Second Life Ranker

13.Successor of Legendary Beast (4)

Wasn't he the one who died?

I opened my eyes wide.

At that moment, the same voice just came into my head. Communicates the same way as Phoenix.

It was a fearless dragon.

"Kohahaha! I thought I was doing something because I was being favored by Phoenix. I came here knowing what happened. You think that means he's a reasonable man?

I felt a sparkling sensation about Yeon-woo.

“Are you sure you're a Helpless Dragon? ”

It's weird that the guy who woke me up said that. KickKick

Yeon-woo asked me what that meant, but I got caught up in something.

He has no right to summon or collect souls he did not kill. No, even if it was, I thought it was possible because the Hellfire Dragon was too strong.

Then it wasn't exactly a soul.


What about residual intent?

At that moment, the wings creak as it twitches. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

"I see. Are you going to take the southern side on behalf of that thieving bitch this time? I think he's a child. Funny. A player with a Legendary Beast. I've never seen anything like it. Yeah, that's probably why I woke up.

Bludgeoning was busy staring at the lotus. I think I've read about the energy of Phoenix I just gave myself.

However, Yeon-woo laughed nonsense.

A simple will like this.

I wonder if the Divine Spirit is different.

Soul and spirit are very different concepts. The soul is a component of being with the body, and Sanum is a remnant of being.

In other words, sun and shadow.

There was a grid that big.

"When you're as great as I am, there's no need for that distinction."

Yeongwoo shrugged her mouth while looking at the fearless dragon.

'Was it always this talkative? I used to say that in the diary he was clearly a person who hates silent and annoying things.

Maybe it was because he was sleeping well and was attacked by Dorothy.

But whatever it was, it was a great opportunity for Yeouido.

He even fought the dragon himself, so he seemed to be able to get a lot of information.


Vanity Dragon's words were faster than Yeongwoo's.

"I've been watching you ever since you woke me up. I'm surprised the Death Dealer gets the love of Phoenix, but it seems urgent. It was fun to watch"

It seemed to be talking about what Yeon-woo was thinking about going forward.

Legendary beings reach the pinnacle of dream-living rehabilitation. Of course, I was able to read some of Fleurier's thoughts.

Apparently, I was wondering if I'd fight the seven lousy ones. Right?

I didn't have to hide it. Yeon-woo nods.

“If possible, yes.

If I'm wrong, maybe you'll scream. Even if I die, it's okay to be able to bloom again in the void. You have only one life left.

“A friend's request. ”

Yeon-woo stroked his head.

At first, there is chattering again, grumbling. Even though his friend seems to have this much, Dothra stands back and watches their conversation.

Is that all?

The scarecrow flinched a little.

“Shouldn't we at least try? There are variables everywhere. ”

The fearless dragon smiles. As if there are no teeth.

"So? Do you have a path?

But Yeon-woo nodded decisively again.

“Now, isn't there a Hellfire before me? ”

Yeongwoo suddenly looked at the creature sitting as a little boy in front of her eyes through a wide open dragon's eye.

It appeared to be a child before and after the age of 7, but there was a dark, barren void floating along it.

It was a fiction made by blurring the spirit of a blurry dragon.

The spirit of the Bludgeoning Dragon twists the tip of one lip, crossing its arms.

At that moment.

Huaiak-nothing suddenly extends out in all directions like tentacles, and all the surrounding space is thoroughly flooded.

Yeongwoo was stranded in a darkness filled with bitterness.

Darkness like it would suck everything.

No life, no death, no soul.

It was like this place was going to disappear.

I felt a chill at the moment of grief.

This was not a place to be confident. It was the realm of nothing (one) that should never exist if it had a soul, but could erase its own existence.


Or Abyssal.

The spirit of softening in that clunky space seemed to revolve.

On the other hand.

'Musee? This moody feeling could feel fearful, but at the same time, a little fuzzy and cozy.

I don't know why.

But it was clear that this emptiness could be erased at any moment.

Even if I died right away, I was able to be the only one that blooms again in nothing.

Which means: Are you sure you want to use me? The Path of Yeon-woo. Or a variable. He laughed ferociously at what he called a helpless dragon.

Legendary John 1. He's full of pride and he's been killed, but he wants to use himself in front of everyone.

If you say the wrong thing, you're willing to kill me right away.

Yeon-woo nods.

“Otherwise, you wouldn't have spoken to me first. Void Dragon lives on nothing. Why would you care about a human like me if you thought everything was a sham? ”

Why do scarecrows hate annoying things so much?

Yeon-woo thought he was testing himself. I don't know if I've ever been stronger than him.

I got cold sweat on the cheeks of Yeongwoo. As you climb up the Smurf, you scream that your body is going to go mad.


When the cold sweat fell and disappeared into the void.

"Puhahaha! This looks even better than I thought.

The Bludgeoning Dragon bursts into laughter.

Yeon-woo's idea was right.


The emptiness surrounding the pond lies scattered and disappeared. The ruined forest is revealed again.

Yeon-woo breathed harshly.

It seemed that the pressure from the emptiness that was pressuring the lungs was still everywhere.

Tsk, tsk!

Chirping notices what the vainglorious spirit did to Yeong-woo and protests.

Of course, such a wild dragon was in the vicinity.

