Second Life Ranker

24. Mission (4)

[Let the trials begin on the 16th floor]

[Crucible: In many myths and legends, there is a vast multitude of fates covering the sky, and the world is said to be made up of thousands of teeth rolling around in it. There's a lot of terminology for that. The Celestial Hall, the Good and Evil, Yggdrasil, the Wheel of Destiny, the Causality, and right here, there are three goddesses who occupy that fate. Goddesses who turn the fabric of life into a spindle, measure and cut the destiny that binds it, and look into the destiny of all men and lives, as well as of gods and demons. But the three goddesses who are unable to use their legs because of his guilt are always sitting in their temples just waiting for you to come. From now on, visit one of the three temples. There's only one temple you can visit, and there's only one question you can ask, so be very careful.]

Ralph kept his word.

I didn't meet anyone or my manager all the way up to the 16th floor.

It's as if the cost price has been used to prevent us from interfering with the lotus. Thanks to you, I thought Yeon-woo Laplace had done something.

'Or maybe he wanted to be the Devil.'

I didn't know why.

I don't know what Ralph's name is, or why some demon is so interested in himself.

Rather, Yeon-woo felt uncomfortable rather than thanking me for this help. There is no absolute goodwill in the help of others who do not know English.

However, there was no way to say no to this right away, so Yeon-woo quickly broke through the steps and finally reached the 16th floor.

The stage that was constructed on the 16th floor was actually not large.

Along a large forest in the middle, there are three forest paths in different directions.

Each forest path led to a different temple, and once I stepped in, I could never go back to the other side.

So when choosing the path of the forest, I had to pay that much attention.

The Urds of the Past.

Current Vero Dandy.

Future Zkled.

In the legend of Eda, the world leader Ö./The beachfront of the Gressil/Saint-Urdarbruneur of touching growth/The Gourdy Bird/Goddess.

The swings are said to spin/spin someone's 'åh' Ö.

Because of this/the war is always a party/person who wants to listen to them,/the North Korea/Tong,/the same report} to 23609; g} against the bird/still and planted Gaddle0./Many.

Anyone, even a transcendent in every toll, has a person who will not/detain/ha/a given fortune to the bike.

However, the swings always existed on the 76th floor 9//instead of the 98th floor, where they lived with the gods, and only occasionally I//lost.

0/"47093; They were full of mystery and wonder.

When the deaths, 17, seemed to be less than them.

The three Sitting Goddess were as numerous as their followers, and there were many who despised them.

If destiny is set. If all causes and consequences are already specified.

because there was no meaning to his will, to his free will, to his life.

And that, in a way, could have lost motivation for the players who want to be gods.

According to the interpretation, there is someone who can conquer the tower and become a god.

So he was the latter.

It was a very famous incident when he passed the 16th floor and only laughed at the three goddesses.

Most people who visit the temple usually do so before they climb the tower.

I mostly tried to get advice.

However, Yeon-woo was not very interested in the three sitting goddesses.

To him, fate was enough, not enough, not enough.

'Whatever happened, the goal won't change at all.'

That's why most people would think of attacking a temple where they never think of doing anything.

It was also why the anonymous warning of the Devil was taken lightly.

[Obtained 182 "Treasure of Fire".]

[You obtained 35 'Ice Crystals'.]

[You obtained 91 Snow Roses.]

The swallow tucks all the Hidden Pieces into the subspace pocket, making the mercenaries come for you.

A sub-space pocket that Bajal gave you before leaving the 11th floor. It was a fairly expensive artifact because it had a magic spreader engraved in its little pocket.

'Cause it looks like an inventory.'

Originally, if you need supplies to climb the stairs, do not carry them around with you, but put them inside comfortably and use them.

Yeongwoo had already emptied out all the items on the 12th floor and instead filled them with hidden pieces.

Of course, the value of these hidden pieces was enormous. And with the knowledge of Yeongwoo added, it was clear that he would boast an astronomical amount.

