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20 Us. mercenary (4)

Yeongwoo glanced at the plate with a slight frown.

Fant turns his head sideways as if to say something.

Yeongwoo kicks her tongue and turns her gaze toward the mercenaries who woke up.

“What do you want to talk about? ”

A question full of annoyances and annoyances.

The mercenaries' faces distort slightly. They show an axe full of threats and rays.

“It reminds me of someone when I see them. And we've got quite a pile of them. That's why I want to ask you who you are. I was wondering if I could share your full name."

I twisted my stomach, but it meant revealing my identity.

Yeon-woo felt annoyed to deal with them anymore. I folded my arms and replied with a cold tone.

“If you're right about who you think? ”

“A monopoly, yes. ”

“Son of a bitch! ”

The mercenaries rush toward Yeong-woo, making a wobbly impression. It quickly became noisy that the building was not large.

I called the pant behind me without loosening the posture.


“What's the matter? ”

“Erase them. ”

“Why would I do your job? ”

“Because I'm a pain in the ass. Or should I? ”

Tough guy. ”

The pant comes forward grumbling lightly.

However, the moment I clenched my fist as I opened the pose, I caught a ferocious smile on my mouth.

“Well, I'm glad I was so bored! ”

Nose} n--

Fant protrudes forward as if he had found a fun game. And then he swings his evil fist.

Parker, Parker!

I had a flashy brain on the tip of my fist. Cheongram's Biggie, Brainy.


Saturn yellow reverberation and loud noises filled the room. We're going to wipe them out in no time.

“Don't kill anyone instead. ”

Pant kicked his tongue lightly on the condition of the condensed cow behind him instead of throwing a fist.

Thanks to you, the bounce was significantly reduced, but that alone was enough power.

Boom, overload!

The Pants have destroyed everything in their reach.

When the weapon flew in, I just grabbed it with my bare hands and broke it. When my body flew, I flew my ribs with my elbows, and if I wanted magic to fly, I blew out my entire cerebellum and erased it.


“Ugh! What the hell!"

Crush, trample, and break.

Every one of them bounced back with their arms and legs bent.

The floor was filled with their blood, and the air was full of dust.

“My arm! My Pa 'al!”

“The leg! The leg! Aah!"

In the midst of the screaming.

The pant jumped up and down like a piece of meat that met water.


Master! Master! I like that big guy!

He said that it was fun to ride on Yeongwoo's shoulders and whispered loudly. I smiled widely, my wings flapping.

Yeon-woo, for a short while, wanted to tell Chong-woo not to resemble the pant, but suddenly turned her head to the posture that felt behind her.


A man approached with a huge swing of his sword, hiding his movements.

Yeongwoo was not close to that way.

Instead of reaching out, he squeals as he opens his beak at you.

Go away!


Suddenly, a blue flame appeared in front of him and a violent explosion erupted.

The mercenary bounces off the flames and smashes through the walls, flying outside.

Honk! You're bothering me!

He clenches his arms with his wings and gently snorts. My chunky bird breasts were cute.

Edora glances at him with a slightly startled look.

I knew I'd inherited the power of a Legendary Beast, but I had no idea I was capable of such power from now on.

Yeon-woo turned her gaze back inward.

The indoor fight was already over.

No, I thought a one-sided assault might be a fight, but the situation was over once.

On the ground, there were about fifty players with broken arms and legs lying around screaming.

The remaining 200 people were staring at the pand with their fearful eyes, buzzed against the wall.

“Oh, you've got dirt on your hands. ”

Pants lightly ". Like it's nothing. And then I looked back at those guys trembling.

They all turned their heads to the side without even looking.

He's already completely deflected. No one could resist the overwhelming sensation that Pants gave us.


The pant had no intention of stopping there. One eyebrow twitches.

“What? Are you still standing? Don't everybody have a head start? ”

They hesitated just looking at each other.

But when I pulled the pant back up, you started hitting your head on the ground without me.

“Don't you guys? ”

Pant's gaze was no exception to the wounded.

Rather, they were brutish because they didn't know the topic.

Some rebelled to the end, but when I stepped on them a couple more times, I didn't rebel anymore.

