Second Life Ranker

18. Mercenary (2)

Yeon-woo came out of her arms, claustrophobic.

Outside, Edora waits with a frowny face, and her complexion brightens as she looks at the sunset.

Then I looked at Yeon-woo's head and frowned.

“Brother, on your head? ”


Yeon-woo grins with a reflective grin on her head.

The hump is slightly raised. Looks like the bear bar was spicy.

“It's nothing, don't be angry. ”

Yeongwoo looks at Edora with a moderate lift, narrowing her eyes.

“What do you think? unchanged

“Yes, I'll follow you. Don't try to stop me. I'm just gonna follow you. ”

I felt that Yeon-woo couldn't stop Edora.

He was a child who didn't listen to him even when he first came to the tower.

Sometimes I didn't even know that Edora looked like this.

After all, Edo is not lonely enough. Stubbornness is unbreakable.

But I wanted to check it out one last time.

“You might meet your tribe, your enemy. ”

“I was already prepared for that. Who are you struggling with? Why are you shaking your head? Understood. I wouldn't listen if I told you not to. Do it yourself."

Edora smiles as if she had won.

When Yeon-woo saw it, she had to smile.

Yeonwoo wants to leave Kuram quietly.

I didn't have to make excuses for the fact that I was going to move on to the hostile camp. There was also the thought that there was no need to provoke shame.

So, an unexpected figure trying to leave Kuram's castle gate stood outside the castle with a puffy look on his face. It was pant.

“Hm. Would you like to abandon your brother? I'm not wandering around all night. No, it's daytime. Should I say shareholder? ”

Pants glanced at Edora, clutching like a cicada next to a kite.

He was slightly annoyed by the fact that he did not tell himself even though this was the case. Edora turns her head sideways.

“No way. Are you following me? ”

“So? Why do you think I'm out in the hot sun?"

“Do you know where you're going? ”

“At least we'll go somewhere more fun than here. And, heh. Isn't it always crazy where you go? ”

I didn't have anything to say at the moment of my honeymoon. Obviously, he had a lot of episodes where he was headed.

“And I don't want to be here anymore. Do this, do that, you old fart. Interference is a multitude of reflections.I 'm so frustrated. So take me anywhere you like."

Yeon-woo smiled.

It was definitely annoying because of the nature of the pant.

Stay in meetings among the warriors at all times, be protected, even if you try to run wild, and be trapped in the toughest fields on the move.

So you're pissed. Even if he tried to resist, he wouldn't have been able to do it because he seemed invincible.

Afterwards, Yeonwoo and Edora realized that they were leaving Kuram like ghosts and joined forces. Immediately

You wanted to.

However, Fant's position is different from Edora's. After being beaten by Lee Yeon-woo, Pant was leading the tribe and was being debated as a candidate for the Great King. I couldn't take him lightly.

That's why he gave me this sneaky remark, saying he might be going to the Red Dragon.

“Ugh? You're making fun of me and you didn't tell me? Girls?”

Rather, his face was full of laughter.

Yeon-woo had to realize her mistake. Pants look just like kings. I loved to get into trouble.

“Haha! I thought the whole time I was in Kuram I'd be twisted to look at those shitty bastards. You can see their faces are ruined. ”

Eventually, Yeon-woo had to make a declaration of surrender, looking at the brothers and sisters in her own way until the end.

For the first time, I sighed, saying, "Get lost."

• • • Do whatever you want. ”

But there was a smile on my mouth.

Suddenly, I thought that.

Like I met a good teacher. I think I've got some good brothers.

The group leaves Kuram and heads for the city of Vegas, located at the eastern end of the stage.

“The Red Dragon is currently preparing to stretch out into the heart of Vegas. In Purgatory, we are relentlessly trying to close to zero Vegas in order not to miss a single win. ”

Edora explained in detail the situation on the 11th floor of the war, based on the information she had heard at the family meeting.

The fierce violence of cleanliness that began with the guerrilla raid of the one-horned tribe continued until the reading of the 0 almost reads.

But when it got to Vegas, it got a lot faster.

“Is there a reason? ”

“Bajal appeared with an army and Yeon Woo's eyes lit up.


“Yes, I have the General Manager on the 11th floor. Other rankers also participated in the majority. because you have to care about them just as much as my clan showed up.

Yeon-woo nods.

Unless, of course, you're just going to give up the 11th floor, or at least you're going to have to send in the minimum number of troops to restrain the lone tribe.

No, it must have been painful for the Red Dragons to lose their ego and lose.

They always use the pride of dragons as a motto. I couldn't help but overhear him trying to get back on the 11th floor.

'Moreover, not only was there no king in cleanliness, but there was also no god and no god. I'm sure you'll read it in the Red Dragon, too. The war on the 11th floor, it'll be bigger than you think.'

I felt that Yeon-woo was doing well. The bigger the plate, the more likely he is to be tied to the 11th floor.

'If only Lient had come this way.'

Yeongwoo wetted her dry lips with her tongue.

