Second Life Ranker

Sixth, the prelude(4)

Shannon no longer listened to Suha's backbiting and searched outside.

There's only one thought that fills my head.


'What the hell are you guys doing that never gets in the way of other Clan's business?'

The idea of a monopolist was long gone.

I forgot to stand and think about how to build a front in the future.

The impact of the emergence of the lone tribe was too great.

It is clear that if they emerge, the hard-earned front will be ruined.

Especially in the current situation where no one has arrived yet.

The biggest problem, above all, is that if Kuram falls into their hands, the Red Dragon is recorded as having lost from the early battles.

And the general manager was Shannon, and he had to turn all the disgrace on himself.

No, the stigma can somehow hold out.

However, due to the character of Red Dragon, which values honor, heavy punishment cannot be avoided.

At that time, everything could be really messed up.

So Shannon left the door and wished that none of them had a ranker.

Then you'll see what the odds are.

If there is one or two.

I hoped at least there would be no King and Queen.

Shanon had to taste the cries of the world falling apart.


"Fire! Fire!"

"Let's blow up! Boom! Boom!"

Hundreds of orbits were falling like a meteor shower, picking up the sky on a night when the moon was deep.

They burst into laughter as if they were all crazy.

And every time the sound of laughter was small there was a strong explosion.

The ground broke when a small place was on the ground.

The fortress wall collapsed, and the building collapsed on the roof.

Then, he walked out in all directions and strode through the castle.

Everything that stood in the way went out. Whether it's a building or a player, it never went and fell in a row.

Kuram, who was hit by a rum disaster for even a huge tsunami, had no idea how to stop them.

Of course, in the early stages of establishing the front lines, we installed fault lines around Kuram and laid out room fishing magic. But there was nothing for such a thing.

I've broken everything out because of the people who came out before I even started.

There were notable people, especially in the loner tribe.

A singing hammer? And Blitzkrieg! Why the hell are you bringing those guys to this city?!

A singing hammer, Silon.

Blitzkrieg, Travia.

The two ranchers, who had suddenly disappeared, were scrambling to break all their faults and defense traps.

In addition, there were other ways to be more ecstatic.

On the roof of that distant castle.

Someone told me a story and I stepped up.

It was so far away that I couldn't tell my face apart.

Shanon was able to see right away who he was.

a vast presence that overwhelms one's son-in-law

However, the smile turns out to be funny.


It was there that once became more famous under the nickname "walking disaster."

"I'm crazy..."

Shanon's words didn't last long.

Muwang was leaning his fist inward.

Here the atmosphere gradually moved around him.

The current gradually grew and eventually became huge enough to cover the city of Kuram, and was sucked into Muwang's main food before being firmly condensed at one point.



When Muwang thrust his fist forward, the condensed air swelled at once, causing an explosion.

From the bombed fortress to the low-deep central part of the city, it swept away nearly half the temple at a single stroke.

A cloud of dust spread out.

The ground shook violently, and the debris of the building fell everywhere, driven by strong winds.

The emergence of the loner tribe caused most of the ordinary loners to flee and explode around the already closed shop area, but the blood damage was enormous.

The Red Dragon players, who were moving to prevent the shortage, were all swept away without making any noise.

All the water was splashed by the sand fog.



And Shannon, watching from afar, could not say a word when the ice fell.

Hwi Hwi-Hi-Hi-

When Shanon came back to his senses.

The dust cloud, which seemed likely to spread to the end of the world, was about to lose steam and sink to the bottom.

"That fucking chief!"

"Oh, look at me and fly me!"

To the top of the ruins, where there are few abandoned houses or collapsed buildings left.

The loner tribesmen were seen raving as they looked at Muwang's.

I came here with a big heart because I was able to jump.

When I was about to get angry, a man named Zhang interfered with me.

However, Muwang looked at those tribal circles and said.

"You can do it if you're in a position."

It was a smile that I wanted to hit

"My God, Nimi!"

"One day that blow-up personality, gin-jack..."

"I told you it's strangely quiet these days!"

The tribes grew angry and spread throughout the rest of the city in the hope that they would lose the leftovers of their food.

However, the Red Dragon team lost all motivation.

He also lost his will to burn them, saying, "How can I stop them?"

The courage to look after the city is gone.

He would, too, be willing to block it when it is right. If there is such a great difference, he would not be able to make-up.

Who in the world can have a life-or-death angle to overcome "natural disasters" in front of them?

So much so that the appearance of King Mu was a shock to them.

How the typhoon is how to handle as much as they can not be a disaster.

Eventually, the remaining areas of Kuram were easily dotted by soon-to-be-drawn tribesmen.

Kim said that this would drown out everywhere to kill us all.

And - flat

Shannon sank to the floor.

Bridge in force were not published any more.

Eyes and shaking.

Kuram's annihilation, which symbolized the 11th floor with Barack.

Was only saeayaeji to my head was full of fear.

just then


"Ugh. I can't believe I'm such a pain in the ass."

Muwang found where Shanon was, and flew into the air in a flash from afar.

I think it's flying in the sky. It's a quick and agile movement.

He looked up and down at Shanon, who had the strongest strength in Kuram.

