Second Life Ranker

15, Successor of Legendary Beast (6)

Sabel Tiger snorts.

Stupid things. How ugly can a human be to pity him? Your qualifications as a Demibeast are over.

Phoenix, Abyss Territor, Helpless Dragon. Everyone laughed.

They admitted it because they were the same apprentices. I thought I'd seen it wrong since I died so easily.

Or he's been at peace for too long, forgetting his own existence.

"Whatever it is, it doesn't sound stupid.

Especially for a masked human, Phoenix's cub was so disgusting.

Legendary bodies are those who enlighten the spirits of God. It meant that he was a great being that would never be strange, no matter when he became a god.

Leaning on humans and giving birth to them?

Shabel Tiger didn't want to think about them anymore.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought it would cost a thousand bucks.

But on the contrary, I thought I'd be prepared to say that the guy who killed the Demibeast in turn was coming here.

I have to work hard for a while.

Sabel Tiger opens his mouth and lets out a shallow groan.

There is a cry that calls out the collective branches in the realm. As they spread into position, they began to prepare for enemies who would soon invade the realm.

And after a while.

I felt a tingling sensation.

There was a heavy energy.

A human who approaches from one side and moves slowly with a hundred shadows.

The huge iron on his back is unique.


Sabel Tiger slowly steps out of the cave with his lips clenched.

I had the courage to show my example to the man who came to desecrate his territory.

And so, over the area where Dorothy and Sabeltiger are about to collide,

Phuk-gu, Phuk-gu, was looking down as he flew over the sky.


“Here we go.”

Edora hurriedly shouts, looking back at the kith.

Despite its obvious distance from the Tiger's territory.

It sounded like dozens of lights were ringing at the same time. * Pale

A high dust column rises above the forest and the ground shifts up and down.

I could feel the tremor in Edora.

Edora seems to have been dripping in her mouth the whole time she was opening her legs.

Strong • • • • • • •! Just like your uncle. '

It seemed too clear to her that she was stitching the truth.

Two councils whirling through the forest. A whirlwind as sharp and fierce as a sword was tearing another whirlwind unilaterally.

It was easy to figure out who was who.

It was said that the King refused to cheat on the blow. It was a different force than that.

The power that only those who reach the apex as human beings can have.

There's a gale of swords, a mob of forests, a whole stage of eleven floors.

2012; was the force.

And the power that seems to be Sabel Tiger is not being matched.

You want to catch a guy like that?

It was a herd.

All I could think was that it was never possible.

Even if we catch him later. After a long time of training, I felt like I could challenge you if you kept climbing the stairs and stockpiling enough strength.

No, I had to feel a grid so small that I could still see it.

Edora thanked Sabel Tiger for kicking them out.

What if we can't outrun Sabel Tiger and face each other in the realm together?

Nothing to see.

He would be dead.

In the expected tsunami, no matter how big a rock you throw, it doesn't look like much.

It was quickly buried and swept away.

Of course, she was a princess of the one-horned tribe, a crucial ally of cleanliness, but she was more likely to be handicapped.


Yeon-woo never swallowed up even in front of such overwhelming power.

Instead, the two eyes that were shining under the black mask sank calmly.

It looks like a tiger hunter making a thorough plan before he sets foot on it.

I know you're a hunter trying to catch a High Tanker. How do I do what it looks like?

At that time, Yeon-woo was patting his head with one hand and talking to him.



“Look closely. That's who we're gonna have to catch next. ”

At first, Chongqing nodded, focusing on the view that Yeongwoo conveys through the hook.

The field of view was transmitted by a man who was looking at the ground bending over the region of Sabel Digger.

Yeon-woo Kim improved her skill level of the bracelet, and now it was possible to share some senses with her.

Of course, the farther away the sensation got, the more I had to share my vision immediately.

But it was not hard enough to watch the battle between Tomusin and Sabel Tiger. And then...

He was able to peer through the spiritually connected rings, and did not even worry about lifting the silver standard to the goddess. It was floating so high, it was reduced to a minimum.

'And even if I could, I wouldn't think it through as long as I focused on the fight with Sabel Tiger.

Yeongwoo focused on her wealth's vision.

'Even in the diary, there is a record of the battle with Dorothy. But you still need to check how things have changed over time. and distinguish the pros and cons. I can't just watch this.'

He was literally swinging Sabel Tiger in unilateral.

He seemed to have a profound impression, but his fighting style was impetuous.

