Second Life Ranker

Episode 5. Prelude (3)

"Did you call?"

Yeonwoo came to the side of the king.

"Is it so hard to deal with the old lands?"

"There is nothing hard."

“It looked so. I don't see other families like us.“

Muwang giggled over what was so interesting.

"I called you this way to teach you about EightExtremities Fist before you hit Kuram. I'll teach you one movement a day from today, so open your eyes and learn. I told you not to teach twice. I told you, but I won't teach you twice. "

Yeonwoo's eyes sparkled.

I thought the king's map would start tomorrow from the end of the battle.

He was going to teach me that before.

"First. Before entering full-scale teachings. Why do I want to teach the law? You're already fighting quite well. Do you know why?"

Yeon-woo answered immediately without worrying.

"Isn't it for efficient mana release?"

"Oh, uh idea had already been there?"

Muwang nodded comfortably.

"That's right. This thing called Mugong, it is a word that combines 'wu(武)' which means fighting, and 'gong(功)' which means building. Fight building. That means building a fighting technique. And There are many different kinds of things that go into this pairing concept. "

Yeonwoo nodded calmly.

He was also a question and a topic that he had while making Cheongik.

Mugong was not simply to accumulate magic power.

The bowl had to hold the magic, the body had to be.

Recently, however, I was thinking that one more thing should be added here.

'How to release.'

If you knew how to make and stack bowls.

You also need an engine that can output this properly.

"Martial arts consists of three things. Shim (心heart), Ki (技-skill), Che (體-body)."

'Shim, Ki, Che.'

Yeon-woo muttered three words.

“’Sim’ means inner air, what you call magic. Contents. ‘Che’ is a container for accommodating this. Talking about Dantian and the flesh itself. ‘Ki’ is the link between the two. It is responsible for the proper implementation of the Mugong. Skills and arts. "

The king raised one lip end.

"The sword, projection, powers ... Well, it means that stuff. The eight-extremities fist I wish to teach are among the highest of such 'gi'.. Why? Because it was made by a genius."

Muwang giggled and was busy rubbing his face.

"In that sense, you're not enough to bow down to me. Because there are only two people who have been properly taught the eight-extremities fist. And as you added three people."

Yeonwoo recalled those who grew up as kings of Muwang.

It would be safe to say that it means that those who have mastered the Eight-Extremities Fist will be the ones who have the power of the king.

"Anyway. If you briefly explain the introduction of the Eight-Extremities Fist. The EightExtremities Fist is not just a simple law. If you hold a sword, you have a sword, you hold a sword. If you hold a spear, it's made to be a spear. I do not like to cover weapons.. "

The king shrugged.

"And the Eight-Extremities means to occupy all eight rooms centered on me. The technique of forgetting a lot of senses and overwhelmingly opposing people, whether they are few or many. That's the sea Bajiquan seeks."

Yeon-woo nodded.

"Then I'll show you one action from now on. Watch it first. (乾 步 -Dry Step)"


Muwang stepped forward with one foot.

It seemed like a simple step, but at the moment it felt like his presence expanded.

Yeonwoo clenched his fist.

It seemed that the presence I showed before I split the sun came from here.

"Next, Tae-kwa (兑 角), Yi Kwon (離 拳) ...…"

Muwang moved slowly so that Yunwoo could remember.

Yeonwoo followed his movements in a Draconic Eyes.

Then I suddenly thought that the flow of the king resembled something.

Concise yet essential points


Yeon-woo realized what it was and opened her eyes wide.

Is it just a coincidence or not?

Muwang was following the Flaws.

The position of stepping on the foot, the motion of reaching out.

They were all on top of Flaws and above the flow of Flaws.

Then I was able to realize why.

Flaws mean the center of things..

Then Mugong was also a good Mugong, if it follows the the flow of flaws.

[I realized the meaning of 'Flaws']

['Draconic Eyes' skill has increased the skill. 27.6%]

With that enlightenment, the King's demonstration, which seemed difficult only, caught my eye too well.

"This is Kungonjin, which is 1 move in the first 32 moves of Baijiquan. What about? What can you do?"

Muwang asked, turning back his arms.

Humorous laughter.

Even one move was composed of 64 small and large formulas, which could never be memorized.

The only thing I said will not show once was a joke to soothe Yeonwoo.

If I couldn't memorize everything, I was going to teach you the greatness (?) As a teacher.


"Yes. I remembered everything."


Yeonwoo nodded fairly.

When the king made a slight murmur, Yeonwoo didn't let him follow the same movements as he saw.

But the movements were as wide as the king showed.

It's perfect too.

'Something nonsense… … ! '

Usually this is exactly the same shape, but inevitably, mistakes were made in detail.

But Yeonwoo didn't have that at all.

Order, angle, position.

It was all the same as if I copied Muwang.

As the King of Mu, who had no idea that he had just moved along with the flaws in the draconic eyes, he had no choice but to be absurd.

'This is more monster than I thought?'

Of course, we cannot express at all.

Rather, he laughed proudly.

"Okay. I'm just starting out, and if you're already here, you can't be a disciple of this king. Aren't you? Then we will go to 2 move. Gonyiseongsan is called."

Muwang thought this time even if Yeonwoo can memorize the same.

Belt ring

[We will begin to train the eight martial arts martial arts. The secondary effect of 'Draconic Eyes' enables quick acquisition.]

[You have fully mastered the form.]

[You have fully mastered the formula.]

[I realized the trick.]


[Congratulations! Through a quick acquisition, he succeeded in acquiring the first half of the top martial arts, the Bajiquan. Skill is created.]

[Skill 'Bajiquan' was created. 0.0%]

[Bajiquan (上)]

Proficiency: 0.0%

Description: A skill that was solved by replacing all fours with Bagua.

