Second Life Ranker

24. Honsefalsin (7)

When residents of the border slowly open their eyes again.

“You came?” He arrives at a completely different place.

He walks on all frontiers. Of course, it was possible to open my eyes wherever I wanted to be.

And 'there was Okeanos.

With a bold tone of voice, a bitter smile on his mouth.

Y-yeah. C.

The inhabitants of the border had a very short mind.

Like I don't want to have a long conversation with you.

Okeanos' bitter smile naturally grew stronger.

“Your answer... … was this.” Just like in Bimagilda, Okeanos went to the residents on the border.

Will you stay with yourself?

They were the only places left behind by the animals in each 'dream', and their destination was different from the residents of the border in that they wanted to create a 'dream' that would never disappear.

Okeanos was not impressive at all.

Instead, I threw a word at the neighbor who was raising the day to be quiet and thought about it.

If you think about it, you and our goal won't be that different.

And now.

Residents of the border met with Yeouido, who held back their answers, but decided to dismantle the 'night'.

Along with that, the residents of the border had already responded to Okeanos' proposal.

Me. Ah, Burr. G. 's. Come on. Expression.

He said that he was the son of the Black King, so he would never betray God.

“Yes. You were the son of the Black King's favorite. And you're the son of John the Black King most fervently. One, didn't he think? No, you would already know.” Okeanos sighs in pity.

“Isn't it true that you hated the Dark Lord as much as you admired him?” Deep silence passed.

The residents of the border stare at Okeanos, but say nothing.

“The reckless one who always wakes up and goes back to sleep.... However, when he woke up one day, he was determined not to put any children next to him.

Weren't you the ones who always gave up love that would never come back? But being that loyal... I have to say, it's amazing. ”The silence was still long.

“That's why we decided to reach out to you. Being abandoned from a dream, just like us, is the same as being away from your father. Maybe you want a new dream that won't end... I've seen that. And I could actually read that look on you. Let's go.

Ah, Burr. G. 's. Boon. God. E. was.

“Just like that, we have a 'father' who follows you.

Don't you think it's exhausting to make excuses? ”Okeanos has lost his mind on the way.

The resident on the perimeter narrows his eyes, narrowing down what he thought was necessary in the end.

Ah, Burr. Ji. Y. Lit.

Ha. G. K. Jyn. Wha... ah. F.g.

Oh, you. C.

“The one on our side is not your father? No way. He's literally on top of the Dark Lord, and he's almost as good as decided to become King of the Black himself. He's close to your father. Y. C. C.

This time, the residents of the border cut off Okeanos' horses.


Jyn. K. Ah, Burr. G.

"Do you know what that means? Doesn't that mean you have to choose who your father is?” Okeanos has become a fabulous face.

How can you call that rich?

“So choose an ego that you feel comfortable with, and treat it as you like." “Sim" You. Hey, Mar. With.

W. Le. Military.

“Pussygan"? A. ver. G. Ran.

W. Run. Crab. Y. C. C.

Ah, Burr. Ji. Ah, Burr. G.

Dream. Wow. Oysters. Re. Eh. Award. No coffin.

Y-yeah. John. Ash. Ha. min.

Re. K. He. Let's go.

Ah, Burr. G.

It has nothing to do with the number of egos that make up the dark. It doesn't matter when he became his identity. It doesn't matter what kind of 'dream' he had or what purpose he had.

After all, there was someone else who was going to be a real father. Residents on the perimeter said it was the Union.

The very existence you have with you is just filling that position for a moment.

“……) You must have seen something - something.” Okeanos sighs sharply.

His face was full of goosebumps.

I tried to persuade him somehow, but it didn't work out so well, so he ended up in a big field.

Perhaps even the residents of the border did not follow their own wishes.

Is that why? When Orchianos raised his head again, the power surrounding him was completely different at once.

There was still a sad vibe on his face, but the spirituality that spread through the waves was full of life.

“Then there must be something like that in the future that you're looking at.” Okeanos took his hand to the sword hanging from his waist.

“Forcibly_being dragged away by us. Isn't that right?" Case. Room. Jean.

Residents of the border expressed resentment for the fact that a young chick, who had not lived that long, dared to reach their teeth.

The world shakes violently, colliding with spirituality.

Guayaang! Kuku - Owner Sting “et al.? Instead of going through the Wall Hall with Yeongwoo's younger brother and family, Shannon suddenly raised his head to the sound of a murmur.

