Second Life Ranker

Episode 3. Prelude (1)

"What do you like so much to split a single bungle alone? What's a good thing? You don't mean to buy it again?”

"That's true, inspiration. I think I'm only going to buy every time."

"Hung! Then did not you?"

The king laughed at the elders speaking to him.

I used to have a lot of accidents when I was young.

The backyard was solely for the elders.

"Today is the day."

"that day?"

"We feel good, how great."

"Oh, that was it."

The elder nodded as if he knew.

The elders were well aware that they had given Yeon-Woo four days of access to a similar library.

And even in the meantime, he did a nonsense homework to complete a piece.

"Do you think Edora will leave the sword to her friend?"

"I'll be like that."

"Hey. I do not know. At that age, just passed the tutorial freshly crushing chapters of 30 stairs at a time .... That person will be hard to find in the future. Wearing masks can not see the face I'm sorry but. "

"You're pretty handsome?"

"Well, how do you know that?"

King Mu just laughed silently.

The elder shook his head haphazardly.

When the king laughs ridiculously, it means that he is hiding something.

At that time no one dries.

Even the psychic that the king must fold a few.

"Anyway in moderation. Four days to complete the martial arts. Where is that nonsense quests? I think I should hold the reins in the second chapter, but if too severe, it will only grow backlash."

The elders thought that Yeon-Woo would not be able to perform the king's quest.

King Mu, who was called a genius when he was young, couldn't accomplish such achievement.

But the king was still only a grin with no answer.

Then King Mu swung the topic.

"More than that? What's going on?"

"The more you do it, it's hard to guess what's inside."

"Then, too new?


The elder wondered what he should say for a while, but soon said in earnest.

"Obviously that's a good thing ...... I'll tell you later, but more details. I'm less confirmed yet."

"You're pretty big. Okay."

King Mu said so slowly, he got up from his seat.

Now it was time to go to see Yeon-Woo.

"Then let's go to see how much homework my son-in-law has done."

* * *

"Yes. This is a half of a child is completely. Edora, did not feed her rolled?"

King Mu laughed as if there was no way to look at Yeon-Woo as the bones were close together.

What happened in the meantime, even if it is covered with a mask, the body was dry as a whole was able to know the state.

Under my mask, I could see my eyes wide open.

But my eyes were clearer than ever.

King Mu could see it while seeing such a YeonWoo.

'This guy, you've achieved much greater than I thought.'

At that time, Yeon-Woo said.

"Can I see you here?"


When King Mu's permission fell, Yeon-Woo kept the mana circuit running.

That moment.

[The newly completed ‘Cheonik Gong (Properties: Flame, Darkness, Lightning)’ will appear to the outside.]

['Cheonikgong' skill of the skill has risen. 12.9%]

Chinese music (This is google translate)

The hot air that ran hot around Yeon-Woo stretched out in all directions, drawing a large concentric circle.

Edora was surprised and quickly fell far behind.

Feeling tickling the heart.

That was clearly a warning.

If you get caught up in that momentum, you'll be in danger.

just as expected.

As the craze passed, the blades of grass turned to dry brown.

The air heated up and the ground drained away like a drought, splitting like a turtle shell.

Then the fire bounced off, and the fire arose quickly and spread out everywhere.

The pillar of fire soared high and embraced slowly.

And it's obvious.

Weaving, gripping-

Yeon-woo's appearance enveloping the fireworks reminded me of many things.

In some ways, it looked like a kidney with fire armor, and in some ways it looked like an angel with wings of fire along its back.

No, it looked like a devil.

In particular, the black armor and seven black masks that are worn are so overwhelming that they go well with the red flame.

The heat that makes the air muggy overlaps the forces that crush the son-in-law, hiding the power to make people ineffective.

The core method is based on the inverse myopia, and various core methods firmly support the surroundings, and the core method is completed by enclosing the stomach with a ball.

This was a class of martial arts(武學-Martial Arts).


Edora couldn't say anything while watching it.

Eyes wide open, swinging up and down.

'Twice the existing output ......! No, three times?'

She checked Yeon-Woo’s mana efficiency and broke out.

Just making a new mental method is such a change.

What did you make?

And on the one hand, that thought.

'Then what did your brother look like was a mess of efficiency? No, it was so messy. Then what happens when you complete the military?'

Even the power of the mess was exerted as much power ...... but still poor enough to develop this much.

If you properly complete the trial here.

As promised, if King Muong helped him, he would have no idea what would happen.

"Huh, look at this bastard? Was this a monster?"

King Mu burst into laughter as he saw that.

I expected Yeon-Woo to succeed in the quest, but this was a great achievement.

Of course, there were still a lot of things, but there seemed to be many places to open.

But what was great was great.

"But you mean. This."

The king thought that Edora and Pant had picked up something really great, but I felt that way.