He threw the iron chest that he had brought first into the air. And as the iron bars separated, the knives that were placed inside were excellent trembling, flowing on the ground.

Nine large and small knives. During this time, Tomousin has been wandering through the stairwell.

Each one of them belonged to an old monarch or a god named after him.

He took on Sabel Tygi, picking them one by one, leaving them in all kinds of flowers.

If you want to cut off one of his claws, you throw it anywhere, and if you want to attack the abdomen, you take out the nearest knife, big belly, and throw it again, and then move on.

There was no fixed order to do this.

It was a way to go around Sabel Tiger, strike a knife nearby, and then move back to attack again with the sword in place.

As it turns out, Sabel Tiger never caught anything. Over time, my body became bleeding as my little scar grew thinner.

Sabel Tiger's outburst of fury echoes through the air. He doesn't care about it, but sticks to it like a villain.

Movement speed is accelerated by Braille's acceleration, and the power of the swinging blade continues to grow, leading to a critical hit that I suspect is intense.

Sabel Tiger's skin crumbles and his bones appear clear. The right hind leg was already severed and leaned out.

The more I draw.

Despite the bloodshed of Sabel Tiger, Dorothy smiles, revealing her joyful physiology.

I didn't hear a sound, but it was clear that it was detonating the optic elements. The frenzy was overwhelming and my wealth trembled.

It even felt like an evil spirit that came out to enjoy the fun.

Too much light!

It's like playing with fruits. Was he this strong? '

Yeongwoo narrowed her eyebrows by looking at the stature of the beast, which was much higher than the stature of Doumsin in the diary.

And as I watched the increasingly violent fight, I tried to disconnect from him for a moment.

I saw how the battle with Phoenix went. I didn't want to give him a trauma.

But the chirp shakes his head as if to say no.

As if he needed to watch to the end, he felt a strong will.

“I see. But you don't have to force your story if you want it to be hard. ”

Yeong-woo stroked his head again like a big toothpick, and he was deep in thought as he watched the wealth's vision.

'I don't think you've become strong enough. This madness is too fierce.I think it's even longer. Did you put your hands on something else? Magic or magic?' Yeon Woo's eyes sparkled.

I thought it might be an important clue for attacking Dorothy in the future.


Gua 'ang!

The last nine swords he had never held, half of Sabel Tiger's head flew away with an explosion so large that the world would be cut off.


Sabel Tiger's bowl falls to the ground. The earth forms a recessed pie and mist spreads.

Both eyes were filled with shock that they were unbelievable.

Yeon-woo picked it up with a steaming bracelet.

It was to hide him because he was afraid to read any of the wealth miracles after the fight.



Then Yeon-woo woke up from her grave.

The man who read his thoughts came up on his shoulders and whispered as loud as he could.

Headed to Church Sabel Tiger's territory. He told Edora to stay for a while.

I didn't think it would look like suicide if anyone saw it.

'Absolutely not.'

When Yeongwoo arrived at the realm, he had already left.

Les - Re - Re = 2012; High

It would be to hide from the chase of.

'But that was an opportunity for me.'

The beeswax landed on the carcass leaf of Sabel Tiger. Sabel tiger's internal organs and heart have already been removed. The head was cut in half and looked terrible.

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue as he looked at him like that.

He clearly warned me, and he ignored it. But seeing the Legendary Beast like this, I felt sad.

Are you here to make fun of me, human?

At that time, a white azrang gathered over the corpses of Sabel Tiger and shaped him as a man.

A handsome man with long gray hair stared at Yeon-woo. It was a remnant of a corpse, just like the time of the Hollowman.

“Is that possible? It's all your choice.”

Then? What are you doing here? If there's one thing I wish I had left behind like the rest of those idiots. It would be better to go away,

Sabel Dyger's residual intent twists one lip. "It was full of oars."

There is no legacy left for a human being. No. The White Energy will follow the remaining good intentions as you have angry opponents. We're going to attack Yeon-woo soon. He wanted to be angry with Yeon-woo, even if he disappeared when he disappeared.

Remnants of a Legendary Beast, even though it is a residual experience that is only a remnant of debris. I was able to defeat the gift, but...


Are you smiling?

Sabel Tiger's residual thoughts frown at the laughter underneath the mask.

Yeon-woo was laughing openly.

Who said anything about taking your inheritance? ”


Yeon-woo no longer respected the person who showed her hostility.

“Just take it with you. ”

Before the residual spirit starts screaming.

Yeon stretched her left hand wide and took it to the corpse of Sabel Daigi.