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17.00, Mercenary (1)

Why aren't you here? '

After a long time, Edora was still a little impatient when Yeon-woo didn't return.

I told him to wait, but he's waiting. I felt anxious that I might have been dragged to Mado Dan and Dorothy.

However, I couldn't hear the shock wave to do this, and there was nothing else in the comet, so I waited for a hiccup.

I waited about 10 more minutes, but if I didn't come, I was going to visit Yeon-woo.

Luckily, Yeon-woo came back soon. Ashes burning with a single piece of ash I'd never seen before on my shoulder.

“Brother, what about him? ”


First, please change your name. Too harsh.

The falcon grunts, but Edora doesn't hear it.

“What's that? ”

Edora opens her eyes slightly.

This is the little Phoenix?

It has now grown beyond compare.

I feel like I can easily hunt a high level transfer if I just take the power I have in my possession.

First. Give me a different name.

However, he grumbled and complained about what he didn't like so much.

Edora grins as if she were embarrassed. Actually, she was a little bit needy when she first heard his name.

However, Yeon-woo turned to the other side to see if she didn't want to hear anything.

“Let's get back to the scam.

Yeongwoo and Edora cross the stage where there is a guam.

Around the time you saw the collapsed wall of Gum, Yeon Yu asked Edora again.


“Thanks for all your help so far. So I'm going home. ”

“What do you mean? ”

Edora looks around the pond.

However, Yeon-woo only looked forward and replied with a blunt binary.

“I'm going to fight cleanliness. You can strike a sword against a lonely tribe. I don't think I'm dragging you into this. ”

Edora keeps her mouth shut. Then I opened my mouth after a short silence.

• • • You're not asking me why I'm helping my brother, are you? ”

This time, Yeon-woo clammed her mouth.

As long as he's not a fool, he has no idea why Edora is so active in her work.

Atmosphere in her usual big city and one-horned tribe. He knew what it meant in her eyes and her eyes because he had very little experience in kites.

However, Yeon-woo had never considered her as a target for a kite.

I just thought of him as a close colleague and brother, and even if I had diarrhea, I didn't have to worry about other places right away.

That's why I was pretending not to know her. Edora made it a little embarrassing to directly mark her intentions.

There's such an uncomfortable silence.

Are you two going to mate?

The words suddenly came out of nowhere and blurred the atmosphere.

Enora turns her head to the side, narrowing her eyes.

“Where did you learn to say that? ”

"Yes? My mom told me. There's something going on with Susie and the cancer! I'll do it if I get a date later!

Yeon-woo's eyes glazed over.

I just couldn't figure out why Phoenix would say something like that with a child like this.

However, the atmosphere that was uncomfortable because of him suddenly faded away.

And when you get to Gum.

Yeon-woo could see.

The hordes were about to enter Kuram's Fallen Gate. I noticed that their feet were shaking up in advance.

The two swords crossed down = 1- 0 cleanliness.

“Were you supposed to meet with Purification today? ”

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes.

Edora nods late thinking about the cost price.

“By the way, there is only one person in cleanliness who can work as Edora's uncle.


“Is that so? ”

Yeon-woo nods.

In fact, it was strange that the lonely tribe still had no contact with cleanliness.

'If we can examine the stature before we leave. That would be good.

Yeongwoo said to Edora, "Don't be angry," and passed through the gates of Gogure. The fortress where the tribesmen were staying was already crowded with many people.

It wasn't that hard to distinguish the factions.

Tribes were dressed in large tribal costumes, and purity was armed with blue armor like an army.

In the morning, the tribesmen folded their arms and became expressionless faces, as if smiling was a lie.

Then, I occasionally snorted and laughed coldly when I met the players in Purity.

Purity wrinkled at the sight of such a one-horned shortage, but there was no other reaction.

It seems that you have been warned not to clash with the allies.

Rather, such magnitude stimulated the one-horned tribe. I laughed at them openly.

Some treated people as invisible.

Yeongwoo could feel the arrogant atmosphere unique to the one-horned tribe.

And in the meantime, he's melted well in the one-horned tribe thanks to Pandawadora.

“Huh? Miss and Cain, are you here? ”

At that time, whoever found Yeon-woo and Edora ran to meet them.

I've been frozen all my life, 7! It looked different before smiling at the room.

And the purity that naturally looked this way caught the eye of the players.

I didn't think I would be able to see the sole proprietor and the heir of the monopoly.

Particularly, some of the masters had a sharp look at the lotus.

The name of Yeongwoo is now well known not only to mid-level Glen on the 11th floor, but also to Purification and Le-Ray =

No. 20129; issued.

Not only did they destroy the clan union on their own, but rumors of a semi-caliber life were widespread.

Of course, there were many opinions that the King and the Onehorn Tribe would have helped.

However, the rumor that the player who just escaped Novis had broken through the semi-lammer was surprising.

Since it meant that a person with that much potential appeared, the superiors also received information that Yeon Woo had become the third disciple of the King.

