Second Life Ranker

Episode 8. The prelude (6)


Powerful people challenging the Ranker.

"Ranker" means those players who climb the tower in a strong order.

In a broad sense, it meant those who started climbing the 50th floor.

But the 50th floor was never an easy-to-see floor.

It boasted an incomparably elevated level of difficulty compared to the previous 49 floor.

Even a lot of players, known as strong, have to drink or fall.

a common title

That's why Ranker was such a great man.


Hah, who wanted to look over the area, usually referred to players on the 49th floor as this.

A challenger, or a semi-ranker.

A total of 77 floor have been pioneered so far.

If you asked me to pick the one that had the most inhabitants and attackers, I could tell you just two.

1st and 49th floors.

The reason was simple.

I just passed the tutorial, but the first gateway to the tower's high wall was on the first floor.

It had been on a roll until then, but it was because the 49th floor was blocked repeatedly by Ma's barrier demanding more hardship.

Residents on the 49th floor struggle to succeed in Si-ryun somehow.

There is only one floor difference, but the meaning of it is because of the difference.

But many of them failed this attack once, and only the most fortunate could climb up.

So the rankers who started walking after the 50th floor called this, laughing at the players on the 49th floor.

I'm a loser.

After all, they were stupid idiots who couldn't cross the last one.

The residents of the 49th floor listened to it and silently looked for the next turn.

But this is the story that is used on the upper floor only.

Viewed from the lower floor and the middle floor, the 49th floor had no choice but to look great.

In order to pass through the village, he must have tried hard to be that strong.

So the players on the lower floor were called completely different in the awe of the residents of the 49th floor.

Semi Ranker.

You're dreaming of becoming a ranker.

And in fact, the semi-rankers all had great power.

Some even said that they're really outranking Ranker.

But such a semi-ranker is right in front of you.

YeonWoo laughed.

Even if I am ready, I want to be able to win.

Hit in this physically and mentally exhausted situation.

It was safe to say that he was trying to put his back to die.


'It's funny.'

YeonWoo felt a strangely larger BattleMeaning.

There was a laugh.

It wasn't a laugh.

It was a laugh tone that came out of pleasure by itself.

YeonWoo sleeps alone, beating the eight Clan.

Then it should gain more power, and someday the Rankers should also be in the germination rack.

No, beyond that, he's a HighRanker, and he has to catch up with the nine kings.

The Muwang level is.

At least that much was needed to start revenge in earnest.

In that sense, the hollow with Semi Ranker.

'It's the biggest way to break through the limit faster.'

YeonWoo has already been able to get a lot from the previous four life-and-death struggles.

All the pile was thrown away.

The link between CheonIkGong and Bajiquan was securely fastened.

I learned how to use FLAWS and was able to control the core's strength.

It has also become possible to adjust the range of firepower for centuries.

This is because they feel their own limitations and discover weaknesses that they have never seen before.

This is exactly what Muwang is trying to do.

To keep pushing YeonWoo to the limit, to make herself realize what is lacking and to be able to fix it.

Of course, a slight deviation would put your throat in danger.

'It's already my life. I've left it here since I got here. I don't have anything to put in a pig's head'

Muwang must have been a similar idea.

Because the Muwang that YeonWoo has seen has been very cold in some corners.

YeonWoo lightly waved Fist in the air.

The black bracelet sounded a little bit and imputed the soul of your first dead player to the collection.

'Get everything you need to take first.'

The soul of a player this size is hard to come by.

It would be okay if we made a relationship.

'We're fighting again.'

Woo Woong -

YeonWoo once again produced MANACircuit to its fullest output.

With Ahjin, which is efficient, I was worried that MANA would dry up, even though her physical strength would be depleted.

The rich MANA dominated the whole body.

Struggling away the fatigue, he applied a strong force to his body.

Then he stood up with DraconicEyes, invoking his will to fight at the same

It's a move that you's.

Bajiquan, or Bajiquan, saw its proficiency rise to 15.2 percent and CheonIkGong, to 31.2 percent.

Move is now firmly imprinted on his instincts, so he doesn't have to worry about losing his posture.

Shannon also grabbed the knife hard, knowing that YeonWoo was squeezing out the last remaining energy.

Man or beast, there was nothing more dangerous than a mortal struggle.


YeonWoo, who Shannon has seen so far, was the runner.

a blood-soaked beast

You'll never fall down when you're exhausted.

Still, he was a ferocious beast with his teeth showing off.

Shannon straightened up the knife.

His favorite is SWORDBreaker, whose blade is like a cog.

They came between their teeth like shark teeth and clenched.

before entering the union

Shannon opened his mouth with a calm look as he watched YeonWoo.

"Can I ask you one thing?"

"What is it?"

"No matter what the win or loss is. I want you to spare the servants."


YeonWoo was slightly surprised by the unexpected request.

I've been running into a lot of flair and clans, but it was you who asked me this.

Everyone thinks their lives are precious, but people who take care of their peers are rare.

But Shannon said with a bitter smile.

"In fact, I didn't think to take care of my undocumented minions the whole time I was brought to Muwang. I just remembered. I met my enemy no matter how many times I had.But you don't have enough to kill every one of them, do you?"

