Second Life Ranker

Episode 1. Cheongik (1)

Yeon-Woo's eyes widened.

'The gods and demons on the 98th floor are interested?'

The 98th floor is an unknown area where players have been attacking towers for thousands of years but have not been able to reach it.

After AllForOne was settled on the 77th floor for reasons unknown, no one had ever stepped on it.

The Red Dragon thrives on the 76th floor and constantly challenges to pull out AllForOne, but AllForOne has never come down .... Of course, the stairs after the 78th floor are unknown. Even though it remained a realm, there were clues to infer what might be.

One of them was the 98th floor.

Master of the Apostles who are part of the ranker.

The place where gods and demons stay.

Gods and demons overlook the worlds below the 98th and 77th floor in unknown ways.

Occasionally, if there is a favorite player, he presents the power and suggests the apostle's seat.

But none of them ever "lost out" of the 98th floor.

Players only guessed that the difference between the stairs(靈壓-Spiritual Pressure) was so great that they would fear that if they came down, the downstairs would collapse because of the tremendous suppression.

However, gods and demons may reveal their presence by exerting power downstairs in various ways.

Hermes, who showed interest in Yeon-woo, is a good example.

And in this way, the message expresses interest.

'But that's only one or two at most. Even JungWoo never received this message. '

Is the concept of core unique?

It's just a simple addition of the knowledge of the lack of horns to the existing magic circuit.

But the message no longer came to mind, and there were no clues that Yeon-Woo could deduce anymore.

However, one thing was certain.

'I found the way ... is the right answer.'

Even the gods are surprised.

Natural control of mana using the core.

The assumption that the mana circuit originally did not fit humans was correct.

'If so,' Yeon-woo rolled up one of his mouths.

Once you have found your way, you have to work on it.

Yeon-woo puts the core as the main theme, and began to organize the information mixed up in his head.

The important part is the interpretation.

If there is a shortage, I put aside what to look for separately and drastically discarded the parts that I do not need.


A polyp is a being seeking truth.

Naturally, there was a great deal of knowledge accumulated over many years, and there was no way for humans to keep up with the way they used the brain.

Yeon-Woo took these characteristics of the polyps in the yongmaeng and concentrated on logistic operations.

A fever rose in my head.

The brain felt burning.

['Combat Will' skill rate increases rapidly. 27, 28... 35, 36% ......]

[New knowledge expands. Applications for the mana circuit begin to emerge.]

[The bowl is widened.]

[Expansion of knowledge and soul growth have been confirmed. Any inherited operations that have been aborted will be reinstated. 99.5%, 99.6% ......]

Yeon-Woo focused all his mind and thoughts on thoughts as if he had ever lived or died.

How long has it been?

When Yeon-woo opened his eyes again with a sticky head, the outside looking out of the window was already dark.


Edora watched for hours for a while, thinking that it should not interfere with Yeon-Woo.

In her eyes, Yeon-woo seemed at stake a lot.

The staggering steps seemed to fall quickly.


'Eyes ......'

Edora had to swallow a dry needle the moment he saw his deeply sunken eyes.

At this moment, Yeon-woo was seen as a different person, not Yeon-woo.

For some reason, I felt like I would be thrown out.

Edora wanted to know why he felt that way, and was able to recall where he saw his eyes late.

'When the father met the enemies. It was snow that day. '

Edora recalled a time when he was almost kidnapped by enemies from the horns.

At that time, my father came to see him afterwards.

Muwang's eyes to his enemies were so intense that I could not forget even now as an adult.

I'll see you again.

Yeon-woo tramped to the next section, as if Edora was not noticeable at all.

So far, Yeon-Woo has only been a part of a huge warehouse of huge size.

Yeon-Woo picked up books from all over the area at random and read only Sim.

Like someone who's obsessed with something.

Both eyes were deeply sunk.

* * *

Yeon-Woo gained three things with his mental expansion.

Characteristics, root cause.

Title, blessed with magic.

Skill, pore.

Gi(氣-Qi) is another word for mana, so it can be said that it was obtained from the same meaning.

[Characteristics: Attribution(氣入-Qi entry?)]

Easier access to the air flowing in the atmosphere(元氣-Vitality).

The amount of capacity that can be recharged is greatly increased, and the recharging speed is much faster.

Any player wants to accumulate more mana.

Depending on the amount of mana, the power of the skill will vary greatly, as well as the physical ability was able to strengthen that much.

However, thanks to the newly added traits, the amount of mana that can be accommodated at once was greatly increased.

And that wasn't enough, and it quickly recharged after the mana ran out.

The faster the cycle of consumption and charging, the higher the mana's efficiency.

Any player could have gotten their own traits to draw in their dreams.

The same goes for the title.

[Title: Blessed by Magic]

The title gained from learning new ways to use mana circuits.

As the 'power' of the mana circuit rose, it came into contact with the mana stream that had been interrupted.

However, there is still a limit so that it is not the same level as the poly of the mana.

Effect: Power +15.

Mana proficiency + 9%.

The amount of mana that can be output at one time is greatly increased.

The magic of various attributes can be handled without discrimination.

The title that originated from the character was actually the most necessary for Yeon-Woo.

In addition to the mana coefficient as much as 15, skill skills also increased significantly.

But there was a part that caught Yeon-Woo's eyes.

It deals with the mana of various attributes without discrimination.

'This means that you can deal with conflicting attributes.'

There is a phase in the original property.