That's why the players in this row have been instructed to take a look at the breeding ground.

So I couldn't help but get more attention and attention.

But do it or don't.

Inu ignored their gaze and asked Janu.

“Is there a teacher in there? ”

“The chief is talking to his guests."

Janu turns her head to the people coming out of the fortress, not to speak.

Players of Cleanliness bow their heads to Ijhik. It felt as rigorous as the army.

Approximately 30 people are greeted by them. One of them stood out at the forefront.

A middle-aged man with a three-meter spear on his shoulder. He told me that the horns on one side and the purple eyes were from the one-horned tribe.

'Shushing, Yeon Woo's eyes sparkled brightly.

7//en/enemy, Jungho/Lower/⁄/strongest enemy was Kim Woo Shin, but the toughest enemy was Jang Woo-jin.

That 7 km/walk/hard longevity of the parent/rhinoceros battle is always free/oral/23608;/rum yoga/52459; and later.

Among them, there was a man who painted a LI and a clean, Hfree-floor seal.

Jang was considered to have been self-sufficient without Kim Mu-Sin.

With such excellent spear skills and hard-working Fiji road, I used to overwhelm many of the High Ramkers.

He was right in front of me, so there was a different kind of overwhelming atmosphere than when I saw him.

It's so powerful that the person who sees it can make the mistaken by itself.

There was strength.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo became accustomed to the power of the Emperor and was able to easily overcome the power of the Minister.

There is a log that can understand how great King Wudang is, and he was impressed by how much he had read about the swathes of the pond.


Multiple meanings.

The players who followed him became a little surprised.

There was hardly ever such curiosity that a shrew could be as arrogant as the one-horned tribe, and Yeon-woo would just take a proper burial and walk by. One look was enough, there was no need to talk.

“I see you've found your stuff again. How can there be so much talent around him? I'm proud of you.

Watching the lotus coming inside the fortress.

The spear curls up one lip.

The King glanced at the sights of Yeongwoo who had come to visit him.

“Did you eat something good just now? What's going on? Don't you want to give that to a heavenly teacher, fly away by yourself? ”

Yeon-woo said she was thirsty for all the energy, but she slept with her tongue as she saw her own body change quickly.

There are people who can hardly hide anything.

“But are you looking so serious? Like someone who's about to die? Do you have something to say? ”

My fucking brother's coming.

Instead of "Thanks to you, I'm relieved," I thought, "I wish I could continue to help you in the future, but I was worried that I would just squeeze one in the face."

After seeing Yeon-woo for some reason, that thought disappeared. I felt like I was going to have a cost accident. I didn't know his face because he was wearing a mask, but his eyes were too serious.

The look in your eyes when you started learning bass.

That's the look in his eyes.

I came to tell you that I'm sorry.

“I'm sorry? Was there an accident?"

“I want to get rid of the Onehorn Tribe Eater. ”

At that moment, the laughter flashes from the face of the King.

His serious face felt like a completely different person, then one end of his lip twisted, and he began to condemn Yeon Woo's body as he roamed along the room.

The eyes of Yeon-woo, which appear to be masked nimrs, shake slightly. The beast with the crown on its head reveals its teeth as if it were about to pop out.

“I've got everything I need, and I don't want to be in danger, so I'm out of here. ”

“No, it's not.

“Or what? When our tribe wants to come in, when they want to come out, what does it look like to be able to go out? ”

“That, too, is not it.


At the moment of my honeymoon, I thought I could talk about it.

Unlike Pantna Dora, who had become deeply trusted, there were actually too many things he didn't know about the man who was no king.

No, in fact, it was hard to know, even though Wong Wong Wong, who had a lot of grunts in her smile during the day, thought she was quick to see and her head was working well, but it is too hard to read as much as the King's mind, even if she had been a diarrhea teacher. Even if I admire his silence in my heart. Human trust was completely separate.

So I was still hesitating.

I came here because I thought it was right to say goodbye before I left, but I felt deceived when I looked into my eyes.

When I was a child in my situation here, I didn't know how King would react and how he would behave in the future.

It was clear that information would flow into the cleanliness system. I had to put a touch to my cleanliness movements.

However, the concern was not long.

'If you have a psychic, it's hard to keep it hidden.

Although there was no king, the spiritual existence of sitting still and occupying human destiny was also a burden.

Moreover, the King knows that Yeon Yu was in Phoenix territory.

Soon you will know that Lord Domongshin hunted the Demibeast, so it would be wise to break through.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo spoke in detail about her situation. Just like I explained to Edora the first time.

Phoenix, the connection with the dwarf. Not to mention that he had signed with the other gods and became their successor. I didn't have to come clean.

But it was also wide enough.

The pressure that was pressuring the lotus disappeared like snow. His expression changed strangely. The look on your face is disgusting.

“Oh, my God, Nimmy. ”

He lets out a small insult and gestures at Yeon-woo's mouth, looking up at him.

“That Phoenix kid you were telling me about? ”

“That's right.”

“The High Purge had another freak accident, right?

