Second Life Ranker

Episode 7. The prelude (5).

Yeon-Woo kicked her tongue lightly.

He said he'd give me a chance to fight.

I never thought I'd use this method.


'There's no reason to refuse.'

The people Muwang had picked up were obviously good players.

Stressed by Muwang's spirit, yes, those who are so talented that even Yeon-Woo can deal with them right now.

Within Red Dragon, it was clear that it was a "Captain" or a "Chairman" above three-rank"

Those who would never face each other on the 11th floor if not during this period of war.

If they were to attack at once, they wouldn't know, otherwise they would be perfect for experimenting with Bajiquan and the Cheon-Ik Gong.

"I'll do it."

So Yeon-Woo asked Muwang to do it.

Muwang nodded cheerfully, as if he knew it would be.

Pante kicked his tongue in the back and his teeth died.

"Yes, I forgot for a moment. You were as kind as my father....! Cuek!"


Pante, instead of talking, rolled the ground in low measure after being hit by the sudden flight of Muwang.

"My dear son. It's a bell to make fun of your mouth, but you're going to make a big fuss about it."

Muwang smiled and gave Pante a light warning, looking at the water-curdling Shannon, etc.

They were dumbfounded by the freezing cold.

The first thing that came to mind was Shannon.

Shannon immediately noticed that the person Muwang pointed out was Hoarder.

I didn't know what the relationship was between Muwang and Yeon-Woo, but I didn't want to miss out on the chance to live right away.

Slowly he got up from his seat, he asked Seo Muwang.

"Dog... ...can't beat the cannibals. What if I don't get scared?"Is it...?

Muwang shrugged his shoulders

"I don't know. It's me."


"How do you know if you're going to die fighting? If you're good, you'll live, or you'll die."

At the moment, Shannon's eyes were young.

It's what Muwang means.

"You mean you don't mind if I kill Hoarder soon?"

"Isn't that obvious?"

Muwang answered with a sniff.

Then Edora exclaimed in alarm.


"Your father is not old enough to be deaf yet."

"What the hell do you mean? What a life-ordeath experience.…!"

a life-and-death struggle

The two men will die to measure the maximum skill of the two.

"So? Do you think I'm gonna be like a kids' neighborhood fight? So what's the point?"



Edora couldn't argue any more.

Muwang's voice is so low.

with a subdued look

She was speechless.

"Don't forget. This is a battlefield. It's a war zone where you get a headache right away when you're careless. Do you think you'll be in a good position to sell in such a place? If you have that rotten idea, just go back."

Edora is clenched his fist.

Oh, raesipssul a bit tight.

Here, muwang is right.

It's a stubborn one.

This is a war zone.

Who has more than can die without place.

One, pante woo yeon, too.

Even humans will never die, muwang.

The muwang edora is no longer not to badger it and shook his head from side to side.

" Anyhow, usually unemotional, gee whiz, Lee is a clear child of Cain ; in like seoman be well prepared. You don't have to say? " and pante

Pante had a disordered look.

I didn't even think about reliving a horse, and I knew if I did, I wouldn't be the father to listen.

"I think my father is right this time."

"Also, you don't deserve to call me personality. Do you know why?"

Pante poked out his lips as if he didn't want to know much.

I don't care.

Muwang smiled and turned to Yeon-Woo.

"My whole family is a sheep."

Pante and Edora shut their mouths tight.

There was too much of what I wanted to say.

"Hagan. Kain. What do you think? I don't think you're gonna stand around here and do it. Don't tell me?"

with a very disappointed look in his eyes.

"I wanted to ask you a favor."

Yeon-Woo nodded as if it were natural.

Muwang's smile thickened.

"You see, I knew this was going to happen. At any rate, only the people who burst into flames will stand. Hahaha!"

Ever since Muwang found out that Yeon-Woo was trying to emulate him, he knew that this beauty smelled just like him.

With such a pleasant smile, I looked back at Shah Nun and others.

I was wondering if you were going to do it.

Shannon etched slightly and soon got up one by one, nodding his head.

They already had no set options.

If you have one.

Somehow to beat Yeon-Woo.

You may be able to live if you lose, but that vicious Muwang won't tolerate it.

