Second Life Ranker

23.Honsefalsin (6)

Resolution. Ha. G. I can't. C.

In the words of the residents of the border, 'night' was all submerged in a deep silence.

In fact, it was he who had been conducting 'The Night', so his opinion was of paramount importance.

It was because the overall scale had to tilt in that direction.

Residents on the perimeter were also aware of the fact, so they withheld their answer.


“You've made your decision. `Yeon-woo could quickly notice.

Perhaps the decision was already made before the quest began.

At first, I was nervous because I wasn't sure and I was aware of it…… The more I looked into his eyes, and the more I could understand the furious now by accepting the unnamed fog.

E. j. membranes.

Hh. Hum. Back. Eh.

[The final quest will begin.] [A Move Quest ('Resident of the Boundary' network) has been created!] [Subquest/View of 'Residents of the Border'] Description: You are currently starting to receive absolute support for 'night (Knox)'. Some of us haven't made a decision yet, but they're already aware of it, and they're willing to follow it as soon as it comes to trends.

But the "borderline residents" don't have an answer for that.

A "border dweller" is someone who always walks and watches over a closed boundary. Walk and watch through the slices of life and death, past and present and future, crumbling and creating 'dreams,' whose eyes are drawn to an end far beyond the causal rate and yet unfinished.

But, 'frontier resident' sees all that, and never speaks to anyone about what he sees.

When does the Hebetate Father wake up from his true dream and give them a hug? He always responds with silence to the question of "Knox."

And the fact that 'frontier dwellers' have not yet spoken is that the end that was beyond the rate of causation that had always answered silently has finally arrived.

He also knows that the moment for the Hebetate Father to truly cough (80) is coming, and that it is you who will do it.

But the Borderline Residents don't know for sure if you're going to be a stupid father and be the body that wakes him up, or if you're just going to be a dumb father.

What you see is that the "borderline residents" are covered only in black, so the precise process and results are not very well seen.

So, 'frontier resident' wants to see where you stand. And he wants to see it with his own eyes and see how the end of the world is coming, and how his stupid father coughs.

It is because of his intense longing (few paintings) that he has always had.

From now on, let's address the aspirations of border residents.

Yeongwoo's quest spear spills more bloody laughter.

It was because he felt like he knew what his future meant that the residents of the border could not see.

That's what he said on Mount Samsin. I can't read my future strangely. Even though he was mortal back then.

Thousands had said that they were captured by the singularity (New Tubo), and even though Abraham and Athena had seen it one day, their appearance was full of opaque things.

However, the residents of the border are referring to it again, so they can only laugh.

'Maybe the Wheel of my Destiny had to be that twisted.` Precisely Yeon, it was a wheelbarrow that she began to decide and roll.

Regardless, the resident on the border looked at his future and seemed to be willing to make a decision as it progressed.

Of course, Yeon-woo did not have time for that.

“I know everything else. How do you expect me to show you desire? You want me to go back to Dark and beat up the rest of the Horsemen?” W. Run. C. Cotton.

Hours. Liver. E. You. W-watch. Hi.I will.

“You know. I plan to someday, but not now.” I finally found Grouch and found out where he was and how my mother posted it.

In fact, he was in a hurry to keep his feet on fire here.

“I think so, too." The residents of the border turned to the beings of the night.

[The Black Veil of Abundance urges us not to do anything useless to the "Borderline Residents," but to make a decision quickly!] [The source of impurity 'is curious about' border dwellers'! ["Dancing Green Flame" begins to light up the flame, saying that Father will eventually cough!] [All creatures of the night (Knox) 'make decisions for' frontier dwellers'!] However, in the meantime, the existence of the 'night' did not try to coerce or coerce residents of the boundary, nor did they try to intimidate or coerce anyone.

Even if we put them all together, we wouldn't bother the residents on the perimeter.

Even though he was classified as a bundle of Hornsefalsin, he was different from other beings in the beginning (@ 6).


You hear a mournful sound from the residents of the Cow-Border.

A deep echo that cannot be expressed in words.

Ta. Le Case.

Room. Ha. G. No, I won't. C.

[Black Feast of Abundance 'shocked the mindset of' frontier dwellers'!] [Ask 'The source of impurity' if you know what you're talking about!] No. C.

[Black Feast of Abundance 'swallows deep breaths!] [The source of impurity' is wet with a big shock and all thoughts stop! All beings of the night are silent!] night.

Do it, Che. Ha. I will. C.

[The Black Veil of Abundance '% 8 # 9% $9% @ …….] [' Origin of Dirt 'was $& * Awe… [System error.] [System error.] [Not Interpretable.] cannot interpret the information that is being disclosed. Temporary translations are also not available.] [It's full of "Knox" with a lot of unorganized ideas!] The whole world is filled with screams of' night '. I was filled with chaos that I could neither read nor predict, and I was filled with screams and screams.