Even in the air, it corresponds to the grade of 'theft' and can be solved in various ways such as sword and sword.

Bagua step

Every step you take adds about 5% of Bagua's power (Kun, Tae, Lee, Jin, Hand, Persimmon, Gon, Gon) in order. As skill increases, linkage becomes possible and stacks up to 40%.

* Flags of all sides

Enhances the senses to block blind spot exposure. As the feeling of feeling is opened, more precise mana operation becomes possible.

The middle and bottom half of 'Bajiquan' still remain. Find the remaining pieces to complete the skill.

Yeonwoo absorbed 2move as he did 1move and memorized all 32 moves in the first half of the Bajiquan by the time when the destination city, Kuram, was seen.

Muwang, of course, was watching Pant and Edora, and even other warriors left their mouths wide open.

"Hum! Bajiquan is also good enough skills to learn. Yeah.”

Of course, no one else would miss that opportunity.

' He embarrassed.'

'You're embarrassed.'

' Is there a time when my father collapsed like that? Big. It's cool. Brother, give me some more strength. It's all cool inside. '

'10 years old jam is going down. Huh! '

'But where did the real girl Edora find you?

In the meantime, all the tribe members who had to take their heads off in the accident of Muwang were all cool.

Meanwhile, Yun-woo felt that the circulation of mana was smoother.

Previously, if you played with the engine separately, you now feel like a sports car that can adjust the speed according to the engine's output.

Although the form has not yet been naturally linked to the core method, it seemed to be the same as I continued to practice.

'I want to see.'

Yeon-woo knew that he had changed significantly in just a few days.

So I wanted to check.

How different they are.

I looked up.

Far away, the walls of Kuram were seen.

I do not know yet that the lack of horns coming.




"Master call me."

Yeon-woo is still awkward in his word, but he still teaches him.

Then it seemed right to call that.

At the same time, I felt a little embarrassing.

"...... Yes, Master."

"Yes. Do you have anything to ask?"

Yeonwoo earnestly asked why he was called.

"This Kuram attack, can you please leave it to me?"

"What? Huh!"

The king is now an expression of no prayer.

Where does this guy's greed reach?

I noticed that Yeonwoo asked me to do this because he wants to use the Bajiquan right in the real world.

Of course, Muwang was like that when he was full, so I could know what it was.

But the king shook his head firmly.

"That's not. This is our tribal event, because you want to run a lot other than you."

Yeon-woo glanced back at the warriors pointed out by the king Mu’s chin.

They nodded and laughed violently.

My eyes never let go of the food.

Even if Muwang permits, they were willing to intervene and interrupt.

The fact that the air was shot in a short time was heating their hearts.

I wondered how I could live quietly in the village so far.

"And that's what I do."

Yeon-woo laughed bitterly as he saw the king gleaming as much as other warriors.

"But definitely you need to check the freshly cooked gong. Um."

Muwang stroked his chin by hand.

In fact, he wanted to know the exact power of Shim's newly created law and the connection rate with the Bajiquan.

If the connection between Cheonikgong and Bajiquan was not good, I was going to tear up some passages.

How to soothe the boredom of the tribal members, but also how to check the skills of Yeonwoo.

While wondering what it was, Muwang finally came up with a good idea.

"Then what about this?"

* * *

The city of Kuram has long been a place of the Red Dragon's organization, the Clan.

But after a month-long clash between poisoners and clan coalitions, the situation began to get twisted as half of the power of the Now Clan flew.

The disruption in the construction of the front of the Red Dragon, which should be completed around Kuram.

Eventually, the Red Dragon decided to send the starting team first because it would not work.

To secure the forces on the 11th floor even earlier.

Those who settled down in Kuram were 'White Dragon'.

Among the 81 armed forces possessed by the Red Dragon, the hounds are active in the forefront.

Of course, only eight of the White Dragon Nian was dispatched.

But they alone were enough to take control of Kuram, and the city dwellers had to move carefully, noticing their eyes.

8 Director Shannon did not like the environment.

'Stupid things. If we just turn around on someone's soles or licking subjects, we will swear. I mean. I'll stay on the lower stairs for the rest of my life. '

He hated players who climbed the tower and still stayed on the lower levels.

No, hate was right.

If you're looking at the lows of things that are strong to the weak and weak to the strong, you've come out with the disease.

In that sense, Shannon was the same as Nau Clan, who always smiled at himself and smiles.

And Nau Clan said that he would kill him someday if he found it.

'He knows that our red dragon is behind us, but he hasn't looked back. If you have that confidence, it's enough to bring you. Bahal said he was interested.'

Shannon was hoping to enter flame beast someday because he admires Bahal at heart.

So the desire to find addicts was greater.

But at some point he hid his life like a lie.

Cleared the stage and went to the 12th floor.

Or is it still on the 11th floor?

Thousands of people followed after him, but found no trace.

As a result, rumors about poisoners grew on the 11th floor.

I don't know how he's going to crash.

No, it's clear that we're preparing something for another accident.

'I hope you see it before the full-scale war begins.'

When Shannon squeezed the lower lip slightly to the tongue.

Kwaaang-The loud roar of the ear suddenly fell off, and the castle shook whole.

Shannon also fell out of balance and then woke up with a sword again.

His impressions were hardened.

The noise was just something exploding just before.

It was not an ordinary explosion either.

I turned my head and looked out the window.

Between the broken bookshelves and the shattered windows, I saw soaring flames and Sakaman smoke soaring.

"Dare, who ……!"

Shannon was so angry that he dared to attack his city.

At that time, the door opened wide and the baggage jumped.

He shouted with an urgent look.

"It's a big deal, encouragement! Enemies have been raided out now. But ……!"

"Who is it?

"At the same time, lack of horns!"


At a name that I never thought of, the face of shanon hardened.