Second Life Ranker

Episode 11. The successor to MYTHicalBeast (2)

YeonWoo quickly reached out and carefully propped up Chirpy's teeth. Then the protective shield that supported the space quietly disappeared.

Zeeh, Zeeh.

Chirpy looked really dangerous. His breath was thin, and his ascending and descending chests looked weak. He looked pale.

YeonWoo put Chirpy down on the floor and quickly blew in the MANA.

At the same time, he kicked the FlameInfusion skill into small pieces, and also put the warmth in it

I thought it would be helpful to have a silver fire because he has the property of fire.

Fortunately, Chirpy's breath gradually relaxed as time went by. The pale complexion of Dunne also returned.

YeonWoo kept the FlameInfusion skill next to her to steadily absorb the firearm, and looked around.

‘How big a fight did you have? Where did Phoenix go?’

It seemed clear that there was a surprise attack on someone. There were still enemies of the battle.

But when I think about it calmly, there were only one or two strange things.

Obviously the battle is over. Otherwise, it couldn't have been so quiet.

Chirpy might have moved her seat, but even so it was too quiet.

There should be traces left, but this was not enough.

'this. Chirpy's out of sight. '

Phoenix is a huge size. Even if I won, I couldn't move it all. There was no sign of him being dragged away.

After all, questions remain.

YeonWoo seemed to know exactly what happened only when Chirpy woke up.

And fortunately, about 10 minutes later, Chirpy slowly opened her eyes, shaking her eyes at the



As soon as Chirpy saw YeonWoo, she made a hard sound with her beak wide open. Tears streamed down the corners of my eyes.

I still can't use sardines because of the slow pace of growth, but I have a lot of eyes to say.

YeonWoo hugged Chirpy and silently stroked her head.

It's okay now.

Don't worry.

Chirpy shuddered. Then, his thoughts slowly spread through the stronger connection.

Things that had happened only a few hours ago spread like panoramas before.

Whaaaa –

* * *

"Are you Phoenix? It's as big as I've heard. Very."

YeonWoo turned to a sudden overhead voice. But strangely, it didn't turn.

It was all you could see through a very narrow hole.

Yeonwoo is belatedly what he was the reporting models that could see.

Chirpy was probably trapped in a protected area earlier.

Chirpy struggled to get out somehow, but couldn't budge under something hard.

The force of holding on to him exuded Phoenix's energy. Chirpy must have been tied up with the willpower so that he can't

Don't get hurt, don't get caught by intruders.

『I've never allowed a human invasion. Also, I have never intruded into the human realm.』

"Is that important?"

『It's important. It's essentially the criterion of malice and good will. At least I didn't commit any malice. Does that mean? 』

"I'm sorry, then. This is a white malice. We need your inner circle."

『 is an arrogant person. Do you know that people who have lived for five or so years, but who are so devastated, all have the same fruit?』

"I don't know. But I think I know this."

With a grin, someone stepped forward. Hinnie Phoenix's golden eyes, buried in the dark, were watered with symptoms.

"I think the results will be a little different this time."

And a huge knife that reveals. The city yard was narrow, so it was impossible to know who the intruder was, but YeonWoo didn't miss the pattern of the knife that was revealed at the moment.

There was only one person using that knife in the tower.


CheungHwaDo was the island where the beings who dedicated all their lives to Martial Art lived.

They sought only self-denial and self-discipline, insisting on the MartialArt as a means to achieve it, and trying to achieve the end of the MartialArt.

So in CheungHwaDo, magic or miscellaneous artifacts were often classified as grab, and they tended to be ignored only by moving their bodies, sweating, and gaining enlightenment, which was important to climb to higher ground.

Because individual training is important, they were mostly self-centered and personal.

However, there was also a strong sense of collectivism because of the strong respect for the strong and the strong respect for the strong.…

......SaberGOD was one of the most 'merciless' people in such a CheungHwaDo.

He has lived a life of asceticism that is thorough in self-care and keeps away alcohol and women for decades.

It was no exaggeration to say that all he had was focused on was the sword he had beaten.

When his nine swords were drawn twice, we had to save ourselves.

Because of the nature of the organization, CheongHwaDo could not have a large number of members.

Therefore, it was the least headcount among the eight Clans, and its power was lagging behind in many ways.

Nevertheless, there was only one reason why CheongHwaDo was considered strong.

a minority of honors

And the five Gods.