"What do you want me to do with this?"

So Shannon gritted her teeth and asked.

With the fear gone, speculation rose little by little.

His eyes were red with blood.

"The method is very simple. Fight only 1:1 to determine the winner or loss. However, you can take turns in the game. For one thing, you guys choose Al Arthur."

Shannon and five other players began to look at each other.

It was an advantageous fight as the last order went by.

I'm sure Yeon-Woo will be tired

And the order was soon set without much argument.

There was already a definite order of hierarchy between them.

No matter what anyone says, Red Dragon had no choice but to gain the upper hand, and Shannon was naturally given the last five.

Yeon-Woo stepped forward.

Except for the first player, Player, who took over the first turn, stepped down from his post and created a large vacant lot.

"I have to do this shit with that little bastard."

The player cocked and spat on the floor.

Recently, a bad name for a reader became popular on the 11th floor, but he's just out of Novice.

He had no choice but to be angry from his point of view of Ranker before long.

He pulled out the sword with the intention of removing Yeon-Woo sooner or later.

Twenty-one years rolled out in all directions.

When Yeon-Woo looked at him, he drew a majang dagger and a dagger from Krashna, each holding a constant and a reciprocal.

Bajiquan can be unraveled in various forms.

Only know movement completely. Even with the use of cotton binoculars, there was no problem with proficiency at all

No, rather, if you fight with an unfamiliar weapon, wouldn't it be better to test it?

With such thoughts, he slowly lifted his skyrockery.

Mana began to move along a number of circuits, large and small set, and the cores installed throughout the body swirled violently into Mana.

At that moment.


Following Yeon-Woo, a red scandal spread through the air, and soon became haze and wound him around.

a wing made of wings

The player's vote was solidified as soon as he opened the fire.

The heat made the atmosphere boil and a great deal of energy pressed hard on his shoulder.

It was only then that I could notice that something was going wrong.

And I realized it belatedly.

What does it mean that Muwang has them as his guinea pigs…!


Then, Yeon-Woo crushed the ground and jumped into the player's place in one breath.



Something seemed to flash, and before I knew it, Yeon-Woo came to his eyes.

What's the speed?

The player opened his eyes wide with anger.

Instinctively, she tried to widen the gap by running her body backwards, but before that, Yeon-Woo flicked her body and fired a spin.


The player bounced back wide with a shock that seemed to have hit him hard with a blunt hammer.

Yeon-Woo followed him again and hit him hard, from top to bottom, and from the top to the bottom.

The player straightened his posture to see if he felt like splitting his head.

Then he turned large and raised the sword from the bottom to the top

Along the edge of the knife was a glow of yellowish colors.

It wasn't fully shaped, but it was Oror Blade, who had a vaguely sharp day.


It also added rotational power and exploded into the air.


However, the power of the Liqin Majang-gum, which was pushed hard from top to bottom, was never small.

Completed by swallowing Akasha's snake, YeonWoo's Mana has already been so vast that no one can catch up with him except for Lancer, and the Chun Ik-Ki-Kong has become so powerful that it has tripled its output.

Moreover, there is a lot of firepower and a lot of firepower.

The player had to taste the horrible old barrel that his arm was falling off.

Moreover, as the fire swept past him, the armor-bearer heated up in a fever.

The forearm has already been left with deep burn marks.

'What power......!'

up to shock

The player couldn't bring himself to his senses.

I had to get the illusion that the world was spinning.

Yeon-Woo quickly began to whisk away at the gap where he faltered.




Draw the sword of the Great Seal of the Constant and strike it up, and as you dig deep inside, you dip it into the chest with Krashna's dagger.

The player skill to the attack only against a person. my furiously, if you want to, too, a womanizing god, per the onslaught.

Bajiquan's 32 moves, which Muwang had taught him, came out in order.

Geongonjinjin, Taegan Seoyeong, Lee Ggam Ssangbyeok, Jin Son Tae Gak, Son Geon-ryu...….

Every time you wave your arms, you'll have a strong stomach.

The wind started from the edge of the sword, and as it gradually gained strength, it rose up like a whirlwind and crept.

A number of explosions followed, with flames on top of it.


bajiquan and cheon-Ik Gong

When they first met, there were many awkward corners as if they didn't fit in well.

