Second Life Ranker

Episode 9. The Rise and Fall (7)


Blood seeped through Shannon's mouth.

No matter how good a player he is, there was no way he could survive a broken neck.

And everyone was afraid and afraid of death.

by the way

Are you laughing?

Shannon was laughing.

Though his mouth was trembling with strength, he was clearly smiling at YeonWoo.

"But...... luckily...... there’s a lot of servants...... are alive!"

A sense of relief is felt by the snow

YeonWoo felt awkward watching Shannon.

So I asked without my knowledge.

"Are you not afraid to die?"

"That’s......right. I was desparate live before...... I got here."

"But why?"

"Suddenly... ...I ... ..thought about it. When I saw Muwang taking care of you... ..all the people... ...who left behind... ... were crushed by this snow... ...And it was falling apart. But he's the leader."

YeonWoo's eyes were slightly enlarged.

It was only then that I knew.

The reason why I felt awkward.

Shannon wanted to save the rest of his crew, though he did not know how much he had left.

If you win, you can survive and lead your servants.

Even if you die, you can save your men because of the promise you made.

This means that he didn't give much trouble to his life in the first place.

No, if he is right, he meant that he had doubts at first, but he changed his mind because he was thinking about his sons.

Perhaps he is ashamed of himself trying to survive.

And it was nothing like what my brother had to go through.

He had to go through such hardships because of the people who betrayed each other in the first place.

If only my brother had a Shannon like him.

The thought passed through my mind.

Shannon stood and fell when she smiled at him like that way

He falls on his knees slightly and drops his head.

The blood spilled on the floor spread out in a puddle.

YeonWoo slowly crawled to Shannon while looking at her reflection in a pool of blood.

I was so nervous and relaxed that I was full of blood.

But before that, the tearful pain spread throughout the body.

The hot core, the hollow mana, the muscle that has been twisted because it has become hard.

If it were an ordinary ManaPath, it might have been destroyed early.

It was just this line because it was ManaCircuit left by DraconicSpecies.


Edora rushed to help YeonWoo.

She watched YeonWoo's fight all the way through with a carefree face, but was only able to breathe a sigh

Pante, who followed, was shaking his head.

muttering, 'Another monster has become a bigger monster.'

It was worth it.

To beat Semi-Ranker, that was a big deal.

Besides, Pante knew.

In fact, YeonWoo hid the most important piece.

You didn't see the G section of the tutorial and the black section on the first floor.

In addition, they did not take out the artifacts they would have obtained from passing through the beginner's compartment.

Then he showed an equal fight with SemiRanker.

"Thought hard. It was quite worth a look. Do you know how to fight rather than look?"

YeonWoo took Muwang's bottle and popped it into his mouth.

There was a sour feeling along the esophagus.

But soon, when he got warm, the pain quickly went away.

MANA is very small, but MANA is full.

It seemed to be a pose.

YeonWoo looked back at Muwang when he was a little more mobile.

There were a lot of questions I wanted to ask.

"What is the HeoCho?"

YeonWoo obviously stabbed FLAWS.

I had a feeling.

But the point of the stabbing disappeared like a lie, and instead the real thing appeared elsewhere.

So I had to have a lot of trouble dealing with Shannon.

There was no way to tell which was real and which was false.


YeonWoo shook her head.

"No, it wasn't like Fake Motion."

"No. It's essentially the same. But that's just the difference between being a truth and being a bluff."


YeonWoo's eyes were filled with questions.

Muwang was thinking about what to explain, but he flicked his finger.

"It would be much easier to explain this. When this dead bastard's knife was about to reach you. At that time, Carl has a lot of possibilities. It could be an attack or a counterattack or a defense. It can lead to other interlocks, and it can take a knife completely. Isn't it?"

YeonWoo nodded.

"Of the various 'probability' of the time, then. Which one do you choose? Do you have any standards?"

"That's what it's like..."

"Yes, to suit the situation. Instincts, humps, quick judgment, and a lot of people choose between dexterity. But HeoCho adds one or two possibilities to this."

YeonWoo was able to understand to a certain extent.


"That's safe to look at. If you get caught, you can cancel it and attack it with a choice of other possibilities. If you don't get caught, you can just go straight. HeoCho is the power to choose the possibility."


YeonWoo muttered small.

It seems similar to the forecast of time, but it is different.

Time forecasting uses rapid computing power to predict how an opponent will behave.

However, HeoCo takes out several tiles at once and pulls out what it wants according to the situation.

"Is that... is that possible?"

"Do you think it's possible?"


"Well, that's a laugh, and it's not actually a break. You have to draw a number of pitches in advance when you are wielding a knife, and you have to draw multiple pitches when you are leading to another attack. If you don't do it, your brain will get tangled. That's not an easy thing to do."

Muwang rolled up the corners of his mouth.

"But if we succeed, we don't have a better way to attack. But this is something that only those who are extremely disciplined can do. Now that you have just entered Bajiquan, it's hard for you. And in fact, HeoCho isn't perfect either. To some extent, if 'a sixth sense' develops, it becomes easier to make the transition."

YeonWoo recalled what Shannon had said.

How come you don't know HeoCho?

It seemed to be because YeonWoo's understanding of martial arts was too poor compared to the proficiency she had seen.


Thanks to this Spar, YeonWoo was able to find two things that she lacked.

HeoCho and the sixth sense.

'HeoCho is the power to have many possibilities. I have to train to the limit and get my hands on it. And vice versa. That way, if you're going to face a similar situation next time, you'll be able to see through it and confront'

Apparently, neither of them simply seemed to be obtainable.

things that should be achievable by training their physical abilities to the limit.

