Second Life Ranker

19. Mercenaries (3)

But we can't be angry right now.

Yeon-woo smiled and said.

I'm sorry I'm late, I wanted to come right away, but it didn't work out.

“I don't care if you're early or late. It's important that we stay together like this. ”

Pant tapped the shoulder of Yeongwoo with his hand.

It was like welcoming a really close colleague, so the players around me were a little surprised.

"Does Bajal have ties to one of his own? ”

“When you visited the area outside the tower. I heard you scouted for yourself. I didn't know that was it. ”

“If you're that loyal, you must have a deep friendship. Why haven't I seen you in a while? ”

“He's an amazing guy, by the way. ”

Between them, the question came and went.

But Yeon-woo seemed to know why Bajal was so welcoming of himself.

The reason was simple.

To strengthen his position within the Red Dragon.

I now know the name of the monopoly well known to the Red Dragon. Some checked Luigi, who had to get rid of him quickly.

However, if we reverse this, it also meant that it was worth it when we captured it.

Novis defeated the semi tanker.

Apprentice of the King.

Famous Lugi.

What if this prestigious bastard suddenly switches from Purity to Red Dragon?

And if he's willing to take his two sons with him. If you have information about cleanliness.

And if the man who led all this is Bajal.

That's how much more prestige will grow. You must have liked the presents. '

There was nothing bad about it. The more beautiful Bahal is, the easier it will be to sit within the Red Dragon.

“By the way, can the two sons of the King go over to the hostile camp like this? The King won't like it very much.

Pant was also somewhat aware, so he shrugged and trembled.

It's been a long time since I listened to my father.

“Is that so? No. I've heard that Cheongram's two sons are talented, intelligent, and unable to touch even the tribes. Welcome back. ”

Bahar smiles and guides the group inward.

“Come on, then, let's get inside. I was in the middle of a meeting. I have so many people to introduce you to. ”

As Bahar has said, there are ten rankers and several executives sitting in the Ops Room waiting for them.

An intense surge of energy followed the people at the very center of it.

They didn't seem to mind their own energies at all, nor to fret.

Yeon-woo narrows her eyes as she looks at them.

'81 eyes.'

If Purity is co-managed by the Five Muses, the Red Dragon was dominated by a group of high-rankers centered around the Summer Queen.

They were the words from the legend that '81 Eyes' dragons had dozens of eyes in one pupil.

In addition, they were forming an independent force, led by individual combat forces.


'There are many familiar faces.

Their faces were also known by Yeon-woo's diary quite often.

White Dragonian, Flame Beast, Braze, Corona Anaconda, Red Brigade, and Irie Squad. Are you trying to put a plank on the 11th floor? '

Yeon-woo glances over their faces and is stunned when she reaches the last point.

There was a man who had never thought he would be here.

A playful beauty with blue hair hanging from her shoulders.

Although I dyed my hair blue instead of red, unlike what was known at the time, I also wore a simple outfit.

Yeon-woo was able to recognize who she was at once.

“What's the matter, brother?” No, nothing. "

However, because the atmosphere didn't seem to reveal its identity, Yeon-woo turned her gaze as if she didn't know.

But things were getting a little complicated in my head.

What's he doing here? '

I heard that the section downstairs is where the bugs live, and that's why the haters showed up here.

When I thought the war on the 11th floor was going to be much bigger than I thought it would be.

Bahal introduces the group.

“Greetings. The disciples of the Monopoly and the Monopoly. How many people are interested in the news at the lower levels? ”

Some nod.

Someone else was interested and someone else revealed a clue.

But most of them didn't seem interested. So what do you want me to do? 'Eyes.

No, you're not really interested in Bajal, are you? '

Like the Lient, the Artyrians are marked as traitors, so new organizations aren't particularly welcomed.

I thought so, too. However, he was known to possess exceptional skill and resourcefulness to win the Summer Queen's favor.

“You all don't seem very interested. But seeing this will change the story. ”


Bahal placed a pile of paper on the table.

The rankers' gaze returns to you naturally.

“Do you know where this came from? ”

“What is it?”

I smiled at the question someone asked me.

“A military deployment of cleanliness. ”

“Is that true? ”

All these annoying rankers have opened their eyes.

Especially after a big fight with cleanliness until this morning, Rahor, the Iri commander, stood up and asked again.

“Sure. Would you like to check? ”

Bahal throws the map he was holding to Rahul.

Rahol quickly snatches the map and spreads it wide.

A detailed map of the stage on the 11th floor. It was marked in red everywhere.

Rahul was also aware of the fuzziness, but seeing that the exact location had not yet been cleared, the front layout of the clean and armed forces was correct.

And what did you bring me? ”

“These guys. ”

Bahar slapped Yeon-woo's shoulder with a big smile.

Yeon-woo didn't say much.

In fact, this was the identity of the 'gift' that he conveyed to Bajal.

When he entered the office of the King, he remembered the map as a dragon's eye and copied it as it was.

Of course, the one-horned tribe did not contain any information that could be harmed.

But this should have been a huge help to the Red Dragon.

While we can approximate the location of the enemy, it is difficult to locate any hidden troops or supply bases.

But if we can figure that out correctly,

We'll be able to swing an unprofessional 11-story victory this way.

“What do you think? ”

In Bajal's question, Rahul was flawed. Then, I changed my face slightly, clearing my throat lightly.

