Second Life Ranker

Episode 10, successor to MYTHicalBeast (1)

Did YeonWoo have to suffer from the tribesmen all night?

It was thanks to the growing number of people who showed their favoritism as rumors spread that they beat Semi-Ranker.

Every time I draw it, I say no because I'm not feeling well, or even though Edora stepped up and cut me off on the way.

"If it doesn't work, then it's me! Can't I have a fight?"

This time, Pante stepped up and ran around.

When I saw Moseop, the same tribe members worked hard on him and YeonWoo joined me, I thought he was so hot.


"What's wrong?"

"If you don't want to go back out and hang on the tree. Shut up."

"......that's mean, HyungNim."

Did YeonWoo frown as if he didn't want to deal with it anymore?

In fact, he's a tribe member, and every time Pante makes a noise, he's like he keeps getting a goal.

Although he recovered to a certain extent from the potion handed over by Muwang, the damage accumulated in his body was not entirely gone.

But the injury wasn't just bad.

MANA is essential for fast recovery. The torn muscles and the skeleton,

In order to promote growth cell roll in MANACircuit, we had to blow MANA and savor it.

So YeonWoo kept turning MANA.

By operating CheonIkGong, I pushed MANA into the old stone slabs of my body, and could I detect details that I didn't know until now?

The waste material has been discharged, and a new circuit has been opened. The existing circuitry got stronger and thicker.

I was wondering if the new core would give more momentum to MANA's flow.

YeonWoo, feeling a quick recovery, on the one hand picked up the fight he had been fighting against Gyanon.

I managed to catch a win-win by using the foresight.Ji-man, in fact, Sang Spar was defeated by YeonWoo.

Did YeonWoo want to beat Shannon with his skills?


And a sixth sense.

Did you retrace the two homework that Muwang threw at you?

And how do I do that with bajiquan?

I thought I could master CheonIkGong completely.

in the meantime

Pante and Edora, knowing that YeonWoo was in deep contemplation, left his room quietly.

I knew how important this time was for the warrior.

And if you overcome that problem well, you will grow much more than before.

"Really, I was told I was a dog-eat-dog. I can't even think of catching up with him."

Pante shook his head gently as he crossed the corridor.

Whenever I saw YeonWoo, I felt it because he was so patient that he could grow so fast.

Sometimes it was considered a little dangerous. He didn't take care of his safety, but tried to push himself to the limit by throwing himself to the extreme.

It was so strange to have a broken body even though I did that.

It's like being chased by something. No. It looked as if something was being pursued urgently.

Where the hell is YeonWoo looking?

"Oh, come to think of it, did you say Uncle Plang was coming today?"

"Uh. I sent someone this morning. He said he'd be joining people soon."

Edora nodded back.

Pante lightly kicked his tongue.

"That's right. You wouldn't hear a good sound if you came."

Planc was Muwang's brother.

Not just one of the sons of more than a few dozen King Seondae, but a paternal child born in the same mother's womb.

And Segan was famous by a different name.


He was one of the atheists to rule the CheongHwado.

Also, ONEHornedTribe, who had been listening to Eungeo, was the one who encouraged him to come back to the world.

Such a SpearGOD has sent a man as soon as daybreak, informing him that he will visit the tribe sometime today.

ONEHornedTribe is currently staying in the occupied city of Kuram.

Thanks to Muwang's malicious performance, about half of it flew away, but because the city was so big, there was no disruption to the tribesmen's rest.

The reason why all the residents had run away all night was a solid one.


Of course, there was no place to quarrel with Kuram.

Outside, the full-fledged battle between CheungHwado and Red de Lagon began and it was noisy, but Kuramman was a lonely miss.

For REDDragon, ONEHornedTribe, who's resting for nothing, didn't have to bring him back in and make the wires calmer.

There was also a ulterior motive to check what ONEHornedTribe was thinking.

Or as a friend of the CheungHwado, you will participate throughout the war.

They want to fully understand ONEHornedTribe's intentions and then come up with a countermeasure.

Since I'm a proud REDDragon, I would have had to go back and crush it.

To the extent that it did not, ONEHornedTribe was called an exception.

That was the power of ONEHornedTribe.


It was the weight that Muwang had.

SpearGOD Planc also wanted to take advantage of this point.

Visit Kuram occupied by ONEHornedTribe to externally demonstrate the relationship between CheongHwado and ONEHornedTribe. And their presence is also in the industry, warning REDDragon.

It is an act of political calculation.

Muwang openly laughed at the idea of such a SpearGOD, but he could not resist it because it was still the "last" request of his bloodline.

I couldn't react to it from Pante and Edora, who had only good memories with SpearGOD.

"Anyway, you should be nice to HyunNim's smart feet here. He seemed to want to see you, too. If you're coming, come with me."

"OK, I don't think you're going to go to that place because of your Oraboni personality."

"Or you're going to take this opportunity to throw your ass off. I'll pretend I don't know."

Edora opened her eyes.

"What do you want to do?"

"Hugh. Then I'm going."

Edora smiled smirkingly and drew an impression as she looked at the floating Pante.

I'm telling you, that was just like my father.