These things are noisy, but what can I do? "The Black Veil of Abundance" screams the pack saying that if given the chance, he will someday show you his greatness!] [What does' the source of impurity 'mean and he insists that he cares about himself the most!] [The Singer of Destruction says he will sing a hymn for his father just now!] ["Dancing Green Flame" argues that he will dance for his father with long term pride!] [The Black Feast of Abundance "If you're going to boast about the long term, you're going to help yourself!] [The source of impurity' will not be defeated and you will help yourself!] [Shadow_Fused 'Night (Knox)' `is surging greatly!] [I'm finally very happy with the fact that I'm with my father as I wished!] The shadow rises and rises.

It was because there was no bird that could not be counted, seeing the complex tangles of ideas.

If you think of the "night" as always full of silence and silence, it's hard to imagine.

After waiting so long, I met someone who could be my real father, so I guess it's a special kind of flush.

Moreover, when he woke up from his dream, he declared that he would always leave you with him, so of course, he had to go bigger.

Of course, these things were still low for the existence of the "day."

Monument to Jungwoo, etc. is now fully attributable to 'Bam' Lee Yeon-woo. Although I know rationally that I don't need to worry anymore, I still often flinch.

The whole time I was watching Yeon Woo, there were two of them who were unbelievable. It seemed like it would take some time to get used to this.

But the one who screamed that he was going to die the hardest was Shannon's group, who was originally a Shadow Crusher.

Shannon, to be exact.

Neither Ghost nor Rebecca cared much for the commotion around the beginning. It was only to be cautious that the existence of the 'night' would change their minds and harm Yeon-woo. So was wealth.

On the other hand, Shannon, who was very talkative, was different.

He had been wandering around like a king, and the brothers and sisters who could not find it even when they looked at the beautiful corners of their eyes were suddenly noisy.

So I tried to be quiet, I tried to be helpless, I tried to communicate with Yeon-woo.

It was never the existence of 'The Night' to hear such things.

Yes! Where do the unforgettable locks keep crawling up?! Those bastards below me, be quiet before I assemble them all! "Like Shannon, Laplace pledged to keep the spirits of his nephews who wouldn't listen to him in any way.

[Green Dancing Flame 'This ugly one goes away!] Coming back was ridicule.

Who, Who, and Who are the witnesses to who is ugly? I can't believe the guy looks like a roasted squid! ["Dancing Green Flame" yells out that you're a rat in a butthole!] "Juranillon! I'm actually a cute little bunny." [The Dancing Green Flame "laughs at the hairless bunny!] This...! I have so much fur...!" [The Dancing Green Flame "teases me if my hair is not empty!] Yippee!" ["The Green Flame," says he wants you to blink, and raises the pill!] Kill it! "Finally, the impatient Laplace suddenly rises above the shadow. Laplace, with rabbit ears on her glittering skin head, lets out a howl while her face growls.

'Come out!' [Dancing Green Flame 'declares surrender because my eyes are too broken to fight!] "You squid!" Laplace squeezed the rabbit's ear and shouted the pack, but the dancing green flame did not stop teasing.

The more he did, the more Ralph rushed out and drove off.

The green flame that Laflas danced with 'the reigning supreme ruler' was not very good, even when he was "at night" with ice and sparks, respectively.

That's how it came to this.

Yeongwoo said, "I always had the audacity to look down on people and feel strange to see Laplace being torn down.

In addition, that side was a bit strange because it was a green dance path that only showed faithful appearance, such as showing affection and tightening my head from the beginning.

"Glad to see you're still getting along so well." Shannon would have strongly protested what that meant, but it was also true that he was worried that the old clans might have created conflict in the shadow of "The Night."

Or 'cause they were fighting to take each other's lives.

However, he did not care about the wealth that could be said to be the head of the families, and the Dead Giants and lions did not care about him very much, so he could take a relatively short pause.

Master! Don't just smile, ask me to do something! "Shannon Why!" By the way, you're only wearing a helmet. So there's no head inside? Wh-what do you want to say? "You're a bald man, too." You're a damn owner! [You have arrived at your destination!] "Brother" Yeon returned to reality with a message that she had arrived beyond the boundary of darkness. Shannon yells at the pack, but when he leaves the channel, he hears nothing.

And she quickly looked around in a world where there were so many fragments of "dreams."

"That“: "Crab" Kronos turns his head to you for an urgent shout.


With the giant wings of the sky, I saw the soul of Jungwoo who slept with Mother and the body together as a captive.