Second Life Ranker

25. Honsefalsin (8)

"Mom!" Jungwoo's monument shouted first.

I finally found the soul I wanted so badly and the mother I was with him! The monument of Jungwoo stretched its wings as far as possible and flew to the place where Mother was.

The same is true of Kronos. He was not saying anything, but his eagerness to 'jump straight up' became clear as he made an impression.

Agarez was excited, too.

Let's go! Come on! You have to find mine! "Woof!" What? You don't want me to interrupt? What are you talking about? Who can say I'm going to find mine...! Puppy! You're not going to be a family reunion! Don't you even listen to this shit! I did nothing in addition to Fenrir's stubborn opposition to not disturbing him.

At that moment, the Monument of Jungwoo and Chronos were able to reach the boundary between the soul and Leah in a heartbeat.

When I can get my hands on it.

Whew! I thought the strong waves were aggregating from below the stars.

Cough! A lightning bolt flew this way.

My back is so cold.

Brother! What the hell are you doing...! The spirit of Jungwoo did not look back, but was frightened when Yeonwoo suddenly attacked this way.

So, I had to stop shouting at the same time as Kronos, running from side to side.

It was because I later noticed that Yeon Woo's gaze was towards the back of the soul and Leah, not themselves.

A lightning bolt cuts through the midst of the air out there.

Curr-Blast! Beyond the cracks in that crack, Jill pours something down the wax with a wide open void.

And in the immense and subtle fragrance that slowly appeared, and in the myriad gazes, Jungwoo's monument had to erect Jupiter's spine.

Aww ""! No way, Dark One? Chronos also opens his eyes.

Zachman Earthom.

It was dark.

[Darkness is coming!] [Many castles have been opened.] [The total starts.] Ah, Burr. Ji! Ah. F. G! The shadow of Yeongwoo also widened.

When I saw the gaze of the magicians with similar temperaments, like Yeongwoo, I became very flushed.

However, no one was able to escape the shadow of love.

Even though there is black there, there is black here, and the true owner of black they acknowledged was Baroque.


The world was filled with black magic all of a sudden, and horse-drawn horses poured over here. As the fragments of the 'dream' were fragmented, they were completely absorbed in black, and the space that had originally been outside the boundary was now a black area.

Everything in the world was black, and everything was visible, heard and touched.

A sudden burst of agitation keeps the group from being harmed by the darkness, pushing them into the shadows, while forming an emotional barrier and unleashing all the curses.

The monument of Jungwoo greeted Yeong-woo, raising the wings of the sky even bigger, and reaching the boundary where the soul and Leah are.

Kwang! Damn it! However, the conclusion made him strong rather than releasing whether he recognized the Monument of Jungwoo as a different being.

I thought that if I just shook my hand, I would be one with my soul...... I guess that's not it.

Jungwoo's monument tried to find a way to break the seal while digging through the blasphemy.

However, it can only be seen that the code with the wings of the sky was constructed, and the method was not easily seen.

The Curinale...... was the power of the Curinale.

Because the soul formed a barrier while reading Mother's data, there was no limit to approaching a monument that did not have access to the Curinare.

I have a soul this close to my mother...! The reality of not being able to use my hands has made me bitter.

State 0 is a lot of places 0 Koya is a lot of things sprayed Kuno-79 Ko 9 Phhoo/The state is there 01 The comparable Manhul Depot Dot 2 The activists revolved around the surroundings as if to ridicule the monument of such friendship, and fell to the place of Yeongwoo.

Yeongwoo fixed her gaze on the one who was standing beyond such typefaces.

He's as small as any other horse.

There is no prestige to do this… but rather there is a contradiction (#/8) with the presence that overwhelms all the Horsemen.

The wise man was staring at Yeongwoo, wrapped around his diadem, still feeling like a smile, without a necessity.

Iron backbone/oven where not to get pinched. "How did you find these coordinates?” Yeon-woo had an idea that Leah left behind, so she was able to get here as she became it.

Whereas the wise man couldn't do that, so he had to let go of Leah and Jungwoo's soul right in front of his eyes.