The mercenaries seemed to shed tears after being robbed right in front of their eyes of the goods they had brought after all they had suffered. Yeongwoo ignored all those eyes, locked the subspace pocket and hung from her waist.

“Yes. When you're all ready, let's move on." ”

At Yeongwoo's words, the mercenaries stood up one by one, sighing.

I recovered my body with sexual fire, and my mental strength was restored to some extent with rest.

They looked at Yeouido while checking for weapons.

It was because I still didn't know the exact mission details.

“By the way, Cao Cao, what is the secret base of Purgatory? ”

There are three buildings on the 16th floor.

For those who knew there was only a temple, they had no idea where Purity had set up its home.

Here you go.

Yeon-woo answered nothing carelessly.

“The Temple of the School. ”

It seemed not, but the aftermath of the word was great.

“Y-you mean we're going to the temple now? ”

The mercenaries were appalled. Some screamed.

Temples are where God comes. He who defiles it will incur the wrath of God. Of course I had to think about it.

“Why? Is there a problem? ”

“This is ridiculous! No matter how many three sitting goddesses move on the 16th floor, they are also gods. • • • • • • • You will be punished for your anger. ”

“No, you don't have to do that. The three sittin 'goddesses only know the fates, never the physical events. That's why I became a sitting duck. ”

The reason it is called the Sitting Three Goddess is simple.

As much as I could glimpse fate, maybe they could use it to fill their self-interest, because the body was bound to prevent it.

As much as I have power, I have that constraint.

That's the system the tower has.

Although managers had the power to dominate the stage, this was also why they could never stand up.

However, the mercenaries rolls their eyes silently, anxiously.

“For the record, anyone who refuses this operation will immediately be considered in breach of contract, and the penalty for that will be his own. ”

Yeongwoo pulls out a few contracts of mercenaries from the subspace pocket.

I knew something like this would happen, and Bajal and his spatial pockets took care of it separately.

Instead of making a contract for a high fee, they made a commitment to obey the orders of the Red Dragon.

I even notarized the name of the devil in the treaty.

If it was deemed a default, the soul was immediately bound to the devil for the responsibility of unilateral termination of the contract.

Naturally, they knew what it meant to be attributed to the Devil because they were usually thick bones in the tower.

In the end, the mercenaries were forced to follow Yeon-woo's words as they cried and ate mustard.

In fact, after coming here, I was not confident that I would escape from Yeon-woo's hands no matter how I tried to run away.

“Then let's go. ”

Eventually, the mercenaries start walking along the pond to the north, with a tension strap.

[I chose the path to the Temple of the Future (School).]

The forest path was so wide that it did not interfere with the movement of more than 250 people.

But that's why the pressure they gave was so great.

The mercenaries showed a lot of life to hide the tension of hitting the temple, and Yeon-woo emphasized life even more while charming.

Then, no matter who saw them, they looked like soldiers on the battlefield, risking their lives.

“Huh? Huh? ”

“Hey, what's that? ”

“Le, the Red Dragon? Why is the Red Dragon suddenly here? ”

The long path to the temple quickly begins to confuse the rope.

People who were just waiting for their turn to come. Suddenly, they shrug their shoulders at the appearance of the Red Dragon.

Both Yeongwoo and the two trillions passed through the path without hiding the red dragon's mark.

If you're going to block it, block it. Instead, I feel like I have to take responsibility for it.

Because of this, the believers and visitors had to clear the way to the side.

The Red Dragon meant too much.

The ultimate clan.

Ruler of the Summer Queen's Tower.

No one wants to be noticed in that place.

Then, what was urgent was the Temples of the School and the priests.

Understanding the chaos below, the High Septon and the High Priests emerged urgently.

“Le, what brings you here to the Red Dragon? I don't know what business you're in, but this is a sacred place for God. Please take care of the dangerous days first.

The old man, who looks like a high priest, slashes his head.

