Second Life Ranker

Episode 2. Cheongik (2)

Yeon-woo quickly flipped through the contents with a sandwich in one hand and a salary in the other.

What was different from the previous one was that, unlike immersion in reading, I was able to talk with Edora a lot now.

On the one hand, some of the rituals were turned into the system.

'The mana circuit is working better since the opening of the blood.'

[Knowledge has expanded and the body has changed. The mana moves in search of a new path and a new circuit begins to open.]

[Three critical circuits opened successfully.]

[6 of the circuits successfully opened]

[12 of the medium circuits successfully opened]

[36 of the small circuits successfully opened]


[36 new cores created]

[Primary change of mana circuit completed successfully. The mana moves along the newly opened circuit to discharge any remaining waste.]

['Magic Circuit' skill has increased significantly. 35.1%]

['Gigong' skill has increased significantly. 9.2%]

[Power Stat has risen by 5.]

[All properties increased by 10.]


[New growth of the body has been confirmed. Any inherited work that has been aborted will resume.]

[Current workload: 99.7%]

Blood (穴?). Yeon-woo said that the device called Core is composed of a total of 360 in the human body.

Yeon-woo first identified the 36 most important places among them.

And each place condensed a lot of mana and secured a core to prevent it from dismantling, creating a core.

This has reduced mana in the mana circuit by one-fifth, but instead, efficiency has risen beyond comparable levels.

It was possible to freely control the amount of mana operated through the core.

And it's possible to have fine control that was previously impossible.

Moreover, there were some unexpectedly discovered effects.

As the amount of mana has diminished, the 'hidden'

I could feel the position of the mana circuit.

Circuits that were not yet open precisely yet.

And the amount was much larger and massive than Yeon-woo expected.

Large and small circuits were entangled in details like spider webs.

Some circuits were so detailed that they could hardly be felt without concentration.

Of these, Yeon-woo has been using only 20%.

What if you could carve all the remaining 80%? From then on, it would be able to operate a much larger amount of mana and flow much more efficiently.

Yeon-woo tried to pioneer the remaining circuits right here.

The core was turned violently.

Magic knocked on the door of an endless hidden circuit, and then slowly carved out the way.

Breaking obstacles, clearing roads and expanding width. It was very tricky at first.

It's never been easier to pioneer a path without it. Moreover, Yun's other rituals were always in the booklet.

Over time, however, the road gradually cleared, accelerating its progress.

As new knowledge accumulates, the mana flow becomes more intense, making circuit expansion easier.

Then at some point there was a sudden explosion.

In the lack of horns, three of the eight major circuits, called plowing arms, were held.

Six congresses of twelve meridians were opened, followed by a series of circuits and small circuits leading to the remaining veins and veins.

The open mana circuit is 45% of the total.

As a result, the bee wash was naturally carried out and the remaining waste that had not been released so far was discharged.

I had to wash my body for two hours thanks.

But when he returned to the scary side, Yeonwoo was able to feel a body that was lighter than ever before.

In addition, thinking has improved, making reading a book easier.

The mana was easy to operate, and the linkage with the skill became more natural.

Despite simply opening the mana circuit, the body has also changed in general.

Yeon-woo looked at the rest of the booklets as she filled the sandwich with a hunger resulting from a sudden physical change.

The guards who looked at Yeon-woo from beginning to end became tired.


Edora stared at Yeon-woo's side.

I still heard that thought while still looking at the book.

How good would it be if that gaze was fixed on you?

Of course, I didn't express myself.

"Cleaning up, are you done?"


Yeon-woo still did not turn this way.

"What if .....?"

"95% or so.

5% is still lacking. "

"5%?" Edora almost screamed.

No matter how basic the method, it is still a new production of martial arts.

But in just three days, you almost pretended? Has anyone ever had any knowledge of martial arts before? In fact, even until the beginning of the year, Edora was happy if Yeon-woo finished his understanding of the basic concepts.

It's nothing more than a long history.

So even if Yeon-woo couldn't do his father's homework properly, I thought he would help me in the future if the concept was caught.

No matter how much my father's quest was ridiculous.

I just thought it was the kind of care I took out to open the same library.

Then I started to change my mind.

After seeing Yeon-woo immerse himself in the book, he thought, 'What if?'

Perhaps my father felt that he had seen something bigger than he had seen.


Now I could see that my father was right.

Perhaps almost complete is not a lie.

Yeon-woo wasn't a vulnerable person.

"What are you lacking?"



"Seeing every martial arts, they all have different characteristics. Whether it is a third kind, second class. Each had a goal."

Edora nodded.

According to Yeon-woo, martial arts were all sorts of characters.

The mystery is focused on the completion of the vessel, the Samjaesim method tries to accept the energy of heaven and earth, and Cheon Rong Gong mimics the dragon to complete the inner space.

And if you go deeper here, you'll see things like new stars, magic balls, and poisons.

"To date, what I have made is very basic."