YeonWoo read Shannon's mind.

'I'm determined to die.'

It was strange.

Despite the fact that Shannon would be much more advantageous.

Why are you thinking like that?

Apparently, just a moment ago, Shannon was full of the will to live.

If you look at YeonWoo's every move, you can see that he's looking for ways to break the attack by analyzing and interpreting him.

But now it was different.

Half of the time, half of the time, was on the roost.

It was unclear what had happened to her in the short period of time, but YeonWoo felt a heavier mood.

It felt as if I had met a hard wall.

'I'm going to smash it at once.'

YeonWoo built up a lot of fire

I was going to see the match as soon as possible because I ran out of steam.


The wings of the flame burned higher and higher.

YeonWoo folded its wings and patted the ground with a whimper.


The raging heat swept over Shannon like a tidal wave of fire.

Shannon jerked the SwordBreaker wide sideways.

Then a gust of wind pushed the flame aside.

YeonWoo balanced in the air by pushing MANA toward the core on the soles of his feet.

Then he turned sideways and struck Shannon on the neck with Krashna's dagger held in the back.

Here Shannon responded by scattering an error.


If Oreers burst like firecrackers, they stopped the attack.

Rather, they tried to tear YeonWoo apart like Nami Tsu, and YeonWoo blocked the pouring error by responding to it by building a path to fire again here.


YeonWoo was thrown out of the air loudly.

However, he tried to approach Bajiquan again while making a swallow spin, releasing a series of MOVEs linked to Bajiquan.

Shannon swung the bull de Breaker as he stretched his movements.

Whenever that happened, pieces of ore spread out like thorns, resulting in repeated clashes.

YeonWoo and Shannon.

The two continued a tight race to never push each other.

YeonWoo was rough. As if a small beast of prey were constantly rushing to catch a big elephant, he wielded his claws and struck them down with his teeth

He didn't care at all about being a pituist when he was being kicked around.

Shannon, on the other hand, was hard.

He tried to press YeonWoo with force by spraying the error loud and strong.

YeonWoo moved around to break Shannon, looking for a loophole, but was forced to meet a hard barrier every time.

At the moment, YeonWoo could see why her opponent was called Semi Ranker.

He was really different in size from himself.

No matter how hard he tried to find a weakness, he never revealed a loophole.

Even so.

YeonWoo didn't give up.

Rather, the more pushed out, the more uninterrupted the 36 cores were rotated, drawing the maximum output from the MANACircuit.

That's why MANACircuit was overloaded and warned of danger, but ignored it.

No artifacts such as BIGRIDs, black bracelets, or irises were used.

Fight to boost his form is only now.

I don't want to include the other variables.

Even if life had even hadeo that dangerous.

Bang -

Bang -

Every time some wielding knives is an explosion eonamyeonseo give off sparks.

The blood spilled from the mouth because of the reaction force that was thrown out by the strong force, but swallowed it again.

All the blood was all around my eyes

Then, some time later, a nodule appeared one by one between DraconicEyes.

The grain was tangled like a thread and then clenched at one point.

'Left forearm up!'

a first-come-first-out weakness

YeonWoo put a mahjongg sword in there without mercy, just in case the manger disappeared.

Perhaps thanks to the full load of MANA, the sound of 36 cores spinning violently seemed to ring in the ear.

by the way


What is it?

the moment when the majangdaegeom was dead

Of course the left forearm that should be there has disappeared.

Like a scaremonger


I turned to my side for a moment's thought.

But Shannon's SwordBreaker is already being hit from the back to his neck.


a lightning strike

YeonWoo was thrown out in a single blow as the auror exploded full of fire.

How could the Chi-Nyong-Ta escape by raising the wings of the fire, but the reaction force was not enough.

My body bounced like a broken kite.

YeonWoo searched through the air and managed to balance and land.

However, he was unable to digest all the antielastic forces and was pushed back without limits.

There was a dark furrow in the seat he passed.

YeonWoo gritted her teeth.

The bloodshot eyes bobbed up and down.

"What is it? What's going on?'

I'm sure he stabbed me.

How could it suddenly disappear?

It was a momentary question, but I threw it behind my head.

Thinking that he must have misjudged it, something must have been done, he moved fast again along the flaws seen in DraconicEyes.

I didn't have much strength left.

I bumped again, and I could see the Flaws.

Two for this time.

I stabbed him with all my might again.

But again.


The resolution was completely gone, and debris poured over it instead.


Sensitive hot senses have kept YeonWoo away from danger.

But I couldn't avoid it altogether.

All the backs were torn out.

Trying to find the opponent's loophole, he made his own.

The tooth clenched.

"What is it? What's going on?'

YeonWoo is no longer rushing to Shannon, but has widened the gap far away.

The rotten sweet smell bothered the mouth and nose, but it didn't bother me at all.

Right in front of me.

Shannon was still standing tall.

Like a barrier.

in a straight line

And Shannon, as reflected in DraconicEyes, was exposed to dozens of nodules, unlike before.

