Second Life Ranker

14, Successor of Legendary Beast (5)

Even this time, I had to ask only my lips that I was late.

Ibis Turr's authority has already been destroyed. The lake, which would have been as big as the sea, had all the water evaporated off the ground.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, Ibis Turr is still breathless with both his heart and Needle 1 removed.

"Humans blessed by Phoenix and the Scarecrow? I've seen one like him 600 years ago. I never thought I'd see you again.

But somehow. Humans, it's too late.

Ibis Turtles were as big as a gatherer. No, actually, it was a hybrid of tortoises and hoes.

The origin of the hearing is different from Kim Yong/Transfers and facing Hana Roqueuil 7/Cotton/Horses/Shinjuju.

There were two 0 „s and one" s and two "s. The mary of the long snake with the turtle drive/the little-cart, and the tail people/everything.

One tested the juniors to cover the heme.

Ibis sters were the most gentle of the four, compassionate of the gods, and gave them a test if any of them needed testing because they cared about humans.

However, like the test of two simultaneously, the difficulty was known to be the most difficult and difficult to die of because of the placenta.

The Abyss ter-dents looked at Yeon Woo with two sets of eyes, with their crooked, crooked and closed eyes.

They knew they had to be as good as the Hollowman did.

No matter how mild his personality is, he must be angry that he was suddenly attacked.

No, he had a greater vendetta than the Hollowman.

Bem, who plays the tail, once enjoyed the manticore.

It was never possible to be killed for something like this.

Even our blessings.

Would you accept?

Eventually, Ibis' demands were dropped.


Yeon-woo nods.

[You have landed on the horizon of Ibis Turr.]

[You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public text 1 is provided.]

[5,000 Prudential Points Earned]

[Earned 3,000 additional Public Lands.]

[You must take the test at the request of Ibis Tur.]

[This is mandatory. You won't be able to refuse. Declining will result in significant penalties.]

Rising Quests/Abbis Tuttle's Test]

Content: Abyss Turr is observing you with an interesting eye as he conducts the Phoenix and Hero Dragon trials, and then he wants to test them.

Ibis Turr seeks more successors to take the North for himself than revenge. Awaken as a newcomer, seeking redemption worthy of becoming successor to the Ibis.


1. Turtle Head Shell Fragment

2. Tail Snake's Fault


I thought you were going to say revenge like a scarecrow. The Abyss turtles were completely different.

What's the point of revenge?

Nothing is eternal.

Rather, because we were two, we had the same life, we lived twice as many lives.

Therefore, there is no foolishness in death.

Only one, if any.

Unlike Phoenix, we cannot leave children behind.

Yeongwoo only realized that Ibis Tuttle's gaze was fixed on him constantly.


And jealousy.

Unlike Phoenix, which may be rare but can find a mate, evildoers may not be able to find a mate as long as different beings are read.

(1) It is also a vapor that a cow has studied the world - 1- 1- 1. The Abister wanted to leave evidence like that.

'But we can't mate, so we're looking for a replacement.'

A replacement for the Ibis? I think it might be a much more difficult homework assignment than giving a scarecrow revenge.


Then. I'll ask for your back.

We'll be watching on that Stix.

Abyss Tuttle's eyes widen and quickly crumbles.

As the dust scattered, it was divided in two. Turtle regions and hovering areas.

The double turtle area is absorbed first by swirling around the pond.

[Magic Power Circuit is open.]

[Title 'Abyss Tuttle's Representative has been obtained.]

[Strength increased by 10.]

[Min-sum has increased by 15.]

[The affinity for the water (circulation) attribute has increased by 50]

[Affinity for Bing attribute increased by 50]

The amount of magical power starts to spike along the empty magical circuit, just as you did with the Hollow Dragon.

But that wasn't all the Abysses left for Yeouido. In Ibin, the powder of the snake sits on the skin.

[The skill 'Blue Spirit's Blessing (Temporary)' is created, ⁄

She opened her eyes and saw a new skill.

[Blue Spirit's Blessing (Temporary)]

Grade: 2??

Skill: 0.0%

Blind Name: Abyss Turr put the spirit that was leading the delegation to focus solely on the test.

As long as there are spirits, the blessings of the complex readers do not conflict with each other and are able to perform their functions, * * this skill is' unique '. Only those who are recognized by the Abyss Terror can grow based on their proficiency.

"Passive skill.

It was a brief explanation, but Yeon realized that Abyss Tuttle had given her what she needed most.

I could feel the various energies that were already boiling from my body to the rubble sinking calmly.

Legendary blessings are a very powerful blessing, and the Legendary blessings can also cause conflicts, as Biff would have to be cautious.

If such a thing happens in the middle of a battle, it will be a waste.

This skill was excellent at catching it.

Good for maximizing power.

Yeongwoo wondered if she could find the existence of the 'Blue Spirit' attached to Ibis Tur, but she felt nothing.

It seemed like he wasn't assigned to his own family.

Yeongwoo lightly warmed up and moved to the next place when she felt somewhat accustomed.

His next destination is west.

It was where Sabel Tiger was.

After rushing at full speed, Yeon was fortunately able to reach the area of Minor Sabel Daigi rather than Todosin.


"That's funny. You want me to build a house? Ever since the towers went up, you've been building a house here? Why?