If you look at the energy, you look like a superior player. The fact that he was in front of the Red Dragon and the reason that he was a priest of a god far from the fighting distance were mixed up, so he could not bear the weariness of the kite.

So, I looked back at the temple that looked meaningful to me.

A temple with several marble pillars high and a rounded arched roof on top.

It was full of an exotic energy.

It was a different energy than the black bracelet of Yeongwoo.

Yeongwoo ignores the resonance of the trembling black bracelet and looks at the High Septon with an indifferent gaze.

As soon as the High Septon met him, he blinked and turned back.

He was being blessed by God, but at this moment, he had to feel strongly that everything he had become was being torn apart.

I felt like something was popping out of the invisible abyss and pulling at his ankle.

Moist, grim. Then I felt like the darkness was right in front of me, like I was going to help and swallow him up.

“You really don't know why we're here, do you? ”

The High Ovate stiffened his waist in the faint voice of Yeongwoo.

“What do you mean by that?

“If you don't know, you sent an incompetent man, which means he ignores us, and if you pretend not to know, which means he ignores us, you can accept, right? ”

Yeonwoo did not want to say this to the temple of the school and the school. But that didn't mean there was a connection.

Since I'm here on behalf of the Red Dragon, the bigger the fight, the better.


'The more you slap off here, the bigger the story will get to the Purity and the Buddha.

Yeon-woo was able to unwind all the momentum that had been under control at once. Then the specter became a storm, hurling it all over the place.


The High Septon and the priests who had come to dry the lamps of Yeongwoo fell facedown on the ground in contempt.

Visitors and believers began to flee from their positions, anxious to be swept away by the storm. The screaming of the crotch resounded everywhere.

So, the stork, which everyone was confused about, was suddenly pulling out the beagrid and swinging it across.

Blessing of the Sword. The location designated by Yeowoo as an enemy was the Temple of the School, according to which the Catholic Church, priests and visitors were naturally designated as enemies as well, increasing their power rapidly by that number.

And here it is, absorbing the power of four great lords and harnessing enormous amounts of magical power.

The hurricane, painted with a slash, blew away the roof of the temple with a thunderstorm.

Although various defensive enchantments and enchantments that were originally installed in the temple were activated, they disappeared even before they could be seen in any way.


Looking at the ruined temple. The Shrine, the Priest, and the deserted visitors all had to stand with their mouths wide open.

I was so surprised that I couldn't think of how to use my hands.

And in the meantime,

The mercenaries who were awaiting your orders have been sent to the ruins.

They quickly overwhelmed the soldiers of the temple and took control of the inner compartment.

Yeon-woo crosses the path they made.

The High Septon and the priests galloped to the door of Room 13, saying they shouldn't go that way.

A place that has long been assigned to the son of Dorothy. The moment I opened the door wide and walked in.


As if you were waiting, a group of people on the inside have been ambushing you.

It was a congregation of worshippers who said that God put it on them to protect his son.

However, Yeonju, who had already read their maneuvers, took the liberty of escaping the cruises while putting a ton of wheat in her beagrid with the aphrodisiac.

At the same time, I smoked the fireworks along the blade and swung roughly.

Pufferfeng. With the sound of a light explosion, a blue-flamed blade blows their throats across the air in one blow.

Really neat and pleasant knife. The mercenaries watching from behind open their eyes wide.

They knew what they were like. I couldn't believe the skill of Yeon-woo to stand idly by while putting those guys in front of me. You already look stronger than a semi-ranker.

But in a certain sense, it was natural.

while swallowing the power of the four great lords all at once and keeping the solution in sight.

We've been working on the ferromagnetism and the limbic system, multiplying the output.

It was weird to be weak anymore.

However, Yeon-woo ignored it as if she didn't care about such things, and went into room 13. Beyond the black bodies of Tabrinn, there is another visit on the inside.

I straightened it open. Suddenly, a sudden scent pierced the tip of my nose.

Yeongwoo's eyes frowned.