Second Life Ranker

16 Coins, Successor of Legendary Beast (7)

Sabel Tiger's residual intent felt that the cost would be dangerous.

I feel like my body and soul will disappear if I leave it like that.

Unlike other disciples, I instinctively felt that I wouldn't be able to dream of resurrection.

But the Vampire Vacuum was already pushing teeth into his corpse.

Queek_A horrifying aura that gives the creeps away.

With the sound of a ghost rolling around in hellfire, Sabel Tiger begins to wither at a rapid rate, with a gesture of gesture.

[You used the 'Vampire Sword of the Battery'. It takes vitality and regularity]

[Power has increased by 2]

[Civilization has increased by 1.]


The residual spirit rushes towards Yeon-woo and roars loudly, realizing later what she was going to do.

Energy Drain!

The user tries to forcibly steal the energy from the target and do terrible things that make it his own.

The problem was that the vaporization of the batteries triggered by Yeongwoo was at the top of the energy drain class.

Not only can you rip out the last bone marrow that will remain of the corpse, but you can also devour the soul of the child!

Yeongwoo waits for the battle to end in order to usurp the power of Sabel Daigi in the first place, and as soon as it is done, she finds her place.

To absorb the body as soon as possible. To extinguish even more before the power of magic is dispersed.

Even without your 1st and Hearts, the Legendary Body itself was a treasure vault carrying enormous amounts and purity of magical power.


'At this rate, we might be able to collect the souls of the Demibeast.'

The Black Bracelet has a condition that only the soul of the target killed by the owner can be collected.

However, as a result of several experiments, it did not have to be a 'perfect' target.

To be precise, if there's anything that can help you kill him. I could take away his soul just enough to do me harm.

The odds have dropped.

Yeon-woo wrote right here.

What if the Vampire Blade of the Battery is used?

How will the system then determine?

Sabel Tiger was most certainly killed by the goddess. But just like the Avalanche and the Yvisters, the Divine Spirit does not kill. Can target resurrection back to its source.

That's why there was a residual spirit. You can resurrect, so you can leave a substitute.

If you die, you don't die.

And here comes the blind spot: Salmon's Vampire Blade has been used to inflict new harm on the corpse of the Legendary Beast, so how will this act work on the Legendary Beast who is not already dead or dead?

'I'll kill him one more time. Vaporization of the Battery also hurts the soul.

It aims for the blind spot in the tower's system.

Of course, it might not work.

It was a simple conjecture, and I had never tested it.



Instead of scattering energy to attack Yeon Woo, she suddenly screamed and knelt on one knee on the floor, and she instinctively realized, 'It worked.'

The fact that his gambling was successful

Damn it! Damn it! I don't think I can.

The Grim Reaper shouts, "Hurry up and let go of my hand."

I felt a lot of strength in my hands, holding my torso in pain, and my eyes were filled with blood.

However, no matter how evil they were, the archdiocese withered quickly.

Then, the more I painted, the more I felt a lot of strength on my body. Don't be empty.

The power circuits are full. My body became a little stiffer.

The scarecrow, which had only left a part of its power, could not even compare to the Abyss.

It was much more efficient to steal Sabel Tiger's roots. It was a bit of a pity that there was no inner lining and heart, but the amount of logarithm was large enough to make it fully acceptable, but there was no need for that rating.

[Rapid growth of the body has been confirmed. The succession work that was interrupted will be resumed.

The dragon body sucked up everything and reduced it to energy, as if it didn't want to leave any stone behind.

When I wanted to be lacking in the flesh, I even expanded the bowl even more.

Aaaah • • • • • •! Me! I'm a human being!

Residual mindset was not enough to die for a mere mortal, but to be taken away from the work that had been built for thousands of years, and 'really' to die: screaming at the feeling of a crisis.

However, the priest quickly became drowsy.

Residual thoughts, like a broken doll, crumbled and scattered.

[You have successfully absorbed the Priest Sabel Tiger. You have successfully plundered essence. Successfully absorbed the soul.]

[The skill level of 'Vampire Sword of Battery' has increased dramatically. 30.1%]

[Successfully collected all the Legacy of the Four Great Legendaries. Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional public values will be provided.]

[You have gained 5,000 Public Values.]

[3,000 additional Prudential Points.]

[The power of the four elders in the body begins to revolt against each other. The Root-1-Spirit's Blessing (Temporary) 'brings the Divine Spirit's power together.]

[The fused force is assimilated into the magical circuit. 'Magic Circuit' skill level has increased. 52.1%]

[Power increased by 15.]

[Agility +12

[Titled 'Sabel Digger Plunderer' obtained.]

[The title 'Heir to Phoenix', 'Contractor of the Bludgeon', 'Deputy Representative of Ibis Turr' and 'Plunderer of Sabel Tiger'.

[New title 'Successor of Legendary Beast' obtained.]

[Title: Successor of Legendary Beast]

Title awarded to players who have received recognition from all newcomers residing on the 11th floor. It is said that only what it possesses is blessed by the gods.