The Gods were very strong.

Individuals were all part of the High Ranker, which was the highest among the Rankers.

'This guy was here. . .'

YeonWoo had to come back to reality soon.

Chirpy's memory was over there. It was because the shock wave of what had happened afterwards had fizzled out.

But I could tell what had happened.

The sudden emergence of SaberGOD.


‘Phoenix is dead.’

It was obvious.

Phoenix is dead.

Chirpy could feel it, and shed tears until he was exhausted. The mother's death was so shocking to a child who was only a month old.

YeonWoo hugged Chirpy. Until he can calm down.

It was as small as a chick's tears, but Chirpy cried until the collar was damp.

‘Phoenix had a hunch from the start. That's why I thought I'd come and protect Chirpy in advance.'

YeonWoo gritted her teeth.

'Is it because I'm an intern who was aiming for Phoenix at CheongHwaDo?'

If not, there is no reason to point out.

I can't think of any other reason why I'm going to play hardball in CheongHwaDo.

Nor was there any relationship between Phoenix and CheongHwaDo.

YeonWoo gritted her teeth.

ONEHornedTribe, who is confident, has joined hands with CheongHwaDo. Chirpy, by the way, has become such an enemy with CheongHwaDo.

Chirpy will be the only one to lean on.

Phoenix knew that and thought she'd come to visit Ung Jenga, so she left Chirpy's teeth.

You couldn't take him to CheongHwaDo.

Of course, there was the choice to ignore Chirpy's situation.

YeonWoo didn't even have that option in mind.

Biting for more than a month in Phoenix's nest, Phoenix and Chirpy were already like his family.

Even if Chirpy didn't ask, Pee Knicks' grudges would have tried to pay him back.

'But it's also a problem to move to the other side right away.'

Both sides had a grudge against each other, so they had to take it down some day, but in fact, it was also a problem now to move on to the Le de Dragon.

Because REDDragon already recognizes himself.

In particular, Shannon must have been an alltime favorite of RED Dragon, a semi-Ranker. It was strange to kill such a man if it didn't bring a grudge.

'Let's go back and think about it.'

I won’t accomplish anything if I stay here.

Once I went back to my quarters, I thought I'd have to put my mind in order and then move.

Through ONEHornedTribe, we had to find out about the movement of CheongHwaDo, and the play of the game.

"If Phoenix is dead, there's a good chance he'll be targeting other MYTHIC BEASTs." We should also find out about this.'

This place won't be good for Chirpy's mentality either.

Although it was hard to believe that there were no large Phoenix bodies. I was going to look into this station as soon as things were sorted out.

So I got up, hugging Chirpy.

And I'm leaving.


Suddenly, a flame burned in the air in front of YeonWoo.

a blaze of colouring It was the flame of life, the torch And this wasn't just the mild torch given out to EggOfRedemotion.

the root of the matter

It was a fire.

『......but you must have found my child safely. That's a good thing. That's a good.』


YeonWoo opened her eyes wide at the familiar voice that poked her into her head.

Where do you think he's? But soon I realized that the voice was a residual spirit. The conversation didn't go on.

『SaberGOD. It's very strong. I couldn't help it. I thought I'd get the youngest child... but I'm so glad. The fact that the master didn't forget our hat. Maybe. Maybe it's the fate and blessing of the youngest child. 』

Phoenix went on. The relief that even Chirpy could be saved was all over his speech.

『And don't get too angry just because I'm dead. I don't know if you remember, but I'm born again and I'm fallen from the flames. Now I'm gone like this, but I'm going to open my eyes again someday. That means you don't have to be too bitter. 』


Phoenix was saying it was nothing to worry about, but YeonWoo knew it wasn't.

Obviously, Phoenix is coming back to life. Because he represents regeneration and rebirth. And that's why it's known as MYTHicalBeast.

But no one knew the timing. Pieces scattered in ashes may need to regroup, or other triggers may be needed.

Besides, it was a problem to play it back.

Even if you open your eyes again. To inherit the memories of one's past life was to be a different being.

You're going to live a new life. The flame that was moved elsewhere, even if it had the original flame, was eventually a different flame.

I could never be sure what kind of thinking and values I would have. Chirpy would touch with a completely different being.

After all, death is only death. That was the end of it.

Nevertheless, the reason Phoenix said so was simple.