And since then, I've been looking for coordinates for a long time... ~ How did Yeon-woo manage to find them at the exact time of arrival? Gun 9 Good # Shape Jun... Good. Four The second time is not a good place.9 Straight from the old place.9 The god is a goldsmith, Yuzu, and the Cardinal Grandfather 8949 Hano: Sardines, 7 Orason Garrison9/Ada Phrongad Candyasi is good. Meaning that while narrowing the range to the soul of Jungwoo and Leah, I was able to identify the path where the moat which the moat moat was moving and find the exact spot.

Yeon-woo looks for his tongue as he makes an impression.

It is also impossible to move to an object that is completely independent of them, as long as it is lost in the dark. It blocked the information as much as possible, but it didn't seem to avoid the watchful eye of the sage completely.


He also spilled a mourning smile on the words of the two wise men who sat down at Col 7.

I guess... I couldn't bear to laugh completely.

“I thought it might come to this. I never thought I'd actually make it.” Yeongwoo appeared next to the Monument of Jungwoo by twisting the tip of one lip coldly and brightening the socket.

Transverse: "" A Few I looked at Yeongwoo with shaking eyes of the Monument of Jungwoo.

“You can solve the problem later. First, get your mother out of here. Jungwoo's monument to" "" shallow, will_ did not insist on helping him. It was because Yeon-woo, who was fixing her gaze as a wise man, felt very cold.

Probably enduring the stubbornness of breaking up.

Now is not the time for you to step out.

That's what I thought.

So Jungwoo's monument quickly retreated to the far back, holding his soul and Leah in its arms.

Meanwhile, the bright black man rushed towards the Monument of Jungwoo like a tentacle.

Whiplash! Squite's blade whips it all away and cuts it off at the same time.

Jiaying! Who dares to touch my family? Squite opens the space and is held by Yeon Woo. Jill, the spirit of Kronos' naval vale, has captivated the kite. And the wrath of Yeon-woo pours out upon Kronos.

The two emotions - mixed and unified.

The man who caused the loss of his family, their rich man, could not forgive them.

Goooo-o-hui! Jill from Yeonwoo began to defeat the tempestuous chipmunks trying to imprison them.

777797 Fun and Fun. Mu2724, Lat 77 is 7 '94, Yamado Muval Andoo/Kooksondad. now I have to be 2 days old, Moon Woo 3, the son of the black king who cooked the door 2 and cooked the milk, retreated as one. They didn't seem to have any intention of harming the Monument of Jungwoo and the existence of the "day."

For them, the incident was also a good opportunity to catch the foe who was in their way, but they did not want to gather with Yeon-woo, who was on the other hand an enforcer and might become the main self.

I thought that my position would be determined as soon as I won the battle here.

The darkness that was so great was bitten with two different colors.

At each of its centers.

Yeonwoo and Sage hold evil teeth against each other.

Like an old man raising his head.

The wise man slowly rises from his position. His back was bent upright, his shoulders were narrow, and his head was bent as if it were going to explode.

It was also what Yeon-woo had seen.

"King Mihu. `Long ago, the wise man had the same old temperament. The hawker's aura is mixed with the dark and growling even more powerfully.

Kurneung, Kur-997747. The wise man laughed nervously and flew to the side of the pond.

[Knox] 'is spreading!] Yeongwoo slammed squeeze towards him. Dark red Gubitara mixed in a straight line and fell on him.

[Two identities colliding violently! [Whirring] [Screaming]] Damn it! How am I supposed to solve this...? The spirit of Jungwoo had to continue to feel nervous.

From the moment the conflict between Yeongwoo and Sage began, all I could think of was to somehow break the bond between the soul and mother.

But it wasn't an easy task.

Just as Kronos ascended to the Divine Monarch on the basis of Phneuma's powers, it could not have been so easily deciphered that he was considered comparable to him.

[You do not have access to this target!] [You do not have access to this target!] So Jungwoo's monument tried to make the soul and self the same object. If so, we can gain access to the barrier and somehow secure a bypass.

But even that wasn't easy.

It was because the conclusion recognized the monument and the soul as different beings.

It was precisely determined to be an independent individual.

The soul has already gained its own self-esteem by interpreting the power of the Curinale.

Similarly, the monument gained half of its stature based on its past achievements, so it had to be judged as a completely different object.

Morale is the sleep of Orloth. It was a different place to believe in than the creation.

