Second Life Ranker

Episode 4. Prelude (2)

Even in the diary of his brother was written about the skills of high rankers.

However, Yeon-Woo wanted to check with his own eyes.

Especially the ability of the nine kings to be at the peak.

"Well, it's hard to be a teacher once. Um. What should I show?"

King Mu felt too embarrassed rather than irritable when he saw Yeon-woo requesting too much.


This enthusiasm is a taste to teach.

King Mu was going to show to this king, I was going to show a very colorful and intense.

He once had so many weapons in his head that he was nicknamed the "Walking Scary," and many of them had been mastered to a high level.

Then King Mu came up with one thing.

If it was eightfold, Yeon-woo would like to show one of them.

"Originally I do not show this well. Today is a particularly cheap to see how it looks. One of the secrets of the eight captains, Dancheon (斷 天)."

King Mu began to prepare little by little.

At the moment, the atmosphere that followed him changed dramatically.

As the light air suddenly became heavy, the ground began to swing up and down.


Yeon-Woo's eyes are firmly fixed.

I tried to capture all of the king in the dragon’s eye.

Until his breathing, mana circulation, muscle movements, angles of movement.

It was right in front of what he was aiming for.

At that time, the beast latent by the king came out little by little.

Fierce speculation and enthusiasm stormed like a storm.

In the middle of the world.

Just as there is only King, his presence grew like a giant and covered the world.

Edora speculated and stepped back.

I pulled a new mana and put it all on the ground, and somehow I wanted to protect my body.

Yeon-Woo was also caught up in the momentum, it was difficult to take care of the body.

The mana circuit went back fiercely, but only to balance.

In the meantime, his gaze was firmly fixed only by the king.

Everything that the king sees came as a nonsense.

As far as I know, I've seen so much more than I've ever seen while looking at the king.

It was a new world.

The concepts that had been established in my head once again exploded like firecrackers, piled up newly, and collapsed again.

Weapon, power beyond itself

The power of those who achieved perfection and perfected their magic power was right there.

There was a place where he had to come one day!

The king was upright.

The hand, which was full of magic and began to shine bluish, drew you diagonally and crossed the sun above that sky.



An elongated fault was formed along the sky, and you were up and down.

The sun is ......

Split into two


Yeon-woo opened his eyes on a ridiculous phenomenon.

Edora closed his mouth by hand.

There was a silent scream.

The split sun soon broke up into dozens of rainwater, and suddenly darkness fell in the bright sky.

The world is immersed in the dark.

It's been a while since I didn't see a light.

Soon, the faults in the sky, like a lie, disappeared, and the sun appeared as it was, and the world recovered again.

The darkness was only a few seconds away.

Silence and silence.

It might have been a while since I was mistaken.

But while it was going on, Yeon-Woo had to be shocked in words.

'That's possible ...?'

I thought I had a foothold in four days, and now I've got a foothold to get stronger.

The car was full of skills so that I couldn't even catch up.

The gap was so big that I couldn't catch up with the dragon eyes.

"Hoo! I've been working hard for a while and I'm a little crunchy. What did you see?"

The king turned to his right shoulder and smiled.

"The campaign is going to be tonight, so it's not too late. Edora, you have to eat some food. Goes."

King Mu quietly concealed him while only throwing shocking faces to them.

It was a long time after Yeon-Woo woke up.


The clenched fist was full of power.

As the pit stood, a new aspiration set on his chest.

'May be over one day.'

In Yeon-Woo's mind.

There is a goal to be overcome for the first time.

* * *

"Ugh. I almost went to the goal."

Yeon-Woo and Edora are invisible.

The king wanted to remain alone, wriggling his right arm with his left hand.

At the peak of the mana, the muscles were quite severe.

『Who do you pretend to be? It's because it's hard to catch shit and it's too hard. Now elders, you're not looking for you. Protests are coming soon from other clans, are you crazy? 』

A psychic voice came into my head.

"Ay. Still, wife, in front of the child's look. You shouldn't show a weak look?"

Then he laughed.

"Furthermore, the existence of the original teacher should be a barrier and a goal that cannot be overlooked, and the disciple has that enthusiasm."

『If the motivation is broken then? 』

"Well, that's the only thing that's wrong."

It was a way of saying that I felt cold somewhere.

『Whatever. So how is it? Are you satisfied? You weren't going to do this before? 』

"Satisfaction was from the beginning."

『Then? 』

"I think I'll roll a lot more than I thought. Swordsman (Sword God), he also passed the test that took 30 days in just four days. Of course, you have to teach with all your passion right?"

In fact, in the picture of King Mu, the excitement was already low.

If two disciples came together, it would be a fun picture.

However, I felt that a lot of fun things would happen during this war.


And it became night.

The night of the war that the king declared.

Already there were tribes in the central lot of the village who decided to join the battle.

A total of 21 families declared war with the king.

Each family sent from as few as ten to as many as one hundred.

The total number of people gathered was about 500 people.