There were no exceptions, unless the neck was broken.

Eventually, until just now, all the rooms that were filled with ferocious energy were cleared up like wolves.

Fant snorts as if his insides were finally feeling better.

Why do so many humans have to be beaten up? I thought that was a question.

But Edora became a somewhat grumpy face.

“Oh, that burn.

They were all people who would become Yeon-woo's hands and feet in the future. This is the only reason I'm injured. Even if you beat me, you won't need me if I don't have any use for it.

I thought I'd have to go to the medics and get some potions.

Suddenly, Yeon-woo waved her hand lightly into the air.


A blue spark the size of a man's head rises along the air.

A warm, sacred flame. It was sacred.

Edora tilts her head, not knowing if Yeon-woo is up to it.

At that time, Yeon-woo flicked her index finger lightly on the sacred flower. As the sacred flower splits into dozens, it flies to the injured.

“Huh? Huh? ”

“Hey, what's this? ”

They flinched as the flames came out of nowhere, but soon they felt a joyful heat rushing into their bodies and were surprised.

The wound that was torn was healed. The backbone finds its place, and the horrific pain clears away.

Some were surprised that some of the injuries sustained in the last battle were better, or that the poison had dissipated.

Of course, not all wounds were completely healed.

However, it was surprising just to bring a remarkably fast recovery power.

I don't know if Cure or Recovery is what they used to say. However, most of these recovery enchantments could be obtained from high priests and high priests who were famous for being expensive.

The mercenaries looked at Yeonwoo with clear eyes. Panda and Edora lifted their eyes wide.

However, the option of sexual cleansing 'only enhanced the effectiveness of the cleansing was not very impressive in her eyes.

I just want you to do something quiet.


“Yes?" ”

To the dumb-ass panda.

Yeon-woo's jaws point to those who are sticking their heads in.

“Break more than just one of them." ”

Oh, the devil cub.

No, demons aren't even human. Absolutely not! '

Fuck. Get better, break, heal, break. '

The mercenaries restrain themselves. They want to cry, but there's so much they can't get it out. I couldn't even hear the pain.

They really had to go through hell for hours.

Not only those who rebelled, but those who fell behind to watch.

For the mercenaries belonging to the 2nd Tribe, I had to experience the horrific experience of breaking my arms and legs and sticking them back together, not once, but several times.

Yeon-woo did not listen to their screams or their plea.

Quietly, as if it were natural.

Fant work (?), he sprinkled the sacred flower and repaired it, and when he finished the work again, he only repeated the repairs.

After repeating it several times, some mercenaries are completely exhausted.

But he also recovered his sanity. I tied them up so they couldn't run away.

Those who showed insubordinate glances to the end turned their heads.

Those who were trying to visit Yeongwoo had to turn their tails.

Now I was afraid that I wouldn't even meet Yeon-woo's eyes and would be terrified to death.

“Let me tell you one thing. I just need a good hunting dog. I don't need a mad dog that bites its owner. This is your last chance."

All 250 mercenaries were silent. As the chills passed along the back of the spine, the goose bumps grew.

And then I remembered.

Hundreds of players go out to catch a lone wolf and find out how the clan alliance died. They are trapped in a foggy forest and never make it back.

The Starlight Bar, which had been seduced by information, was also said to have been plucked from its roots after it had been completely destroyed.

It was only out of necessity that the poisoner kept them alive.

However, if they no longer need it, they warn them that they will throw it away.

Even if you're part of the Red Dragon. You mean you won't let me.


Yeonwoo had the readings and skills to do so.


The mercenaries swallowed dry saliva. Yeongwoo's cool eyes kept tightening down as they seemed to be closing their necks again.

'I knew I'd be a loyal hound from now on, looking at those mercenaries who wouldn't cause any trouble.

A few useful ones.

A hound that listens to his words in life.

And a ghost that will die a good nutrient.

I wonder if I could read the thoughts of such a alliance.

The mercenaries keep staring at the ground, unable to lift the heavy air.

Yeon-woo got up from her seat and left the rest to Pants.

Pants whined about why they had to do such a bothersome job even after they left the tribe, but they didn't even work on Yeonwoo.