These were areas that could not be taken in by DraconicEyes and sensory intensification.

'You have to train again after all.'

YeonWoo clenched her fist.

I felt strongly that Shannon wanted to resemble the keen sense that he had seen.

No matter how good an artifact you have, your physical prowess is nothing but a tomboy.

He had to push his body to the limit several times.

And then.

'We have to finish the succession process that is not far away.'

There was too much work to do.

It was a bit of a hassle, but the fact that there are certain milestones in front of you and there are many ways to be stronger made me feel good.

'If you don't have talent. I'll have to work hard even if I try.'

YeonWoo forced her heavy body to work.

Shannon's soul, which was about to spread out with a slight reach, was put into the collection.

There was something I wanted to check out later.

"I, and my teacher."

YeonWoo looked around Seo Muwang when she was supported by Edora.

Muwang shook his hands as if he knew it.

"I'm not the kind of guy who's so vicious as to hit some stupid people, either. Don't worry."

It meant that Shannon's dying minions would be left alone.

YeonWoo nodded.

I wanted to rest quickly because I lost so much energy after a while.

as such

The battle in Kuram, the first battle between Red Dragon and CheongHwaDo, was over.

* * *

The news in the city of Kuram spread through the entire tower, shocking countless people.

Unexpected OneHornedTribe's participation.

In particular, the news that Muwang had wiped out half of the city once was a story that the listener had to say.

And, in line with the spread of this rumor, CheongHwaDo pulled the knife in earnest.

As if Red Dragon would sweep the 11th floor before he could still properly capture Zaaragon, he pushed the combat troops generously and quickly took over several cities at once.

Of course, in the process, Red Dragon sent us, or the Clan under him, to a corner of the world, through a series of setbacks.

So Red Dragon thought he couldn't do this anymore, and he started moving in earnest.

It was an 11th floor. It was a place where you could throw it away.

Still, it was never in their pride to retreat so vainly.

On the other hand.

Other news spread.

Shannon, who used to be a semi-Ranker, and five other high-ranking officials reportedly fell their throats while competing with Hoarder for a knife.

Although the upper level didn't pay much attention, crabs came up with enormous weight for regular players.

Hoarder, who was rumored to be a big fan, meant that you're having a lot of crazy power.

Moreover, it was enough news to pay attention to that he was OneHornedTribe's Mercenary.

as such

The telephone, which started on the 11th floor, spread quickly.

* * *

"CheongHwaDo guys. It's so good by now. I think I'm going to die."

Bahal smiled bitterly at the report given by Flame Beast's leader.

With OneHornedTribe on its back, the 11-story section occupied by CheongHwaDo within a single day is 80 percent of the total.

The 11th floor fell into the hands of CheongHwaDo.

I have never seen such a thing at the top.

Dragon is vicious.

He is greedy and never loses.

For a Red Dragon with that name, losing even a little to CheungHwaDo is hurting his selfesteem.

Especially, Queen Summer, the Clan, got angry the most.

It was an unconvincing decision for Bahal, who had the idea of seeking only the benefit of the doubt.

'What can I do? If she's a queen, she'll just have to.'

Bahal laughed bitterly.

Following his attempt to hunt Leone, he will be the general manager of the 11th floor this time.

It was for the reason that Leonte should be held accountable for missing.

The mission that fell on him was very gentle and simple.

The "perfect" recapture of the 11th floor.

It wasn't enough just to retake it.

It was an order to win a landslide so that CheungHwaDo and OneHornedTribe would never step on the 11th floor again.

I know there's Muwang there, but I've given you that crazy order. still.

Bahal moved without a word of mouth.

Flame Beast followed like a shadow.

Afterwards, several combat units were lined up, including Blaze, CoronaAnaconda, and Guillotine and WolfUnit, boasting RedDragon.

So the number snowballed.

Before I knew it, they, the size of the army, climbed up to the 11th floor and looked under their feet.

I could see the city of CheungHwaDo on that wide ground.

There is only one goal.

the extermination of all life in the city


So the Red Dragon fell over the city.

* * *

SABERGod walked down the street.

By now a full-fledged war when jakttoeeot.

It broke out much earlier than everyone had expected, but it was no longer acceptable for REDDragon to drag its feet.

He was caught off guard and joined ONEHornedTribe.

Perhaps REDDragon won't be able to come to his senses for a while.

SABERrGod was about to take advantage of this moment and quickly push through the orders given to God.

MYTHIC BEAST has long been a symbol of the tower.

If they are all dead?

Somehow, PLANs are bound to happen.

And such a plan would bring a clear victory to CheungHwaDo, who has already begun to dominate.

"Move it."

At SaberGod's command, the shadows suddenly spread out in all directions.

And over a hundred new shadows splashed over it like tentacles.

They quickly crossed the forest path, hunting in turn the numbers that had been hiding in the forest.

Work to get rid of the intruders.

In addition, it was a pre-stop to secure more and more endpoints.

SaberGod slowly passed the forest trail, where the smell of wildlings spread thickly.

beyond the wooded jungle station

The Phoenix's energy was sensed.

SaberGod's lips twisted.

* * *

'......there's something here.』

Phoenix slightly narrowed her eyes when she heard the bull's row in the area.

There's been a lot of noise recently in the human compartments.

It seemed to have reached this far.


There was anxiety that it might not be easy.

for the first time in one's life

Phoenix turned its thin golden eyes downwards.

The children were running around, unaware of their mother's feelings.

The first liquid?

At that time, Chirpy, was more looked at the moment.