Second Life Ranker

23. Mission (3)

Search the Great Desert? '

'Madness • • •

'What is there to see here? The mercenaries really wanted to cry.

The Great Desert of 12 I never wanted to come back to.

But there is a mission to be done here.

“Then find your own stuff and get to the 13th floor." ”

Eventually, following Yeon Woo's instructions, mercenaries began to weep and spread to the Great Desert with mustard eaten.

Moreover, the time limit indicated by Yeon-woo was very short. I had to move fast.


Yeongwoo looks at the scattered ones and sneaks together behind them.

'This will make it easier to divide the world with spies.'

Yeongwoo slowly crossed the Great Desert thinking like that. A scorching heat blows through the sand.

But the owner! Owner!

At that time, Chongqing, who was riding on Yeon-woo's shoulders, spoke.

"Why are they so good at listening to their owners?

I don't know.

Yeon-woo stroked his head and gave a vague answer.

Although he grew up a lot, he was still a little kid. I thought it would be bad emotionally to explain the stubborn contents.

Then what are they going to get?

“Treasure of Fire. ”

"Treasure? What is it?

He's got a cute little head.

inclined to.

“Delicious. ”

Wow. Really?

Lu Xiaoyu nodded quietly, looking at her glittering eyes.

Obviously, the Fire Treasure will be a delicious snack for the cheeks. Nutrition will also be good.

'I'll give half to Chopsticks and the other half to courtiers.'

Recently, the strengthening of dating has been somewhat limited. The sword given immediately was due to options constraints on the bracelet.

Because of this, I was thinking of other ways to strengthen my allies.

'Strengthen attributes.

Since we can give various attributes to those who have only the attributes of evil and dark lineage right now, one of the reasons why the Treasure of Fire is illuminated is that it works as a very effective reinforcement stone.

It was also a good ingredient in many alchemies.

'The more the better.'

I can get them to dig it up freely. I like the Red Dragon for the first time in Yeongwoo.

Well, you have to give me lots of delicious things! I will! I Promise!

“Okay, don't flatter yourself.

Heehee. I hope it tastes good.

He coughed and drooled from his beak.

Both eyes glowed brightly.

Then I yawned while opening my beak. My big eyes twitched.

"Yup. I'm going to sleep now. I want to sleep.

“I'm taking a break."

Yes! Should I wake you when the snack comes?

He nodded and slowly scattered into a blue flame and disappeared to Yeongwoo.

Unlike the 11th floor, which is a dreamy world for transfers to live in, there is a completely different law that applies from the 12th floor.

Transfers were often parasitic because it was difficult to retain their form, usually borrowing the player's body, or at times fully assimilated.

And neither did Chip.

He had just evolved into a dyslexia, and the energy in his body was not yet exhausted. If you swallow this up to the Fire Treasure, it will take longer.

So he was filling most of the day with sleep to manage his energy.

By the way.

The resting place was a little unusual when the chirp soaked into the body.

'Stone. Here we go again.'

He felt the stone seated next to the heart of Yeongwoo and slightly tasted it.

Recently, the stones have been very slight, but there have been some movements that can be detected by Yeon Woo several times.

It wasn't sprinkled with energy or anything.

It just pulls the fireworks left by Phoenix and acts as a brazier, and now it's a nest for him.

When I asked him why he kept resting in the stone.

Then he tilted his head as if he didn't know.

I don't know, I just felt comfortable there.


Yuck. So warm and cozy.

That's why I can't sleep! At first, I thought the Phoenix fire would make him feel better.

Continuing to observe, it seemed a little different from that.

Unlike that, Chirping speeds up his energy while staying in the stone. And it was stable.

Far more than any other part of the magical circuit.

It may not seem like much to look at, but it's completely different from the outside.

'Maybe it's the same reason the fires settled.'

Throughout the whole time, the two of Yeongwoo sank deep.

'A little bit. The energy of the void and the Abyss remains a fragment.

The debris from Sabel Tiger is firmly packed around the stone.

At first I realized that the stone I thought was a failure, and now it's not just a failure.

It's just incomplete. If you just give me the ingredients at any time,

I was prepared.

And maybe four of the Legendary Beasts were part of that material.

However, I could not control it freely as a kitten, and I could not let go of what I felt uneasy about.

You can't tell when, how, or how to poison yourself.

I hate to be the result of so many lives lost, but I couldn't do anything without the power to control them.

That doesn't mean there's a way to get rid of it right away. And as long as the energy of the four elders settled down and he thought of it as a nest, it was now difficult.

Would you rather I completed it? Or should we think about how to control it? '

Yeongwoo kicked her tongue again, looking at the discarded stone. And I stopped thinking.

As long as he's in place, the stone doesn't seem to be poisoning him right away.

Then I was going to focus on crossing the Great Desert now.

[All trials have ended.]

[I performed the miracle of crossing the Great Desert without a single break. Additional public values will be provided.]

[You have gained 5,000 Public Values.]

[3,000 additional Prudential Points.]

[Acquired Public Values are combined with Accumulated Public Values.]

[Do you want to put your name on the Hall of Fame?]

[You have declined registration.]

[But even without being public, your achievement is deeply engraved into the tower, allowing you to toggle whether you register at any time.]

[Do you want to go up to the 13th floor? Yeon put her foot on the blue portal.

Crossing the Great Desert was not as difficult as I expected.

Rather, I felt like I was having fun walking. I could have been a part of the training.

