Second Life Ranker

22. Mission (2)

“Do you have a son? ”

Having heard the unthinkable words, Bajal pauses and opens his mouth slowly.

The slight frowning eyes were unbelievable.

Even so, he was never known to have a family.

He was a sword-madman, so called a model of a masquerade in his cleanliness.

A person who drags an iron box with nine swords and asks for a fight with a famous master. He only grows stronger after battlefield battles.

Because of this, Dormesin was famous for not keeping women close for a lifetime.

And you have children?

“Did you know that no matter when a god suffers from lack of magical strength? ”

Bajal's eyes widened slightly.

Only a few senior executives have noticed that he has not been able to draw long fights due to his lack of magical strength lately.

Nine blades that had always been magnificent began to be used with fewer than seven, and even a battle famous for its neatness and sophistication was close to a dizzying brawl.

The other clans were trying to figure out if their bodies were damaged by the power surge while they were training.

“Does it have something to do with the hidden child? ”

Yeon-woo nodded and continued.

“The son of Domucin was born into obstruction. ”

“Obstructed labor?"

“Yes, because they haven't filled up for eight months and are naturally unwell. ”

“Hm. But I somehow managed to save elixir or ambrosia. • • •

“It is said to be a body that cannot build magic. ”

“It's just a normal environment.

The fact that a person from a tower deemed to have magical power as part of its body is like a deadly disability.

No matter how brilliant the New Testament was, it was not treatable.

“It's also said to be physically unhealthy, so there have been a lot of dangerous difficulties. And he has many enemies.

“You had to hide it somehow. And then we'll have to go along with treatment. Phew!”

Bahal kicked his knee with his hands, bursting his big smile, saying he didn't have to look behind his back.

Before entering Purity, Doumycin had many rankers or clans who were unfriendly while following him.

If word gets out that his son is sick.

Must be rushing around like wolves everywhere.

So this is the 16th floor.

On the 16th floor is the Temple of the Three Sitting Goddess.

Three goddesses who can't walk even with their legs. They always have to be where they are. However, many players were famous for their faith because they realized their ability to occupy human destiny.

And the temple is also famous for its healing practices by the High Septon and the priests. It was also a sacred place where fighting was forbidden.

So it was the perfect place for him to leave his son.

“And they continue to draw out their magic as a way of treating their son's illness. ”

“That's what I know. ”

Bahar gives you a big nod as if it were.

If you're constantly pulling out more magic than you need to. I had no choice but to conform to existing fighting laws that required a lot of magical power.

'And that's why he went out to hunt the four new gods. If the Purgatory offered him all of my soldiers and my heart, there would be no reason to refuse. "

Yeongwoo's eyes sank deeper.

'And his heart and the lining of the Phoenix that he swallowed. One way or another, she was going to hand over the recovered Phoenix's inner ear and heart to him.

The innards and hearts of the rest of the new recruits were his idea to swallow. He must have already eaten them all and digested them. There was a way to get it back.

Yeongwoo clenched her fist tightly.

In fact, this information was written in the diary.

He said he was able to collect it by accident in a car that had been personally exploiting his cleanliness weaknesses. However, it was said that the information was not well utilized by the inner parts of Danxiartya.

It might be different now.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. I was going to return the same to Dorothy.

Obviously, that's interesting information. But where does the information come from? ”

“Here's what I learned while I was in the one-horned tribe. ”

I surrounded it appropriately.

“Could be a trap."

“But maybe not. ”

“No. More likely a trap. Whether you intend to or not • •

“I know it could be reverse information, or it could be something I use in my own words. ”

Bajal smiles bitterly.

“Why are you being so blunt? I'm sorry about the gold, but please consider our position. ”

I bought Yeon-woo's military layout with a clear view, but I still had a lot of doubts about Yeon-woo.

If it was a blueprint to dig a big trap, it could be dangerous if it was a ploy to draw rankers from the 16th floor.

That's why.

“So I'll be back. ”

Yeon-woo was able to create a cause for her to move.

“Because you killed yourself? ”

“Yes, I'll go with the two. Then even if it's a trap, it's no harm to the Red Dragon, right? ”

Bahal nods.

Obviously, Yeon-woo is an outsider, and an outsider is just a group of mercenaries that can be filled at any time.

It means you can use and throw away whatever you want.

Bahar laughed as he watched Yeon-woo, who expressly banned itching places.

“If this information is true. You'll be able to kick the suspicious eye out of seeing you and make a victory move forward. ”

“I won't say I don't feel that way. However, I am proud that this operation will be a great blessing to God. ”

Bahar nods satisfactorily.

It means I'm handing over the entire operation to myself. Instead, Yeon-woo will definitely be able to enter under his umbrella.

“A month ago, I saw someone who would never go under. ”

“The world was so cold, this time I felt uneasy. ”

“Good thinking. When it's cold, you should be somewhere warm. And in the future, you will be full of spring days.

“I won't forget that. ”

Yeon thought with her head down.

'It's a warm spring day.

My lips twisted.

I don't know, is there a future for you? '

Fortunately, he's wearing a mask. His ridicule is invisible to Bahal.

There was a summons in the second group.

“Mission? Already?"

“I heard you faced Bajal in person. Magnificent, isn't it? A one-on-one encounter with the Commander-in-Chief?"

“You mean you're trusted that much, but not that dangerous. I'd like you to pay good money for the risk."