Initially, this exhibition had only a small number of volunteers because it was not compulsory.

But each one of them is so good that they are called the 'warrior'.

Thanks to this, the personnel were bloody enough that at least tens of thousands of people might be gathered.

Yeon-Woo was mixed in between.

He mingled with the other nine restaurants and watched the king's speech.

"Are you afraid to go out after a long time? Do not wear your pants all over. I'll check to see if I have him. Okay?"

The king was just as frivolous as the ritual, and every word he spoke was full of jokes.

"Hah! King or embarrassing, do not get hit and roll around. I'm going to change the king."

"Eh. It's worth seeing too?"

"Wait. Then not better? You can see that shameless mug crumpled?"

Warriors too busy giggling cheerfully.

Yeon-woo looked at the features and suddenly felt that way.

The reason why the lack of horns has been able to reign as the strongest is probably because of this margin.

They never thought they would lose, and their eyes were full of confidence in the leader, King Mu.

"But. Do not die. Anyone who dies, I'm embarrassed to follow the end of hell, I'll grab and pull up. Did you understand?"



"Then let's go. It's time to play."

Following the call of the king, the warriors tore up the tickets that had been given to them in advance.

Ticket to the 11th floor.

Watching them disappear along the blue portal.

Yeon-woo also tore his ticket.

Under the mask, two glasses of light burned like a ghost fire.

Red dragon and blue and white.

Two wars began to rise.


[This is the 11th floor, The World of Dreams.]

As the message came to mind, Yeon-Woo and the lack of horns started to move in unison.

From start zone to city Kuram.

I was going to go straight through.

The surroundings were dark at sunset.

Only the moonlight was shining their way.

"I'm going to go together like this. How would you like to share a common name? I, silon."

At that time, something large came near Yeonwoo, who quietly followed the lack of horns.

A hammer that soars higher than Yeon-woo's head, unfit for beauty.

Underneath, a half-laughing harpling, even smaller than Dwarf Henova, smiled.


Singing hammer was known as a famous ranker.

At one time, he became famous because of his tremendous ability to match his small body.

Suddenly missing and inquiring of many, he sat down as a horned caterer, serving as the head of the caterer.

'What really looks like a child.'

Halfling and Dwarf had similar bodies, but they often distinguished by facial features.

Unlike dwarves, who have strong muscles and power, Halfling looks like a kid.

It was famous for its songs because it had a delicate aesthetic.

The same goes for silon.

On the outside, he looked like an innocent child, but in fact, he was an old fielder who had gone through the prenatal life.


Yeon-Woo glanced at Silon and turned forward again.

I don't want to talk anymore.

Silon looked a little bit surprised when he saw such actors.

He did not pay much attention when he realized that the newcomer was a self-discipline who had recently made the tower lively.

It's been a long time since Silon had already been interested in towers.

However, it was different when she learned that Yeon-Woo might be the new disciple of King Mu.

‘That cocky King Mu, a new guy as a disciple?’

The two Kings' disciples have seen Silon staying as a restaurant.

One was the sword god of the nine kings, the other was equally capable.

It also meant that the king was good at teaching, but those who caught his eye meant that he had something unusual.

So Silon wondered what the king saw.

'Kid's better than me. There must be something.'

And in his curiosity was jealousy.

Silon is a case that came out as a dependent of the lack of horns in spite of King Mu's inaction.

Of course, I wanted to learn the power of the king, but I have never had such luck so far.

However, Yeon-woo did not say anything and talked about the name as if it was annoying to answer.

Cocky attitude.

One eyebrow of the Silon shook loudly.

Mu-king and the other side was scratching his inside.

No, not exactly the sword god or any other disciple.

Isn't it cheap?

I have never had this attitude since becoming a ranker.

Silon pressed his anger.

I was just starting to climb the tower, so I didn't know much about myself.

So I laughed forcibly.

"Well. This is why my young friend is so quiet and blunt. Did you say less with other dependents yet? Actually, I was going to say congratulations for you because you haven't been in for more than four days.”

Silon was going to ask him to stay well as the same dependents.

I thought you'd see something if you kept it next to you.


"Cain! Come forward!"

King Moo who was running in front of me called Yeon-Woo.

Yeon-woo ends his greeting with his head, stroked and ran to the king.

Silon stopped on the way and frowned.

When I thought that I was ignored by the little blue guy, I stepped away.

"Are you okay?"

Travia, who was quietly following, laughed.

The robe was completely upset, making it difficult to recognize the raw seaweed, but the seemingly sulky black mushrooms and wrinkles told me that he was an old man.

Like Silon, Ranker is staying as a dependent.

He was famous for his nickname.

"It's okay. Are you like the king of the guilty that shape?"

“Maybe. First of all, wasn't it the authors who couldn't find it after washing their eyes?”

Travia spoke as he stroked his chin with his hand.

"But this time, the king is teaching me by my side during the mercenary period. Then can you not see anything?”


Silon's eyes were irritated.

"Let's have a look at this time, whether or not you deserve to be so cocky."