Like water on fire, trees on water, and trees on trees.

As divine power and magi collide with each other.

Thus, the player would have one property to focus on, and add two or three things out of the way.

If that doesn't work, at least care is taken to ensure that there is no counter-clash.

So Yeon-Woo also separated the use of aegis and black bracelets when making tactics.

Divine power in Aegis was too much for the sages.

But the moment the title arose, those restrictions disappeared completely.

Of course, I should check it to some extent, but Yeon-woo confidently felt that his foresight would not be wrong.

That was the blessing of magic.

The polyp did.

They twisted the laws of the world to their liking, without being constrained by their attributes.

Proverbs touched the truth and moved the world directly.

Although Yeon-Woo would not be there, he could at least build an area that would not be discriminated against by mana.

Finally skill.

[Pores (氣功-deep breathing exercise)]

Rating: DDD- ~ SSS + Expertise: 0.0% Description: Draws mana from the atmosphere and processes it into magic.

The higher the proficiency, the faster the rate of processing efficiency.

At this time, the processed mana is clear purity.

* Takes high-purity mana through fortunebreaking meditation and breathing, and replaces it with magic to accumulate.

Increases the output of displaced mana.

At this time, the output efficiency varies depending on the skill level and the grade of the core method used.

The current skill level is DDD-.

Adjust your rating by getting a Sim.

Qigong was a skill made to handle the mana circuit efficiently.

Right now, the grade is set to the lowest level, but it can be adjusted according to the core creation and the new method of creation, so it did not seem to care.

Yeon-Woo continued to reflect on what he had gained and devised how to handle it most efficiently.

Once the basic foundations were in place.

Then I needed materials to build on it.

And those materials.

'Here is full. There's a lot to note. '

There was a lot in the middle of nowhere.

Although they were only basic books without pay, they were good.

The more solid the foundation, the better the material will be.

Yeon-Woo cares only one thing.

'Most suitable for the mana circuit.'

It was enough to interpret the information read in the dragon's horse and improve it to suit him, not the lack of horns.

'In that respect, the myopia fits so well with the mana circuit. Like it was a set from the beginning. '

The earliest mirror, which was first picked up, served as the main skeleton of Yeon-woo's core method.

Probably, the goal of building up the highest purity mana among the various methods was in line with the characteristics of the mana circuit specialized in treating mana purely.

[A total of 312 kinds of examination methods have been identified to date. Of these, we will start producing new methods based on 'inverse myopia'.]

[Hidden knowledge, which is a characteristic of hidden polyps, is partially applied, making the production speed much faster.]


Yeon-woo did not get out of the library all night, so he was eager to read only the core books.

And that was one day, two days, and three days.

In the meantime, Yeon-woo was scared and didn't go out.

Edora clung to the bar next to such a young cattle.

With the whole gaze on Yeon-Woo who completely abolishes food and drink and does not care at all.

I was worried that it would overwork, but I still couldn't stop him.

As time went by, Yeon-Woo's eyes were falling sharply, so the eyes were burning more brilliantly.

Looking at it, Edora was mistaken whether he was engulfed with fire.

Then a new change took place about three days later.

The wide iron scare is a big turn.

The number of books I have read has been innumerable, and each one is strong enough to admit.

Hua-a- Suddenly, the air flowing along Yeon-woo changed.

Heavy and hot air.

Edora was able to see that a new change occurred at the moment.

Not only himself, but also the Pants and other nearby tribes went through something similar to that.


When you surely catch something that was hazy like walking through the fog.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when you made your military completely your own.

Sure enough.

At the moment, a gust of wind occurred along Yeon-Woo.

As the wind speed became stronger, the bookshelves around them were greatly shaken, and the books poured on the floor.

Then the iron scare shook up and down.

Wind strength far stronger than I thought.

The guards who were waiting outside to run for something had been furiously running, but I had to keep a quiet position under Dora's eyes not to disturb.

And silent amazement spread among them who saw Yeon-Woo on the spot.

I knew that the chapter that overcame the 30th floor was defeated at once, but if it was this momentum, it was deserved to be considered the top among the tribes except the ranker.

No, except that, I was surprised to read the depth of the momentum because I knew that Yun was just beginning.

'Is this much the amount of achievement in Yang Hyun?'




When Yeon-woo opened his eyes again, a sharp beam of light flashed over his eyes, changing his son-in-law.

The wind swept down quickly.

And a strong odor spread everywhere.

Yeon-Woo was wearing a smile turned black and black as if dipped in ink.

After enlightenment, the body changed to fit there and the last waste that had accumulated in every corner of the body was released.

'The instrumental brachium and twelve meridians were opened ......!'

'The bee caper. Huh! Is that possible in just four days? '

In the midst of such silent amazement.

Yeon-Woo's eyes also slowly sank.

Slowly capturing the momentum, he seemed regretted somewhere.

Although he did not know his face because he wore a mask, his eyes sank deep as if he had a hot flame.



I opened my mouth for a long time and my voice was muddy.

Edora stared at Yeon-Woo with a frightened face.

It was like seeing someone who was completely different from the one I had seen for three days.

Although the odor vibrated and the surroundings were messed up with loose books, she seemed toxic.

Somehow the air was hot.

My nose was red slightly.

In such a strange atmosphere.

Yeon-woo asked in a calm tone.

"I'm hungry. Do you have anything to eat?"


Corvus-The beggar in Yeon-Woo's stomach kicked the girl's sensibility with his feet.