The two tribes of mercenaries moved as they talked about each other, but as they approached the training ground, their horses disappeared.

I can see the pant from afar.

In their eyes, it seems the Grim Reaper folds his arms and bids them welcome.

All 250 were aligned and people gathered in one place.

You feel as though you are seeing a refined army because of the strict military and skill that is not like a mercenary group.

“The mission has failed. ”

Yeonwoo began to explain the mission she was assigned.

Of course, going after Dorothy's son can leak information.

So he secretly stated that it was his mission to raid the Red Dragon organization located on the 16th floor.

The mercenaries look a little puzzled with sudden movements, but no one asks why.

It's the brains' job to judge that kind of thing. The mercenary was just as clean as his paycheck.

And they were known to share their credibility and skills in the industry, so that they could be recruited by foreign forces.

However, here, Yeongwoo had one bridegroom before going up to the 12th floor.

“But first, I have one thing to say. ”

Everyone's gaze was drawn to Yeon-woo. A questionable gaze.

“I haven't finished the trial to the 16th floor yet. ”

“So I'll be on my way to the 15th floor as soon as I finish the trial, so you know that. ”

The mercenaries all look like fools.

So, the rumors, they were real? '

Not 30 or 40 floors? '

It was clear that Yeongwoo was a player on the 11th floor.

But everyone tends to treat it as false.

No one would ever think that a skilled person who beat a semi-ranker would be in that lower section.

However, I was surprised to find out that the rumors were true.


Yeon tears the ticket open, ignoring the unbelievable faces of the mercenaries.

[Do you want to go up to the 12th floor?]

“I'll be back in a moment, then."

Yeonwoo greeted Pant and Edora briefly.

The two who had not finished the 11th floor trials were a little grumpy, but there was no help-2 `Finally, they nodded.

That's it.

On the blue portal underfoot, both Yeongwoo and the two teams moved to the 12th floor.

[This is the Wanderer's Coffin on the 12th floor.]

Along with a brief swarm of light, Yeongwoo and two groups of foreign troops appeared on a vast meadow.

The earth was endlessly wide and did not show any common hills, and the ground revealed a crisp environment with tortoise shells split apart.

All the little twisted trees you see around you.

It was all the bugs and scorpions occasionally appeared between the cracks in the ground.

[Begin the trial on the 12th floor.]

[Crucible: Challenger to climb the tower. You will experience many twists and turns in climbing the stairs in the future. There will be hesitation, there will be revival, but there will be joy and hope. And it's the same with the Great Desert here. Instead of growing thirsty grass, this place was filled with drought and death, a world of long-dead wanderers. Cross such a world of death with only your own power. With the will and strength to cross the Great Desert, you will be able to stop wandering in the center of any flagellate verse.]

• • • Phew. You will come here again. "

“I didn't want to come again. ”

“You're crazy. ”

The two trillion mercenaries grimaced as they watched the endless plain unfold.

The 11th floor is known to be the most livable of many stairs.

When I get to the 12th floor from someone familiar with such a place, I usually suffer.

'Because it's too big a difference from the 11th floor.'

Twelve floors were known to be extremely sparse.

As indicated in the message, the vein has not withered for a long time.

Of course, no drinking water can be obtained.

So is food.

It was a luxury level if you could chew twisted pieces of wood, or catch and eat some scorpions that sometimes shine outside.

In a way, it was similar in many ways to the F section of the tutorial.

However, unlike the F compartment, which was able to withstand the challenge at times, twelve floors were never offered for such convenience if they could discover the secret of the Thorn Mole.

I just had to cross the Great Desert.

The direction is to the south. It was always the hot sun that was firmly fixed in the sky and became a milestone.

In addition, the Great Desert was famous for its heat and extreme environmental changes as it went deeper.

Right now, it's just a ruined wilderness.

If it goes a little deeper, a sandy desert will appear, and if the heat and heat continue to burn, the volcano will boil.

In a way, it's a very simple trial, but it's too difficult.

So players who have gone through all kinds of trouble and passed 12 have different 0


There was a saying that even though the stairs were visited, they would never go back to the 12th floor. And so were the mercenaries.

However, Yeon-woo had no choice but to come back for mustard.

They had already become depressed by the fact that they had to cross the Great Desert along Yeon-woo. But...

Yeon-woo did not look faint.

This heat had no effect on him.

It's warm in here! Rather, he spread his wings wide and cheered.

After gaining the title of heir to the Legendary Beast, it was thanks to its blinking immunity and resistance in every environment.

Of course, the mercenaries might remember that the Yeon Woo first attacked on the 16th floor, and if they contacted us, we could join them later.

"Why not? '

Yeon-woo had no reason to leave these comfortable people alone.

72nd Floor, 5th Floor/Defined as being centered on normal rough environment0/, Overcoming it/Primary Trial Me/Yong Ö./ago • • • And "sought-after, but still harsh environment? 7/Certain items/items that can never be found on other stairs./Everywhere/There was a piece of every /Do7.

One of them mentioned a few specific places where rare items such as the Fire Chamber were well assembled.

Crossing this vast Great Desert requires considerable time to search all such places. But there are so many hands (?).

If you're going to build a ball, it won't be so bad to take all the things you can carry up there.

That, too.

'With the help of the Red Dragon.'

Yeongwoo rolls up one jaw at a time while looking at the mercenaries staring at her.

The mercenaries had to drop into anxiety for unknown reasons.