Effect: All spiritual +15%, including number of resistance reversals for collected properties.

Greatly increases control over phosphorus presence. In addition, with the blessing of the new recruits, latent abilities in many ways bloom.

The first crocodile opened its eyes slowly as it shrunk inward as it rises above its body.

My mouth was full of smiles.

I always felt it, but the excitement of growth was so exciting that I couldn't even express it.

'It's a bit unfortunate that you didn't complete the solution even after doing this.'

[Succession finished.]

[Current workload: 99,9%]

After more than 99%, the growth rate decreased dramatically, and now the last 0.1% seems to act as a large wall.

But I liked it. Even now, I have a power like no other.

The Magic Circuit is spinning restlessly. The Cherry Blossom began to form Gore again and again, sprinkling the power of the four great gods combined into one body.

Yeon-woo did not end here.

You have the soul of Sabel Tiger, acquired from the loot.

After falling into a ghost, the 'septum' is shaking like a broken black bracelet.

At that time, the chirp will flap his wings and make a sound, like he wants to change himself instead of eating alone. I asked for delicious food.

“Got it. Don't rush it. ”

I smiled and felt empty with my right hand.

Then the black bracelet sank into the black light and replaced the ghosts in the collection with black stars.

However, the ghost of Sanon was reserved for use.


A ghost of Sabel Dyger cried out, but Kim could not overcome the bracelet. Eventually, even his soul was divided into ghost beads.

The spirit of Sabel Tiger is thinner than usual.

Moreover, it boasted a brilliant color that I had never seen before. It looks like a jewel.

Yeon-woo handed it to him.

Chirping makes it hard to eat a marble that is only his body, but he tries to swallow it, pecking it a little with his beak.

A bead containing the spirit of a Legendary Beast.

A precious treasure for an astronomical sum if you put it in an auction house right away.

It must have gone through a branch so great that it could not be compared to the inner parts or the heart. However, there was no hesitation in the handshake of Yeongwoo as she grew up. We were able to grow together, spiritually connected.

And then, when I swallowed it,


The bead-splattered beads formed a pale hue.

As the sun grew bigger, everyone turned to a blue flame, and soon it became a net that was about every inch of the way up into the sky.

And a sturdy beak as the flames go out. Fierce eyes.

Her stomach glows grey, and her lower side turns yellow. The flame that rises along the black pattern is warm but imminent, as if the world was about to be born.

It was a little small inside and out of 50 centimeters, but its wings spread wide enough to be more than a meter overwhelming.

[The baby phoenix has succeeded in growing based on the phantom bead. 'It's starting to look like a turbulent war.]

[Some are prone to evil by the influence of the Black Age.]


[All trials have ended "

A sudden message.

It opened my eyes to a phrase that I had never thought of.

What the hell is that?

Trial's over.

[You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public values will be provided.]

[You have scored 5,000 Public Officials.]

[Earned 3,000 additional Public Lands.]

[Heals HP and Magical Power.]

[Heals all status conditions.]

[Sums all Public Values.]

[Current Public Location: ll ,500Point]

Afterwards, the message kept coming back to me and told me that Yeon-woo was not wrong.

Yeongwoo figured out the connection between the egg and the egg in the transfer area, but she was still in deep sleep.

In that case.

'Cause of the chirp?'

This is all I could think of right now.

Gomawi. Owner

Growing up to more than a few steps at a time, Chongqing was able to communicate with the Sims.

Yeongwoo feels like her beak is smiling, and I can guess what happened with the hook connected to him.

'Am I right? Because the system recognized that I hatched him.

I searched the contents of the message window and turned on the phrase I saw when you first entered the 11th floor.

[Crucible, hatch your own payback from now on.]

'Because of this, there was a trap here to hatch your own return.

I gave him an egg, but I didn't mean to hatch it unconditionally.

It was a crucial relief, growing up to eat his dream.

Since birth, he was spiritually connected with Yeouido, and with the help of Yeouido, it became a complete contractual relationship.

For this reason, the system seemed to be recognized by Yeouido.

'I thought it would take me a long time to get through the stage. I never thought I'd get through this way.'

Yeon-woo shed a bloody smile.

I didn't intend to leave the 11th floor for a while during the war.

However, the difference was very close without clearing.

Since the range of movable radius of behavior changed completely, Yeon-woo stroked her head, looking at her.

“No, thank you. I appreciate it. Maybe he's the one who brings me luck. ”

He closed his eyes to see if Yeon-woo was happy.

"No, thank you, though.

“Then let's finish the sentence after we catch him.

Yes, I will draw. Chirping nods loudly. Now that I have strength, I think I want to move on, but then he slowly descends and climbs onto the shoulders of Yeon-woo. A hard claw pierces your shoulder, but it doesn't hurt strangely.

“Let's head back, then. I've got a lot to do.


That's how Yeon-woo is going to turn around.

But the owner.

Suddenly, Chubby calls him back.

Before that, I looked at Yeon-woo with a tilted head, even if I asked her for something.

He said in a desperate voice.

You can't change your name.