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Vaporization Mission (1)

“What the hell are you doing, sir?! ”

The shameful plan roughly opened the visit of the King.

He was furious when he heard that Pant and Edora had gone over to the Red Dragon, including the kite.

Moreover, whether he had passed on the detailed information of Purity or the Red Dragon's resistance was not great, he had to suffer quite a bit of damage.

There were also quite a lot of damage to the tissues, including the neonatal and plasma groups led by shyness.

Because he's just a kid, like a pupil. The fury boils further.

Everyone's gaze is on you.

They were all familiar faces that even shyness knew.

Elders. The king was treated like an old man in the back room, but in fact, he was respected by his tribe.

“Planc, what are you doing? No matter how much chieftain and brother you are, you have to be more polite because you're brother and sister. This is an official statue. Stand up straight."

At that time, the elder who gave me the academic impression of wearing glasses raised his head.

Captain, shyness has been a difficult man since childhood. No, it was hard for everyone except the King because of his tenacity.

Since he was known to be as good as invincible, he had to hesitate unnoticed.

“No. The treaty has already established your position as royalty. You should treat me as a martyr of cleanliness. Be shy, be polite. ”

The spearhead bites his lower lip.

I was so blinded by my anger that I could barely remember where I was.

In fact, the loneliness that broke the long term silver and came out of the world. It was because of one oath he had made with them. Horn oath.

I swear to give you my horn.

The Bondi one-horned tribe had great pride in the ancestor of the tribe and the god they served, Soho Geumcheon.

It was because of the blessing of Soho Geumcheon that the tribe enjoyed its full season for a long time, and it was thought that the vision of being a shaman was a great position in the tower.

Because of this, there was great respect for the immediate royalty born of the Salt Spring bloodline within the tribe.

Of course, they didn't have class consciousness when they lived together, but they still had respect and admiration on the floor.

And the royal families were built with so many obligations that there were so many constraints on their actions.

The same was true of the shameless.

Although the king was pushed into the system as he became king, he was not constrained much, but he was very firm and firm to hear that he was the king's brother.

He declared that he would renounce all his duties and benefits as a royal family, and that he would not give the name of the one-horned tribe that he was proud of.

That is the oath of the horn.

And as much as the tribe received the horns of the royal family, they had to pay for them.

That's why I broke the silver that was lacking in loneliness and became on the side of cleanliness.

However, even with such an oath and obligation, as a one-horned tribe, it is like being dragged away by mistake rather than willpower.

Because of this, there were quite a lot of glances in the tribe to look at shyness.

He is also the one who abandoned his proud subsidy and stuck it somewhere else.

The Elder was also one of those people.

He took a deep breath and calmly calm his mind.

The king smiles from the tip and stares at him. He didn't say anything.

The shaman realized that the King would not help him.

It seemed like a confusing memory from a long time ago.

Before he was a brother, he was a person who admired the world, but unlike pleasant behaviour, he never knew his inner self, so he felt far away.

That's why Chang Mu Sin came out to the world along with Kim Mu Sin, who was referencing himself, and established the cleanliness system.

Even now, I don't regret the Horned Vow and the current decision.

That's why.

The shroud was able to catch thoughts and minds quickly.

“I apologize for my rudeness during this meeting. If you will, as a minister of cleanliness. As your leader, I have a question for the King."

The voice of the spear splits slightly.

“What's happening in the current stage. Proprietary, Pant, and Edorah's Transition. Did the King know?”

The King smiles as if it's funny.

“Aldama. If you don't know what my disciples and children are up to, you'll be in trouble."

The spear clenches his fist. There was a lot of blood on my neck.

“But how could you let that happen?

“My heart. ”

“It's my heart. ”

The spearhead seemed to be shouting right away. Crazy red eyes stared at the king.

But the shameless knew.

No matter how much I protest and protest here, it doesn't work on my brother.

Rather, they will take advantage of this opportunity to try a different cost.

The King slightly opened his eyes as if he was a little magnificent at suppressing anger. After all these years, my brother, who was in such a hurry, grew up.

“The work of my disciples and children is on our own. I'm sorry for the cleanliness damage, but • • • - their perversion must be addressed in our line of work, not yours. ”

“And our tribe does not interfere with individual deviance. The individual's actions are the individual's responsibility, and the tribe doesn't need to be held accountable. The shameless man said nothing for a moment. The king was saying that the past Mage and your family were no different from the past. But I also knew the other meaning of the word. The Eye of the Spear Shin flashes sharply. • • • Does that mean we can kill them with our own hands when we meet them? ”

“I told you, their actions are their responsibility. We're not involved at all. ”

“I don't think that's going to change. The shameless man shot the king once, then turned around and left the office.