However • • •

He mutters an unknown word and suddenly takes his hand to the bear stand that was lying on the table.



Yeon-woo slapped Yeon-woo's head hard with a bear bear without a bird to use.


Yeong-woo gripped her and fought. It seemed to swirl around in front of me for a moment.

“Son of a bitch. ”

Yeon-woo suddenly looked at me with this crazy look.

“Can't you close your eyes? Do you want to lose more? ”

When the King threatened her again, Yeon-ju unknowingly withdrew.

I was still working because of the shock I was hit with earlier. On the other hand, I was a little annoyed at why I had to get hit suddenly.

The king frowns as he looks at the pond, and sighs to see the ground go away.

“What do you think is going on between your teacher and pupil? ”

I never thought of that.

Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

“Gugger- 1_

“I'm asking you, what is the relationship between a teacher and a pupil, you damn pupil? Was it just a crude thing, being taught and taught? ”

I couldn't say anything at the same time. I felt like I was hit hard on the back with something harder than being hit by a bear.

“Even if we haven't been in a relationship for days. I will cut you to pieces with all my might. I mean it with all my heart. Like a part of me, like a child. But didn't you? ”

“There's something frustrating, and if it's urgent, you have to come and check on Master Sky and report it. So you can help me, you can nag me, you can do something about it, but you can't do it, and you can't do it by yourself, and then you moan and you say, what? You're sorry? ”

“What the fuck is all this? But I thought he was basic when I saw him taking care of Panda and Edora. Am I wrong about you? Don't you think you're just trying to get me to trade? Did you hear what I said?"

The longer the King says.

Yeon-woo was unable to say anything, just a clear conscience.

The King was scolding him. It was a very irritating tone, but it was filled with sorrow and disappointment.

It's heartbreaking.

To be manipulated.

Listen to the nagging.

When was the last time you got one of these? I couldn't remember.

While on Earth, the commander sometimes scolded him who lived but ran without taking care of his body, but it was a little different from that, Yeon-woo tried to hide what she was going through. Without giving up on his concerns, he said as if he only informed the conclusion after finishing his thoughts.

That made the King very angry.

Not a few days, but he was a student who thought like a child. It was so frustrating to act like everyone else.

That's why.

If only I had seen Yeon-woo's father die earlier in the image of the King. Is that an exaggerated expression?

“Teacher-pupil relationship, bad pupil, must be different from parent-child relationship. Parental and child relationships are heavenly, but the parental and child relationships are human and human relationships. However, there is a deep 'line' that you must have because it is human. ”

The king buried his torso deep in the chair. My eyes, filled with anxiety and annoyance, sank heavily.

“So let me ask you. What am I to you? ”

Just momentarily, Yeon-woo recalled what the King had done to himself over the past few days.

He taught himself wholeheartedly.

The attitude was full of pranks, but if there was something I didn't want to teach you, I shared my concerns.

And I used to look at it with a happy eye when I performed well.

It was clear that it was the eyes of a teacher who saw a strange disciple.

What if.

How he treated him.

I was warned by the King himself.

I didn't want to see his sincerity, but I started wondering what he was hiding inside.

It was a sneak peek.

He didn't have to, didn't have to.

That's why.

Yeon-woo realized what she had done wrong.

I thought I was getting better by meeting Yul, liver and Doyle, Pant and Edora.

He was still suspicious and cautious of many things.

It was natural for him to go down the road, but on the contrary, it was also an act that hurt other people's hearts.

Such attitudes. Could it be any different from the people who broke his heart? After a long silence. He could barely talk about the king he thought he was.

• • You are a teacher. ”

“Do you really think so? Really?"

The king asked with a slightly fatter expression.


I nodded, smiling lightly.

“I will think so in the future. ”

“So you haven't done it all this time? Crazy bastard?”

Immediately, the king waved his head as he looked like he had no one.

Suddenly, I could see myself in Yeon-woo's voice, Tak!

The king left the bearguard on the table with nothing else to use.

“That's it. That's it. Then go.”

Yeon-woo nods.

In fact, there was no way King could help him here.

Before he was a teacher of the Union, there was a leader who led a group called the Lonely Tribe.

The treaty as a group vs. a group cannot be overturned overnight, so it cannot leave the battlefield along the pond.

But as a teacher of Yeongwoo, I was able to set him free. Keep quiet about what In-woo is trying to do.

I can cheer you on.

In his own way.

“And take this with you. ”

I received two books that were thrown like this.

Heavy and low. There is an emergency with detailed descriptions of the results.

“Thank you.”

Phew. Never mind. Take that and get lost. And the next time we see each other, we're gonna blow up some steamed buns. And don't worry about the eggs. It meant that if we met on a battlefield that would be well guarded, we could kill them with all our might because it was a meaningful relationship that we could not be related to teachers.

But I know the warmth in it.

Yeongwoo bows even deeper.

After a while, I left the room quietly.

• • • Thank you. '

And a word that you wouldn't insist on, even if it was a number or a delivery.