Feels like blood is boiling in a long time.

After nine kings, and after becoming hard to find an enemy, the feeling of 'winning' was raised for the first time.

The man in front of me was a beast.

Same as myself.


The king asked without knowing his fangs.

"I, did you follow me?"

King Mu was able to know from the moment Yeon-Woo showed groundbreaking.

Who did you think of Yeon-woo as he completed the military?

It smelled so much like the <Magic Heaven((魔 天神功)> he learned.

Yeon-Woo did not deny it.

"I'm the strongest person I know right now."

"Huh. Inseok, you do not have to be so abusive? Well, actually that's the right word."

King Mu glanced up and down, bursting into laughter.

His eyes were sharply shining through the pore of Yeon-Woo.

"Based on the background of the bones, Hekhap ball and samjaesimcheop took the bones. On top of that, the balance around Cheonryong or Zahagong was balanced. Brain tax, ambitious corporation? "

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue in the middle of his history.

I thought I could not recognize it because I almost dismantled the material methods.

The king was also a king.

"I've focused on maximizing attack and destructive power. But I think I've tried to balance it by putting ambition here. Try to guess again later. "

Yeon-woo noticed that King Mu was trying to give advice and straightened her waist.

No matter how much information you get from a booklet, it is no different than being taught directly.

"Can I ask why?"

King Mu smiled and said.



Yeon-woo made a noise that he didn't know.

The king's playful voice grew louder.

"Just like that."


"What do you see with that eye? It looks like that. What do you describe it? Originally, geniuses like me can see it right away."

Yeon-Woo wanted to swear at the moment was like a chimney.

When I first studied the concept of mana, my brother, Yul, and the two of them spoke similar words and rotted their heads.

Seeds of genius is deceived man is also equipped with passive skills?

"But still if I pass. Congratulations. Pass my test. You're the third with this."

[Successful in completing a high level of military achievement. Quest (Mu's Trial) has been achieved at maximum.]

[Achievements that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public values will be provided.]

[Acquired 2,000 public values.]

[Added 1,000 achievements]

[I am entitled to receive guidance from King Mu as a reward. Take the guidance of Mu Gong from King Mu and be born again to a higher level.]

[Rewarded you to qualify for the Unofficial Achievement <The eight poles>. Ask the king.]

[Rewarded to obtain the succession right of <Sword>. Discuss with King Wang for more information. You may ask for more compensation.]

[Total stats have increased by 15.]

[Expanded skill] is increased by 5%. 26.1%]

A pleasant message about the achievement of the quest filled my eyes.


Before he finished reading the message, he looked something out of his arms and threw it forward.

Yeon-Woo lightly snatched it.

It was a book, on the outside of which was written the word `` 8-pole. ''

I saw a bunch of textures between the slightly open dragons.

'It means senior.'

What is this identity?

If you look at words, it looks like a kind of law.

"As promised, in the future, I will be able to refine the airspace by your side and focus on passing on the octane."

King Mu jokingly added an explanation.

"Of course, we know that we will soon join the war. So for a while, follow my seed and receive it. Once taught, not taught twice."

Yeon-Woo's eyes sparkled.

If you can continue to follow the king's side during the war, you can watch his active outline.

If you follow the dragon horse(eyes?), you will be able to harvest a lot.

What if you follow the 1: 1 map of King Mu?

Needless to say.

This was a great opportunity to continue to collect only the hidden pieces, and to dramatically improve physical capacity, which was relatively faster.

No matter how good the software is, it's no use unless the underlying hardware is bad enough.

"I want to ask you here."

"Say it."

"I just got a reward for the sword of the sword. What is it?"

"I'll tell you in time. Not yet. Of course, then you can go and decline. Anything else?"

"I passed the test, I said third. Then can I ask who the other two are?"

"Uh! Look at this guy? Is it already a win-win? One person you've ever heard of? I'm quite famous."

"Who are you?"

"The sword god."


Yeon-Woo's eyes widened.

The sword god is the chief of the five gods of Qinghua.

The skill of dealing with the sword was not comparable in tower.

There was a rumor that all four people admitted as much as his sword.

Was that the first passerby?

"Originally he was my student."

Mu-wang confessed to the fact that it was not known at all outside.

I was surprised by the more so.

Even my brother did not know this.

'The relationship between blue and blue tribal. Much deeper than I thought. Will I face the horns of the fronds later?

Yeon-Woo moistened dry lips with his tongue.

"Well, it's been a long time since I've been rippled. Now you have such a great Master, that's what I say. So thank you with more heart. I respect you more." ? "

King Mu did not stop to paint on his face.

"Then who is the second?"

"Secret. I do not want to tell you, you do not know."

Yeon-Woo thought that he might be an unknown person.

Tower is a place where a lot of talent run around.