Yeon told me what she saw when she met Sabel Tiger.

A collision between the Red Dragon and Purity.

The walk of Doomsday. Three dead recruits.

And I warned you to stay away, because this place was going to be dangerous.

But Sabel Dyger took a turn. He even laughed at the other gods who had been killed by humans, except for why he had to.

The Scarecrow and the Abyss Tuttle are gone, too. You idiots. Or was it something stupid? Haha! And Phoenix inherited the legacy? Oh, my God!

Sabel Tiger listens to Yeon Yuan's explanation and laughs as the cave leaves.

And he growled with his fangs protruding as long as his head.

Begone, mortal. I'm not like you. I'll take care of my business.


"Piss off!"

Grrrrrr Low Hawling makes the atmosphere calm. Sabel Dyger's pride is the best he can do, meaning he'll kill you if you bother him any more.

That's why I had to put a lot of effort into getting the exam, so my pride was hurt when Yeon-woo came here.

He tries to persuade him somehow, but all Sabel Tiger does is smile.

You said you were just being stupid.

Besides, he even said something he couldn't put in his mouth.

"Otherwise, hand over the child in your hand. The same rookie is very good at enhancing spirituality.

Yeon-woo grimaced and had to leave Sabeldigger's territory.

“What are you going to do now? ”

Thoughts narrow her gaze slightly as she looks at Sabel Tiger's territory, just a few steps away from Edora's question.

“First of all, I want to tell you about old age. We can't stop him, ever. ”

“You don't have to do that. I don't know the difference between courage and exploitation.

Chirping nods.

In fact, he or Yeon Woo were also a bit discouraged by wanting to help Sabel Dyger.

He would have, too, scolded his dead mother for being a fool in front of his child. He even asked me to offer him a sacrifice, even if I said something I wanted to taunt him. It was strange if I wasn't angry.


Chubby had some thoughts about helping Sabel Tiger, but he just needed to get away for a little while. Why are they stubborn?

However, Yeon soon understood the feelings of Sabel Tiger.

'Even if you know it's dangerous, your pride will not be tolerated.'

For many years, I have lived as a Goddess. Leaving home will hurt your pride like that.

That's why there was no way to use my hands in Yeongwoo.

Sabel Dyger has already cut off two ears. Your persuasion won't work anymore, but you can't help but wait here.

Even if he insists on it, he won't be able to cross the walls of Mado Dan that he always carries it like a shadow.

I needed another way.

“Can I tell you what I think? ”

At that time, Dora opens her mouth cautiously, following behind her quietly.

Yeonwoo looks at Edora with calm eyes.

Hey, son, you got a better idea? ”

“First of all, I don't think we should stay here, I think we should leave here first. ”


“There's no reason to stay here anymore. ”

“Why stay? ”

Edora nods heavily.

“Yes. After the Phoenix, the blue-eyed dragons, Ibis Turs, left their legacy and legacy to the Orabini. If so, we should follow it. But Sabel Daisy is different. ”

Her voice was decisive.

“He ignored our warnings and refused to help. Shouldn't that be enough to see that we've done everything we can? ”

Yeon-woo nods. Enora was absolutely right.

In fact, I came all this way because of his request, not because Phoenix had any relationship with the other priests.

“So you might want to step back and take your time to sort out your plans. I don't think you should go through with him. ”

He catches it. The idea remains the same. Even if it wasn't Phoenix, it was Yeon-woo's job someday, but at least not now.

This had to be done slowly. Even the Berserker who asked for revenge knew about it, so he didn't leave any time limit on the quest.

However, Yeon-woo did not take her foot off easily.

When I left, I wanted to check one thing out.


Yeon-woo made up her mind after a brief thought.

“Got it. I think I'm right to follow your lead here. Edora nods with a slightly brighter complexion.

In fact, she was worried when Yeon-woo tried to turn her enemies immediately. Fighting against the Goddess

It meant war with cleanliness.

It was an impossible thing.

Moreover, Edora herself was anxious that she could become an enemy with her own one-horned tribe, even if she supported Yeon-woo.

But fortunately, it seemed to be through persuasion.

Normally, she was cold, so Yeon-woo would never let up.

I thought hostility towards cleanliness should be an opportunity in the future.

“Yes. So let's go back and finish thinking. Maybe we'll have a new opportunity in Purification. ”

But Edora didn't know.

Even if Yeon-woo is cold, he never gives up.

“No. I've already made my decision. I can't be with the Purifiers even if it's because of the book. Only the eggs will be recovered from the tribe, and they will come right out. ”

Edora's eyes widen slightly.

“Only the egg is recovered, and then the Red Dragon. ”

“If you can't do it by yourself, you need to do something else. ”

Beneath the mask, the eyes of the rainbow sank deeper. It's like the void and the abyss I saw in Margie Hollowman.


If it can lead to the destruction of the Red Dragon and Purification,

Many plans were already going through in Yeon Woo's head, but before that,

'Whatever you can get, you need to get everything.'

The other gods have gathered their strength. But Sabel Tiger has yet to gather his strength.

If only all the power of the Four Lords were gathered in one place.

What's it gonna be?

Yeon-woo grips her left hand and extends it.



The cold teeth of the Vampire Sword slammed into each other.