• • • It looks like you need to confirm first. Maybe they're trying to dig a trap from Purgatory. ”

Rahul narrowed his eyes and looked at Yeon-woo, Fant, etc.

Bahal nods.

“Isn't that the red wolf you want to check out? ”

“We'll check it out right now."

Rahul quickly left the operation room. He was a very excited face.

I heard strongly that if the map is real, I can try to reverse it all at once.

Bahal looks up at the left.

“Assuming this map is real. Then he has given us a very big ball. What does everybody think? If you have no objections, I would like to give them the proper status and reward in my line of work."

The executives said nothing. However, the sad eyes were now flashing fiercely, and Davahal accepted that it was a positive thing.

“Then let's assume everyone agrees. Cain.”

Yeongwoo bowed her head as she stepped forward.

“The second trillion members of the Foreign Legion were vacant. I want you to take over. What do you think?”

Yeongwoo's eyes sparkled.

The Foreign Legion was a group of mercenaries who participated or were hired in the High Text.

It was a large force of 3,000, and it was very difficult to join because it was managed directly by the Red Dragon.

Above all, it was known to be rich in supporting supplies.

The promotion of such a place is to manage at least hundreds of players.

It was a shocking greeting to have an outsider seated immediately.

It was welcomed because the higher the rank of the gifts brought by Yeon-woo and the higher the performance of him, the wider the range of action.

'I take a step up from here.

The higher up there, the more chances we have.

No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter who you are, no matter who you are, no matter who you are,

• I was going to fix it when I had the chance.

'It's a battlefield where blind swords and arrows fly. No matter what happens, it won't be weird.'


For someone, the battlefield was as comfortable as her room in Yeon-woo's house, although it might be a place of tension and fear.

He rolled half his 20s into a vicious battlefield.

The battlefield is the battlefield, even if it is occupied with all sorts of gifts and magic. It was not much different for Yeon-woo.

The Lient? Bajal? Even if they are excellent tankers. Yeonwoo was confident that they wouldn't be able to keep up with her on the battlefield.

That's why.

I was going to kill them secretly and diligently.

'Jungwoo, wait a little longer. You must be bored by Build alone, right? I'll send the others there soon.'

You're the first to catch him.

And then there's the client. Last one's Bachal.

Already in order.

And there was a detailed plan for it.

The map was only the first step towards that.

Even though she has it.

Maybe it doesn't matter. Rather, yes. The bigger the plate, the more chaotic it gets.

Yeongwoo's eyes glowed sharply.

'But first, we must buy Bajal's trust.'

Hiding that inside.

Yeongwoo bows her head.

“I'll do my best. ”

“I'm telling you, I don't trust you. You better not do anything conspicuous. ”

Following Bahar's instructions, the group led to the second group of outsiders, who called themselves Amber.

'White Dragonian commander, venomous owl amber.

Yeongwoo recounted the Red Dragon's genealogy in the diary. A dead boss, too.

Amber was staring at her like she was going to kill a kitten.

I'm annoyed that I met you like this. However, he was willing to take revenge without hesitation if given the opportunity.

I thought that Yeon-woo would make my life more uncomfortable. Of course, I didn't care because I had already considered that.

Amber stares at the unstoppable pond, kicking down the door of the building where two groups of foreign troops are staying.

The door cracks open.

The number is approximately 250 people. Whether they were enjoying their private time, they didn't gamble while smoking or sharpening their swords, but turned their gaze towards them.

They were fierce together.

“From this day forward, Cain will be in charge of your ancestors, and Pandora and Edora will be your new assistants. Greet him yourself!”

Amber turns around, staring at Yeongwoo and disappears.


“I heard someone was going to be deployed today. I see you're here. ”

“But I've never seen you before, have I? There was a man like that in the army.

“But wasn't the tribe lonely in Purgatory? Did you take a detour this way? ”

The crew narrows their eyes and examines Yeon-woo, Pant and Edora.

to explore the new Tributes and Tributes.

Mercenaries' temperament is usually ferocious.

The user eats only rough knife food for a lifetime, making it a priority to determine if the target is a master or a sewer.

Among them, I also looked at Dora with a sticky look.

Edora frowned slightly because she didn't like those guys.

However, Yeon-woo slowly walked into the center as she crossed the room without being overwhelmed by their gaze.

The mercenaries' gaze was also naturally directed towards you.

Then I narrowed my eyes as if I thought of a few costs.

“By the way, is that mask, is that a one-of-a-kind? ”

“I think you're right. Masks and armor that look like ghosts. Not to mention the one-horned tribe that follows us around. Do you know the old-fashioned one?”

Rumors began to spread among the mercenaries quickly.

And they all frowned.

There are those who draw out their swords openly and reveal their flesh.

In fact, they were mostly victims who suffered damage when Yeongwoo took possession of the Hidden Piece on the 11th floor.

When Yeon-woo who only listened to me came to me, I thought of the difficulties that I had experienced at that time. The remains of the dead clan have been mixed up as well.

“Brother, have you become very popular without seeing it? ”

Pants smiled as they looked like that.

The eyes of Yeon Woo under the mask were annoying.

I thought this might happen, but it was a hassle.


Several mercenaries stand up. With an axe and a knife. In public, out of spite of murder.

“Hey, Jo Jo. I need to talk to you. ”

Looking at them.

You shake your head as if the pant were crazy behind you.

“By the way, you should have a way to kill yourself."

Edora nods quietly, agreeing.