The motion and Mana didn't mix, and the movement didn't get strong enough.

But even in that situation, Yeon-Woo focused on only one thing.


It left the Draconic Eyes wide open.

A new skillet with 30 percent of its skill level exposed its dizzying flaws all over the world, and Yeon-Woo entrusted himself to the body according to the flag.

Then Bajiquan and Cheon-Ik Gong, who were not hit by the dysentery at first, went out in groups.

Of course, it was followed by the efforts of Gaeko, who constantly worked together to bring the two Mugongs together in an inexhaustible and fast-paced world of mind.

the sum of Heart, Skill, and Body

And the movement according to the flaws.

As I wielded a knife while concentrating on this, I realized that I was getting rid of the mess that I was doing.

It's cleaner and deeper.

Yu Dong from Mana to move was no longer blocked.

Above all, the body accepted the move so well.

It's like this is the best move for Yeon-W

It seemed to say that it was an optimized move.

As time goes by.

The player only managed to fathom the attack.

But it was so different in strength that I kept pushing myself back and had to be Yeon-Woo's sandbag opponent.

By the time he had exhausted his strength, the old sword had broken and the debris had splashed into the air.

Between them, KraShunya's dagger entered the room and sank deep in her left breast.

Put it on!

The armor exploded so easily.

The damage has already reached its limit due to accumulated hits and heat.

The armor, which is made of materials that can only be found on the 40th floor, did not use much energy.

Thanks to this, the dagger penetrated the heart.

The player puffed up blood between his lips.

He looked at Yeon-Woo's mask with trembling eyes, and then he sank down.

Yeon-Woo pulled Krashna's dagger from the body and looked around the other players.

The impression of your players was stiff.

The one who just died was Buchlan, Torison, of Clan's "Red Wolf vs. the Red Wolf," who is known to be quite strong among Red Dragon's affiliated organizations.

Although it may be the weakest in here, it was never the weakest player.

He used to say that if I went up a few more steps, I might be able to challenge him.

You've been so overwhelmed?

They really felt a sense of crisis again.

Muwang was not the problem.

a self-reader

It was a much stronger counterweight than I thought.

I never thought I'd be able to get out of here.

"Come on, next."

Following Muwang's instructions, the second turn of the ladder came forward with a stiff expression.

He was known for his nickname "iron fist," but his tight fists were full of cold sweat.

* * *


a left-hand boy

Blood was sprinkled on the floor.

Shannon frowned at the fourth body that had fallen.

I thought it would be my turn.

Eventually, Yeon-Woo was facing him, defeating the first four in turn.

Of course, Yeon-Woo wasn't very well either.

You can't beat Torrison by shooting him overwhelmingly, so you can't do that.

Each of the fighting men fought Yeon-Woo to death, and the damage continued to accumulate there.

In addition, the late batting also cleverly aimed at that point by identifying Yeon-Woo's loophole while rejuvenating the earlier battles.



Hot Dan I spread out along the entrance of Yeon-Woo.

The armor-bearer was ruined, and he was covered in blood

Although he must have run out of strength to the point where it would not be strange to fall any moment, he still stood still in a calm stare.

Shannon went out in front as if she couldn't help it.

He can't die well here, either.

And I figured out all the loopholes in Yeon-Woo, so I was going to whip it around quickly.

Going back to the fight that's been going on, we've always had a winning start, but we've had a new twist in time.

Without a bird to identify himself, he was about to blow his head off.

Yeon-Woo also noticed that Shannon was "different" from those he had ever faced.

It was different from the one I was wearing.

Red Dragon


The members appeared.

It was also the leader of the combat unit.

What if you're mindful of the arrogant nature of the eight clans that you don't accept?

Perhaps he was now in charge of the Kuram Front.

[He'd better be pretty careful. Even if you showed everything you had, no, you might have had a hard time even if you were in the best condition.]

And as if to read the tension of Yeon-Woo, Muwang's laughter rang in his ears, which had so far kept silent and kept him on.

Yeon-Woo turned to that direction.

Muwang was rolling up one side of his mouth.

Like it's going to be real from now on.

[Semi-Ranker in there.]