From the way I look at it, it looks like there's a decent level of work in Red Dragon.

It is not enough to be in a castle like this.

I had to get him to do something.

Muwang crouched down to meet Shanon's eye level.


a light call as if it were just calling out a local friend

But Shanon suddenly came to his senses.

As the white-white inner circle suddenly refreshed, the god of Jeong returned cleanly.

It's as if someone had put their hands in their heads and forced them to open.

"Yes? Ugh, Ugh!"

Shannon had something in front of him, and then he realized what it was and then he was horrified.

I had no choice but to do so.

Because the Gorman guy was right in front of me with a big smile!

Shanon never thought of how to escape.

Looking in the eyes of King Mu, smiling like a mischievous boy, it was as if he had been wrapped in an invisible chain.

I was appalled.

My neck trembled.

It felt as if I were watching their Leigh Dewin summer queen in the distance.

No, it was more than just courage.

"Do you want to live?"

At first I was all terrified and couldn't understand what I was saying, but I soon realized that I was late.

"Sa, I want to live...…!"

Shannon couldn't do anything more.

There was no despair of losing.

I didn't even think how to save my men.

It was not a problem now that I was worried that I would be held accountable by my superiors at a later date.

I just want to get out of here somehow.

All he wanted was to escape from the monster in front of him.

I also wanted to go out "live."

King Mu rolled up his mouth and tail as if he had known it would be.

It was a sly laugh, but in Shannon's eyes it was only seen as trying to figure out how to catch a snake as it flopped the floor in vain with a mouse in front of it.

"Then I'll give you a chance."

The fangs were clearly revealed through the King's smile.

* * *


It was a comment from Yeon-woo after seeing the ruined Kuram.

As such, the lack of solitude this time was overwhelming.

It was only 20 minutes.

Kuram, the largest city on the 11th floor, was conquered.

No, where it falls.

Even that was only five minutes to destroy Kuram.

The remaining 15 minutes were the time it took to catch the remnants and put them on one side.

The war of the loner tribe was very simple.

Press with force, and pour.

Anyone who stood in the way would do anything to hurt him.

If there was anything else, it was all over.

What the hell can stop you from doing that?

Above all.

"I've seen it since we split the sun, but the wasn't something I could do to imitate.'

The blow that King Mu used to hit remained like a remnant in Yeon-woo's head.

a single blow swept away half the city

It was clearly the power that Yeon-Woo showed to look at.

One of the Eight Pillars in the Bajiquan along with Dancheon, which split the sun.

Also, the force of the 'hand' of the eight trigrams appears when the force of the 'hand' reaches its limit.


Muwang would have wanted to say this.

If we want to follow this far, we will have to work hard.

And if you don't think you can keep up with this, you're going to tell them to stop.

Of course, Yeon-Woo had no intention of doing so.

On the contrary, I only wanted to train Bajiquan to the extreme.

If you try hard and try hard, you'll be able to get there one day.

And Cheon-Ik Gong was going to have to develop it that much.

Unlike Yeon-Woo, who is so motivated.

"Haah! That father again..."

"During two days a day? You should've expected that since my father showed up here anyway, I wouldn't have a chance."

Pante shook his head as he pointed his head.

Edora kicked her tongue with a sullen look.

Then Edora muttered, slightly frowning.

"But what are you going to do about Auraburni's actual battle? If you film so overwhelmingly like that, you won't have a chance to fight."

Edora knew that Muwang was very interested in Yeon-Woo.

It was the evidence that a man who didn't teach his children Mugong well had taken Yeon-Woo as his student.

And Mugong's quick acquisition method is to experience real life.

Clearly Muwang had said.

Yeon-Woo wants to join the fight in person, and I'll let her go through a real war until she gets really sick.

But how can he keep his promise under these circumstances? Then

Wedge fluid -

Something was flying fast over where Yeon-Woo and Pante and Edora are located.

It was Muwang.

But there was something wrapped in both hands.


"Uh. That's right."

"Why are you coming here again? What the hell are you holding in your hand?"

"I think it's a person...."

"What else are you going to decorate, Mr. ..?"

Pante's and Edora's facial expressions turned strange.

Yeon-Woo opened her eyes slightly because she didn't know English.

Then, Muwang landed in front of them.

It looked as if I had just taken a walk around the neighborhood.

Muwang threw the things in his hand on the floor at random.

Shanon and five other players.

Muwang was the most powerful men on Red Dragon's side, who collected Kuram by scouring it.

Of course, all of them were like rats with tails in front of Muwang.

They all looked up at King Mu with their teeth in the air.

I was brought to you when I heard that you wanted to save me.

I didn't say what I was going to do.

Muwang smiled and put his arms together. Then he said, pointing to Yeon-Woo as an act.

"Fight it."



Their eyes turned to Yeon-Woo in unison.

Under the mask, Yeon-Woo's face turned into a look of surprise.

I don't care.

Muwang said with a grin, as if he were having fun.

"Fight him, I'll let him live, eh?"



in the midst of a shock

Pante also shook his late dog as he saw his father trying to do something ridiculous.

"...whatever. That blown-in castle, really."