“But... but still this. And this. Then there must be a way...!" Jungwoo's monument burned all the spirits that had accumulated while acting as the 'day' successor, raising the wings of the sky to its maximum.

The nature of pain became more sensitive than ever before. My senses became sensitive and my head became hot.

He suppresses the burning heat in his eyes, reading and reading his soul again.

Just as the soul reads Leah into the dragon's mouth, he tries to read his soul somehow. The barrier continued to block his approach, but he was unafraid at all.

He was even trying to force his way in if he didn't have access.

Burn your powers if you don't have enough.

Burn down the myth if you don't have enough.

If I don't get enough, I'll take care of myself.

And I was going to burn the sacred, the faith, and finally the creed.

If only I could get a little crush on the soul beyond the conclusion...! If only I could inspire that soul! And with that thought, he poured into the dragon's mouth the very idea of his own body.

As he did so, his sensitivity gradually grew.

[No! Could not read target!] [Ball Ball! Could not read target! [Fire! I want to read the target…!] [Skill, 'Sky Wings' will overheat!] [Heaven Wings' effect enhances all its properties. Strength detection and identification is easy.] [Skill, 'Sky Wings' has been infused with power above the limit!] [Attention! Skill, 'Skywings' has exceeded the limit! If the injection is forced to continue, the skill may be retarded!] [Warning! The connection of skills, 'wings of the sky' and traits, and 'full pain' has far exceeded the acceptable range! It can lead to the collapse of autonomous mythology!] [Warning! Personality is dangerous!] [WARNING! Mystery is dangerous!] [Mystery has exceeded its limit! The rampage is shaking dangerously!] More glamour!] [The light of the day (eros) 'shines brightly in the dark!] "Shallow:" "Yes" The monument of Jungwoo wrote a musical instrument with a grip on it. The rest of the body pours out so much power, it begins to shake dangerously, as if it were going to break soon.

Even the limits that had been hardened with desertion were proof that they were now in jeopardy.

Get up, motherfucker! Therefore, the monument of Jungwoo cried out to the soul.

Listen to yourself a little bit.

So open your eyes.



You hear it from the heart of the monument.

A small crack has occurred.

Fuck, I'm not a sleeping prince in the woods. How long are you going to sleep, motherfucker? How long are you going to tell me to leave you alone? Muffled-debt still overheated, and cracks spread rapidly throughout the flesh. The silk-like incontinence covered my torso and reached under my eyes.

Just get beaten up unfairly because of you! I'm unfair! I can't sleep because I'm unfair, damn it! Phew! The bottom of the bridge burst. Your right arm is broken, and your left face splashes into powder.

Sublimation (Ljupu).

Just as the former King did, he was also burning and disappearing.

All that's left now is one missing arm and one missing right eye.

The dragon's eyes are still fixed on the closed spirit, which is already profoundly red.

So get up! and.

Bill ""! Before the words ended, the right face that was still winter broke as well. The dust floats into the air powerlessly, losing its light and disappearing.

No, I tried to disappear.

At that moment.

Tai Tai Tai Tang! Somewhere, a tightly bound restraint burst open.

A screeching, screeching screeching screech explodes like a firecracker, frozen solid as ice.

Inside, Jungwoo's soul raises its torso with its eyes dazzled, and just before, it waves its hands to the place where the monument was sublimated.

The fingertips were pulled into the powder of the right eye, and all the data contained within it was immediately sucked into the soul.

It was just a moment, but that was enough.

Until the soul of Jungwoo embraces, restores and merges with all the memories that the monument went through while she slept.

In the brain, at the same time.

In a whole white world, there was a mix of soul and white sun having a little conversation.

"Hey, don't tell me I sold my brother to Mom. Pad? D-did you get caught? Dragon. You're gonna get your ass kicked again. Damn it! I don't know. Take care of yourself- The back-monster disappeared with a big smile.

Choo-woo! Izzie returned to the soul of the blurry friend-no, it's Cha Jungwoo now, itself.

However, even after waking up for a long time, Jung was still making an impression.

“Don't get up.” To the end of your grumbling.

Hrrrgh! He spreads his wings more brightly than ever before.

The whole world just lit up to help. It seemed like a bright day at the same time.

The sun of [The Day (Eros)] came to mind!] [Daytime (Eros) 'spreads!]