To appease YeonWoo. It was to make sure he didn't make the wrong choice. The orphan Chirpy needs a place to build.

『So don't be so angry. Until I come back, I'll take care of the youngest. It won't take long. If it takes some time...'ll have to take care of yourself until you can. It's my request. 』

YeonWoo gritted her teeth.

Eventually, Phoenix would only worry about his child until he closed his eyes at the end.

『Of course, I'm not asking you to just take care of him. No, if you want to take care of your youngest child in front of you, you'll have a lot of work to do.... 』

At that moment, the torch suddenly burst into flame. And as they were divided into dozens of divisions, they began to cover YeonWoo.

『.....a very small force, but I hope you and the youngest child will be of any help on the way forward. 』

Dozens of gallows of flames swirled around YeonWoo's main bowels and soon began to seep into her skin.

[Phoenix has appointed you heir. 'Flame of Life' is assigned as a legacy and begins inheritance.]

[The existing contract with MYTHicalBeast will be strengthened.]

['CheonIkGong' is responding to a chord property. The FlameInfusion skill responds to the flame of life.]

[MANACircuit begins to prepare to receive the flame of life.]

[The body is open.]


[Starting the journey.]

YeonWoo instantly felt as if all the cells that make up the western body, including MANACircuit, were wide open. The door to the soul seemed to be open, too.

YeonWoo didn't stop it.

I knew this was a present for Phoenix. He left behind the flame of the torch, which is the foundation of God.

The energy of fire followed the wide open pore.

Passing through the skin, through the muscles, and moving through the blood vessels, I soaked into the roe and core of the MANA Congress. It was not enough to reach every inch of the bone.

With the constant outpouring of fire, YeonWoo felt indescribable.

It was warm at first. It was so comfortable and still that I felt as if I were going back and being held in the arms of my mother that I wanted to sleep as I was.

But soon a terrible pain came.

My skin is swollen. The heat heated up my muscles. The feeling of burning inside of the skin wasn’t enough to describe the pain in words.

Nevertheless, YeonWoo gritted her teeth. He didn't even make a new scream. I knew it because I studied psychology.

If you open your mouth like this, you'll be lucky. Or it could have interrupted the flow and twisted the path.

No, that was nice.

YeonWoo had no intention of wasting a single drop of Phoenix's energy.

He was going to absorb them all and swallow them up.

So I held onto him even though I was dizzy.

Memorizing the old days without a break, he sent MANA along the route of CheonIkGong.

['CheonIkGong's skill level wins. 27, 28, 29…… 33 % ....]

['FlameInfusion' begins to increase skill levels significantly. 57, 58...... 71, 72...... 91%..........]

The pain gradually spread inward.

Then it penetrated into MANACircuit and spread throughout the body as it was loaded into a rotating MANA.



The energy of the fire spread through the manACircuit, which had been washed but not yet opened. The fire broke down all the obstacles and trampled them down, and they burned them.

Every time the sound of an explosion inside the body made a loud noise.

Nevertheless, he forced himself to resist, drawing fire energy into every three circuits.

[Of the remaining important circuits, 3 and 5 begin to open.]

[Mustering the remaining contest......]


A message came to mind that the remaining MANACircuit lines were opening.

What's interesting is that the rough opening of the circuit could have caused some damage to the route, but the wound quickly healed. This is the flame of life. The recovery pace was so fast because it included some of the sacred power.

Thanks to it.

On the contrary, the closed circuit was greatly heated, and it was able to have the effect.

The energy of fire, which had taken such a large turn, came up along the spine and finally reached the last point, the skull.


And at that moment, YeonWoo could taste a different persimmon angle instead of the terrible pain she had expected.

It was a rapture.

the euphoria of the rise of the 'types'

A system held by the soul and body. The tightly closed latch opened wide and felt as if a wider and larger world was coming down.

[All MANACircuit has been opened.]

[All succession work has been completed.]

[I got the title 'The heir of Phoenix']

[Power has risen by five.]

[The number of posts has gone up by five.]


[The closeness of the Hua property has won by 30 degrees. The effect of the succession operation has earned some of the rights to the burn properties.]


[Congratulations! 'FlameInfusion' skill has reached 100% proficiency, opening up the top skill, ' HeatWave']

["HeatWave" has the effect of a title, replacing the other unique kilos. The rights of the Mars properties are applied to evolve the top kilo.]

[Skill Torch'Numbering 050' has been born.]