Edora sighed that the ground was gone. And I looked at the room where YeonWoo was with quiet eyes.



Suddenly, the door opened hard and YeonWoo stormed out. But he looked so tight.

Edora tried to ask me what was going on.


Without a moment to hear the question, YeonWoo climbed the window in the hallway and crossed over to the other side and disappeared.

It occurred to Edora that something big had come up.

At the moment, I wanted to tell my father and Pante about this thread, but soon I clenched my teeth and ran towards the direction in which YeonWoo disappeared.

* * *


YeonWoo passed through the collapsed city, across the 11-story stage.

I made the best of my career. MANACircuit heated up again. The core is overheated.

He complained harshly, saying, "Why don't you stop worrying about your beep when it finally calmed down?"

But YeonWoo didn't have to worry about that.

My mind was all facing south.

What the hell happened?'

YeonWoo had several connections that were invisible, but that could be slowed down.

One is Hwansoo's egg, which will be in ONEHornedTribe's village by now.

And the other was Chirpy, who signed the contract by giving him this name.

YeonWoo was able to read some of the eggs and chirpy's thoughts through the link.

And the closer the distance, the stronger the kite chain became.

Now on the 11th round, there was an open connection between Chirpy and Chirpy.

However, we have not been able to contact them because we have to concentrate on the war now.

I thought vaguely, "I'll pay my respects later and visit you separately."

by the way

Just a moment ago, through the link, Chirpy's strong thought was passed on.

life angles that are difficult to express in words



It was a contrary thought to Chirpy's, who always laughed

YeonWoo realized at that moment that something had happened to Chirpy.

' Something must have happened to Phoenix.'

Who the hell is that to Phoenix?

MYTHICBeast is the most magnificent of all beings in the lower section. Even the High Ranker will do it recklessly.

No one can touch them easily because they cannot.

No, I can't even think of touching it.

That's why I was curious.

On the one hand, I thought so.

On the 11th floor, he said, "With the outbreak of the war in earnest, a great number of Ranker and combat troops came in all night."

Only Kuram is quiet.

There are already bloody clashes between the two forces everywhere.

In particular, REDDragon was moving on the scale of a "military" altogether, making the role of a young man in CheongHwado a natural mess.

If then,

It was not unusual to say that some of those numerous armed forces and rankers came out and moved on to Phoenix.

Although MYTHicalBeast is a dangerous thing, it was also a charming John Jae because it is so dangerous.

Their innards will be priceless treasures.

"Why didn't you think about this before?'

YeonWoo blamed herself for being shortthinking.

I knew there was going to be a big war.

If then,

If you looked into the land lies deep a little more.

No, thought you had been a little more.

May be as long as the angle at which life on here.

But I've completely forgotten about me, Merge Phoenix and Chirpy, who have been preoccupied with only studying the stage and training Mugong.

All, which was his mistake.

But no matter how late you regret it, time doesn't turn back.

It was impossible for the absolute AllForOne to do that.

The same is true of time-predictive skills.

It's just a calculation of the future, not a really time-reversing skill.

'Please, I hope nothing happens.'

YeonWoo walked across Steezee like that without leaving a word for Muwang and Pante.

Several sights were trampled on the snow throughout the journey.

There were also fighters everywhere, and players were seen busy moving around, and players fleeing the war.

Some of them occupied the road and checked the passers-by's identity, but YeonWoo just ignored it and pushed through with force.

As we get so close to the south.

The connection with Chirpy has also become stronger.

The nervous state of mind, which is shaking with fear, has been revealed beyond the link.

'No sign of Phoenix,' YeonWoo bit her lower lip.

The anxiety grew bigger and filled my head.

[From Phoenix's entry area.] Soon a familiar message appeared before YeonWoo.

However, there was no sign or gaze of Phoenix, who had to follow him immediately if he entered the area.

I could not hear the voice that was penetrating my head.


Phoenix's territory was in ruins.

It's as if there's already been a gust of wind.

The trees, which had been in dense jungle, fell down one after another, and the bodies of the dead were scattered all over the

YeonWoo bit her lower lip.

Now anxiety is assured.

Someone showed up.

Someone who is very strong.

above this ranker level

It was clear how he could not deal with YeonWoo immediately.

"Minimum Bahal-level...`YeonWoo stopped thinking.

A cliff with Phoenix's nest burned out.

Chirpy's ideas were being passed on up there.

He flew away to the nest without delay.

Pah -

And a Phoenix's nest has already been completely broken.

The entrance was completely covered by falling rocks, and large cuts were everywhere and covered with scorched marks.

There must have been a fierce battle between Phoenix and High Ranker.

YeonWoo pulled Vigrid from her back.

There was nothing more to be pitied about.

The connection with Chirpy was fading.

I had to hurry.


It produced maximum output and released a series of mana.

I drew the Vigrid a few times and the rocks broke out.

I dug in for a long time.

Then YeonWoo was able to find a cleverly made space from a fallen stone lion.

The reddish-brown shield was barely blocking the rock.

But it was so precarious that it wouldn't be strange at any time.

And inside.

Chirpy was lying covered in blood



A shallow breath felt at the fingertips of YeonWoo, as if it would be cut off any minute.