The building is slightly shaken with the full force of the hand that closes the door.

The king smiled as he watched his brother's back.

“By the way, I thought I'd grown up a bit. I still can't figure out how to do that temper head."

There were no words among the elders for a moment. The blacksmith repaired his glasses and asked the king.

“Let's just say that's the plan. Chief, are you really going to let Cain, Pant and Edora do this? ”

Ever since the bowel went horribly wrong.

Pants continued to stand out as the king's candidate. The Elders' positive judgments were drawn by quite a lot of improvements in the attack on Kuram.

Suddenly, I'm worried about moving into hostile factions. As an influential elder in the election of the Grand Duke, it was a matter of much thought. However.

The King's answer was consistent.

“The rules don't change, inspiration. ”

The commander narrowed his eyes and stared at the king. Then I was tempted to laugh at the ceremony.

“The more you suffer, the more the vessel is made as a king. That's what you're looking at. ”

He only smiled as if he still didn't know what he was doing.

But the smith was enough. I could see my suspicions without speaking up.

“Very well. As the chieftain wishes, we shall not speak of this any longer. Then let's move on to the next issue. It's about conflicts with red dragons afterwards. The meeting continued again about their next walk.

“To the right. Ilbo. ”

Root of 0

“To the left. Sword. ”

sec} 52517;!

“Spin again. ”

Following Pant's orders, the mercenaries make swift movements.

Their appearance of them moving quickly and neatly in line with Feo, as if 250 people were all measuring in one piece, made the viewers amaze themselves.

Other mercenaries in the Foreign Legion who were wearing training weapons together crossed the road and looked at them with strange eyes.

Mercenaries are supposed to live up to their tastes. Trapped in a field called the Foreign Legion, I had to pursue some autonomy.

But they became completely different people in just a few days.

The strength and military order were firmly captured, giving clear eyes.

However, the pant leading them slightly frowned at what I didn't like so much.

“Don't you get it right? You want to roll it again? Back to the line of fire. Stab! Aah!

The mercenaries scream louder as they panic. The forward stabbing weapon is full of strength and momentum.


Where they can see at a glance. Yeonwoo and Edora sit side by side.

Edo is the only one who watches the mercenaries train. Yeongwoo looked at the book quietly.

“After only four days of rolling, Edora, who seemed to have drawn quite well, took her eyes off the book for a moment.

He briefly examines Pant and the two trillion exercises in the dragon's mouth and nods loudly.

“I'm sure it's worth it.

The tactical form Pant teaches to the two groups was actually a little bitten exam for the eight challengers who teach lesser in the tribe of loneliness.

Screening was a discipline of discipline that encompassed a wide range of contextual fighters' countermeasures and operations, including marching, profiling and military deployment.

Eighth grades were a typical inspection, allowing for quick learning and disruptive behavior.

Especially effective in a chaotic battlefield where things happen.

So I specifically asked Panthers to teach the second group.

It seemed much more effective than I thought.

"If you fix that rash head, you have a talent for teaching someone. No, to be precise, it's the power to lead others. '

Yeon-woo seemed to know why Pants were called candidates for kings within the lonely tribe.

At first, I wondered what kind of a simple, violent creature could be the king of a clan.

The Pants had the strength to remove all of those disadvantages and remain strong.

Charisma and leadership. There was strength and vigor that strangled those who followed them.

Yeonwoo was able to recognize the talent of Pants at once because she led the troops when she stayed in Africa.

That wasn't easy to learn because someone taught me.

As a child of no king, he could have because he had long studied the rules and duties as a royal family and had great pride and pride in himself.

Only someone who is confident in himself can lead. Perhaps Fant's simple side was very good in that regard.

You can leave it in peace from now on.

While Yeon was staying at the Red Dragon, I thought I could pass on the power of the Second Cohort to Pants.

If Pants finds out, he'll be sick of it. Of course, if I refused, I would immediately banish them to Kuram.

Yeongwoo looked back at the book after watching the two more elaborate exercises.

Edora sneaks up on you.