He snorted and told Yeon-woo.

Yes, I like it. It takes that kind of guts to make the moon count. I hate runaways.

The Void Dragon's intention was to twist the tip of his lips.

I absolutely hate waking up. More than death. But the bastard not only forced me to wake up, but also took the Needle 1 and the heart that I had made.

A repressed voice filled with anger.

But even if I wake up from the void and try to prepare for the next, I cannot wait for my disgraced character. And then you showed up.

That's why he wanted to test the lotus.

Ordinary humans would have ignored it, but Phoenix might have done something different.

But maybe he's just a spoilsport. You wanted to make sure he was the right guy.

And the result.

[Hidden Quest With Void Dragon's Recognition 'Test of Void Dragon.]

[You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public areas will be provided.]

[Earned 5,000 Public Lands]

[Stock price has been earned 3,000 Public Areas.]

[Blind Dragon's Delights as a reward. "There was a huge increase in affinity with fearless dragons.]

The affinity for the Thursday attribute has increased by half a million.

Affinity for [0 (ILFI) attribute increased by 50.]

• • • • for the attribute.]

But even if you fight him right now, there is an extraordinarily large man. I'll cut you a little slack.

[Void Dragon has proposed a second test. Accept?]

Yeon seemed to have opened her eyes.

Second test.

He wanted to be tested by a fearless dragon from the beginning anyway.

Yeon-woo nods.

[Hidden Quest/Second Test of the Bludgeon Dragon]

Contents: The Legendary Beast of the East wants to condemn the enemy who woke him up from his sleep. But he's the one who can't fall into the void right now.

The Bludgeoning wants to give you the task of condemning your enemies. Finish with the power given to you by the Hellfire Dragon.

The greater the severity of the punishment, the greater the state's reward.


1. Abyssal Orb

2. Dragon Repellant

"Okay, then this concludes the contract.

The blue-eyed dragon smiles with clear fangs. Then the existence melted into nothing and began to split into tens of trunks.

I straightened my waist to infiltrate Yeongwoo.

You begin to feel a tremendous amount of magical energy rushing into your body.

A power made up of tree, darkness, and lightning attributes. The emptiness that was constructing the idea was absorbed into Yeouido.

Though all the egg blindness was robbed and left behind nothing but a pile. This was also a gift, saying that the lattice with Vadomusin should be a little more helpful.

The vision of the Blurred Branch eventually melts into the Magic Circuit.

['I was blessed by the Hellfire Dragon.]

[Magic power absorbed.]

[Power increased by 15.]

[Agility has increased by 10.]

[Title 'Bludgeon Contractor' obtained.]

Yeongwoo opened her eyes again because no time had passed.

The notion of a scarecrow was written as straight, but it was an enormous amount for the rainbow.

I wonder if we've eaten another Akasa snake.

Thanks to this, I was able to reconstruct some of the magic circuits that had been overstretched by the incineration.

There were still a lot of them.

However, the total volume was more than 1.5 times higher than before.

'Unlike Phoenix, it's not a legacy, but a few steps down. But this is a big deal.'

The Master of the Blu-rang was no longer in his place. I feel like I've given him the last of my strength and gone.

Yeon turned to Edora.

Edora, who was secretly observing the situation, nodded her head as she ordered a shrine.

I had to catch up with the moving tattoo quickly.

Next stop, north. It was where the Abyss Terror was.


A huge figure collapses. The pond flooded and the ground shook violently up and down.

There is a strange apprentice, Ibis Turtle, who is tangled with a giant snake.

“Are you all right, sir? ”

Players of Cleanliness looked at him with a worried face.

He opened his neck and shoulders without any reply.

"He didn't mind at all.

Then he glued his butt to a rock nearby.

Today, I had to fight three battles too many times.

I need to rest for a month at least once. You've done it in a row.

So, with the permission of Kim Mu-Sin, he was able to open the 'six' and barely catch the Yarbis turtle.

I was feeling extremely fatigued by the reactions to it.

If you had opened up the seven behind you, it would have been easier. '

I was watching him behind my back, and the Mado Dan master became a sad face.

But it made sense to me why.

'Opening up to seven would have been something that pride would not allow for.

There are only 11 floors, no matter how religious they are.

If we take out the seven that are the beginning of "power" to deal with those guys, what's the point of all the nurturing?

“Do you want to take a little break from Zari? •

“No, I did. The acolytes must have noticed what's happening to them, and the Red Dragon should sniff out their scent soon enough. We have to finish the job before then. ”

The leader of the Mado Clan took a step back in his decisive answer. * If the other godless had helped, the work would have been done quickly, but they are also taking care of their respective duties now.

There's no one else who can do this except God.

I didn't understand why it wasn't easy to pose a fourth-generation deity to make a flower pot.

I didn't think anything was strange about what Kim Mu-Sin was doing, because he often had to go later to realize the meaning of hiding.

Kim Mu-Sin's words, who looked forward to the future and felt a lot of relief, were also absolute in purity.

Fortunately, there was only one left.

“Then let's go again. ”

He got up from his seat and heard the iron that had been placed on the floor.

Madodan followed quietly. It was as quiet as his personality.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Every time the metal with nine swords moved, there was a commotion.