Just throw me one word and I'll be done.

“Go back to the tribe if you don't want to.” Damn it! You can do it! When I did, the real personality screamed with tears and mustard. Then he turns his head toward the recovered mercenaries.

I felt like I had to be a little more angry.

The mercenaries look so dull.


“Fant is having a hard time coming here. ”

“Let's sell ourselves. ”

Edora glances back at the building overlooking Pant's cries and smiles lightly.

I ran away because the tribal management was so difficult, and I thought of one thing, something similar again.

But the pain of my older brother was always great for me. The laughter does not leave Edora's mouth.

I looked at Edora like that and smiled lightly along the lotus.

Then I suddenly remembered a woman with blue hair who happened to be in the Ops Room.

A woman who looked sweet but had strong powers. It was a very ripe day for Yeon-woo, too.

The power of the polyp. '

There were only three men in the tower with the power of dragons.

One was a Jungwoo but died, and the other was a half-human dragon but long gone.

And the only one left was within the Red Dragon.

It was her.

'Summer Queen.

Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

"The leader of the Red Dragon has appeared?" '

“Nice kid. Did you bite him? ”

In the ops room where everybody left off.

The woman with the hair, the Summer Sign Queen, smiled brightly.

Bahal bows, kneeling before her like that.

“I had no idea he was going to ask for such precious information."

The Summer Queen whistled as she swirled her index finger around her head.

Rahol just walked around the stage and posted a report that he was able to find the cleanliness trail in the area indicated on the map.

It means you didn't hear the map.

After that, the officers moved quickly.

Each man leads one place, and a squad of reinforcements marches directly to it.

Perhaps a new counterattack has begun by now.

The cleanliness team will be surprised by the sudden attack.

“I think you're interested. ”

“To him? ”

Bahar nods cautiously, and the Summer Queen smiles in relief.

“Of course. That's the third inspiration I've heard of. Who wouldn't care? ”

There were few people who could say that the Summer Queen was a grunt.

The one you just pointed to is the king.

“So take a good look at it. I think it'll be fun. I think he's up to something. ”

“I'll keep that in mind.”

Bajal bows his head deeply.

In fact, he also brought a gift from Yeon-woo. It was unthinkable.

I was interested because I was related to Henova, Suzu, and I was angry when I heard that she had participated in cleanliness while turning to a lonely tribe. The anger disappeared like snow.

The more I looked at him, the more I saw him. In many ways.

“More importantly, what about the client? ”

“It's still stuck in the backroom and it's coming out both doors. The Swordsman is standing by, so it may take a little longer."

He didn't know it, but he was able to escape because Bajal let him go on purpose.

To get us to the Stone.

They also had a separate tracking device on them so they could locate them at any time.

However, unlike expected, the Client does not move where the stone is.

So now I was just checking the location.

“This sucks. I see. You're studying the Stone, aren't you? ”

“I'm sure you will. You know, I'm guessing it's because of the study of the stone that Dorothy recently organized all four of the elders. ”

“But I don't think I'll be able to pull the stone out until it's done. I'm going to throw a bait. ”


At the question of what it means, Baghal lays out his schemes.

After hearing everything, the Summer Queen burst out a light smile. Then I sweep red lips with my tongue.

“Cute. I think it's gonna be okay."

“Thank you."

“As a reward. I'll give you a chance to lick my feet. What do you think?”

“It's an honor.”

The Summer Queen reached out one foot.

Bahar glances forward and slowly peels off her shoes and takes her face to her toes. The aromatic scent of roses was on the tip of my nose.

When the Summer Queen saw such a basil, she let go of her twisted hair.

Instead, she touches the tip of her head with her hands.

Originally a flamboyant red paw, but now it has calmed down.

This head was her symbol and the foundation of her magical power. Even for a day, I had to quickly recover my old colors.

Goddamn Haven Wing. The dead man was suffering from embarrassment coming down to these filthy floors.


It didn't look like much longer.

“Yes, so find it quickly, rat. It's called a stone. It's unfinished. Faster than a day."

The Summer Queen's eyes sank deeper.

“It has to be. I'll be able to restore my Dragon Heart. ”