“But that's what you've been looking at all these years? ”

“The Ocean Heavy. ”

Edora's eyes widen slightly. I knew Yeon-woo had mastered all the merchandise in the Eighth Circle, but I didn't think she would have received it from the King until the Great Circle.

It was also proof that Yeon-woo was entrusted to the King. Edora is not her business, but she is somewhat proud.

“Is that so? It must have been a little difficult for you since the Middle Kingdom. You're still seeing the Middle Kingdom after four days. ”

Edora smiles slightly at the fact that Yeon-woo, who was a monster, has a human face as well.

The Eighth pole is the highest of all the Musketeers made by the King.

It took a lot of time to memorize the form because it was large enough to split into three vegetable waters, and it became increasingly too complex to go backwards.

Moreover, it 'took many years to understand.

Some of the elders held on to the pole, but they didn't understand.

Yeon-woo seemed like it too.

Despite the unusually fast progress we've made, we're fresh in the air now. I thought it would take time.

On the other hand, Edora was a little happy that she had something to help her with.

She's been familiar with all the eight poles for a long time now. Since the King didn't even tell me not to give advice, I thought I could help Yeon-woo for a while.

Alone. Alone. Alone.


“No. I memorized the form, and I'm gradually figuring out the resolution. I just wanted to make sure I got it right. I'm just rethinking it in case I missed something.

Edora is appalled that her predictions were incorrectly missed.

Now the lily looks like a monster.

You cooked it all? '

Each of the eight poles consisted of 32 and 16 herbivores, and increasingly, complexity and sophistication could not be compared to the commercial world.

And you memorize that in Nahor Bay?

And you're still trying to figure out things like the beautiful religious scriptures?

Then I remembered that Edora was a creature that had been made without balls in just four days.

I've seen similar sights several times.

I never got used to it.

"Brother Fant, I'm going to get frustrated by tearing your hair out again.

Edora shakes her head as if she were reminded of Pant when she found out about this.

But there was only one thing she was missing.

Unlike what she thought, Yeon-woo isn't exactly understanding the limbic system, she's breaking it down and mixing it with the aphrodisiac pore.

'The Ocean Circle itself is an outstanding non-official. It's not the same as the Magic Circuit, though. You need some calibration to fit in here.

This was possible only when the contents of the eight pole were generally 'below. It was even more surprising.

However, this was very natural for Yeon-woo.

We're getting help from the Dragon Knowledge, which is the nature of the polyp, and reassembling it according to the grain of the dragon. It was like stepping on a sequence of steps.

But without the determination, the will and the clever fidelity, that's not something you can accomplish.

Thanks to Yeon-woo, I kept seeing the same message recently.

[Many gods and demons on the 98th floor are watching you with wonder.]

[Some gods and demons are discussing with interest in you.]

[Hermes glances at you with a delightful smile.]

98th floor, where God and the Devil observe themselves.

Among them, there was a familiar name.


Yeongwoo looks back at Hermes, whom she met in Olympus' report.

At first, 98 insects were a little bit curious. Now it was a bother.

Now it was more important to take the remaining parts of the eight poles completely as your own than that.

So I'm going to focus on the book.

“Oh. You're doing better than I thought."

Yeongwoo folds the book over to the nearest posture and turns her head to you.

A familiar gesture. Bahal smiles gratefully and looks forward to the training of Yeongwoo and the two groups.

It is already in disarray due to the sudden appearance of Commander General.

The mercenaries stiffen their waist, and the elders rush to excel at the wine business.

However, Bahar ignored them and stopped them. 'Then, he turned his gaze toward Yeon Woo again.

Apparently, you caught as many mercenaries as you could. I'm glad you're adapting better than I thought. ”

“Thank you."

“Yeah. How's it going? Operation, can you jump right away? ”

I was young at the edge of Yeongwoo's eyes.

Now that you've taken the time to bend the troops, it's time to move on.

And that's it.

'It means we're moving on.'

It was time to execute the plan.

Yeongwoo nodded her head as if it were natural, with no expression at all.

“You can move at any time. ”

“Good. Then there's a secret place for you to go.

“Before I do that, I actually have one thing to say."

Bahal expressed curiosity rather than being angry at Yeon-woo, who cut off his waist.

From what he saw, Yeon-woo was a blessing that brought a lot of wonder to many morologies.

I wondered what else I would take out this time.

“Hmm? What? ”

Yeonwoo opened her mouth slowly.

“Did you know that Dorothy's son is staying on the 16th floor? ”

Bajal's eyes widened.