Exactly how to match the mana circuit.

I did not mention it here.

"Ah, so." Yunwoo nodded.

"In order to function properly as a martial arts that must have its features. I have not yet caught that."

Edora was very troubled for a while.

The mental law makes a lot of changes for the caster.

If so, what are the characteristics that are suitable for Yeon-woo?

"Do you have any special thoughts?"


"What are you going to do?"

"Now look again."

Yeon-woo finished eating the sandwich and said the book he had read and put the flowers back in place.

"In the same library."

* * *

Yeon-woo immediately headed for the class.

Now he has only one day left.

I thought to find what I wanted in it.

'If you can enhance the power of the horse, I would like a good sport. If you think about the property that is favorable to me right now, is it a chemical or a magical line? '

In the meantime, Yeon-woo was able to get enlightenment in many parts while establishing the core method.

The prejudice that I thought so far was just a mere energy chunk.

It is not just used to amplify the power of the skill or strengthen the body, but found that it can be used for more various purposes.

It's a new world for Yeon-woo.

Born and raised on Earth, the concept of 'mana' is too difficult.

Breaking this, now I can handle it in new and different ways and I think I can do more in the future.

'Not only the air. Magic, witchcraft, psychic powers, spiritism, divine powers… The use of mana is much more diverse and complex than I know now. '

Gong was just one of hundreds and hundreds of fields using mana.

'If you can handle them all. So if you can move the fundamentals of magic, itself.

Under the mask, Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled.

I knew for myself that it was never impossible.

The average player will have no choice but to hit the limit, but Yun-woo has a mana circuit.

A vein of polyps that can bear all sorts of magical powers.

'Yongjong was ..... so great.' Yeon-woo came to realize how great a polyp was born with the blessings of Mana.

Not only did he master many of these areas, but he could twist the law beyond just that.

'Why did those races perish?'

Yeon-woo suddenly felt like that, but the diary did not contain details.

But one thing was certain. As long as you have a mana circuit, one day you will be able to handle all of those achievements.

Of course, the mana circuit must be improved over and over again, and accordingly, the training should be continued and the knowledge will be expanded while gaining experience. And even the rest of the circuits should be pioneered.

The same is true of cerebral palsy. 'If you can be stronger. What can't you do? '

And this is the key to the first step on that path.

I had no choice but to care.

Yeon-woo had a big round of the same library and glanced through the contents and picked only those that he wanted.

Currently, the most accomplished fields of Yeon-woo's possessing properties are angry and cancerous properties.

In particular, the emphasis was on the Huawei property, as it became deeper with the agreement with Phoenix.

'You can do this.'

Yeongwoo's martial arts were surprisingly few.

Four things in total.


<Reverse Blood Horse>

<Brain wall>

<Ambition Law>

Yuyanggong's main purpose is to raise Yang Qi.

From 1 sheep to 6 sheep, in six stages to increase the heat of the mana could burn all around.

Retrograde horse ball was a destructive side as the name of magic (마).

Once unfolded, the penalties may be empty for a while, but the power was attractive.

The same is true of the brain wall.

Brain properties were famous for being the most destructive of their properties.

They were chosen because they matched their anger and personality.

Yeon-woo thought of a circulatory loop leading from a rearing hole to a back blood horse, and from a back blood hole to a brain wall.

If that was enough, it seemed to fit in with the picture I thought.

However, the last chosen ambitious law was different from the three existing trials.

The room ambitious law had no special features.

The nature is also soothing (陰柔) side, soft, even when unfolded did not shed much.

Nevertheless, there were two reasons why Yeon-woo chose him.

One is to serve as a cooling device that smoothly connects the circulation loop that is too strong, too strong, and may explode.

And the other one.

'I think it fits very well with the despair of the Black King. Especially with friends. '

The sultry spirits do not have to provide a bead of ghosts separately, it had a good enough nature.

like that.

Yeon-woo once again in the thinking system has been accelerated through battle will.

I teared and assembled four nog balls and tried to melt them in the mana circuit.

Fortunately, the task was not difficult.

Already had a system of judging, and there were certain reference points and goals.

'Mu King.'

I saw it from the eyes of Muwang. We wanted to implement it as it is.

Even if you followed the sneak peek there seemed to be good enough.

['Qigong' skill skills are rising at a rapid rate. 11, 12... 16, 17 20% [...]

[A new mentality begins to emerge. It's a great achievement. Additional public values will be provided.]

[Acquired 5,000 public values.]

[Added 3,000 additional achievements.]


[Power increased by 5]

['Magic Circuit' skill skill has risen. 40.1%]


[Mana ......]


[A new trial has been completed. Would you like to name it?]



Finally came the fourth day promised.

Yeon-woo while watching the message asking for a name.

He named it after what he had buried in his heart.


['Gong' skill's name is changed to 'Cheonikgi ball']


Heaven Wing.

It was an old nickname that pointed to his brother.