Dozens of activists emerged and sagged, but the chaos did not stop.

The residents of the border were so shocked.

It was the "night" when "Gule" rolled over and the "dream" disappeared under dawn, without a single change, only wanting the Black King to wake up clean from his place.

However, the Declaration to dissolve the existence of 'Night` was more approachable than anything to 'Night' dependents who had always lived only a static life.

And it was the same for Yeon woo, or, more accurately, the Monument of Jungwoo.

The successor of [Aeros] 'is' greatly surprised and has nothing to say!] [Agarez is silent…….] [Fenrir is in silence…,] [Daytime (Eros) 'is shaking dangerously!] For a long time,' Night 'was a natural reaction because it was operated by the maintenance of Metatron and Baal.

What is this? Then what have you been fighting so hard for? If I had known it would be so easy, I would have gone to Norgarria without Banging! "Shannon groaned, wrapping his head around him for other reasons.

What in the world... 7? And the monument of Jungwoo looked at it with shaking eyes.

What the hell were you thinking, man? That's what he kept saying in his mouth.

For a short time, it was known that he was leading the day.

There's something wrong with Yeon-woo.

It seemed that Yeon-woo was never just trying to put the 'night' in her arms. All the time I was talking to them, it was clear that the meanings inside were inevitable... but I couldn't ask what they meant.


Despite everyone's confusion, Yeon-woo's face remained unthinkable.

He still provoked the reigning creatures of the night.

The sudden thunderstorm stopped the 'night` swing like a lie, and all the beings who had dedicated their allegiance to Yeongwoo turned their gaze toward Yeongwoo, not residents of the boundary anymore.

Yeon-woo looks at them every day.

You hug them and shout, with enough force to hold them all together.

“Embrace me.” That was the flare.

All the beings that were making up 'the night', including Honsefalsin, rushed to Yeon-woo.

Not only 'day', but also 'dream' several times, I was afraid of the appearance of huge beings moving all at once...! However, Yeongwoo was always there with her arms outstretched to the left and to the right, and behind him, a pair of wings of the sky were pulled out long and cast a shadow wide.

Above the nested space, the main body, the dragon, appeared with a large, vertical golden pupil.

The Black Lord of Abundance came to Yeon Woo first. Her sadness, excitement, hope, and expectations were filled with fragmentation and absorption into the shadows as the nameless fog did.

The 'night', which always hid only the appearance of depression and despair, suddenly turned into a blizzard that had never been found.

Kyahhhhhhhh! Per! God.

Woo. Lee. Ugh. F.g.

Woo. Lee..

Fig. Ha. Cow. West.

W. Rn. Gil.

Party. God. E. system. God. Place.

King. Left. Resolution. Ugh.

The dancing green flame seeps into the shadows as the vagina blazes, and the singer of the source of impurity and destruction wanders around the pond.

Followed by the other outsiders, there were relatively low rank thrall gods.

And at the same time, the night that's been chaotic and chaotic has started to collapse.

Just as I slowly pulled down the black-painted sketchbook paper, "The night" was also crumpled up and sucked into the shadow of Yeongwoo in turn.

Whistle! Yeon-woo accepted everything that constituted 'The Night'. The existence, the law, the mindset, the time, the settings that remain there.



In the meantime, Yeon-woo was able to feel a lot of causality set in her body.

It's a lot bigger than when he first came out of the shadows and woke up.

If this was enough, I could finish what I was trying to do in 'Dream' safely, and I felt like I could party until the end as I wished.

Tons of voices were heard in the shadows. They were voices that were bragging freely without being shaped, but they contained only praise and praise and reverence for salmon together.

"That's enough...... to compete with a wise man now. In the world of the fallen, or fallen, world of the night, where Yeon-woo had already disappeared completely thinking like that. In the open world, he asked, looking at the residents of the border who were keeping their eyes open.

“You said you'd keep an eye on him, right?” That. Lee.

W. Go. Hall. Work. Your mouth. C.

Turn it on. Bo. Thing.

G. Thing. W.M. W. Mak. 4. Persons.

His tone was polite.

Like a real father, but with a beam like a son.

“You can count on it.” Yeon-woo said that and turned around. As the void opened widely under the shadow, the existence of the 'day' that had come with him also passed to another place beyond it.

The soul of Jungwoo and Leah on the outskirts of darkness.

The residents of the border look at the back of the pond that disappears so quietly.

I closed my big eyes slowly.

Soon after darkness came, the 'night' disappeared completely, and the real night came.