved the marbles right into her mouth.

[Power, Hades' Sword, consumes enormous sheep's will!] [adra (arrogance - appetite) reacts violently!] [The Unnamed Fog 'stares at the Black King's ego with dying eyes.] Whoa! Hades' spirit sword suddenly swallowed up the unnamed fog, its own sentiments.

The more I did, the bigger the shadow that was forming the pond.

And Yeon-woo looked closely into the unnamed fog's eyes.

The resistance of “Cha Yeon-woo” Unnamed Fog 'suddenly stops.] All eyes of the Night (Knox) are pouring down on the Dark Lord's ego! You've been living in the shadow of the Black King your whole life, right? He lived on the debris and debris he left behind. That means you're part of the King of the Black... You can say "me," too. ”Je)!“ I will be King of the Blacks. Then I will give you my name, and you will live a life that is no longer a shadow.

Come back where you belong. ”B-but you..." The unified, nameless conception of mist had a resounding somewhere.

"Weren't you going to lose your name? " Do you know why black is black? ”Te" is always there, so it's black all day. "Just because it's gone doesn't mean it's gone. Just because you don't have a name to call your father, doesn't mean he's gone.” Fever. "So come back. The two eyes of Yeon-woo sink calmly back to where you were.

“I am you, and you are me. And since I am" I, "darkness will soon be me, but one of Yeon-woo's tails went up.

“Or should I just consider it a return to my father?” If it's... like that... I don't mind. "The last remnant of the unnamed fog was fragmented and absorbed into the shadow of the same honeycomb. And Yeon-woo could feel something big clinging to her and then fusing into one.

In it, I could feel the incomplete beings completely melting into the darkness, filling their deficiencies and being complete.

And they gradually drifted away into several "dreams."

"Thank you………. My Father……. Thank you, Father, for being so ignorant at the same time. Thank you for holding us." It was as if it had absorbed a great star that had escaped the darkness.



As the strike (\ 6) rises again, the causality surrounding him is filled.

And when Yeongwoo opened her eyes again and looked around.

The presence of the 'night (knock)' looks at the shocked with wet eyes!] [Residents of the Border 'look at you quietly.] I could see the presence of the' night ', including the residents of the border of Yeongwoo.

In their heads, Yeon-woo's words said that he would be their father and take them in.

“I told you. I will be your father. It is my father's duty to still your curses, grudges, and wishes, but I looked back at the one who sings about the source of impurity and destruction who stared at him with a quiet gaze.

“Then who's next?” At that point.

['Origin of Dirt' bows his head.] ["The Singer of Doom" stands before the ego of the Black King.] Party. Lee.

Jung. Mal.

Woo. Lil. W-well. Lines.

W. Run. C. Cotton.

Ah, Burr. Y-yes.

When they saw the mist without a name that they hated even though they loved the Black King, they bowed their heads completely, saying that they were themselves.

And then all the creatures of the night tightened themselves together.

You have successfully completed the quest "Whoo-oo-oo-oo- [Unnamed Fog"].] ['The source of impurity' has acknowledged you.] [The Singer of Destruction has decided to take you as his father.] [Current Achievement: 7/8] [Knox] All the creatures of the night clasp their heads at you!] [Night (Knox) '` has been attributed to the Black King's ego!] It could be said that all beings of the 'night' and the other gods who said that no one had ever come into contact with them all paid homage and worshiped Yeon-woo as one minister.

These guys are crazy. Sinful life, new life (to ruin…… why walk in here? "Rather, the bundles in front of him were dismayed. Shannon looks for his tongue as if it were a pity.


Yeonwoo nods, looking at them as if it were natural, looking back at the occupant of the boundary who had not made a decision until the end, and his eyes were still looking at him.

“What's your answer?” [Resident of the Boundary "is silent.] Residents of the Border 'barely speak.] I.