However, instinct sounded the alarm.

Don't be fooled there.

As soon as you move on, you're done.

If he gets caught up in this case, he will not be able to escape.

'What the hell is this?'

I've never failed to pursue FLAWS.

YeonWoo flopped her face.

It was so hard to see a rock sitting on my chest.

I don't know why. Come on.

by the way

"I see."

Shannon smiled, as if she had noticed something.

"You don't know the HeoCho."


YeonWoo narrowed her eyes slightly to the first word she heard.

I still have a knife in my head, but my head is cluttered with various calculations.

"But how can you not know HeoCho? Usually, this is a mistake that only the first-timers are going through."

Shannon showed a slight doubt.

In his view, YeonWoo's attacks and pitches were a skill that only those who practiced martial arts with hard work could have.

I never thought I'd become a beginner, only five days after I entered martial arts.

"Well. It doesn't matter. If you can't see through HeoCho. I'll be the one who survives after all."

But Shannon threw the question right away.

Whatever the reason, he found YeonWoo's weakness.

If so, it was nothing more than a stubborn watering down and blowing off its neck.

"I'll go this time."


Shannon moved fast.

a totally different move from the heavy and solid that has been seen before

It was fast.

And it was spicy.

YeonWoo could tell.

What Shannon has done.

In fact, it was nothing more than a search to see through his weaknesses.

A blinking blade appeared and was heading for the neck.

It's too late to avoid.

By turning his body to his side, he developed maximum firepower and blocked his path.


Fortunately, the blade bounced with the explosion.

But the blade swerved along the way and swept his back, this time sending LongSword down.

But his blade suddenly disappeared as it was heating up.

Longsword whittled through the void with nothing.

YeonWoo's eyes grew bigger.

I felt a sense of crisis.


It was the same phenomenon as before.


The back of my head was tingling.

Quickly turning DraconicEyes towards it, the blade of the knife reached right in front of the barn.

Only one thought filled my mind.

'I'm going to die.'

at this rate

[Fighting Wills]

Overloaded MANACircuit heated up even hotter.

And the speed of the accident went faster than that.

There followed a terrible headache that the brain might burn away.

as such

in a world of infinite slowness

at the point where the blade of a sword is right in front of one's eyes

YeonWoo kept the speed of the accident to the limit.

He wanted to find a way to break the current crisis somehow.

Since it was difficult, questions and answers had to come and go.

How do you avoid it?

to have none

How do we stop it?

to have none

How do we end this with minimal damage?

As expected...

There was only one answer to the question.

to have none

There was no solution.

The road was too blurry to see.

Assuming numerous circumstances and making judgments, there is only one defect that can be seen at the end.

a blade that cuts between the eyes

There was a broken head and a broken consciousness.

Even if they were lucky enough to stop them, they would be torn into dozens of pieces in a follow-up attack.

So YeonWoo was once again desperately able to feel him.

It's not enough to change MANACircuit, train Mugong, and put more power on the Fist.

He was weak. without limits

The gap between Semi-Ranker and herself was huge, too, and there was no way out of that gap.

Shannon's trap closed him up.

The result of this accident, which is not long away, is.

the fatal shears

Only defeat.


YeonWoo turned her mind around.

If you can't see the road from here.

He had to go further up to the source and find his way in the other direction.


He gave himself a new test to bump into SemiRanker.

It's a much more difficult and difficult test than to make a psychic.

If then,

What is the reason for giving this away?

You're just?


It wouldn't be like that.

There is something incomprehensible about Muwang's behavior, but there is no reason for it.

That meant that there would be a way for him to get out of the test.

If then,

What's wrong with that method?

Then YeonWoo floated up.

Muwang clearly told him.

Bite everything you have.

And go beyond the limits.

And YeonWoo thought, too.

Mugong is one of the many forces that one should have after all.

It was just a means.

If then,

It was a matter to be found in another way.

When I thought about it, YeonWoo came to one place.

He used a number of skills such as DraconicEyes, strengthening his senses, and will to fight, but he has yet to bring them up.

And at that moment, the acceleration of the accident ended like a piece of shit.

The blade crossed YeonWoo's eye.

Sense of all down really kkeojyeot.


Before he left after skill have been activated.

[foreknowledge of time]

If you don't have to squeeze all the remaining MANAs, so you can't feed them a final blow, it's the Smile you weren't going to use as much.

Can't right now.


When your eyes again. is yeonwoo

SWORDBreakerker's rough teeth bore deep into YeonWoo's right chest.

My head is broken with crashing headache

The pain followed, which seemed to cut off

Empty-billed Lin MANACircuit was so overheated that it felt like it was going to tear apart.

YeonWoo's time back is only 2 seconds.

However, thanks to this, the ceremony was able to return safely.

That was enough.

If I could live, I could have fought back

Shannon stiffened her impression with a blade in YeonWoo's chest.

"What is this? I'm sure you're dead."

"You don't have to know."

YeonWoo forced himself to twist as he spewed out one of those cold words.


When Sword Breaker came along, West Shannon faltered slightly, and without missing the opportunity, he thrust Krashna's dagger into his neck.