It looked like a snake after food, like a panther and an Edora.

At that moment, I had to taste my spine getting cooler.

Then Pants turned to talk.

“But how the hell are you planning to commit to Le-rae 20129; = Gowoo? If it was you over there, you'd be grinding a ton. ”

It means that Yeon-woo defeated Sanon. I've definitely heard that the Red Dragon has been stifling his senses about the kite.

“You're more dangerous than I thought. ”

Prince and Princess of the Lonely Tribe. There will be no more hostages than this. If he said he'd come himself, he'd welcome you with open arms.


“They won't pay much attention to you, unlike you would think. We're not the only ones. ”

When I tilted my head because I didn't know what Yeon-woo meant, Edora smiled and replied.

“You know, we all have a strong personality, right? Because of that, there are actually quite a few tribesmen who participated for personal reasons as Red Dragons or mercenaries in your underworld organization.

Yeon-woo was able to understand what that meant just then.

Obviously, there are a lot of people living in the town, but there are a lot of people who go outside and climb the tower.

And they're usually connected, even though they're different from tribal marches.

I often participate as a mercenary there when there is or is not there.

"Then they and their clans will meet.

“Maybe they're trying to kill each other? Of course, they will try to avoid accidental impact. ”

Edora shrugs as she says. It's nothing.

“But we don't blame each other for meeting our enemies. because they think they're insulting each other if they don't try their hardest."

Yeon-woo nods. Sometimes as strong as their pride was hard to understand, their culture and customs were much different from that of the 7th generation.

That's what they look like. Even if you leave the Panthwadora clan and stand by the Red Dragon, it doesn't mean much.

“Well, you might be interested in being the children of the King. I also know that if I knew my father's personality, I wouldn't touch him again. ”

Fant shrugs.

Obviously, the king was not one to shrink greatly because his children were being held hostage.

"Rather, he's the one who's going to try to avenge more than the wounded if his children get hurt. '

Yeon-woo smiled without knowing the nature of the King.

“By the way, if you put your mind to the Red Dragon, What are you going to do? ”

Yeon-woo replied dumbfounded.

“Isn't there already an answer to what you said? ”

“What we said? ”

“You mean Bajal. ”

Edora gives you a nod.

“Yes. Bajal will want me. He'll protect you from other pressures. ”

You nod as if there was a reason for Pant and Edo. Obviously, the interest that Bajal had in Yeonwoo seemed very large.

It's a little bit of an assurance that I've been in a lonely place.

And as far as they're concerned, you don't want to leave me alone when I beat a semi-ranker. '

Yeonwoo already knew that her reputation had grown as much as she had originally desired.

Having passed the tutorial or set a new record in the beginning of the day is just an interesting element.

He's just a promising player who's not helping the power right now.

Nevertheless, Novis, who defeated the semi-ranker, is not only an excellent candidate, but also an excellent candidate. I also know about loneliness and cleanliness, and I can't let Bajal be the one behind it.

'If the bully gives you this much.'

Yeon-woo smiles coldly, touching a very coveted object.

With this, the war would be even bigger in the future.


The expectations of such a alliance were correct.

“Stand there. Identify yourself."

When you enter Vegas' realm.

Players from the Red Dragon side blocking the passageway are closing in on the group.

When two unihorn tribes appeared, their faces became tense.

I wondered if the lonely tribe had left Kuram.

There, Yeon revealed her identity.

He's a lone wolf, and the tribe he came with is here to join the Red Dragon as a mercenary.

“And give this to Baja. My gift would make you very happy."

Players were all surprised.

I see the only one I've ever heard of. Some even looked at Yeon Woo as an enemy. They were usually close friends of players who died in Kuram because of Yeon Woo.

Moreover, the one-horned tribe that came with them were the sons of the king who said they were traveling with their only son.

Soon, however, they looked bold.

Realizing that it's not going to end in their favor, they send someone into Vegas to ask for a verdict against the group.

The item handed over by Yeongwoo confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the simple inspection and sent it to Bajal.

And the answer came right back.

“Barjal asked me to take you inside politely. Follow me.”

The group nods and follows the lead players.

Vegas has a completely different vibe than Kuram, who's ruined everything.

Players who appear to be members of the Red Dragon and the Underground have set up checkpoints to take stealing steps and control the passers-by in their homes.

Overall, there was a thin and hard atmosphere. But I felt that I was that orderly and organized.

Players glare at the group, but do not keep their mouths shut. It was about knowing how well the city was being controlled. And when I got to the heart of Vegas,

“Hahaha! Who is this? You know how much I've been waiting for you to come? ”

Bajal picked up Yeon-woo tightly in front of her.

It seemed to welcome the news that his beloved successor had returned. He was very pleased with the news that Yeon-woo had come. And...

Yeon-woo surrendered to Bajal.

I clenched my fist without anyone knowing.

'If only you were so happy with Jungwoo.'

The blood vessels were raised high above the back of my hand.