The hot sand breeze, the boiling atmosphere so badly that it burns, and the sand floors that sink every step of the way were all messed up, so it not only increased resistance to protect the body from the outside, but also helped to increase the nature of the ignition.

In addition, there were 108 cores installed.

He did not hesitate to train himself while crossing the desert.

If Pant and Edora had seen it, they would have shook their heads.

Yeongwoo looked back at the Great Desert she had crossed, and soon she tried to go to the 13th floor without any foolishness.

Right then.

“Please wait a moment. ”

Suddenly another portal opens in the air, and a manager grabs the rabbit's head and falls.

Ralph, the manager I met on the 11th floor.

Yeon turns her head toward you with slightly surprised eyes.

Why here is someone who never showed up until he passed the 11th floor?

At the moment of the encounter, I thought I shouldn't be caught here, but I soon opened my head.

The administrator is dependent on the tower's system and never gets involved in the player's work.

Then, did he come for the month?

Yeongwoo pauses for a moment and stares at Laplace. No questions asked. Dry-eyed.

Like, what's going on?

“As you have seen before, it seems that you have been silent. And since you seem to be busy on your way, let me make this simple for you. ”

Yeon-woo still had no answer.

Laplace touches his face with his hands.

I opened my mouth slowly, checking for myself if the tail was shining in a different way.

“# # # is now headed to the Temple of the Three Bangs on the 16th floor, right? ”

The eyes of Yeon Woo shining down the mask were slightly distorted.

No matter how much the manager knew about the players, no one would like to lift up their own trail.

But Ralph asked him not to worry.

“Don't be so grumpy. All our managers have to do is help you get through the trials in a comfortable environment. Never interfere with # # 's work or spread rumors, so don't worry. ”

Yeongwoo glances at Laplace's red eyes quietly. I couldn't figure it out.

Then my brother said the managers were too difficult to deal with. Especially through 12.

Managers said it was even worse.

And then Yeon-woo found out, Ralph.

'The tomb of the twelve. Rabbits are curious and like to meddle in other people's affairs.'

He wasn't a very desirable person.

“So, what brings you here? ”

“I've come to preach the word from my superiors. ”

“of 9”

“You know, there's another role for our managers -- especially our top 12. It is the messenger of gods and demons."


Yeongwoo slightly opened her eyes wide. It was completely unexpected.

“I'm here to deliver a message from one of them. ”

Ralph smiled and suddenly stopped smiling, instead of talking.

Then all of a sudden, around you,

The air turned cold. The heat of the Great Desert disappeared everywhere, and a cold, dark silence flowed around.

And the eyes of Laplace turned dull dark red. The sheer energy surged.

The stopper 'yolk read the aura of the air from Laplace and slightly distorted the day.

Ralph, the voice of the devil who asked him to give him the message, borrowed his power.

“Sit down, goddess three. The oldest. Caution. ”

And that's it. Magi disappears.

The heat of the Great Desert returns to the void, and Laflax's eyes turn red.

“Watch out for the three sitting goddesses? What's that supposed to mean? And who is this demon that's preaching this? ”

Ralph shrugs.

“All I am is a messenger. We don't know the details.

I can't tell you about the limitations of the system. The details should be decided by # # #, who replied with a smile as if it was fun, but Yeon-woo no longer focused on it and got caught up in other thoughts.

'If it was Urd, the eldest of the three sittin' goddesses. What's wrong? "

I was irritated at the moment of my honeymoon.

I'm finally trying to get a real cost price. Suddenly, I walked away from it unexpectedly. It was the first time the message that God and demons were observing themselves was so annoying.

“Why are you delivering this to me? ”

“I don't know. How can someone like me, who is just an errand boy, have the courage to know all the thoughts of God and the Devil? Isn't that right?”

I thought that Yeongwoo somehow seemed to be twisting the horse.

However, even if you hear this warning, you cannot go to the 16th floor.

It was foolish of me to trust the word of the Devil that never gave me a name.

Demons are demons. They are not the most reliable of the cunning tongues.

No, I was annoyed that I had to leave something like that and do whatever I wanted.

So I was going to ignore it.

'And I was ready to buy the wrath of the three goddesses anyway.'

It is certain that the temple will be destroyed in order to take his son. I did not think that there would be a good perception for the goddess in that situation.

“As expected, you don't seem to be listening. Well, may you continue on your way. Now that I've kept my hands to myself, there won't be a manager or anyone else to disturb # # # to the 16th floor. ”

Laplace lowered his waist as he opened his smile to see if he had read the eyes of Yeongwoo.

Yeongwoo left behind the greeting of Laplace and took the blue portal to the 13th floor.

The crowd of lights blindfolded me with irritated thoughts.

So many flights of stairs.

[This is the coffin of the 'Wheel of Life' on the 16th floor.]

Yeonwoo was finally able to reach her destination.

The Start John was a huge forest surrounded void. It was connected to three very large paths that run through the forest, allowing it to get out to wherever it wanted.

Just in time, mercenaries, other than Yun Dynasty, were arriving early and resting.

However, they all sinned more than when they left the 11th floor.

Everyone went around each stairwell, and not only did they struggle to find the Piece as Yeongwoo instructed, but also the Fire Treasure.

Yeon-woo flicked his fingers and sprayed the fury on them.

“Then let's get everyone's stuff out of here. ”

A blunt tone without saying that you did well.

Each of the mercenaries became tearful.

'This must be • • •

'Looks like you're collecting. Don't tell me that's why you brought us here, not to make the bees feel • • • • • •? Am I right?'

They didn't know that they were answering correctly.

No, I was looking away.